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Theodore C. and Betty 
Lou Kerner Fund 





United Methodist Women 

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 

High Point, North Carolina 



Melanie Godwin 
Vicki Reddick 


Melanie Godwin 


Eleanor Latimer 


Laura Amos 
Ginger Edwards 
Linda Etheridge 
Dianne Hackney 
Dorsay Howard 
Vicki Kendall 
Beverly Koontz 

Margot Pritchett 
Tammy Rhodenhiser 
Linda Saunders 
Vicki Shipman 
Joyce Stephens 
Alice Walden 

Proceeds from the sale of HEAVENLY DELIGHTS 
will be used to support various missions of the church. 

Additional copies may be obtained by contacting: 

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 

Post Office Box 5289 

1225 Chestnut Street 

High Point, North Carolina 27262 


We are most grateful to all the members of Wesley Memorial who 
so generously shared their recipes and ideas with us. Without their 
many contributions, HEAVENLY DELIGHTS would never have 
become a reality. 

Gloria Adams 

Mary Adams 

Gladys Albertson 

Mary Alexander 

Charlotte McMichael Amos 

Ellen Amos 

Iris Amos 

Laura Amos 

Martha Amos 

Peggy Amos 

Marjorie Anderson 

Nancy Anderson 

Sue Anderson 

Anne Andrews 

Mary Ashcraft 

Frances Austin 

Mrs. J. W. (Etta) Austin 

Zoa Austin 

Myrtle Hayworth Barthmaier 

Anne Bencini 

Mae Bingham 

Polly Bingham 

Carlene Blackmon 

Becky Blue 

Kathy Blue 

Cheryl Bolick 

Sue Bouldin 

Jean Bowman 

Elaine Bradner 

Carrie Mae Braswell 

Lillie Brown 

Judy Bulla 

Elaine Burns 

Becky Burris 

Evelyn Byrum 

Janet Cagle 

Leola Caudle 

Lorinda Charles 

Libby Cheek 

Martha Chernault 

Mrs. Steve Clark 

Kitty Coble 

Dot Coggin 

Annie Coles 
Margaret Coltrane 
Elizabeth Conner 
Carolyn Cook 
Margaret Cox 
Ruth Craven 
Louise Cribbs 
Shirley Cromwell 
Doris Cross 
Emily Crowe 
Jeanette Davenport 
Dorothy Davis 
Ruth Davis 
Doris Denning 
Jean Dula 
Elizabeth Dunbar 
Jane Dunbar 
Norma Dutton 
Saundra Dyson 
Ginger Edwards 
Miss Frances Eshelman 
Linda Etheridge 
Pat Fagg 
Charmel Farmer 
Carol Fitzgerald 
Betty Flythe 
Margaret Folger 
Sarah Foscue 
Val Foscue 
Evelyn Fowler 
Lucy Fowler 
Mary Irene Fowler 
Kathleen Young Foy 
Frances Frye 
Mary Bo Gassman 
Betty Griffith 
Mrs. Frank Gurley 
Susan Gurley 
Dianne Hackney 
Mrs. W. B. (Olivia) Hall 
Mary Wray Hamrick 
Phoebe Harmon 
Betty Ann Harrison 


Nan Harrison 
Margaret Hart 
Mrs. J. F. (Velva) Hayden 
Helen Hayes 
Libba Herbert 
Pat High 
Beth Hinson 
Snow Hodges 
Dianne Hoodenpyle 
Gladys Homey 
Charlotte Hoskins 
Dorsay Howard 
Louise Howard 
Bea Huber 
Elizabeth Huggin 
Janice Hughes 
Judy Hustrulid 
Louise Hutchinson 
Mrs. Chase (Ruth) Idol 
Mattie Ruth Idol 
Grace lllman 

Mary Lib Joyce 

Evelyn Kallam 

Cleo Kana 

Bootsie Kearns 

Canary Kearns 

Dot Kearns 

Margaret Kearns 

Mrs. O. E. Kearns 

Mrs. T. A. Kearns 

Eva Kellam 

Vicki Kendall 

Nan Kester 

Sara Kester 

Leo Kidd 

Mrs. Edward (Betty) Kirkman 

Susie Kirkman 

Dixie Klemme 

Lucille Kline 

Annie Laurie Kluttz 

Beverly Koontz 

Donna Kurst 

Anna Lee Lambeth 

Janet Lampe 

Eleanor Latimer 

Mrs. J. A. Lindsay 

Mrs. R. 0. (Ida) Lindsay 

Mrs. Charles F. Long 

Diana Lorber 

Laura Lowe 

Angelin Sue Lucht 

Nancy Lyles 

Carolyn Malone 

Lois Markham ' 

Mrs. Arthur (Lucy) Marsh 

Eva Dell Marsh 

Mrs. J. E. (Odelle) Marsh, Jr. 

Mrs. Julius Marsh 

Nancy Martin 

Mary Mason 

Harriet Mattes 

Mrs. W. J. McAnally 

Mrs. W. R. (Alma) McCain 

Gladys McFarland 

Valera McLarty 

Elsie McPherson 

Susan Meisky 

Susan Mendenhall 

Elizabeth Mewborne 

Joanne Miller 

Mary Lib Miller 

Mrs. J. E. (Helen) Millis 

Jesse Millis 

Phyllis Morgan 

Mrs. W. R. (Debbie) Morrow 

Grace Neal 

Augusta Nicholson 

Claryce Norman 

Judi Osborne 

Nancy Pendry 

Sarah Penry 

Vivian Penry 

Vivian Peters 

Angie Pitts 

Genny Poovey 

Myrtle Pope 

Annie Mae Powell 

Irma Price 

Margot Pritchett 

Mariana Qubein 

Mrs. W. H. Ragan 

Bobbie Rasmussen 

Georgia Rasmussen 

Vicki Reddick 

Vikki Redmond 

Ruth Reed 

Mrs. J. R. Reitzel 

Tammy Rhodenhiser 

Helen Rice 
Ann Ring 
Mrs. W. A. Ring 
Crystal Risch 
Anna Rives 
Florence Rives 
Stuckey Rives 
Martha Roberts 
Cathy Robinson 
Mo Robinson 
Sylvia Robinson 
Mrs. C. E. Rozzelle 
Suellen Ryan 
June Safrit 
Mabel Sale 
Susan Samuel 
Grace Scott 
Florence Sechrest 
Joanne Sechrest 
Leslie Shank 
Nancy Shaw 
Anne Shelton 
Mrs. A. Sherrod 
Vicki Shipman 
Jane Sizemore 
Meredith Slane 
Debbie Smith 
Diane T. Smith 
Lillyan Smith 
Mary Frances Smith 
Miss Venetia Smith 
Mary Stanley 
Mrs. D. A. Stanton 
Mrs. E. D. Steele 
Louella Stinson 
Sally Story 

Lorraine Stout 

Beverly Sumner 

Susan Sumpter 

Patsy Surles 

Mrs. F. N. Tate 

Betty Thacker 

Kay Tucker 

Scottie Tucker 

Britt Tyson 

Nora Utley 

Charlotte Wagner 

Alice Walden 

Mary Walker 

Ernestine Wall 

Jean Ward 

Mrs. W. L. (Miss Lily) Watson 

Carol Welborn 

Mrs. D. N. (Pearl) Welborn 

Daisy Welch 

Jo Welch 

Myrtle Wells 

Violet West 

Linda Wheeler 

Mary Wheeless 

Mrs. Alex (Lynn) Whitley 

Hulda Whitely 

Royale Wiggin 

Vicky Williams 

Janet Williford 

Bert Wood 

Nathalie Wood 

Sarah Woollen 

Martha Yarborough 

Carol Young 

Marion Younts 

Hattie Zimmerman 


Women's Work at Wesley Memorial 9 

Heritage 13 

Appetizers 29 

Soups and Sandwiches 53 

Breads 73 

Salads and Salad Dressings 93 

Vegetables 121 

Meats 1 47 

Poultry and Seafood 169 

Desserts 203 

Cakes and Pies 227 

Cookies and Candies 273 


Beverages 303 

Brunch 309 

Pickles and Relishes 321 

Microwave Cooking 327 

Kids Corner 337 

Index 341 



From the earliest days in High Point, Methodist women have 
been known as hard workers and good cooks! In fact, the earliest 
Christian women around Jesus worked hard at maintaining homes 
and preparing nourishing meals. Our Lord's first miracle was 
performed at a wedding feast in Cana where He turned water into 
wine. Mary and Martha served Him many meals in their home in 
Bethany. His last meal on earth was the ritual meal of the Passover 
which we call "The Last Supper." And even after the resurrection, 
Jesus appeared to His disciples who were fishing on the Sea of 
Galilee. He made a charcoal fire on the shore and prepared fish 
and bread for their breakfast. The earliest Christians lived and ate 
together at what were known as "common meals." Then centuries 
later, John Wesley borrowed the Love Feast from the Moravians 
and we have our beautiful, traditional Love Feast with tea and buns 
each Christmas Eve. 

Washington Street 

About 1857 Peter Doub, a Methodist minister, preached under 
a tree on a spot near what became Washington Street in High Point 
and is now Kivett Drive. He drew together a group who organized 
the first Methodist Church in High Point. These people built a small 
frame building on Washington Street just a block off North Main. 
This building was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Just 
before the war broke out, the Methodist Church was divided and 
this church became Washington Street Methodist Episcopal 
Church South. A larger brick building was constructed on this site 
consisting of a sanctuary and one large Sunday School classroom. 
Later a men's Sunday School classroom was added at the rear 
of the church. 

In 1888, when the church roll numbered 200 and the citizens 
of High Point numbered "about 2,000," the first women's group 
was organized as the "Ladies Church Aid Society." There were 
six objectives set up for this group: 1 . To look after the minor needs 
of the church; 2. To care for the parsonage; 3. To buy the pastor 
a new suit to wear to conference; 4. To visit new people in the 
community; 5. To minister to the sick in town; and 6. To clothe 
needy children in the community. 

These women raised money by giving ice cream suppers, 
bazaars, flower shows, strawberry festivals, oyster suppers and 
turkey suppers. Nothing daunted them, least of all having no 
church kitchen or dining room. They had ice cream suppers at one 
of the members' homes on Washington Street. Mrs. J. E. Kirkman, 
Mrs. J. D. Mann, Mrs. Ed Steele, Mrs. O. E. Kearns and later Mrs. 
J. F. Hayden all lived nearby. Freezers of chocolate and vanilla 
ice cream were prepared (as well as strawberry and peach in 


season) and were sold by the dish. To complete this "supper" the 
ladies baked their favorite cakes which were sold by the slice. 
Another favorite money maker was the oyster supper. For this, 
the ladies would rent an empty store downtown on Main Street 
and rent an oil stove and cook oysters. Both fried oysters and 
oyster stew were served with coleslaw, oysterettes, and 
homemade pies and cakes. Mrs. Ed Steele fried the oysters and 
served them piping hot. This remarkable lady also arranged flowers 
from her garden for the church every Sunday in the spring and 
summer, and she had a small greenhouse where she grew ferns 
with which she decorated the church in the winter. As a further 
labor of love, she personally prepared the bread for the commu- 
nion trays by cutting a loaf of white bread into tiny squares. 

Wesley Memorial North Main Street 

In 1914, the church roll had grown to 950 members and there 
were 12,255 citizens living in High Point. A new and larger church 
was built on North Main Street (now the site of High Point Bank 
and Trust Company). The new facility had a large sanctuary with 
a balcony, Sunday School rooms, choir room, a pastor's study and 
a basement kitchen and a dining room. It was furnished with cane- 
bottomed chairs and heavy oak tables which would seat twelve. 
The kitchen had huge black gas and wood ranges, oversized sinks 
and a refrigerator. 

Turnip green dinners and turkey dinners were the big money- 
makers and they were very popular with the entire community. Held 
in the spring and in the fall, they were served during the middle 
of the day from about 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. The menu for the 
turnip green dinners was as follows: fresh turnip greens cooked 
with fatback, country ham, baked sweet potato, pickled beets, one 
sliced hard-boiled egg, spring onions, vinegar, corn bread (both 
crackling and plain), biscuits, butter and choice of apple or lemon 
meringue pie. For the turkey dinners the menu was: sliced turkey 
with dressing and gravy, green peas, cranberries, candied sweet 
potatoes, biscuits and corn bread, celery and olives, and choice 
of homemade coconut cake or chocolate cake. (You were required 
to use fresh coconut — there was no packaged or frozen!) The 
whole community would turn out for these mid day dinners. 
Originally the cost was 50c but in the 1940s the tickets were raised 
to $1.00. The women did all of the preparation, cooking, serving 
and cleaning up for these meals. Most of the cooking was still done 
in their homes. During the last two years on Main Street, Mrs. R. 
H. Sechrest and Mrs. Robert Siceloff supervised all the meals at 
the church. 

The Ladies Aid Society bought the organ and the chimes, 
carpeted the church, helped finance the educational building, 
bought furniture for the church and parsonage, and gave money 
to the Children's Home in Winston-Salem and to needy students 


and churches. Incidentally, these chimes purchased by our women 
are the same chimes that hang in the bell tower today on Chestnut 
Drive. There was also the Women's Missionary Society which 
supported the home and foreign missions of the Methodist Church. 
In 1939 when the Methodist Episcopal Church South merged with 
the Methodist Protestant Church and the Methodist Episcopal 
Church North, these three groups became the Methodist Church. 
The women's groups merged to become the Woman's Society of 
Christian Service, better known as the WSCS. 

Wesley Memorial Chestnut Drive 

In 1960 our church roll had mushroomed to 2,269 and High 
Point boasted a population of 62,063. Naturally, Wesley Memorial 
had outgrown the Main Street location and since 1958 a magnifi- 
cent multi-million dollar plant had been under construction in two 
stages on Chestnut Drive. Housed on 18 acres of land, the church 
is a modified Gothic structure built of crab-orchard stone. There 
is a huge, gleaming hotel-type kitchen with every known aid to 
large-scale cooking, including large walk-in freezers. The spacious 
dining room seats five hundred. 

The women expanded their work and took responsibility for the 
kitchen and the serving of dinners for the community as money- 
making projects. A full-time professional church hostess was 
employed in the person of Mrs. John Coltrane, who served for ten 
years overseeing the meals and receptions held at the church. 
Wedding receptions, teas and other receptions were held in the 
Asbury Room, the beautiful church parlor. 

The Methodist Church united with the EUB Church (Evangelical 
United Brethren) and became known as the United Methodist 
Church. The women's organizations merged into the United 
Methodist Women. The Wesleyan Service Guild (a group of pro- 
fessional and working women) joined the WSCS to make one 
group. In recent years, a new group special to Wesley Memorial 
was formed called "The Marthas," devoted entirely to work in the 
kitchen and dining room. We now have a church hostess, Mrs. 
Mary Walker, and two full-time members of the kitchen staff. 

In the 1980s the biggest money-making event is the bazaar and 
luncheon held late in the fall at which all sorts of crafts and foods 
are sold and a delicious meal is served. Homemade pies, cakes, 
cookies, casseroles, preserves and other delicacies are prepared 
at home and brought to the church. Twice a year, United Methodist 
Women serve the community by making party sandwiches under 
contract to the Top of the Mart Restaurant. Hundreds of fancy 
sandwiches are prepared, arranged on trays and delivered to the 
Market on Sunday and Monday afternoons of each April and 
October Furniture Market. Through this work, our women are able 
to contribute substantial sums to the local church, to many 
community projects, and to global missions. 


Now it is 1982 and Wesley Memorial is celebrating its 125th 
birthday. Our church roll lists 2,660 members and High Point has 
64,107 people. Women are no longer just serving meals and 
handling the kitchen. They now serve on almost every board, com- 
mission and committee of the church. UMW programs have 
expanded and grown in strength and quality. Second, third and 
even fourth generation Wesley Memorial women are working side 
by side with women who have moved into High Point from all 
sections of the United States, as High Point has become an in- 
dustrial center. In our diversity lies our strength. 

True to our tradition, we are still cooking and serving 
food . . . both in our homes and in our church. To celebrate our 
125th anniversary year as a church, we wanted to share some of 
our cherished recipes with the entire community. Happy cooking 
to nourish body and soul! 

Eleanor P. Latimer 




Introduction 15 


Pear Relish 20 

Watermelon Pickles 22 


Dinner Rolls 25 

Maryland Biscuits 18 

Moravian Sugar Cake 19 

Nut 20 


Cream of Celery 25 

Split Pea 17 


Congealed 18 

Frozen Cranberry 26 


Chicken Croquettes 27 

Chicken with Dumplings ... .21 
Chicken with Mushrooms . . .26 
Corned Beef with 

Mustard Sauce 22 

Meat and Potato Croquettes 23 
Quail 16 


Carrot Loaf, Surprise 24 

Sweet Potato Pudding 19 


Almond Caramel Charlotte 

Russe 21 

Apple Pie or Pudding, 

Deep Dish 23 

Banana Fluff 16 

Chocolate Ice Cream Pie, 

Easy 18 

Custard, Jeff Davis 19 

Fig Cake, Choice 23 

Fruit Cake, Dark 16 

Grape Sponge 24 

Kiss Pudding 24 

Lime Sherbet 17 

Mince Meat Drop Cookies . .28 

Palmetto Cake 27 

Pecan Pie, Brown Sugar ... .22 

Prince of Wales Cake 25 

Sweet Potato Pudding 19 


Date Nut 28 

Mocha Nut 27 

Walnut Cookies 17 

White Cake 21 

White Loaf Cake 20 



Botk/ now and uv years past, the womerv 
of Wesley PAemorial haVe \>ee*v renowned 
for their expertise/ ^tk^kUxk^H^T^Kun^teitj, 
the f oilowma recipes have been/ preser\/edso 
that we are/ able to include our tt££lTftG6 
SECTION in tins ccokboo\z. 

Remember Huxl uv vnanu instances these 
vJomen voire/ cooking on wood and gas 
stoves ^ no automatic tinkers or thernw - 
stats. Surely it tcoSe culinary geniuses 
-to prepare suctv a^ueious -food under these 
ccudeticns ! 

Alomj of these- recipes were originally 
Cnclucted in these cookbooks : 

The tiic^Voud- \)rou£>eKv'ife 

A £ra^JdeaL Cookbooks , published 

in 1903 by the Ladies Aid Society 
of Washington. St . |W "£. Churclt 
X)'uunc\ iuDide ) published by the 
Women's Christian Temperance 
[Anion of \hghPo\nt, Horth Carolina 

Other recipes wer& lovingly contributed by 
famihj and friends. We are delighted to 
skare thenv w'sbn you \ 


ftonon^yiuff fAaru Au^ancier 

% l% pint creanv whipped to a- stiff *frpt}v 

'/4 boK taker's gelgtivc, soaked uva^ little 

cold water and diss c wed 

1 cup of powdered sugar 

4 bananers whipped up light 

Beat ttve wholes tvaelker until it begins to 

thicken. Add lz tsp. vpcrark of rose- and 

pour urto a- vncld , 


butter or margarine; 

TowvxKouse; Oval Crackers (keebier) 

Lemon- pepper seasoning 

fclake crumbs in blender. Use V? crackers -for 
3 or 4 apcall. ( 10 - LL crackjers in blender at 
onetime.') fAMX enoughs butter to cover well, 
Dip puces of aueul uc melted butter, linen rail 
in cracker crumbs until Well- coK/ered. XVib- 
ble remaining butter over pieces. Sprinkle 
quail wdlv lenwir- pepper. Bake at 35 Of 
Cooks breasts X heiur ~ legs ,45 vninutes . 

park/fruit (akc (ArsJ.W{ettd)Austuv 

t tsp. baking powder 
t lbs. areens nuiXagas 

arcwes C<\uartered't seeded) 
Z (bs. rais'uvs 
Z bos. currants 
Vm Vo. Citron 
*/tf lb. orange peel 
4 c. flour 

Cream sugar t butter j add re^nalning ingredi- 
ents. Line- a- tiibts pare witlv greased paper bake 
3 hours at ZTb? When- cake- begins to browns, 
place as pans of water uv ttw oitn. 

1 lb. sugar 

1 lb. butter 

10 egqs 

z /3 c, dark molasses 

Vz ibsp. cloves 

V%. tbsp. cinnamons 

*(%. tbsp. nutmeg 

Vz tbsp, allspice 


£plitfed£OUp~ ^ijrhU^a^wortk^cirtkmaier 

Z lbs. split peas 1 bau leaf 

soup bone wittv meat hanr bone or ham 
Z~o onion* I bunch chopped/ 

celery i parsley tops carrots r 

equab awt. of' 
chopped potatoes 

Wash, pick, anct soak/ peas overmaht . Cover 
the- meat bone, onions, celery, parsley and baa 
leaf vo'Odv colA water. &oil until ttnettr'^orauv 
broth. Cool and remove meat front bone. Add 
the peas, vneat } Warn bone or some houm, car- 
fobs anct potatoes anct eoo\e until alloftke 
vegetables are- tender. 

\^otnut Qookti5 

V/z e. brown suaar 

Z sticks butter 
1 tbsp. sodcr 

Airs, SUve/ Ctark; 

I tbsp. cream of tartar 
'/4 tbsp. salt 
Z e. cbvoppecbvoaXnuts 
6 c. flour 

Mil all ingredients together and chill well. 
datee- until lialvt brown at 375." 

cyratcd rinet of 1 uvnt 
)\cicv of Z limes 
X o. sUaar 
Z c. milk. 

Miss Trances (zhclmavc 

1 c. creanv whipped 
ivuciM us e evaporated 
juice- of Vz levnow 

Pour vmlk> over suaar and stir well. j\ctd ttte- 
juices and grated r'uut slowhh. rreozcMftwv 
almost frozen- , octet erecuvr whipped. 


Kathleen; [iowng Toy 

Iw top of ctoutAo boiler, melt b oz. package 
chocolate morsels With 1 tbsp. butter . Stir 
in< 2 c. ^iee Krlspies . Remove from lieat and 
pat into bottom and sides of y z lo" pie, plate. 

Fill with Vauer of softened \?andhe ice cream. 
Share unsweetened chocolate over and add 
another lager of ice cream Top with more/ 
skated chocolate, 'rreeze andremeve frone 
freezer lo minutes before serving.. 

MaryUmct f)iSCU\t5~fr\rs, Trunk Qurleu 

4 its. flour 4 tsp, salt 

Vz ib, lard 1 Vz pts. cold water 

Put the dough owa biscuit block and beat 
with an- afie Z5 m'umtes, or until smooth 
and the double blisters. tAake out in, bis - 
chits, keeping the, dough covered- with a 
cioth. 0ake> Z5 wuhutes [via, hot o\lew. 
Mu\kes 50 biscuits. 

Vis solve- 1Z quartered marshwiahows } \ pkg. 
lime gelahh, 1 Vz c, boding water, juice of ' 
i medium ccur crushed pineapple • Cool. fAiy 
X pkg. cream cheese (3oz) } crushed pineapple, 
1 o. chopped vuds, 3 rounded tbsp. nuxuon ~ 
waise. 5tir two vni^tures together, cool unlit 
thick-. Told up 1 cup heavu cream , whipped, 
kefrujerate m 12-14 small mo\ds. 



gvveet fotato pudding* Mrs, JE(WMH^^ 

(mag be served as vegetable or dessert) 

4 or 5 vned, sweet potatoes, Z tsv, vanilla 

Shredded Z e. sugar 

Yh 0. f icur 1 e. vndte 

4 eggs l /t4 U>. margarine, 
i e. coconut melted 

&eat eqqs; adet sugar auet beat until stiff. 
Add- oiMer ingredients except the- potatoes . 
fAty wcii, then, add potatoes. dake-'uv Uvo 
vvelt- greased flat baking dislies or X large 
9"\iy pan,, &atee at 350' for 60 -bo minutes. 

fl[ortWMUv £>ugar Qike^MrsXk*5e(fuitk)Uvi 

i e. masked potatoes (1 cake yeast to 1 c. 
3/4 0. sugar lukewarm Water) 

Vu c, butter or lard mlUet 'M c , rniik 

Z ego^s 1 tsp, cinnamon, 
1 pt . of sponge or 
1 c. yeast 

Add enough- flour to make a soft sponge. 
Allow to rise about \0 krs. Knead, spread out 
ovv sheet pan- and let rise again,. Sprinkle-top 
\\)itti mdk and brown sugar, small piece of 
butter and cumamon, anet bake. Serve- hot or 

Jeff p WIS QtStard Alr5, 0. € . \Uarus 

Ike yolks of b eggs, V/z c. sugar, flayor'uug, 
b t\3$p. sweet mdk, and butter the svz^e ofa 
wHilvuik. flake vu a good, rich- pie crust. 




2 o, white Hedfiand flour 
X c. grahanv flour 
X o. sngar 

3 bsp. bateutof powder 

1 Lsp. salt 

X c, chopped nuts 

X o. sweet mUte/ 

1 Cgg,Wt\l-beaten 

Mi# ingredients , plate dv loaf tin and led 
stoned/ '/i hour before baking . fiake in a, 
moderate oven about 1 hour. 

fear QtlisK lArs. idvvardfaettu) \Urkmm 

1 gal, pcevrs, ground coarse- VI t lbs, ovuons 
7 grtew sweet peppers tort hot peppers 

1 red, sweet peppers X. c. satt 

Qrind above uu^redients. IAX^ welt and add 
salt. Let stand overnight 'urciobnbaq. In the 
morvxina squeeze fairUj dry. XloiltoqetUer 5 
minntes ; 

4 c. siugar 4 tbsp. mustard seed 

2 qf$. vineqar 4 thsp. turmeric, 

To the above liquid add the peppers t and onivtts 
and bod 5 minutes more. Seal in jar's xvUde; 

\$\utl \Cclf (O&t Mrs. J. A. Lindsay 

1c. sugar, 1 e. butter, cream together until \/eru 
light and put the flavoring in with sugar and 
butter. Add 1 c. nulk, 3 e. flour, l /z c. corn, 
starch, oaid Z- tsp. baking powder - Last of' 
ah, stir involutes of 5 eggs, Vnorouakhj beaten, 
$ake vn moderate o\Jen. 
Tor CttOCOLhTC ICINQ< 1 pt. brown sugar y *Mc. 
of milk/y b tbsp. chocolate, and butter the, sue 
of a walnut. Cook, until thickened, sthTina . 
ftave cake, ready to ice immediately, a,s dwitl 
not spread if gets too cool. 


Q\UCl^$tywnplingS~/Ar$.RQ (Ida) lindsau 

1 Vz c. flour, '/z tsp, salt , 2 tbsp, bacon grease 

/VW ivgetker and add about '/z c, warm water 
Qo\l out very tkut . Cut lute strips and drop a few 
at av time, in&> boding rtih chicken broth. Cevtr 
and cook about Z minutes. 

In atea cup, beat I egg goik. Add Z tbsp. flour, blend 
in light cream to fill cap. Add to Hot, but net boiling, 
chicken brotti. Simmer and stir until thick. -Acid 
salt to taste. 

ftUncitd (aratnel Quvrivftt^hssc 

AVrs Charles Y Long 

One- quarter bc% Knox gelatin, V4 c. cold water, I 
scant aw sugar, y% cup boding water, '/z it), or less 
blanched almonds, 1 dez. ladg fingers , i pt cream, 
vanilla flavoring . 5 oak ttre gelatin in the cold 
water 5 minutes } and l^t stand over Wot water 
until dissolved. Carametiu. the sugar } add Wot 
water and allow to become cool, then add gelatin. 
\\)hen begmning it? set, add vuds, vanilla, and 
wlupved cream, four into mold lined with lady 
fingers , ?laee on tie untd readg to serve. Decorate 
with maraschino cherries. 

\JW\Xt (akc 

Mrs. W. X WAnalhj 

Whites of eight eeggs, 1 c. sugar, Vz. c butter, ic. 
sweet milk, 3 c. flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, and 
flavor to taste . fcocku tAountam \uling : fdaMc- 
bcuid icing with whites of 3 eggs, 2 c- sugar and 
>/%. c. water « stir into icing 5 <f each of citron , 
currants , dates, f^l^s \ LP<t each of raisins, almowXs, 
and one grated coconut ; a small quantity ofeoco- 
v\jut ) citron .-, raisins , almonds must be left out for 
outside icing. 


AW W. £, {hlma)!A c Cain> 

Z c. brown, succor '/z e. butter 

Z tbsp. -flour '/a e. milk 

Z eqqs '/z tsp. fiurtonls vcmdke 

Vz c, vuits 

Cream succor, flour anct butter. Add eqqs, 
mi lie and Manilla. Vour into unbaked crust. 
Add pecan hawes jiist before tak'wia, out of 
oven. f)ake ur moderate oven, oW. ((jOod 
witti or without nuts!) 

^JatermelVtl filkUS~fArsArlUur(\MOj)}Aar*k 

Till ntufinq bowl full of peeled rend. Soak, 
overnight in cold water with itbsp. of lime. 
'Stir occasionally, Neft ynorninq, drain, and 
pour boilina water over rind . Miy Z thsp. 
ainatr witty enough, water to cev'er r'utd and 
cock untd rind is nearly transparent. HlW: 
\%c vhAcqar. Z tbsp. whole spice ; 5 e. sugar. 
Boil 5 mvn. Take r'uui 'fronr dinger water. 
Add them to svjrup. Cook, until r'uui looks 
syrupy . Vack in sterilized jars, flakes 5pbs, 

Qome&fatf vvltti l^[u$tard ^ciitct 

Mrs. X€. (Odelle)fAarsh^r. 

Z (3 -lb.) corned beef briskets 10 whok black 
Z. vhcd- onions , quartered peppers 

i'/x tsp. salt % whole cloves 

1 Vz tsp. wivicd pieklma spice 1 bay leaf 

In large pot cover briskets watt cold water 
and add spices. &rinq to boil, then reduce Weal 
and s'wnmer 3 hours. Let cool in liquid, t/lustnrd 
Sauce\ %c. vnagonnaise,, '/4 c. syrup y ZVosp. 
prepared mustard,! tsp, prepared horseradish. 
AUf and store in refrigerator. 


Meat and VotaXo Croquettes 

v ' Mrs. Jiduos Marsh 

1 c. cold meat ground fine, 1 c. mashed pofct- 
toes , y% c. sweet milk, Z tbsp, blotter, 1 tsp, 
salt, pepper to taste, Z eqqs. N\i^ meat and 
potatoes avid season. Vut milk, avid butter 
in paw; lei bail. Add meat and potatoes avid 
cook 1 nxin. fyeat one eqq avid stir in this 
mature untd thick. Wken cold, shape, roll hv 
eaa avid cracker crumbs andfru in Wot lard, 

peep Ptefi/\pptt or yuddinq pie Ma\v Pats 

b large apples, sliced 1 '4 c. sugar, divided 

Zthsp. lemon juice 3 M colour 

'A/ C. water *M tsp. salt 

s lx tsp. cinnamon b tbsp. butter 

feel/ and slice apples into deep casserole Add 
lemon juice and water Mi^ cinnamon- With 
3 /4 C. sugar and sprinkle over apples. Combine 
Vz c. sugar wittv "flour and salt and workwi 
butter wdh paslru blender or finger tips un 
til midnre resembles coarse corn meat. Sprut 
kle or pat over apples , patting smooth art 
over the top. &ake at 375" ior 40 minutes or 
until apples are tender and the crust is crisp 
and lightly browned. Serve warm wudv 
vanitta, cce cream. Serves btv $. 

QWICI fl£J (akC tArs. W W-.tfagati 

X large c. of butter, Z'/i c. sugar, 1 c. sweeb 
vruUe , 3 pts. flour, 3 tsp. baking powder 
whites of Vo eggs y V/4 lbs. offias cut iw thivi 
strips and wed -floured; no flavoring • 
bake two hours. 


(jrapt sponge Mn>. J.Z^Jt^d 

Soak '/h \dok> of- getgtxn in 'At c. of cold water, 
dissolve^ bg stawdvng cup in hot water. 
Vcssolve a cup of sugar m a, cup of grape 
juice and the juice of a lemon,, and strain 
me dissolved gelatin into it. SeXtkeynvfturo 
in ice water to cool, stirring occasionaUg . 
deed the whites of 3 zaas to a stiff froth, and 
when the gelatin- mixture begins to thtchen 
add gradually to the beaten whites, beat - 
vug unid the whole 'is vera light or stiff 
enough to keep its shape vile lightly in a^ 
strVuig disk, and serve veru cold with 
siightlg sweetened whipped cream. 

yiSS yuddinQ Mrs. W. A. King 

food I qp. sw^eet miik. Stir into it 4 heaping 
tbsp. sugar and 4 tbsp. corns starch, dissolved 
in cold water or milk, Add thewcilbeaten 
ijpUcs of 4 eggs, fieat the whites of eaas to a, 
stif f froth with 1 teacup powdered sugar 
and tsp. vanilla. Spread on top tf pudding, 
set wv oven and brown-. Sprinkle with coco- 
nut ; serve cvld ■ 

fytrprist (jurat \oaf tArs. Ct.Kozxeih 

l c . around or grated 1 c.tovnatoes 

carrots i tbsp. butter 

1 c. around peanuts 4 eggs 
1 c bread crumbs 

Grind carrots, peanuts, and bread. T\dd 
tomatoes and vidter. A/li^- well. ¥>eat eggs 
uuld focung, add to other ingredients . 
$ake uv greased bread pan in moderate 
oVen i$5o*) 1 hour. 


P inner ^pll$ ls\rs. -h. Sherrod 

1 eakerleischnuxnn's Ye ask, Ipt. ntdte 
scalded- and cooled, Ztbsp. sugar, 4 tbsp. 
lard or butter, nutted y three pints of si\ted 
^lvur } tsp. salt. Vissolvo geast and sugar 
in luk^ewarnt yniik. &eax until perfectly 
smooth, add remainder of -flour or enough 
to make a dowqW, and lastly tlve salt, 
Knegd well, place in greased bowl , cover and 
Ut rise in a warvn place for about one- and 
one -half hours, or until double inbuite 
'Kcll out M" thick; brush over lighttg with 
butter, cut with 1" hiscuit cutler, crease 
through center hecwiig with dull edge- of 
knife and fold osier in pocket-book shape; 

Elcxce in well' greased stiaJdow pans 1" apart. 
ysjer anct Ut rise- until light ~~ about 3/^ 
df an kr. 6ake \0 nun-, in hot oven. 

QreOntCf (Cltfb) §OWp tAlss VeneuaSmdh 

Chop i bunch of celery fine- and bpii in I pi. 
of water Vz hour, then put vnlcfc. of sweet 
milk, and I tbsp- of butter. Season with pep- 
per and salt to taste. Strain and serVe 
wklU hot. 

prince of )rfales (ake Mr* DA Stanton 

3 eggs, Z teacups sugar, L teacup butter, 1 
teacup nulk, A e.flvur, 3 tsp. baking pcyoder. 
Vwide and to one part add 1 tsp. raisuns 
chopped fine with a few currants, Z tbsp. 
molasses } 1 tsp. cloves and vanula, l hnutniig. 
fut to aether wdh icing . 


Chlxttcti with Mushrootns 

2 bosp. butter 

3 tbsp, ftpur 
1 c. creanv 
1 tsp, 5^lit 
Vs tsp. pepper 

1 c. cold sUced ckideen 
Vz c. mushroom caps, sliced 
'/3 c. \ieU/tda cheese^ 
5 /4 c. bread crumbs 

Coo\c spaghetti and put Vs c. dv tacW individual 
bak-ing dish, bbare ready a white sauce made 
of tke first 5 inqreeUculs', add mushrooms. 
Vol slices of clucken ontop of spaghetti, and 
pour sauce os)cr ail. AW bread crumbs wdtv 
grated cheese and cover, fiake at 450' until a- 
tyoldcw brown. Serves 4tv(p, 

(garden peas and a vnijed cyreen/satad qo mcetu 
w'it\v bus dish-. tAan. be made ahead op binve, 
when* it vhcuj be put in heated ovinia brovJvt. 

frozen (ranberrtj £alait 


1 caw cranperrij jelLj 1 /m c mayonnaise 

1 small caw crushed '/h c. H t suqar 

pineapple 1 c. Ucai^Lj crecwv 
3 tsp. lenwn juice 

fAash jetUj w\thfor\c y add lemon jiuce and 
puie apple, rreeze. 

whip creamy stiff , add suaar avid vnwaon- 
naise. Spread over frozen cranberry rncfi. 
Sprinkle witli chopped nubs and freeze aacuh. 
Makes tZ servings > 


QllCkCK (rCCftftttS rArs.£.V. Steele 

Vz pi. of milie or cream/, 1 Uirg^ tbsp. Gutter, 
Z large tbsp. flour, 1 larae tbsp. chopped 
parsley, salt to taste, 'h tsp. nuhueg, cayenne 
pepper to taste . Tahe 1 (4 lb) chicken, 4 
vvU^te cloves, sprig of parsley and boiirto - 
pettier. Chop chieken fine and put wrdVe 
ma far una toiler, V-uh the butter and flour 
to £L smooth paste j add to the belling miUe 
and stir until v/er u thick. , Take from the^ 
fire, add the chieKevv and seasoning and 
beat until noted ; spread on a dish to cool. 
Shape and dip ui beaten tqq and rolt in 
bread crumbs and fry in boiling lard. 

^OimcXtO (OkO Mrs. Y. H.Tafc 

3 /4 lb of butter y VM \b. sugar, I lb. flour, 
1 lb. citron, 1 <i0z. tggs. two grated coco- 
nuts; flavor wide Vanilla. 

Z egg whites 
Vi c. sugar, divided 
Z tbsp. instant coffee 
1 pt. whipping cream, 
beaten^ stiff 

Z eg% yolks, 

slighthj beaten 
Z tsp. van'dua 
Vz o. chocolate 

chips, vneVced 

$eat ega whites untd stiff: ; add 'A c. sugar, 
dlend coffee and whipped cream', add *M 
c. sugar. "Void in egg yolks andVaniiler. 
Void in the eaa white nurture- TkeH/ add 
cliocolate and almonds. Vrecz,e. /YUUees 
1Z ~ 15 small molds. Serve wiltv whipped 


r>atc <~ (\|ut Tortc 

Mrs, V. N. (Pearl) WdWi, 

1 c. sugar 1 tbsp. milk^ 

1 tbsp. flour 1 c, dropped dates 

I tsp, baking powder 1 c, ehvpped nuts 

Z eggs whipped cr&anv 

fAity dr i\ ingredients, hdd retnrUnivig m- 
<gredienis and mi^ weU. Spread inS'^S" 
pan- &ake at 3Z5"for 3o minutes . 5er\/^ 
v^ith whipped cr&am. 

/\/[uut ft\ea£j}rop (ookUs 

l M c, butter Vz c. sugar 

X egq 1 o, tiemz mince meat 

V/4 c-fivur Z isp. baking powder 

Grtam b after and sugar gradually. ~f\dd 
\>eaXtm egg and mince meat, theu the flour 
and baking powder slated together. Vrop 
bg tsp, on greased baking sheet and bake 
for io minutes in a hot oVew (4do c '\ tAakes 
30 cookies, 





Easy Appetizers 31 

Serving Tips 31 


Cheese Ball 

Carlene's Large 32 

Pineapple 32 

Chicken, Spicy 33 

Dried Beef Crock 33 

Far East 33 

Fish Mold 34 

Liver Pate, Herbed 34 

Salmon Ball 35 

Vegetable, Congealed 35 


Chutnut Cheese 36 

Crab, Chilled 36 

Crabmeat 36 

Favorite 37 

Guacamole 37 

Herb, Easy 39 

Shrimp, Easy 38 

Spinach 39 

Sunshine 38 


Italian 39 

Nautical 38 

Vegetables for Dipping 39 

Vegetable, Super Duper 39 

Water Chestnut 37 


Artichoke Spread, Hot 40 

Artichoke-Seafood Dip, Hot .40 
Broccoli Dip 40 

Clam Dip 41 

Crabmeat Spread, Hot 41 


Cocktail 42 

Swedish 42 

Oysters Rockefeller, Mock . .43 

Wieners, Cocktail 43 

World's Best Dip 43 


Bacon Roll Ups 44 


Brie Cheese Canapes ... .45 

Brie en Croute 45 

Krispies 46 

Parmesan Bites 49 

Parmesan Puffs 50 

Puffs 46 

Rings 46 

Rolls 47 

Clam Canapes 47 

Corned Beef Rolls, Hot 44 

Ham Delights, Party 47 

Mushroom Croustades 48 

Olives, Appeteaser Cheese . .48 
Oyster Appetizers, Roy's ... .49 

Pecan Date Rolls 50 

Pecans, Roasted 50 

Ryes, Hot 51 

Shrimp, Marinated 51 

Spinach Balls 51 

Toast with Mushroom 

Spread 52 

Toastettes, Herb 52 

Watermelon, Tipsy 52 



To present silver trays front tarnUWuig, 
first line them vo\Xn Bospoyv \ettuco leases. 

Serve/ dips from, ana of tke-foUe^uiej 
or amj number of other thwqs : 
pineapple halves 
red cabbage swells 
small vvater melon, halves 
lobster sktils 
avocado shells 

Jnci hurry ? 

Cover aw 3 ounce- block, of cream chase- 
w'it\v owe of -tkefollou/u-ig anal serve wdk- 
crackers : 

A'l steak, sauce 

crabvntat, topped voMlv either bottled- 
chUt sauce- or a, mixture of kelchup 
and- norstraxlxsVv 

Spread- party rye- or pump ermcteelvJddi 
$rie vr Cavyyemberb and bake- just until hot. 
Top each- with- a thin, sltce of pear or apple. 

SerVe a- platter of fruit orut ihw-, 
roUatsUces of ekeese-. 

Ckerrij tomatoes: Take a- ttvav sucefc om 
tW- bottom, of each/ tomato so ikat it wall not 
roll. ^emoVe the pulp f rom/ tke tomato anot- 
fill vf'ittv owe, of these-. 

pate, seafood, smoked- oysters, soft cheese 

Q\armsh- with- pars ley , p imxento, die - 



(jirtencslarge (^ke^se/j^AU^Scott^iin^ 

Z (8 01S) .pleas, cream chtest- 
Vz lb. sharp cheAAax 
cheese/, shredAect 
Z tsp. grated/ onion 
2 tsp. \Oorcestershire- 
1 tsp. icvnon juice- 
i tsp. dry mustard- 
Vz tsp. fapriko/ 

x /z- tsp. seasoneAsalt 
Vq tsp. salt 
2 V*j oz. deviteet hanv 
2 tbsp. chopped/ 

Z tbsp. p'mxu-nto 

(drained/ e chopped) 
%c. finely chopped- 

Whip softened or cant cheese. Beat uv chedda-r 
cheese and- next 3 ingredients unht nurture us 
creamu. SUr in parsley and- pimienio. Co^erand- 
xdfruxerate- several k^urs* until firm enough to 
handle-. Shape into a bait anct ro\t in nuts. Store 
in saran wrap unht readg to serve. It makes a 
Very large cheese bait, or you, can dxvuie- into 
smaller bents to use, as gif ts. 

pUieappU. QnitSt^O^Xs _ Susan Samuel 

2 (8 oz!) creanv cheese, 

t (6 VW cO can crushed- 

pineapple, vVelb- drained/ 
I (3 ot) p\ea . pecan/ chips 

L M c. -finch} chopped 

qreen pepper 
Z tbsp. finely 

chopped/ Onion 
Z tsp. salt 
etas h vohde- pepper 

beat creanv cheese- until fluffy. Stir in remain- 
iua ingredients. Chut 45 vnin-., then- skape into 
\wo balls. Co\)tr v\)itH yVastic vorap anzt chill 
seVeralhrs. these/ mag be- frozen. ~/\Howh> 
thavo in- refrigerator before/ serO\ng- 


Spicy C^ckeri Spread _ Annates 

i tb5p. qarlic \tf\ne/ vinegar 
Z cans underwood chunky 

chicken^ spread 
l /z o. vnauonnaisc 
x /z c. chopped pecans 

3 tbsp. soy saute 
*k c chiles 
L /z tsp. qarlic sait 
qinqer, salt, and 
\nxnced o\uow to 

N\if vnqredients^ ^gSruyerale/ o^erniakt, then 
shape into \patl. lop vo'iift sour creanv I chlVts. 
Serve w'dtv crackers. 

Pried fotf (rOCks Joanne, tedder 

Z (6 ol") picas, creanv cheese- 
I t^ot") pSca. dried bee{, chopped 
Z tbsp. norseradisVv 
I med. oniow, minced 

A/\if together and put uv crock,, Refrigerate 
for severed hours. 

TrOr ]ytSt cyprCCut Ginger 'Edwards 

Z(Sol) p\zqs. cream cheese l ft tsp. dry mustard 

y lt c. N\ogorQ\reu chutney, Z Up. curry powder 

chopped/ sliced atnwnds 

Allow cheese to soften- at room temperatures. 
~Add chutney , mustard, and curry pou>der. 
rorvu a- bail and co^er vo'vttv sliced atnwnds. 
Ser^e\^u^^our^a^or\tescrcu^ieers. A\at) be^ 


fish- /V\pUt 

Vol 1-oscue 

1 c. ttellman-'z 
Z c. crab or shrimp 
Mi C- chopped, celery 
H% c. grated- ovaow 

1 catvtvYnato soup 

X enveXopcs unflafored- 

aeUxtivv, d*6soWect \n- 

X M c water 
\ (Sol) pka -cream cheese 

"Heat soup and- add. qetatXvv. T\dd- cream- 
cheese . xhen add- nunjonnaise and beat unht 
thicte. CVo not use electric- beater) -fold, iU& 
rctnatniviq inayedients and, pat into a- Welt- 
cooled "fisyu mold. 

(finger Edwards 

1 tsp. salt 
Z Vosp. brandy 
Mi tsp. pepper \ 
thyme- 1 oreaano 

f^erbed Liver ^ale 

1 c. fxnehj chopped- onioyv 
1 stick butter 
1 lb. chlcteen- overs 
1 smalt pan leaf 

Saute onions in butter: 'Removes and- add/ livers 
(trimmed- and cut into 3 pieces.) i\dA- bay Uaf 
anct herbs. Saute- unlit livers are- browned- bat 
slightly pink- on- the inside. Viscard-baa leaf. 
Put ux- ble-nder (a- Utile at a-iirne) alt the in-~ 
ared-ientf and- blend- welt wuzh about l /z- c. 
nuMjonnaxsc until smooth-. Chill. Q\armshvod\i 
parsley . 


5>almw j3all 

Stuckeu Rives' 

1 (7 3 /4 oz !) can red salmon, Z tsp. grated onion- 

drained and, flateed lisp, horseradish 

1 C&oz*) pka. cream- cheese-, *k tsp. salt 

softened ¥4 tsp. liquid sntotee 

1 tbsp. lemon- juice chopped- parsley 

Combine- all ingredients except parsVea. Shapo 
into bail, then roil \*v parsley . CUilt. 

ron^caiedi \)egetabk/$pruul 

Qinaer Edwards 

1 envelope- unflar'ored- qdau\v 
1 pinttidlmarL's mwaorvnalsc- 

Chop in food processor: 
i tovnedo 1 cucumber 

1 oniony 1 green- pepper 

Put finely chopped vegetables in colander: 
Sprinkle with 1 tsp- salt ; let sit onet drain- 
wt\l- b\e\d gelatin- in- 3 Vpsp. wader. Stir into 
nuxtyonnaisc. ~f\dd vv>elt- drained Vegetables. 
Powr into quiche- dish- ; coster and- refrigerate 
atl day . Set out a- few mXnu-ies before/ 
serving vvitk crackers. 



QHutnukQYiet$cJ)ip lrma,?rice 

I jar Chutnut (drained) V^ibsp. mustard 
Z (6 oz.) pteqs. cream- cheese- V* tsp. carry powder 

Mi^- Well. SerVe witk crackers. 

QYuiied (jab filp Iva- Pell N[arsh 

(p oz.. frozen^ crabvmab, Z oz. cheddar, grated 

thawed- Z tsp. Worcestershire 

1 (8 oz.) pleg. cream dash of garlic povoder 

cheese-, softened salt and pepper 

Sayueze- out excess water uv meat and tear 
apart. Combine with- other ingredients and- 
blend- welt. §e-r\Je on- crackers. (\\)itt keep ixv 
refricjemtor at least Id days.) 

(Yabmeat \)ip 

Vkl foscue 

1 can- crabvneat 

1 tfc>5p. Worcestershire 

Z hard- boded- eaas, 

fineUj chopped- 
v lz tsp. dry mustard 

tAvp ail 'uiqredunks and chid. Serve with- 

Vz. tsp. tabasco 
l M c. nuujonnalse 
Vz c. chdi sauce/catsup 
l M Up. qariicsaXt 
I tbsp- horseradish 


\^oter Q\\tstnut\)ip ?>tdvt\\nson 

1 (8 oz.) carton sour cream- 2. bbsp. sou sauce 

1 o. rteldnan's mayonnaise Vz e. chopped parsley 

1 (8 oz.) can- vOaXer chestnuts, 3 green- anions, 
drained' and chopped chopped 

Z~3 drops tabasco 

h\ty ingredients wed a*ui serve- as a- dip. Malees 
three cup?. 

Mary Ashcraft 

favorite pip 

1 (8 or.) pkg. cream- cheese 
1 (8 oz.) car tow sour cream 
i pkq. dried beef , chopped 

finv tor 1 can diced 

shrimp or lobster) 
dash of tabasco 

Soften- cream cheese- and mi^ votlbwdlv 
remaining ingredients . Chill overnight. 

salt and pepper 
Vz 5 matt green t 

pepper, diced fine 
Vz small onion, 

diced fine 
Vz tsp. Worcestershire 


Z ripe avocados, 
peeled and mashed 

1 tbsp. chopped onion 

1 small qarlic cio^e, 

1 tpsp. peeled, seeded, 

Cathg ^ob'wson 

1 tbsp. catsup 
Vz tsp. horseradish 
1 dash tabasco 
juice of one lemon 
salt and pepper 
to taste- 

and chopped tomato 

Combine^ alb ingredients and press nurture- 
through- a -fines sieve or food processor until 
wed-biended. $er\Se wild Tritos. 


£05t) ghrlmp pip Debbie, Smith/ 

1 can small shrimp 4 tbsp. mayonnaise, 
Z tbsp. cream-style, horseradish. 

Drain and, chop shrimp. -hXd vnanonnaist and 
horseradish ; way, well. Chili, then, serve, with, 
TKscuits. Serves 8. 

§UnShin& pip Hanca \ndersow 

1 (8 oz .) pkg. or earn cheese, Z Vosp. finely 

Vz c. mayonnaise, chopped onion 

l /m c. fresh chopped parsltg 1 garlic clc^&,rninted 

l M tsp. Worcestershire, Vz tsp. 5oit 

1 hard- boiled, egg V& tsp. lemon, pepper 

Soften cream, cheese, and gradually blend in 
Mayonnaise;, -had chopped egg whites and 
renwuning ingredients ; m^f Welt. Crumble, tag 
uoik, finely with fork, and sprinkle ov'er top. 
Chill until about do minutes be,f ore serving 
if serving with vegetables as dvpjOr serves cold 
witlv craxkers as spread. 

f^OUfical 'JWdCL ptp Leslie, Shank, 

4 ol. cream, cheese, 3 otl. tuna-, chained 

V<4 c. mayonnaises Vh c. chopped pimunto 

*-h c grated Cheddar lVz tsp. horseradish, 

5of ten cream cheeses, and, add revnainmq inofe- 
clients . Chill and serve. With crackers or chips. 


yegetabl&s for piping: 

broccoli, carrots, cauhf Lower, celery, Chinese- 
cabbaqe (roll up leaves) f cucumbers, areew 
pepper strips, mushrooms, spr'wiq onions, 
cherry tomatoes, zu-cchim squash,. 

The following dips woij be used- wittvfrcsU, 
crisp va^elabus-. 

E«wy tferb pip 

1 c-. sour cream, 
1 c. mayonnaise, 

JtalianryimcL pip 

1 5mail caM-tuna, 

1 d. sour creavw 

V4 c parmesan- cheese. 

tfelen Rice^ 

1 tsp. tachddl weed^parslo), 
dr'ied- ouxcvi, seasoned sate 

Louise i\utchuison- 

1 Ward- cooked etya,, 

i tfsp. Italian dry 
seasoning or ptea. scdadvyuy 

Decorate vo'dh, sieved hard- cooked- eaa yoUe. 

gpinach, pip 

1 box froztw chopped, 

5pi*icuh/, cooked \ drained, 
1 (3 or.) pteg. cream- cheese, 


Pebbie Smith, 

Vs c. sour cream, 
minced- scaliiovts, 
Hutwitq , salt and 
pepper to taste. 

gaper puper yegetaW^ pip. Ubby ckede 

1 cwriow sour creavw 1 pfen . Qood, Seasons 
1 carton- plain ujoaurt Italian- or C\arUc, 



ff ot ftytithvkt Spread Pat Fa^ 

1 c. vynauonnaise, preferably Well*viahs 

1 t. grated Parmesan cheese 

i drained, caw artichoke hearts 

Quarter artichoke hearts, ftaceuv Osfooct 
processor with cheese and/ wiaxjonnaxse 
and' process for about ?d> seconds, so that it 
is not ruv\nd > . rour'udo a- or eased bahina. 
disk< and bake at 350° untd set. Servekot 

l\0t f^t\jChokt~§ta\00&tyvp„ iaarcvAnws 

Z (14 oz) cans artichoke hearts, drained e chopped 
Z c. wuwpnnal&e, 

2 c. (& oz) arated far meson cheese- 

Z ((poz) ph(^. frozen- crabmeat w'dh-s\vrirnp, 

thawed, drained and flaked 
x (z c. dry, seasoned breadcrumbs 

Combines first 4 Ingredients^ miphq Welt. Spoon- 
'into aliqntUj greased V-lz at. casstrole.Topvodh 
breadcrumbs, dakcat 350° until set. 


Z pkas. 'frozen chopped 

vrocccli, cooked \ drained 
1 onion, chopped 
I e. sliced mushrooms 

sliced almonds 

^aute onions and mushrooms vn svnalt amount 
of butter. -Add chier uiaredUnts (except almonds) 
and sinwner untit omons arc tender. ~hdd 
almonds . Ser^e hot Wiidi c rack.ers t tostctos, etc . 

(Joanne N\dler 

t cans cream of 

mushroom- soup 
% rolls qaruc cheese 
% sticks yvuvqar'me 




3 Vosp. butter 

1 small ovuovx, , chopped 

Vz small qreew pepper, chopped/ 

lo oz. can clams 

x /4 c- catsup 

(ff oz. stiete- processed- jcdopauv or Wot pepper 

1 Vosp- Worcestershire' 
1 tbsp. dry sherry 
1 /M tsp. caatmie pepper 

Melt butter oyer low? heat. Add ovudw \ areew 
pepper. Saute-for 3 vviwiutes. -had clams and 
bltvid well. "Then- adit remaining inqredrents. 
Heal oOe<~ low Weal until cheese melts, stirrup 
often. Serve iwcha^'ma dish- Wdhmelba rounds. 

Uot (Yabmeat^pread Rath. Or a*^ 

1 C^ cu) plea . cream cheese 

3 tbsp. milt 

1 tsp. maieect Onions 

i tsp. cream state horseradish, 

1 caw- era£> meat, chromed- 

paprika, or slivered alwwnds to ta^fce 

cmetecrs or small v^e bread slices, 

Soften cream cheese. "Add wixtte, and wwf Weil. 
•Add Ovdovv t horseradish- 1-lake the crabmeat 
and stir into ekeese wuykure. Place in, a small 
bakuuj dash- and sprinkle, paprika. onix>p. 
$ake at 350" -for 10 vnin. Sen/fc, on/ croc-leers 
or bread, slices. 


QockXaii f^\eatbaiU „ AW y Askemf t 

Saiue'- % c ketchup 
Hz c- water 
J /4 c. cider Vinegar 
Z tbsp. brown swyar 
1 tbsp. yydnmtonioyt 

1 tsp. Worcestershire 
1 Vfc tsp- satt 
1 tsp. dry mustard 
V<* "tip. pepper 
3 drops tabasco 

A\i4 together avid simmer while makivic] and 
browning meatballs; 

i Lb. around beef 3 drops tabasco 

$M c. stuff ina mi^ Z <sags, btatew 

(Pepper idqe farm) 3/4 tsp. salt 

i^z^p. minced onion, V«/ tsp. pepper 

Hz tsp. horseradish 

Shape 'into 3 H" bails ; broWw in, margarine. 
?ut into sauce g simmer lovnm,. or more. 
freezes Weil. 

^wedisfv ^/\eatballs r^ Peit Mars^ 

V</ tsp. nutwuq 
L A c. minced- omon- 
V4 tsp. pepper 
3 tbsp. vnarcyxr'ine 
1 c. beef bowdlovc 

Z lbs. finely around beef 
2 cfu^efepperldgeTarm^ 

bread criMvJbs ' 
I eaas 

1 c. kvwik 

2 tsp - salt 

Combine "first 8 inaredients . ~Forwv into 3 // " 
balls. b)roWvc'wv butter. Vut iw casserole and- 
(Xdd povidlovv. Co^er and bake at 375" fz>r 
ZO- 3C miH,. Dip in- k#t mustard- . (jhts recipe- 
may be usea as. ok- entree by makina larger 



1 can or earn of 

nxushroowv soup 
1 (koOTolt aaruc 

dash tabasco 
Z tsp. lentou- juices 
1 tsp [Worcestershire 

1 lb. 'frankfurters 

/V^pck- Qyster5 l^ckef eUer. Ltbb^ cwte 

Z pteas. "frozen chopped; 

broccoli, cooked t drained, 
1 medium* onion, grated/ 
l /z lb. "fresh mushrooms, 

s heed (may use canned) 
Vz t. butter 
sliced almonds (opiwuat) 

Saute onions and- mushrooms m butter. Add 
soup. fr\\f with* broccoU, cheese-, anxt seasonings. 
Allow cUeese to melt , ttien^adxt almonds. Ser^e 
Wot -from chafing disn. Serve uJiihy jumbo 
fritos. Series £5 for cocttUuls . 

L (.boz) )ajr mustard 

1 (lOozi )ar currant jelly 

Mf^ mustard t jeutj together o\)er low heat. 
Slice frank fur'ttrs diawnallM in bite-<s'izc- 
pieces. f\dd to sauce t heat . Sente vOithyieks. 

y^Or\A'S fiest pip Jane Sitewiore 

1 (Boz.^) pka . orexxnv cheese Z Vpsv. chopped o\ucvi 

Z ibsp. miXk, x lz tsp- garlic powder 

1 srnalijar dried beef, x lA tsp- pepper 

crd wv small pieces l lz c. sour crearn 

Soften cream cheese wuh nuhe. %tvr m- beef 
and sensoyuvias. ~hcbx sour cream- Put iw a but- 
tered deep dishy or pie pan. Chili at least 3 hours. 

In a smalt shutet, melt Ztbsp. yviarqcurine^. Stir 
in Vt- c. pecans anxt l h tsp. satt y brovJu. Putow 
top. batLe- u\rco\)ered at 350" for 10 -3d miri. 





1 cqq, slightly beaten- 
l (h Vo. kot or mild 
buXk. pork, sawsaqe 

V*i c. butter or maraarlne 

Mi, c. water 

1 "Ht t. packaged 

herb - seasoned- stuffing x ti io z /3 to. sliced bacbn- 

Melt butter in, vOater in- saucepan-. Remove frbni 
htod\ stvr'mto stuffing, then add tqa, and 
sausage. ?>\^Mdtnprouc]WUa. Chill -for about 
arv hour for easier handtint] } tkevv shape- in? 
to small oblongs aboutthe size of pecans. Out 
baco^v strips 'into thirds, oxossvo'isc, rtrapovic 
piece- around dress'xna wdpUivc and fasten- 
WitUs wooden picQ . Place ow ractein, shallow 
pan, and bake at 315" for 35 vmn-.^or wd& 
brown and crispy twrmn^ at halfway point in, 
coD^mq. Drain ovv paper towels and serve kot. 
May be- made- ike day before- bakina ; also 
freezes Well before bakwa,. Makes about 3L?. 

\\0t [prtlCd feef ^OUS^ (ainae-r Edwards 

1 (it oz.) can- corned beef 4 ibsp. mauonnaise- 
1 OpOl) )ar mnstard 1 lb. sharp Cheddar 

1 small omc>n, , qraled ckeese.shreddect 

m slices -thin, vokdt- bread 

In, a. larae, boyob ) combine alt inaredients 
except bread, ^entovfe crust from, bread and 
spread Uaydiu w'adv mixture, 'fall up and 
'insert toothpick to hold. ?lace- on- OM-ungreased 
cooVve sheet, fiatee at 4 do" for ID mui. oruntd 
apldew brown. 


f}VlC QaCCSt QxnwpeS _ Meredith Sloae. 

V«f Lb. Brie cheese 1 tsp. peanut oil 

Vz stick, sweet butter V*/ tsp. curry powder 

1 1 aXniovids , s ki*wed V«f tsp. soli t pepper 

toasted white bread, cut in, squares ~ 

(pepper uiqe Tarwi thin,) 

Wave chits t and butfer at roomttmperatwre. 
Mask until well vwUed. \JvaV\t\u browvv almonds 
va oil oyer low Ueat j drain,. Sprinkle wUtv 
stOsSovvaxQs. Ckop fine, uv nut gr'inder or food 
processor. /VUy 2 /3 ofthevtutsintotl^cklisc. 
Spread on, white bread . jpr'inkie-tops of 
Ocwapcs wittv reAvUJAw,\Ma, nvds. Toast k serve-, 

fait Oft (jOUfo (kinder Edwards 

3 small rounds Brie 1 pkafrotevt path) skells 
1 £^g uoUe , beaten, OR 1 ea<^ white , beaterr 

1<blt out Z patty shells for each- Brie,. Place- 
f3rle on- top of one round, of pastry avid, fold 
up suits. Place second round- of pastry owtop 
of Brie. If accessary, trim- pastry 
before criwip'vna, tocyether. Brush with, beaten 
eqq. (Can, be frozen, at this point) &atetat 
4:50" for ID mur. } then reduce heat to 35o e and 
bake -for Zo nun,, more, or until crust is 
U^ktUj browwed. Cat in, wedqes avid ser^e 
with crackers or fruit. A super make - ahead, 


I c. Newybrk Sharp Z c. ^dze Krlsp'uts 
orated cheese Z sttctes melted, 

1 c. flour margarines 

A/W etieese and margarine, together. r\dd, 
flour and Qce KjrCspies. tAif and, for yn 'unto 
tittle bahs^wn, flatten, Wvch a-forfe. &atee, 
at 375" for JO Y\ivn. ow a, areastd, cookieskeet. 

Q)lC^SC puff^ Llbby Cheek, 

1 loaf day-old, utvsllced, x /h lb. sharp cheddar 

wWite bread cheese, qratcd 

1 (5 oO pkq. cream cheese l H Up- butter 
I eqq volutes , stiff In beaters 

Trim, crust from- bread and cut uv one- inch, 
cubes. Melt cheese and butter in top of double 
boiler until of rare bit consistency, izentove/ 
from htat and fold ui stiff Uj beaten baa, 
whites . Prop cubes of bread, into this wwftwre 
uutd vVell- coated and place on- cookie sheet. 
Refrigerate o\)ervuaht . (/VWu also freeze at this 
point and keep iihxii ready for bPikinq) bake 
ad 31^° for Bio 10 mut., or until golden brown. 
fAakes aHooul^o puffs. 

(jdiCSV Xirv^S tAarfha, Ckernauit 

Z sticks butter t tsp. salt 

3 c. flour 3 c. arate&sharp 

I tsp. baking pow?der cheese 

papbika, and cayenne 

Sift dry ingredients. Cream butter, add other 
'ingredients . Refrujerate for I krs. Put tkrouah 
cookie press onto cookee sheet. &ake at 3oo° 
until dried out. N\akes 115. 



Suelten ^Sjan- 

3 M lb. sharp cheese, orated 1 cto^e qarlic, 
1 (5 oz^s pkq . cream- cheese -f vneh] chopped 
1 c - nuts , finely chopped- lXbsp.\Oorcesiershlre 
1 ibsp. tabasco 

Worle by hand and shape 'into-foar rolls 8" 
iona. "^pLt i*v mixture that Is half paprika, 
and half chlh powder, Store in. refrigerator uv 
wa^ed paper. Slice ttuxvto ser^c. 

rUXnt (jmOpCS linda- Wheeler* 

1 CSoz) pkq.creanv cheese 1 tsp. minced onion, 

1 coav wun-ctd chxvns. dash of red pepper 

drained salt-to taste 

3 /4 tsp. Worcester shorts saltute cractecrs 

Wkip cheese- with a, fork. . Add clams and 
blend . Add remcuniviQ. LnqredienXs ; na4- Weil. 
Refrigerate ivt a cohered dash, When-readej 
to ser\Ze y heap qeneroushj on- saltmes and 
bake- at 3oo°-fo\- ZO mtn.. Sprditehe- With 
paprika,. N\atees about to can-apes. 

Party \\(miJ)e[uM$ _ Beverly Komt^ 

Vi lb. margarine, softened 1 tsp. Worcestershire 

3 tbsp. mustard 3 ^U>z . porta rolls 

3 tbsp. poppij seeds Vz U?, Svt/iss ckeese, 
1 vauxukwi oniow , grated 

finely chopped- 1 lb. boiled ham- 

Qlendfirst 5 ingredients. Split rolls. Spread tops 
and bottoms with sauce. j\ad hams and- 
chtt^e. Wrap infod and bake at 4dd* for 
Id win-. (Ikese freeze wed. Sake at- 35b° for 
15 vnuv, if frozen^) 


x /z l&p. salt 

tf t tsp. cayenne pepper 
1 tbsp. fresh parslei) 
1 x k tbsp. chopped- chides 
Z tbsp. flour 

J\f\as\vroom Qroustadcs PatTaaa 

ZH slices fresh while- bread, 
4 tbsp. soft butter 
14 Unu muffin tins 

butler fn\s> . Cut 0/ 3" round- from- each piece of 
bread-. Press bread- rounds into Uns,fornujna, 
cups. Cliaktuj spreadJnxa, butter on breads helps) 
daJke- croiisutdes at Moo" for ID nun-. Cool'tf'dl\ 

4 tbsp. butter 
3 tbsp. spring onions 
x lz lb. fresh, yvatshrooms 
1 c. evaporated- mJuk- 
*/z tsp. union juice 

Chop mushrooms and- onions fine- (use- food- 
processor if available) ami saute- in- butter for 
about 4 mm. without browning. Continue- bo 
slow cook- about 15 mux-, Remove \rom heat and, 
add- "flour, bleruUna well. i\o\xtnu\k. and coole- 
ctapCva- until shahtly thick-. Add spices and- nuf 
well. Cool f uiinq ) tnenf ill croustades. CMay be 
froTjew ai tkts point) Top each c-roustade- withy 
a- dob of butter and- a dash* of parmesaw 
cMeese. &ake at 400° untd heabeel through. Sergey 

1 V4 c . flour l(5ox)jcvr Olde 

1 stick, margarine- softened- tnqiish Sharp Cheese 
stuffed olives 

Dram- oUVes veru, wtll y pal dry. IWuj- flour, 
wiavqarine and- cheese. Take bilsof doughs, roil 
vnto balls flatten- with; thumb, wrap around- 
olives and- pinclv shut. Chill on cookie sheet 
for 14 hrs. or freeze (tken store in plastic baa), 
take on cookie sheet al 350" untd- lujht brown. 


1 beaten/ egg yolk, 
parsley anet 

vOorcestershxre to 

It oysters ( Vz pin£) 
buttered- bread 
crumbs [optional) 

Vz, c. chopped, canntd, % C- milk, 

I'S Vosp. chopped green, 


% Vosp. butter 

1 Vz tsp- drg vnustard, 

dash cayenne (optional) 

2~3> Vosp. flour 

l lx tsp. salt 

Cook, nuislurooms and onions in- butter until 
tender ', add mwstard and, co-yenm. dlenxt w> 
flour and sail. Add, milk, slowly and* cook,, 
stirring constantly , until thick, and bubbUj. 
Q[r<Adnallty add some sauce to egg up\te< return, 
to saucepan. Cook, 1 minute, more. Ada parsley 
and Worcestershire . Place raw ousters in, shells 
in shaMow pan,^ sprinkle with- salt, &ake at 
350° for £ min,. Spoon, some sauce, over each,, 
dake 3-5 vnivi. more. (OK) Place oysters xn-rame- 
kins . Cover w'utv sauce and top with, buttered, 
bread crumbs. 0ake at 550" for 10-1Z nun. 
fAakes U. 

1 c. flour 
Vz tsp. salt 
dash, pepper 

AW dru] ingredients with- cheese. Cutinbutter 
until "peas " form. 5hape into bail and, rod out 
on Of eased cookie sheet, about Vz* thick.. Brusk 
W)\th nidk,, spruitele With more cheese. Cut into 
1 lx" cubes. Sake at 315" for 8-10 mm,. 

Uantty Skaw 

% c grated par meson, 
Vz c. margarine </ 'butter 


Varmcsaxv puffs 

4 ol. cream cheese 
2-3 tbsp. mayonnaise 
Z tbsp. finely chopped 
onion (or to taste) 


3 tbsp- parmesarv 


M^ first three 'vnqredients and spread on, 
crackers. Sprinkle with generous amount of 
parmescvn, Vnen paprikcv. Place on cookie sheet- 
and broil untd cheese "puffs up."5er\Je hot. 

VCCOn \)0Xt ROUS Irmcc Price 

1 skids., metrcyxrin& I c. t^ice Krispies 

1 c dates (8 oz. pitted I c, cnopped pecans 

whole dates), chopped 1 tsp. vsaniUce 

1 c. suOyCvr coconxit 
1 tqq , beaten, 

h\dd margarine] add dates , <>u<\ar and eaa , 
0oo\t o\?er low heat Id-15 min^stirrwiq ton- 
staatUj , ixnttL wptll blended and bubbly. ^ncue, 
from heat and add cereal, nuts and POM-illa, , 
Cool. Shape Udv small loqs and roll in, coconut, 
A\flJ?es appro*. 5 Adz.. They may be frozen. 

1 sticky butter Vz tsp. tabasco 1 tbsp. Worcestershire 

2 tsp. aarucsatt Mc pecans 

Melt butter wv larqe skillet. Add remaiydMa vnqr talents, 
then, pecans, and stir well. Arrange wva single 
layer on- a, bakinq skeet. ( A jetty roll pan works 
best.) Qake at 325" for 3D mm., stir rinq occasional' 
In untiltkeu are deep qoiden brown. Remove and 
dram on paper towels. 



(kinder Edwards 

L /*4 c. wuvtced qreewoyuoyt 
1 tsp. Worcestershire, 
*/** c mauomiaise 
3G sltces par U$ rue 
or pwMJptrvuckeb 

1 c. finely qrattd 

Swiss cheese 
*/* t. evoked avid 

crumbled bacoK 
1 (H y zoz) caw chopped 

ripe, olives 

Mif together ad iwqredievds except bread. 
Spread ow bread avut bake at 375 p f or 10-15 
mm,. or until brptyyied- Note: -these vvm$ be 
■frozen after bakim avid reheated . 

Marinated £hr imp libb ^ ^^^ 

% tsp. pepper 

5 lbs. shrimp (sheded 

and cleaned) 
Z clones qaruc 
1 c. wiayoiiviaise 
i c. ckdi sauce 
1 tsp- mustard 
1 tbsp. Worcestershire 

Combine and vvuxriviate Vt hrs . 

5plnacK^ fiails 

Z plecjs. frozen, 

chopped spinach, 
3 c. kerb - seasovied 

stuffing HU^- 
1 med.ovuovt, chopped 


da5h/ papr'Oea 
dash, tabasco 
juice*- mediuwv onion, 
yaiee- cue lemon, 
I tbsp. Water 
-Vz e. Wesson c>ii 



4? wdl- beaten- eggs 

% c welted butter I oiev 

Vz c. arated Parmesan- 

1 tsp. pepper 

lVz tsp qarhc salt 

Vz. tsp. thyme- 

Cook' spinach- avid aradv vOtd. Combine ail m- 
qridicvtts avid shape Udo 3 Ih " bads. Place on. 
UgkiUj ar eased cookie sheet, fiake at 3Z5°-for 
15>- Id miw. MaJees about 11 doL. Caw be frozen 
avid baked Voter 


Toast with ft^hroom Spread, -Iris Nmos 

l(8oz}pteg. crtawv cMeese- 1 tsp. yvuvuxd onwn, 

x Ih lb. capped- vHusUroowis 1 tsp. milk/ 
Itsp. wi&rqcurivie 

bavdl vnuskrooms In maraariH^.lkevvm^ali 
Utqredtente in. t)Len4£r. Trtnt. crust front bread. 
Cot Into rounds, triangles, etc. "Toast ok one. 
side. 5pread Witlr mu^^oni sauce on. u>t- 
toasted side . -Heat under broCUr. 

Vivian* Peters 

1 tsp. oreaano 
i tsp. tktjme 
1 large Loaf Pepperidqe 
Farm, bread 

Uerb Joasicktis 

Z tbsp. dUl or 
sesame seed 
Vz. lb. margarine, softened 
Z tbsp. dried cndes 
Z tbsp. dried parsley 

Coni/bu4e.aU ingredients except bread .Irivw 
C-rusts. Spread kerb wiufiuxe on slices and. 
cut eacn slice udo tkree or wore puces. Place 
sUces on an uviqreased cookie- sneet and bafee. 
at 250 p lor 30 tnm,,or untit UgkiUj browwand 
crisp- (Wdt keep at least 6 weeks in tke. freezer;) 

JlpStj \JaXerm&0\V faiqtr Towards 

5 c. watermelon bolts 
Vz c. sherry (dru^ 
Vz c. sugar 

CondDUtc all wiqredievds avid rc^r^ercde at 

least 2 krs. 




Avocado 55 

Bean 56 

Bean and Bacon 56 

Broccoli 57 

Easy 57 

Carrot 58 

Celery, Cream of 25 


Clam 58 

Corn 58, 134 

Fish, Carol's Dilly 60 

Crab, Zesty 59 

French Onion 59 

Mushroom 61 

Bisque 61 

Vegetable 62 

Pea, Split 17 


King's Arms 63 

Virginia 63 

Potato, German 64 

Shrimp Bisque 64 

Tomato, Zippy 64 

Toast Sticks 55 


Applesauce, Hot 67 

Cheese Sandwich Pie 68 

Chicken, Baked 66 

Crab Burgers 69 

Crabmeat, Toasted 69 

Curried English Muffins ... .67 

Maxie Bermans 70 

Meatloaf Hero 70 

Peanut Butter, Homemade . .65 
Peanut Butter Sandwiches . .66 
Pimento Cheese Spread ... .68 

Pocket 71 

Shrimp 71 

Squash 71 

Vegetable Sandwich Spread. 69 

Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs 72 

Pineapple and Wieners . . .72 



\~o accompany am* soupytry \lvO\cmVeters 
delicious toast sticks. 

1 loaf Tepperidge farm 
tkuxkj sliced bread, 

2 Vosp. dul or sesame seedy 
H lb. margarine, softened 

1 Vosp. dried ckiVes k parsley 
1 tsp. oreaano f iky me 

Mt^ above ingredients and spread on bread. 
Slice in strips or triangles. 3cxke- on nnareased 
Cookie sheet' at 150° for 30-ipO mm.These Will 
keep -for b vJeeks or longer m the freezer: 

-f\\)ocado Soup 

1 larqe avocado 
l /z o. naif t half 

Saandroy V>iyson 

1 '/z, e. chicken* brotn 
acir\ie salt i pepper" 

rlace all inaredienis 'm a blender and puree. Chut. 
WWen serving, aarnisli with a, teaspoon of sour cream 
and a dash of paprika. Serves 4. 


$auv $oup 



1 synall can e\><Kporcded milk 

1 can Campbell's ¥>ea*v Soup 

x li can vOater 

Vi, can vyulh' tplain) 

4-ip tbsp. butter 

neat milk but do not bout. Add- butter, \/\)ken 
tWorouqhslij Wcated^ add btan soup and heat 
Otrv^ slovv'Uj for about \5 nun. more, -hdd salt 
and pepper tot&ste. 

ffieatlt ftaCVW^Oltp Qorsou toward 

1 pktj. dried na\)u bean* %can \roaresso 

1 omen -tomatoes tsqyiasheS) 

qarlic salt t pepper -fe> taste- 
5-io pieces baton, 

let bean* soak in ujater overnight, Change- 
Water anet cover beans aqawv, Coote,slo\/oUA. 
i\(Xd 1 -fiweiij chopped onwn and a pmcl<vo( 
aarUc ■ 

bru bacon' chop and adettc Soup, using as 
-to&U$poow of- drCppinas; -hdcttom-cwoes. Salt 
and pepper tb'tixst^ - 

lj on- maM t\&id "fo aAcL more vjdker- Cooky untit 

beans arh te nder 


firoccoli Soup 

Dor sou T\o\£>ard 

3 buncYws fresh broccoli- 1 tbsp. dried omorc 
Cor 3 boics -frozen?) 1-L C \)tt\)ecta- cheese 

4 wieduwvi potatoes salt 

5 tbsp butter pepper 

5 tbs'p. f [oivr celery salt 

1- plus ~ cups mdk, qarhesalb 

\Oash and Separate broccoh^ cutting off tonqh 
ends. 5 ad and cook' untd tender. 3 od potatoes 
after cutXitv^ 'into small pieces. 

/\J\ake rou-y. wdh 5 tbsp. butter ) 5 tbsp, f lour and 
add nunccd qvudw. Cooks votd for IO-I5 muuAt&s. 
Be- careful not to scorch-. j\dd mxltt slovfkj and 
allow) to cook ov>er lovo heat until thud^- Season, 
with salt ) pepper, celery salt and a- hmt of qarlie 

Add cheese -stir until \nclted . 
Add cvo\eed a\id drained potatoes . 
Correct seasoning. Cook, unlit soup beams to 
boil, but do not boil ! Cover and Vet rest. 
Reheat slowUj, i/f necessary. 

\:0$l) f)VOCCo\i SoiUp Pol Coq^ayn 

H%j c no-Ik- 
% tsp. pepper* 

1 c. f melt) chopped/ 

l M c chopped oniow 
3 tbsp. batter (metted) 
3 tbsp. alt- purpose fiour 
3 C chicfeefty broth 
1 smadV baa leaf 

5aate- onion w butter until tender ~fotd f lottr; 
Stirring voell. Crraduadu stir m broths, broccoli- 
and baa leaf. Cook, qOer medtuvw heat untd 
broccoh is tender, stirring frc^iuntUj. deduce/ 
heat ; stir \yv nal\^ and seccsonxnqs. 



Zcssc /V\ilU,S 

3 c- finely sliced carrots M c. ckickav broth/ 
Viz vosp. ra\\> rict I small omen, chopped 

Wolf and half 

Cook slowly unid done. $lend vw blender. Add- 
kalf and hatf to Xhuv. 

Q\xwv dho\oAir 

Susan- l^endenkall 

1 pt half i kalf 

1 caw minced clams 

1 cans S^ovO's clam ckovjder 

1 can Campbell's tAankattan- Clam- Chowder 

Weak to piping * do not bod. 

(prn Owvodtr 

Unne Sheltoyv 

4 slices b&covi 1 tsp. salt 

1 medium- ovuow^ckopped s k tsp, pepper 

l(il or*) cans creawied corn 'Af c. better or 
Z c. svOect nvttfc margarine 

Tr'i] bacon- uvdd crisp and crumbly. Try 
onwns in/ bacon- fab wabd trains parent , 
Nsyf, coyw, vntdi, $easoiduiqs, butter, and .cocfeedL- 
oviions. Cook until alt is ~hot, Stir rina. i\ad- 
Crumbled bacon-. ScrOcs (p. 


1 tbsp. butter 1 3oz. ca-Yesticed 
1 smalt ovuovr mushrooms 

1 ta*v areenpeevsoup z Is Soup can water 

I cau beef consomme V3 c. t sherry 

1 can- vomit- erabvneat salt t pepper 

Saute onion in butter. N\v{ odl ingredients , 
except skerrij > uv saucepan, taring to bolt. 
■Add skerry and svmmer. 

YrendiQnion ^oup Vors^o^ard 

1 sHck, butter 

h medium anions, sliced 

1 tsp. sugar 

3 dashes nutmeg 

b<^ of % pkg. beef 
joouillon [or $ tbsp. 
bouillons ay ami) 

7 c. vJaier 

Swigs' and-jor \J\otzare\te 

Saute onions 'uv butter until transparent; 

5 pr inkie With nutmeg and sugar. 

bod 7 c. water va separate container, 

Vissobut bouillon in water, 

Vour 'uv with onion - 5\annwr 2~o nun. 

Add '/m ~ Vis c. shcrru . 

Toast shoes of Frcncii bread. 

Place shoes of Swiss e Wozzarelta on toast iu 

soup, (covering bowl). 
Spr'uikte vo'dtv parmesan. 
Place vn 500" oven or broil to meh cheese. 


1 ban leaf 
Vz c, butter 
Vz c. flour 
4 c. milk 
l /t tsp. ddiweed 
b to o ol. cooked, 
cleaned shrimp 

Card's T)UluHs(t Ounvder 

^ y J ' V Martha K. Amos 

6 slices bacon. 
Vz. c. chopped onion 
14-16 oz.fusk. fillets 
(jresk or\rozed) 
Z c. pared*, cubed potatoes 
V/z. c. boiling water 
I Vz tsp. saifc 
Vs tsp. pepper 

fan- frtj bacon ut larq& skillet or Voted ovenunid 
crisp. Kevvwve bacon-; reserving dr'vppuigs ■ 
Ocawdde and reserve* bacon. Saute oniovc dc 
beacon drippings until tinder. Cut fish/iit large- 
pieces. Add flsk-, potatoes, boding water, salt, 
pepper and baij lead to cviwu nurture . Simmer 
10-15 minutes until potatoes are tender avid fish- 
flakes cas'Uuwdhafork. 

tAeanwhile, yviett butter in hearij sauce pan., 
Stir in flour. Cook until smoolh, stir ring con,- 
stantUj. -f\dd milk. ¥>od and stir 1 minute. Add, 
ddl weed. Add vvklte sauce to fish mixture 
along wilk- shrimp and bacon, deed to serving 
XtwiperaXure. Acid smad pat of butter tv each- 
chowder serding- Matees 9 cups. 

Tins us a very duck, chowder and vuau. be 
diluted "fur titer to thin d by adding milk-. 



ft\li$hrOCftl $LSfyl£/ blancij N\arhn 

1 lb. fresh* mushroowis 1 c. heax'y cream 

1 at. chicken broth< t tsp, or more salt 

1 maXumv onion- ^tvoppedt- vVtute- pepper 

lp Xbsp. butter Tabasco sauce, 

b tbsp. flour Z tbsp. sntrru 
3 6- mine CoptionM 

fyrate^rind or chop mushrooms t stems' \Jenj 
fine. bLwmer cohered, i>b broth vditlv choppeci 
owionz for 30 nunutes. A\elt butter. addflov\r 
and stir vpifch vohisfo until blended. 

N\tanvOkilt , bring mil\e to a, boti ami addpdc 
aX once, ~to flour mixture, stirrm,q jiaprcusU^ 
until sauce is thick, a-nd smooth. ~hdd cream-. 
Combine* nvashroom t)roth miyturc With, sauce, 
and senso w to tazte , 

Mushroom- §oup 

Libbu CdieeQ 
(qinqer ~Scu\)ards 

1 can cream of mushroom- soup 

1 can beef boiidivn 

'/? c. redyOme 

parsley e cheese croutons 

/V\uj6 "first 3 u^miieKts. Kid parsley and 
croutons before stro'unty. \laruxtw\t: slice 
fresh/ mushrooms and add vO'dh first three 


l^\ UShrOOm \)UjludbU/$OUp Mary Ashcraft 

Vu lb. fresh/ wiusWroowa 

(crri can', iporSoz') 
Id slices bacon 
1 c, diced onwns 
'/4 c. flour 
5 c. vOoier 

1 co.14/ condensed 
ctdcken broth/ 

2 6. p ceded ^eed potatoes 
1 c. •sliced carrots' 

ttbfp. chopped, 
ceicrij leaves 

I tfrsp. chopped 

1 bay lea? 

% tsp. salt 

] M tsp, pepper 

1 c. sUcedceUnj 

1 out (5 '£ oz.") 
t\)cip orated mitte- 

ftmse-, po.t dru, ami sto- {resla washrooms 
and set aside. In lax^e s~aacepaa, fry b&cow 
until crusp, crumble d , and set aside, Vpar 
off ail but 3 tbsp. b&confat, and saute 
onions m dot fat for about 5 mutates. Stir 
in flour and. coofc. t minutes. i\dd re meaning 
Ingredients except celery, mille, mushrooms 
and, bacon. 3r'uu\ to boding pouit ) co\?cr and 
Svmmer to muautes. "Add aeUrij a^ui simmer 
another $ Canutes, "had mushrooms and 
vinvwier 3 minutes. 5Ttrr in milk- and head 
onlaj uvdid hot. Stvr u-v bacon. l\Aa.&es Lcjts. 
(It is better tne dan a\ ter mn\eina \X, because 
the f lavors have blended) 





1 c. cklckew broths 

Z tbsp. butter 

Z tbsp. flour 

Z tbsp. chopped peanuts 

'/q tsp. salt 

l M onion, diced- 
1 stalks ceteru y sliced 
l /i c. pea-nut butter 
dasW of celery salt 
lisp, lemon juice 

/Vjdlt butter i\n saucepan,-' add onion- and cetera 
Saute 5 minutes. Add f loivr and. mui w>e\l. Adcv 
hot chicken broth- and cook- for 30 nwnutes. 
^RemoOe -frowv heat, s trout broth, and stir iw 
peanut butter, ceteru salt, scut and- Vernon- juice. 
Sprvhatt chopped peanuts on soup before serving. 
4-5 small servings, (this is a \Jeri-\ rich soup?) 

\(inq'sf\rttis ^eanui^oup 

Louise Viutchinson^ 

I meduivn- onion, chopped 
Z ribs celerU) } chopped 
x k c. butter' 
3 tbsp. ail- purpose -flour 

1 aps. chicken sfock- 
Z c. smooth peanut 

1 3 /^ c. light oreana 
chopped peanuts 

Sautt onion- and ceteru In butter until soft but 
viot brovon. Stir in flour until Welt blended. Add 
chicken- stock, , stirring const an-tUj and brma 
■bo a boil, ^evviofe froui^ Weat and rub tkrou^i 
a suZ-Vt. Add peanut butter and cream- , stir- 
ring ~to blend thorouahh). I^eturn to lovoheat, 
but do not boh, Ser^l, aarvvishect vPdh, peanuts. 
Also aood served ice cold-, flakes lO-iZser^mgs. 


Cerrnmv potato 5 oup Janet c^ 

1 bxrat oniony, chopped- 
I c. celery , chopped, 
$ potatoes , diced 
t tosp. orated carrots 
$ tbsp. butter 
$ tbsp. flour 

3 c. milks 

?a\k avid pepper 

1 tbsp. parsley 
1 tbsp. piMtULW, 
finely chopped 

Cooky oniow, celery, potatoes and carrots, until 
done, in enough Water to cover. Cetrnbine %tbsp. 
butter avid $ vosp. flour in-saneepan o\)tr low 
head. Stir wi- 3 C mdk and cooky until crea-wuj- 
Cowtbute ail and add said avid pepper, ixdd 
boiled taaf LsUced) and Itbsp.parrteij. Sprmklt- 
vJitM/ 1 tvsp. pinvtvdo. 

Jesse N\d\is 

1 tsp. salt 
'M tsp. paprika* 
dash pepper 
4 c-. nvdte 
chopped parsley 

$hr'vdip filsqut' 

3 A lb- coole&i shrimp 
Z tbsp. cooked onwn- 
L tbsp. chopped celery 
l M c. bidder, widXed 
Z> tbsp. ail- purpose flour 

Q\r\nd shrinvp. Cook- omon- and celery in butter 
until tender. bMnd Iwflou-r and seasonings. i\dd 
milk/ gradually and cook, until thickened, stirrwg 
constantly. Add shrimp e heed. C\arnvsh vodh 
chopped parsley. N\ahes (p serd\nas. 

]}Wl] "Jonudo $OWp Anne SheUon- 

1 can tomato soixp 1 tbsp. lemcw^iuco 

1 can rioter 1 tsp. sugar 

1 5vna\l onions, sliced thinly dash lemon- pepper 
Vl c. celery, disced finch] 

N\i4 all of the abo\)e- and bri-na to a- slow boil. 



SomAaoLcM^s are defmvtcUj wok just ~fov 
cMddrew\ \\jovOex>er ) \0& WmJes p^mv %\m>£ section 
vOviha^eW ^eupes tiiat most ctiddre^ com*- help 
wiaJie, and ait ckddrevi v)dte^o\\. 

A^ ail-d-m&ricahs, protexn-ricW sand-vOictv 
iMredvent i* 'PEANUT BUTTER ) *Tkts is oscUich- 
■for i\)Oaj 0/ tWre&- year old to make, Tma$in^tkiL 
t\MA& those little tfw&s voi\l spend ow making their 
ovovw lunch, and their \~>ruX& ^\M be reflected in> 
(X ctta\>i plate- ! 

\\omcmadc pearudj^utterJVtfuj iWi 

1 C. hulled ^roasted peanuts 
lA tbsp. peanut oil 
V« teaspoon' saVc 

Start the blender ovici low speedy vohhe holding 
■the lid dovOn^ thew svOfccfo to WiaK ) stopping once- 
or tvOite to scrape the jar With a rubber spatula. 
Stop v\)kevt vti as smooth as your chad vOants \t. 
N\a\te 1 cup at a tune — never mere than- Z-- or 
d~ mxaht jam the blender T&frigeraie . 


pmwut gutter ^andwichcs 

Vorsacj tSoward 

'This sandwich tastes great and combines two 
of the- vno st nutritious foods available. On one 
slices of bread, let your child spread Z tbsp. pea- 
nub butter. i\ad Vz banana, sliced tenathwise. 
Told the bread over itself , like- a trot dog roil. 

Also, try these combinations... Veanut Butter 

■ \wneu~ 

■ arated carrots and raisins 

■ applesauce and chopped celery 

■ bacon bils and hovieij 

■ cream cheese andjenu] 

■ toasted wheat germ and Vtonea 

■ cid up dates 

Raked Qtickcti Sandwiches 

€ lizabeth (Acwborne 

16 slices while bread 
I slick, margarine 
'Ai Lb. fresh mushrooms 
Z c. diced, cooked 

clncken (white meat) 
5 hard boiled' egas, 

V3 c. ripe olives, sliced 

3 /4 c. vnaaovmaises 
Z tbsp. onion., chopped 
1 can cream of 
cluck. en soup 
1 c. sour creanv 
Z tbsp. zlierru 

brim crust \ronr bread. Gutter both sides of 
bread. Vlace 8 slices LnaJ\ 15" pan. $auti musk- 
roovKs in Z tbsp. butter. Cover bread vJ'ith mixture 
of mushrooms, chicken, egas, dices, mayonnaise 
and phxoh.5. Arrange remaining 8 slices of bwtier&i 
bread on top of mixture, Ccvnbmc soup, sour cream 
and skerry cunt pour over sandwiches. (Spreadto 
cover) Sprinkle uitkpaf r'ika. bake at 5Z5 c fDr50mm. 


\\otj\py usance Sandwiches 


l~3 tbsp. apvlesauce 

per sa-ncwoich 

2 crisp cooked bacon 
slices per sandwich 

Kraft 'American/ cheese, 
1 suce per sandwich, 

\oasb bread (both sides) under broiler. Spread 
applesauce- evenly. Vust vodh cinnamon. 1 op voith 
bacon, criss- crossed. cr )hen add c\> WtholesUce- of 
cheese to each/ sandwich. 3rod until cheese vnelts. 

Velicious -for breakfast, brunch^ or Sunday maht 

(wrled fyglish /puffins \l\cki Veddidt, 

1 '/z c. orated sharp cheese 

'ft c. vviauonnaise 

s Jz can ripe black/ ohOes, chopped/ 

2> qretw ovuons, chopped- 

'/ziol Is p. curry ponder 

/Vji/ all ingredients. Spread on~Enalish ynuffins. 
Vlace in toaster oven or under broiler. 3ake>uy\hl 
cheese twits, ft/[akes approi. 8 open- faced- sandwiches'. 


Qiccsc £andwickvYic 

bert VJood 




1 eqg 

$M 0- flour 
[ Il tspsait 
l h tsp. pepper 
1 C- mate 

1 c. (4 oz) shredded, cheese 
(Cheddar, SvJvss , /^uenster, 
etc. Can use 1 bind or 
Cimj Combination) 

Tn small bo\A?l } combine eta, flour, suit, pepper 
and vndfc. aud ana optional luqredueuts. /V\iy 
m blender. St\r m half of cheese. Vonr into 
Well- greased piepan. Bake at 42S P -for 30 mm. 
Vour on remainma cheese, Return to oven -for 
about Z minutes. 'Serve as aw appetiter or a- 
Ynain disk- for Lunck-i U~& serviney. 

YuntnXo Qxasc ^preail bert wW 

1 lb. sharp clause 

1 smalt ^ar chopped pimento 


Sever at dashes Vjorcestershvrc 

onion ponder or 

Ltsp. grated omon- 
fevP drops Tabasco 

Q\roXe cheese, f\dd pimento, enough maupnnaisc to 
make cheese hold together, beinc) careful not to 
add too wuich. (Beam \o\bh 3 M thsp- and add more 
if needed?) To tMis nurture, add Worcestershire-, 
onion and tabasco bo baste . Various Wrbs m&tue 
this interesting and deucious, 


1 5x\uaWs cavu crabvntat l /z c. vyuw^onnaxse 

% c. ceievLj , chopped % c. sharp cheddar 
1 tb*p. onion, chopped cheese, arated^ 

% bell p&pper [optio hal) karnbwger buns 

Combine first i l\)e inaredients, Toast bettered, 
haynburgtr b\wvs lujhtUj, Spread crab rnvftur-e 
ow faottom haloes of buns. Cover vOith protect 
cheese. 3reiL until cheese melts. Makts about 
io sandwiches. 

Joastcd Q-abmmt^andwichis lormda CkarUs 

^M o.\reshmwshroovvis y 1 eAq,beaie*v 

chopped fivie x lt, vp. fiaiscd crabmeat 

Z tbsp. butter % tsp. salt 

(q 5 aces tomato ('/s'tkicti) % o, arodedc sharp 
Iq 5lices bread, chceso 

Crust rento^Cct 

oav\ti mushrooms iav butter about 5 wuh. [ lace 
sUcc oficmato on each 6Uce of bread-. Spoo^u 
L tbsp. mushrooms o\)er each. A/\vl eaa ) cmbnieat; 
salt. 'VvAt a, portion o\)cy vvwshrooms- sprinkle^ 
Z tbsp. cheese oDer eactv. VUccc under broiler- 
umMI cheese Milts. 

1 large pka. cream 

cheese ^oftenect 
1 tsp. iemon. juice- 
l /4 C celery 
V<4 C. ovujoyv 

3 M c. carrots 
'A c. qtwu pepper 
l M c. cucumber 
Salt e pepper 

Qrate or chop Oeaetables. Let cucumbers 
stayid, thew saixetie oat water Add mauovi- 
waise to vMOisttA', £>alt and pepper to taste. 


fs\eatloa\ ftcw 

1 Vz Vos. around round 
Vl c evaporated mu% 
'M c. bread crumbs 
1 tqq 

1 medium ovuovt- sliced 
% tsp. qarkc ponder 

Susan^ Cjurleij 

'/t tsp. pepper 
Vl tfosp. prepared, 

V*t tsp.Tabasco 
1 loaf Italian, bread 
Aweraaw/ cheese- 

/V\ty mtat \\)\th nod °\ maredients. Cut bread va, 
half length/Vise^. Vlace bottom, of loaf on, sheet of 
heavy -duty if oil. Spread meat on, bread. Toldfoil 
and pierce . Cook M5 mm. over \V>VuXe hot coals on, 
qrdl-meaX side, down. Open foil, place, cheese, 
on< meat. Close foil and allow) to melt. C\rdl top 
of bread- while cheese- melts. Vlace top on, meat. 
Slice to make sandwiches. 

ffytyie Germans 

max\onnaAse k mustard 
Thousand Island dress ma 
rye bread, 
sliced- horn, 
Swiss cheese 

Spread mayonnaise, and mustard on one, suit 
of the sandvJ\^,'nxou,sand Island dressing on 
the olher. boater other ingredients. A slice of 
onion mau b& used. 

MaJtkalCe VJood 

homemade shuv 
onwn- (optional) 




fockct ^andwuhcs Bert v\W 

\ake one flat Vita, bread* loaf-- slice in- Waif 
and \)eri\ carefulti) open- up each- hatf. (Use- 
voVutt or whole uiieat') 

Spread- each- WaXf vodk-a nurture of homemade 
mauonnaise into which- vpu ha\>e sprinkled a- utile 
Sovei tfidcory Smoked- l)east (found in health \ooa 
stores) . 

lion caw put any filling yoo- want into these sand- 
Wuhes. We use sliced tomatoes, Swiss cheese-, sprouts 
and Uccf lettuce- 

£Hrimp ^amiwiches 

Louisa \\utckmsi 


Z c, cooked, minced shrimp 3 tbsp.freneh. dressing 
1 c, chop peel cucumber- salt a cayenne- to taste 

1 Vosp. minced cvuon maupnvuxise to biend 

Cowibme- ail ingredients and chut. Spread on bread. 

§qtUl5(t ^atldwiclUS Char lotte Vvskwis 

%C>. chopped green; pepper 
V^ C. chopped onions 
1 c, mayonnaise 

trench- bread 



1 c. arated sharp cheese- 

On toasted) s hoed Trench- bread , thiniij shce-ttie- 
SQuash-. Add sliced tomatoes. Combine other in- 
gredients and heat. Spread sauce oi>zr sanayOichcs 
and broil until bubblij, Stmts 4 to (p. 


fincappic tyixner fymdw'ichts Louise -ftMman 

Z w)ieners (preferably 1 tbsp. mayonnaise* 

Bail Var\€) pu.kle$ 

1 slice pineapple mustard 
1 tsp. chopped onwns 

rut \Oi^ners ) pineapple, onion, and- vnauonnaise 
vn blender, vroeess urdil smooth. Add pickles 
and mustards to taste. Spread on breads. A\cuj 
also be used as aw appetizer spyread. 

j3or~|rQ \[0t J)0q$ AWy Way Wamr lefe 

'/<* tsp. salt 
% tsp. sugar 
1 tsp. mustard 
'/? tsp. black, pepper 
\uxce of Vi lemon 

Yi c. ketchup 

Z o. \tiaXer 

s k c. \)iviec]ar Cihe same if 

recipe is doubled) 
1 tbsp. butter 
I \bsp.vJorcesters\ure 

Mix the above together and heat m a, sauees paxi. 

10 to L4 not dogs % to 1 c. onions 

VI t c. cetera 

bpUt the kotdogs. IV\i{ celerg and onions ioqebher 
and spread over the opew hetdoas. Vour Bftv-B-Q 
souice over the hctdoas slowly. ica)e $~ovh& and- after 
SO nun. , add d. -\da water if necessary. Bake Lhr. 
at 31 5 C Serve m warm, hot dog butts. 




Applesauce 75 

Banana 75 

Bran 76 

Berlie Eargle's 76 

Cornbread, Southern 77 

Cranberry 77 

Muffin Biscuits 78 

Pumpkin 78 


Apple, Fresh 79 


Beavers Club's Famous. . .79 

Cranberry 82 

Nut 80 

Beer 80 

Biscuits, Maryland 18 

Blueberry Nut 81 

Carrot 81 

Cranberry-Banana 82 

Irish Nut Chocolate 82 

Lemon 83 

Nut 20 

Orange 83 

Pear 84 

Pumpkin 84 

Date Nut 85 

Strawberry 85 

Zucchini 86 


Angel Biscuits 86 

Croissants, French 87 

Homemade Bread 89 

Honey Whole Wheat Bread. 88 

Rolls 89 

Dinner 25 


AND ROLLS 311, 312 

Breakfast Bubble Ring 310 

Butterflake Coffee Ring 310 

Butterscotch Rolls 314 

Cinnamon Swirl 311 

Date 312 

Honey Bun 313 

Lemon Candy Canes 316 

Monkey Bread 315 

Moravian Sugar Cake . .19, 313 


Corn Bread 90 

Moist 91 

Mom's Top-of-the-Stove . . 91 

French Toast, Orange 309 

Hush Puppies 90 

South Carolina 90 

Spoon Bread 92 

Waffles 309 

Can't Fail 309 



f\ppUsaUC& fr\U/ffin6 Ckeruldolkk- 

Z stacks soft margarine 1 tsp . clo\)es 

Z c. white sugar Z tip. auspice, 

Z eggs 1 C- chopped, nuts 

1 tsp, \)anuua 1 (l- lb) can applesauce 

4 c. plain flour I tip. soda, 
3 tsp. cinnamon* 

Cream margarine* and* suaar. Add eggs and 
Vanilla and \)leud n)e\t. Sift flour anct three 
5p'\*ces together ~f\dd* to bvitter mixture. -Add 
nuts. fAv)L> applesauce and; soda together and 
add last. Mtf until \Oeit- blended. Keep batter^ 
rcfri^erat&d and bake as meAccb. Bake at 450' 
until done. 

ftanatui ft\\A$ins 

Y\pra* Utledj 

4- c. shortening Z eggs 

1 c. suaar Zc flour 

3 \?anavux-5, niashed* 1 -bsp. soda, 

\Jeri*) fine/ nuts as desired, 

Oroarn shortening anct sugar. Add bananas. 
Beat in* eggs^ ~t\ad ~f lour and soda- (siftert, 
tvqetker) "men* add nuts' if Wanted, . Tut un 
areased pans . & 3Z5* untd stigktUj 
Proven-. MoJees 3 doz. small muffins or 
10 regular mucins- 


[3erUe ^orgies fyratv Mufjws 

Judy \ L Tustyuiui- 

2 c r\\l-$rcuts Z v lt tsp. soduA^ 

Z tqfos 1 c. boding Water 

1 pt. buttermilk Vz. c. \)eaetat>le- oil 

lVz c suqa>r 1 tbsp. s^it 

Z Vzc. flour Vz, b^X raisins (optional) 

/VW 1 c . bra*t cereal vOittv the- b>o\XiuA 
vdaier. ~f\ctd t &qa\s one at c\- ttwie^ . -\d-ct- 
Y£m\/\<(\\vwaq 'mared'ients s Drop ivtCo un<ytased 
vwiffin, tins , about */% fait . Pjatee- at 4 06° 
a-bout Zo v\axw. N\a)des about Z l lz. dx>z.evi. 
Matter \Oi\t leeep m ref riqerator one- Week. 

fyrart (A>u$iris 





ZVz c. 40% bran flakes 3 A c. crushed- 
(other bran- can be used- p'ineavplc\Oiih 

but theamt. has to be Uqyul 

reduced because of higher S/^ £ ■ vndks 
liquid- absorptiow.) 

N\\Al/ abo\}& and set aside- for at {east hOo 
vkwv. Then a-dxt\ 

X eaq V3 c. Vegetable' oit 

NWj, welt. Mi^: 

l 1 /^ C. flour 3 tsp. batemq povoder 

Vzbsp. salt Vz. c. sugar 
r\dd dru u/tayedvevits to cerea-l mixture-. 
Stir only unui moistened- . &a-ke at 4oo° for 
1S> - Z5 min-. jr\aMes 2 dot. medium- mufjuis. 


^ovdktrn Qrnbread /^wffuts 

fr\arjorie i\ndersou 

1 c. corn, meat 
1 c. flour 
L tbsp. sugar 
1 Vz c. sour md& or 
butter vwl& 

I tsp. salt 

Vz tsp. soda, 

1 tsp. baking vovodcr 

Z tbsp. m&lted butter 

or fat 
Z vOc\l~ beaten eggs 

Stft org ingredients. P>eat uv separate, bovol 
biutermAlk< } sUorteuwig and eggs. ~r\dd to 
d\~tg ingredients. $eat li^ktUj until thorovufi- 
\a\ 'vvw^td . Partly -ful hot vnuffuv tins . hake, 
o£ 450° for /5 t<5~20 kvuVl. 

(ranberrij Mufjms 

Sift together: 
Z c. flour 

Saratv Woollen- 

-Vz tsp. baking soda 
1 tsp. salt 

I c. sugar 

1 Vz tsp. baking po\\)der 


ju\c& and' grated, 

xuut of 1 orange, 
Z tbsp. vn&lteet wuirgarinc 

Pour Utyuct vvufttire, into drg ingredients , 
wwt-ing just tviough to damp&w. fold m Zcups 
frtsW cranberries cut in Wattes. Spoou into 
greased muffin tins . 3ah& at 350" -for 40-45 
minutes . these "freeze vOeAL, 

enough* vOattr to 

make 3 M c. utuid 

1 cgg^ell- beaten 


/^iffW/ ^l/SOuts A^eUH Sue iuekl 

2 a self -rising -flour 1 c. wWole miile 
2 tbsp. VYUWjOvuvaise 

Wa^e- ingredients at room lenvperaiure. 
Vont wwp out all the Uunps. Till paper 
ma-ff U4/ cuf>^ kaif "f nit. £>ate^ a£ 450° -for* 
about XZ nun. Yield- 1 dozen. 

PllttVpkxns /V\uf(W Beverly Kp0H^ 

1 c. cookzd, nwisWect 

1 c seedless ralsms 

(white or darkS) 

x /z- c. Wafer 

3 /4 tsp. ground cuuumon 
3 /h tsp. around clones 
L /z- tsp. sail 
l /3 c \Jtqctabio oil 
1 3 M c. flour t 
2 t<ggs 1 l /t tsp. baking ponder 

1 V-f C- sugar Vi, tsp. 5<%ta 

SoaJ^ raisins uv L /z c. \0ater and set aside. Do 
ku?t drain. Combine eggs, pumpkin, sugar, spues, 
sail and o'tt. &&at w>tll. Stir ln< raisins arut 
vVater. Set aside. Combme renuunui^ \ngred\tMts 
uv large vnijLing bowl. h\ake avOcXlvn center. 
Pour in pumpkin mnfXure, stlrr vnq just until 
moistened-. (Batter yjdlbe sUqWum lumpy?) 
Spoon batter into grea-seil muffin pans , fiWxn^ 

Regular muffins: 400°, 15 nun. yield: Zdoz. 
Smalt muffins: 400", 10 min. yield: b aoi. 


-preshy /\jppl^ %flC\b Horma Duifcw 

1 tsp. soda, 
1 c. chopped pecans 
iV-t Vosp. buttermilk- 
l lx tsp. \?ahdla< 
3 Vosp. sugar 
1 tsp. cinnavnovi 

1 c. sugar 
l lz c. sWortcmng 
Z eggs, beaten/ 
1 c. ground or 

orated- apples 
I e. sifted flour 

Occam sugar- and sU^rteyu-vvg^ add ems' and 
apples. Sift dry ingredients togetlver. N\iA^ 
with/ sugar vvuyiwr^. ~f\dd pecans. Stir lvu 
butter widk- and- \)avCddoc. Vour into greased- 
1d"k (r"x 3" U>af pa*v. /V\uf sugar and cinnamon-. 
5pr inkle- o\)tr top of unbahexd loaf, bafee ad 
350* for 1 hour! 

%£ f>tavtr (lubsfanwus f)anmif)reaJL 

1 lb. bananas, peeled l Ii o. oil 

and Very r'vpe 
i lb. sugar 
1 lb. flour 
4 egos 

1 o. buttermdk- 
7 tsp. baking soda 
l M tsp. salt ' 

Vr cheat o\)en to 275" and place shetf in toe middle. 
Line loaf pans vJ'itn buttered parchment paper. 
Combine bananas, sugar, baking soda- and blind 
at High- speed rt'iih- electric blender "for 1 nunule-. 
Pour' the mixture 'into a boyol and vnity 'm-theegas 
and flour atternateuj . N\if'w the oil and buffer- 
yhdk and beat mixture for Z muu or untd smooth 
and well- blended. Vour the batter Into prepared- 
loaf tuvs and- bake ZVz hrs. YitUt- Z loaves. 


fiancmct |\j ut tyrecul Uvu Caudu 

1 x 4 C. sifted flour 

1 tsp. baking powder 

Vz tsp. soda- 

l /z tsp. salt 

ty c. shortening 

J /z C. Sugar 

I egg 

I tSp. VOMiliOy 

l^tc. bananas, masked 
1 fy c. bran flakes 
L /z- c. m<sts 

C\rease a- c }"x5"x3" loaf pan. Siftdrg m- 
grecUeuts . B>eat shortetunej and sugar tilt 
fluffij. Add egg and \SojuIul, beat well. 
Stvr iw bananas, t>ranf lakes and nuts, oulg 
uniil blended. f\dct sifted drg ingredients. 
MCp wed. Turn- into loaf pan-, t^akc at 350" 
about 50 vnln. Cool on rack,. Wrap infod 
and store, In coot,drij place for Zh for, (Slices 
and tastes better?} 

fyter fyreatl 

Vonna Kytrsf 

3 c. self-rising^iour 3 Vosp. sugar 
1 IX- oz. can beer 

Combine^ abscond wuf vddl. Pour into 
lighiig greased loaf pan. Slit top Wdtv 
lewf e- lewgtkivise about owe inch- deep. Bake- 
at 350° for ones hour, (After 3D nun', of batting, 
rub toy of bread vo'&tv butter.) VelicLow5 
toasted the- dag after. 


1 pka. blueberry rvuvffmmA^ 1 egg 

■V3 c. chopped nubs Vz £-. H^ter* 

3 tbsp. saacvr pU^s 1 tb^p- 

Preheat o\)m/\c 315° C\rea*e, and flour- 9x5x3" 
pan. Empty blueberries 'into strainer; set aside, 
\x> draw,. Combine- all but berries andnu^. fold 
in berries. Bake- at 315° for 30-35 mmuUs. 

Qarrot fyriaA 

Mladic b^arns 

V3 c. salad od 

Vz. tsp.saib 

iVic finely grated carrots 

Vz- to 1 c. pecans or 

3/h c r-avs'ins (optional) 
1 bsp. cinnamon- 

1 c. suqar 

2 caqs 
\ x lx, c, flour 

y% tsp. soda- 

1 tsp. nutmeg 

Cr'eavns sugar and od . i\dd eaqs. Sift dry 
vMxredaenbs bogellier and add to creamed 
mXy-ture. -f\dd carrcAs, pecans, and raisins. 
N\if bUoroaqkkj. Tour YVUAjbure 'into areased 
loaf pan- arud bake- at 350" 'for 1 hoar 


Z c. fresh cranberries- 1 3 M c. flour 

1 c. sugar Z- Xsp. soda, 

I c. vOater ( Hzvsp. salt 

V3C shortening Hq tsp. batexnq powder 

%C- sugar I c . mashed/ bananas 

Z t^qs Hz-C. coarsely chopped 


Co mb'me- cranberries, 1 c sugar, and Water y 
cook- oOer rnedXnvn heat about 5 mm. or until 
cranberries begin-to pop, T)rains and set aside-. 
Greavn> shortening } qradvudig add z te c, sugar, 
beating untit Ught and fluffy. Add egas, one 
at a tunc, beating moOX after each-. Combiner 
dru ingredients ; add- to creamed mvftvire^ 
atleruaieUi \*)ith^aruzna/, vvu^jXna vOdt after 
tactv addition/. bold vn cranberries and whW-fc 

tine a- grensecL 9 "x 5 "x3" loaf paw vj'dM/ 
vO aspect paper (Jfarzast Wa>fed paper) Spoon/ 
batter iwfc pan. b>atee- at S5o" -for 5o-(p5 
mum,, or until bread tests' done. Coot to nwn. 
in pan. 

^risH jNjui Owcoltdt f)retul J\Vte\icUe^ 

3 c. ftisauveks % c. chopped nuts 

3 M c. sugar i.Uoz.. pka . chocolate 
1 egg or butterscotch 

l 1 /^ c. orange juice chips 

N\if bisquick- and sugar. Combine/ egg and/ 
orange- \uice and add \o $U quick- yvu4< . ^fceat 
by hand for 3D seconds. Stir iw nods and 3 M c. 
Chips, \ivrvi- into Wed- greased loaf paw. Sprinkle 
remaining chips on top. Bake 350° for 55- bo mm-. 
(jool before slicing. 


[www firecul 

•% c. margarine- 

l^C. suqcvr 

3 eqqs 

2 x /h c. sifledflour 

X M tsp. salt 

ludi Osborne, 

l fo tsp. baking soda, 
3 M c buttermdfc 
ayated rind- /one- lemon 
$h C chopped- nuts 

Prekeat o^enAo 35Cf Qrease and. flow loaf 
vaw (tf"*5 "* 3 *). Qft&vYv vnargarme, and sww-- y 
freak \n ems. Sift drtj uigredienls together and 
add -to doo\?e, nurtures, alternating wJtih buXter- 
mUt. N[vp \\?eJLl. Stir in orated lemow^rind and, 
lAuts. Vowr into prepared, loaf pan,, fiake, -for 
ov\e hr. anct Zo nun-. Cpol 15 mjun. in, pa*v. 


Jvuce of two lemons 3 A C sugar 

VJWAc- loaf l6 baking, prepare alaiz, b\^ 
WeaUng Vernon juice and ctisso lining suaar 
in ub, let stoned to aiioW sugar to dissolve^. 
After removing loaf from paw pierce, top 
uxtit C(Xke tester vn a, number of places. 
opoow qjuxze over tWe top. ~P\Ud\a? to coottb 
re onv temper ■ationc be-fore slicing dkin . 

(jTCWUjC p)TCX\A Tammg ^wdenkn'cr 

Sift, tkcyv Measure 3 c. f iowc l^e-sift into large, 
bovol vPtilv 3 tsp. baking powder. Combine, and 
add : 1 tbsp. grated orange rind , x /z- to 3 M c, sw^r. 
(Tor cakelitee result, use larger amt. of sugar) 
combine, and beat: legg, IV^ c. mitfc } Z tbsp. 
metted < bWor\,enmg > % c, orange yinci. 

tbur Uquid mixture into bowl. Combine, abb 
'ingredients \A)it\v few' strokes until barely blended, 
ddke at 35D°for 50 mm. in, two vOeil- greased 
loaf pans. 


3 c. f lour 

1 tsp. soda, 

l h tsp- baking povoder 

1 tsp. salt 

1 ibsp. around, cinnavuon> 

1 c. chopped pecans 


3 M c. Vegetable oil 
3 eggs, slightly 

Z c. sutgar 
2 c. peeled- and^ 

c$ratecl pears 
Z tsp. Vanilla, 

Combine fir si sia/, 'ingredients - } make,w)eit ov 
center of mixture* Combine oil,eggs, suaar, 
pears anct \?andda,- } aeictto dru ingredients, 
sxvi^r'vaa ju-st until nvoisie nect . opoorv into 
two \\?ett- or eased, SVzx 4 1 / z "x3" loaf pans. 
Bake alSTJo "-for one Vyr. anctl^ nun,. Coot 
lo mm,, before, ren\o\)inr\ frorn pan. 

Sift then- vneasure : 
3 c. f lour 
1 tsp. cinnamon 

Liyidas VJWeeler 

1 tsp. nutmeg 
1 % h. tsp- Salt 
Z tsp. soda. 

Tnto mining bovJb: 
3 c. sugar 

Creanv vOetl. -Add 4 & 

beatmq after each,. -Ad. 

puwipwdev. f\dd flour mixture alte^r'nateUj 

vtfith/ z /3 c vdater: four- 'into \\?ell-g-reaseot ' 

coffee cans a^nd cook, for one kr. ad 350° 

(loaf pans or 3 coffee cans maij be used,) 

1 c. Cook-utg oil 

5, one, atatime-j 
I cup of connect 


P^~ |\[ut f\AAWpkM/f)rea<i^aH<ilc>rber 

3 1 /3 C. flour 

4 eggs 

Z L /3c sugar 

V3 c. shortening 

z i$ c \tOaXcx- 

1 ( 1 lb) con pumpkin^ 

Z Up. Soda- 

t 1 /^ tsp salt 

Vjl tsp-dtkuigpovcder 

1 I% tsp. cinnamon/ 

1 tsp. clones 

l h c, chopped nuts 

X/ 5 C. -raisins 

l li> C- chopped date i> 

Sift^lour. -f\dii soda,, said, and bakmg poW- 
cier. Oream shortening and sugar. -Add eggs, 
pumpkin* and Water. Q\radxiattig arid me^ 
•flour mixture to the egg mixture-. Void uv 
dates, nuts and raisins, ^Vbur dv Z- or 3 
wYlt- greased loaf pans. 3akc at 350° -for 
1 to IV4 krs. 

1 c. butter 

IV2, c su^cly- 

1 tsp. \?anMia, 

V^tsp. Icmow extract 

4 eggs 

3 c. flour 

Char lotto- fbskuts 

1 tsp. salt 

1 tsp. cream oj tartar 

Vttsp. soda 

1 c strawberry preserves 

Mx c. sour cream 

1 c, Walnuts or pecans 

Cream butter and sugar. i\dd Van\\la> arud 
lemon- exMcxct. Stwr ineags. Slf tf lour voitlv 
sail, cream- of lartar and~vatdng~ soda,. Com- 
bine preserves and sour cream. ~Add preserve 
mi^tnife^ and creamed mi^Uire alternately 
"to dng 'ingredients. Stir in nuts . T3a4ee- dv 
cyr eased small loaf pans for 50 min. \* 350' 

C\ood served plain jtoastod vVittv butter or 
spread with cream cheese. Yield ; Z loaves. 


^iiCChini JjVeCuL- Carol i^pimg 

3 eggs 

Z C. Sugar- 

1 c. Vegetable oil 

1 tsp. salt 

1 tbsp. \?an\\loo 

3 c. flour 

1 tsp, 5od^- 
l tbsp. cmnamon 
l^H "tip- baking 
1 c . ravO grated' 

x (z c. nuts 

Qlenct toother eggs , oil , sugar a^td \Jan\lia,. 
Sift together and add to above, wiiftwrt-: 
flour, salt, soda., t cuuuznwns andbakina pow? 
der. ^\ctd zucchini and vxnts. Vonr info~Ut>o 
greased aru\ floured- £"x4'xJ" loaf pans. 
Dake at 35 O ° -for one hour. 



1 c. snortening 
Z tbsp.warnvwater 
I p)sx\.dr\g yeast 
Z c. b utter vuittz 

?c. plain flpiw 

3 t$p< baking vowdtr 

I tsp sodn- 

Z tsp. salt 

'/*/ c. sugar 

fnry dry 'ingrcctunts tvqetlier. Cut shorten- 
ing into dry ut-grcdients . VissoWo ueasbin 
warvn water, -frctd cUssoUsecL ijeasttv but- 
ternhlk . AW witUflpur nurture. Vlax& in 
an cur tight covibau-wr and ck'Ul for at least 
Id mm. before rolling out. Will keep for 5 clays 
in refrigerator. Cut biscuits, place, on, baking 
street and allow bUewvtb stfr in ct warur 
picket for lb huh . before baling ■ fiakc at 
HOC' 1 ' for ID nun. or inurl brcWu. (5 do-zen) 


frCnch QroisSCWWs fAercdith Stone- 

Vi c. shortcnina 

'/z c. sugar 

X tsp.salt 

Z eaas 

1 c. scaided yvUlie 

1 p\eq. i$east } dissolved 
in x /% c. warnv water 

3 c- fivur, or envughko 
wvatie douah nice 
to handle 

Combine ait of the above and ro\t douah 
out tv wo more than- M " ttuc&ue&t ■ Spread- 
with butter or butter substitute. toldldee 
a be is, CkUt ttwrouahlu. Holt out ayut 
Spread wdtv butter twice more, chitUna. 
tacks time. Vo this five tintes. 

After dough ka.5 becve rolled and spread 
witty butter and (duliedfor last time f rolt 
anode y but in- squares, then- uv triangles, 
ro \t frovw lenq 'bide of trianale to appoint. 
fwls t eltatitUj and curv]e into a deep 
crescent. Qruslv each with sweet nuMe 
and eqq white to broww nicehj. fiatceat 
350? Yield about 3 do^ew. These are 
more successful whew nvade the dau 
before tXveu. are to be served . these wuxu 
be froxeuy, but uou should divute ttee 
doughs 'into tke portions wanted for each 
batexnq } before ^rtezuta, . 


Combine- in- larae bowl: 
3 c. whole wheat flour 
Vz c. won -fat dry muk- 
X tbsp. salt 
t pteas. active dry yeast 

fteat ut saucepan c\?er low heat until warwi: 
3 c, Water , '/^ c. Ywneu , 2- tbsp- coo\e'uug oit. 

Pour voarnv (not Wot) Uauutover -flour wuy- 
ture. Blend at low speed 1 mut , *\udiunv 
speed I huh,. u)u ha^vcb, stir ih 1 o. more- 
whole wheat f lour and- 4 to 4 Vz. c, alt- 
pur pose flour. Mweaed on f lourtA surface- 
about 5 nun. Place dough- in- qr eased bowl; 
Cover, let Y'ise until light awed doubled- (45- 
iqO min,.*) Punctv down ; dwute in half' 
Sltave cacti- half Into a, loaf bu\ rolling the- 
dough cut Into a Wx 1 " rectangle- ■ Start- 
ing wibk the 1" side, roil tdec -a jetUjrolt- 
Place- in- welt- greased- loaf p>an- Cover 
loa i'cs ; let rise 30-45 nun. until- light and 
doubled. Pake at 315° for 40-46 ynin. 
Qcnwve front paw. Cool before sUcinq . 


\\omcntadc f>reciA AWij Adams 

1 egc\ , beaten 

3 tbsp. shortening, melted 

1 c,\iowr (man use part 
whole wheat} 

1 pkq. yeast 
1 c. milk. 
1 tsp. salt 
Vi c. sugar 

VissoWc yeast iiv hike- warm wi\l\c avuileb 
stoind 10 hxin. without stirrutg h/lif tv — 
c\ctlter salt , sugar avuL ca$. Pour this into 
yeast nu^tur-o, f\jt>w add 3 or M c. flour to 
yeast vnv\ture and melted shortening. t3tat 
well, then add remauuna flour, (yrease top 
of dough ami let stand- until double^ in- 
size (about I hr) Vuncti down- anxt make- 
into veils or loaves. Let rise again, about 
one, hour, $ake at 375" for 15 min. 

1 pkg. yeast 

'/i c . warm water 

x lz c. snvrtenutg 

'fa e. sugar 

Vi e. boiling water 

Ckarmet Tarmer 

1 egq 

3 e. flour 

Vu tsp. takxng powder 

Yh tsp. soda 

1 tsp- salt 

Vvssolve yeast in warm water. Crearn to - 
pettier shortening and sugar. Add- boiling 
water slowly and heat until creamy. Coot 
and add welt ~ b eaten- iqa. Then/ add- yeast 
vviitture. Add dry ingredients whiclrhave 
been- sifttcttogettur. tbcatweli. Cover with 
fell and refrigerate overnight. 

About Z lirs, before serving, make into 
rolls anet allow to rise for t hrs. %ake at 
*l00 c until brown. 


(pm fyctC\A louise Cribbs 

Z C. self- rising corw Ze-qqs 

meal mif 7z c. oil 

I c. buttermilk 

lALy, together corn vneal mi^^ buttermilk., 
taas and shortening. 3ake in slxallcw pan 
"for good browning at 4Z5" for H 5 minutes. 

Wash ^upp 


r\m\t> oheddom 

1 c. plain corw meal 

1 beaten/ ega 

1 tbsp. chopped onion- 

N\'if salt vo'dti meal. Pour about l/ z. c. boiling 
vvUtev- o\)er meal to make nuish y 
5\vr in eqq. Drop bu teaspoon^vd into hot 
areas e and cook- until cplden brown. 

^0l\i\t(^o[ln^\\\X5k\vVpplCS - Z\>a,VeMfywsK 

Z c. com meal 
1 Vosv. f U?ur 
1 tsp. soda 
1 tsp. sail 

(p tbsp. chopped onion 
Vz lb. shredded chtddar 

1 btatew eaOf 
1 Vz. c. buttermilk 

N\vp ail dru mgredients. Add chopped onion, 
cheese, -then- ego) and milk. Stir Welt. Drop by 
spoonfuls into deep oil . Vjhen done, ihea vJ'dl 
•float. lV\ake5 about (p sercinas. 


Tlorence iZyOes ~ Stackeu'^es 

3 /h c. corn- meat OR. 3 /4 o. ready- mufed 

1 tsp. baking ponder corn-meat- 

1 tsp. Sail Vz c. milk- (roughly) 

Vz C-milk>(rouahlu) (to be ready low- fat, 

use vJattr instead 
pf milled 

N\\Af, toaetker. VouaW should be slightly on, dry 
side, yet vOet enough/to stoij 'uv shape. 5ktdet 
orqrLddle pan should be u^hiUjareascJl.Yjkcru 
a- y<vj drops of skater dance/ across <3\ri4dl& f pour 
yvw/Xwre in pan, in, I larqe round. ~]hvs should 
Cook steactiUj (IdvJovl electric range). \\)htw 
"dryish," on top and, vrovJw under neatU/, 
(about l Z mut . ), vvtet* a, plate ut hot vJater; 
set i/t on, top of round.. Tla.ce one hand on, back 
of plate- avudtwryv griddle o\>er: ~hdd more oil, 
slide ttic unbrovOvted side, ontoar'iddie . Cook* 
another- 10 -\i mut. Ser\)t, hot. (qrecrt \\)\ktv 

'It took, me ID [gars to get bArs/RyOes to 
measure tnese vnareddents sol could aeta-recupe. 
then, another 5 uears to cook it so Jack- vOould 
Soa^ it tastes Vtee N\p\her'$ [ N{u. children- love, d, 
avid ttiat makes ike effort WortWkile" 

A\o'lSt CprnbrCaJi Canary Ktonvs 

I c. sour cream^ 
1 c. creanv style; 
corn,(smait can) 

Z tqqs, beaten/ 
I c. corn/ meal, 

Vz e. cookmq o'd, 

N\isp together and, pour uv a, ar eased layer 
cake pan/, tbatie in, a 450° oven, until brovPrv. 



3ootsi& Keam5 

1 c. corn> meal t tsp. 5 ^ 

Z o. bomna water 2- egg* 

1 c milk 1 /z - tbsp.baW' 
Z tip. baking p^der drippings <?r oil 

Pour boiuVw vsUter tf^er coru- meat ami stir Well. 
Heat qctaZ Ui baku^ distv *^ "g^"^- 
AW -together w dish- and bake, at 350 about ho 
mXw. ~ until firm uv center. 

1 V 3 c. corn meal 2- m s > beaten; 

V 3 c, 5 if te^ flour 1 c. towrrwU* 

Vxt5 P .ki Z tbsp. frkortemn^ 

ComW dr 3 ingredient*-. SMUfce,- jfif™* 
eaas 5^ur A, and 1 c . 5vv?eei milk • , Add to 
wrnmeat mixture, /V\elt shorten^ i*,a,7 

&iXZ^Urt?o,r a*** 1,^1 
mu£, P* **t rt£ Bake at 350" for 50 nu^. 




Celery Seed 95 

French, Mother's 95 

Mayonnaise 95 

Poppy Seed 96 

Roquefort 96 

Rotisserie 96 

Russian 97 

Sweet and Sour 97 

Thousand Island 98 

Vinaigrette 97 


Apricot 98 

Black Sweet Cherry 99 

Blueberry 99 

Cherry Delight 100 

Congealed Cream Cheese. .100 

Congealed Salad 18, 101 

Cottage Cheese and 

Peach Souffle 101 

Cranberry 102 

Cranberry Delight 102 

Cranberry, Frozen 26 

Frozen Fruit 102 

Grape 103 

Lime 103 

Orange 103 

Pink Arctic Freeze 104 

Prize Christmas 100 

Southern Heavenly Hash. . .104 

Strawberry, Frozen 104 

Sunshine 105 

Tomato Aspic 109 

Easy 109 

Tangy 110 

Waldorf Cider Mold 105 


Cantaloupe Pond Lilies .... 106 

Curried 106 

Fruit Bowl 107 

Fruit in Wine Sauce 108 

Grapefruit, Spinach and ...107 

No Fuss 107 

Rocket 337 

Susan's 108 

Tropical 108 



Marinated 109 

Bean, Marinated 110 

Beet 110 

Beet-Pineapple 111 

Broccoli, Fresh 111 

Cauliflower 111 

Crunch Munch 337 

Green Wonder 112 

Health Salad 112 

Lettuce, Smothered 112 

Mushroom 113 

Perfection 113 

Potato, Raymell's 114 

Sauerkraut 114 

7-Layer 114 

Spinach and Grapefruit .... 107 

Spinach, Layered 115 

Tomato Aspic 109 

Easy 109 

Tangy 110 

Tuna 119 

Tomato Spoon 115 

Vegetable, Marinated 115 



Fruit 116 

Hot 116, 182 

Mom's 116 

Supreme 117 

Crab with Avocado 189 

Ham, Tropical 120 

Macaroni 118 

Noodle, Cold 118 

Shrimp 120 

Shrimp Mold 117 

Taco 118 


Molded 119 

Cucumber 119 

Tomato Aspic 119 


1 tsp. salt 
1 tbsp, celery seed 
1 tsp. grated onions 
wunc&d nuts 


Qelmj £C£(t pre^SUO^ Nora, LlOey 

V3 c. vlnenar 
1 c. salad- oil 
Vz c. sugar 
I tsp. dry mustard 

Chill Vinegar anctod. M^V- sugar, v'inegar } 
mustard and salt uv blender. Qractuattg add 
oil. Then add r&naining ingredients . Series 
vj'dXv fresir fruit salad ■, especially cjoodvvMlk 
grapefruit or Waldorf salad .Will keep, 
refrigerated, aide finitely. 

yV\0 titer's ^rem^v pressing 

Janet Cag le £ Vorsag f\o\Oard 

1 c. Wesson oil V3 c. onioujmees 

1 c sugar Z tsp. salt 

Vz c. tarragon Vinegar z l$ c. \eeteVuxp 

Z tbsp. lemon; juices 1 da^lr paprika 

Shake, Vigorously and refrigerates. 

1 ega 

1 Vz tbsp. lemonjuice- 
1 V2 tbsp. vinegar 
1 tsp. sugar 

Elsie M c PkersoK. 

Vz tsp. salt 
Vz tsp. dry mustards 
l lz tsp. paprika 
Z c. oil 

Combines first 7 ingredients and beat I wan. 
at highs speed. Wilk beater at highs speeds, 
add teaspoons of oil for 2 min. Then add 
od vuore rapldlu in a steactg stream, alvOags 
pouring close to beaters. This takes about " 
A more minutes. 


P PPi) S 6 ^ P^SUU) Zo VOeldv 

l li c . v'uieaar 

3 tbsp. on ton- juice Cput 
ft eiet- up onioyv dv 
blender wttk- v> alegar 
and pulverize) 

1 Vz e. suaar 

Z tsp. dry mustard 

1 tsp. SfUt 

2 c. saladod 

3 tbsp. poppy seeds 

Mif sayar, mustard, avt^/ salt . Afid Vinegar 
and omoH/ jiuce ', stir tkorou^hitj . Tken arifi 
out, beatina cvnsvanthj . Continue- beating aa- 
td tktete. Add poppy seeds last. Store, ui. re- 
frigerator. Tkts us v^ery c^ood on- fruit salads 
Or Often salads . 

gOC[Ut^Ort pre^SltU) MaeBaiykam 

1 clove cyarut das W/ Worcestershire/ 

Vz tsp. salt 

I l /q or. blea ckeese 

1 X A oz. Roquefort ckeese 

<b tbsp- vutiermiik. 

Tinelu chop garlic, sprintele Witksalt. Masli 
d/ieese awd add all uiqredients. 

^otisstrib §alcut press u^Aia^ Waiter 

Z garlic cloves, libsp.v\?orcesterskirc 

finely cuopptd 
1 e. vvtaijonvtatse 
V-4 c. ckut sauce- 
l h c catsup 
1 tsp mustard 
y% c. v^etable oil 

Put all unaredients at. blender and wwpWell 
Keep well refrigerated . 5erv'e on, Vegetable. 

salad . 

jaice of 1 lemon 
x /h tsp. Accent 
12 tbsp. manvvivxaxsc 
dask tabasco 

1 tsp. pepper 
dasvv tabasco 
jiuce and pulp of L 
finely cyaitd- omon 
Z tbsp. water 


j^USStOtV pr&SSiJUJ Yhtabeth Vunbar 

1 slice of ontow 1 tsp. dry mustard 

Sugar 1 tbsp. forces terskire 

1 c . Wesson^ o'li or 
Corn out 

V4 c vinegar 
l /3 o. catsup 

Put tke first suf ingredients urfvodprocessor 
or blender. QraduatUj addod) t>levu% until 
thick,. Refrigerate. 

gweet and^owr pressin^Beiferty Sumner 

1 c. sugar 1 tsp. salt 

1 c. yJu/itqar 1 tbsp. grateeb vyuvyv 

1 tbsp. dri^ mustard* 1 e-. salad olt 

1 tsp. paprika 3 tbsp. coldvoater 

Mi^ in- blender. Store in- refrigerator 

yinatgrette galod pressing 

Mereditk Slant- 

1 -Up. salt 

V«j tsp. paprika. 

daslv or pepper 

1 tbsp. tarragoyvv'uugar 

Z tbsp. elder v/Cnegar 

1 tsp. finely chopped chides 

Ofattct vpite of Ward- 

boilea egg 
1 small onion, chopped 

b tbsp. Vegetable 
or olive od 

1 tbsp. chopped' 
qreew pepper 

Z tbsp. finely 
chopped sWeet 

1 tbsp. finely 

chopped parsley 
Blend u^elt. 5eri/k onf mk^or canned asparagus. 


^hvudand Jslatut press w^SutiWd^ 

Vz tsp. grated ovuovv Z tbsp. svOeet pickle, 
Vz c. wiaA^ovmaise reUsk/ 

Vz hard- cooked e$a, 

3 tbsp, catsup 
<Xw$h- seasoned* salt 

Combine a\l 'ingredients and cUtil ■ Yield; 3 fa c. 

Congealed Salads 

apricot £aUut ? k^ius Mor 9 on. 

2 e^gs, beaten- 
)\uc&cf 1 lemon- 
orate rind of 1 lemon 
i/z c. suqar 
1 small carter 

skipping or earn 
i sweat pteq. orated 
cUeddar cxieese 

Z ptegs. orange jello 
1 pfexj. lemon, jello 
Z c, boiling Water 
1 cavi- apricot nectar 
1 wted. can. cruskett 

1 cai^ ntanaarln oranges 
3 med. bananas, sliced 

Add jello to bo'iUng \tOaler, nectar and juice 
front p'uieapple and oranges. Bring to boil, 
stlrratg over ntedium Weal, let stand- until 
cool. Tkeu add -fruits- Place in refrigerator 
to congeal. 

To make custard } blend sags, lemon )vuce ) 
lemon* riVid and Sugar over a, double boiler: 
Let custard cool, Beat tke Whipping cream, 
and add to tke cooled custard. Spread 
mixture oVertke congealed salad , 6efore 
serving , sprwitele grated cheese over the- top. 


Z (3 e>0 pkg. blackberry 

Z c. boiling \tiaker 
1 (15 oz.) caw blueberries 
1 (15 cO can crushed 

VissoW?e jello in, boiling \rVater. Vram berries 
and pineapple. Measure liquid and add : 
Water to maize one cup. K&d to jdlo. Stir in 
drawitd blueberries and pineapple . Pour 
into 2 at. -flat cUsh and ri{ru\trale uhtid 
firm. N\if remainnAty ingredients and spread 
over concealed jetlo . 

Laura Lowe 

l($o£)pleg. cream 

Vz c Sugar 
l lz tsp. vandla- 
Vz c. pecans 
1 c. sour cream 

filack §weet Qwrry Redact 

Meredith- Slaue 

1 am pitted black dtcrries 1 c. pecan Waives 
1 c. cherry jiuxe (optional) 

I pfcq. rea cherry jclio V4 c. mayonnaise 

I e. Pinks Catauva V3 c. whipped cream 

Dram (Merries and veserVc yaice. If necessary, 
add water to \uice to maize one cup. (For 
more flavor, aad pineapple \iueeto cherry 
jiuxe. v ) Urinate a boding point, then add jello. 
Stir until dissolved. Arrange nuts in- mold, 
tWew add cherries. Fill mold, n'Utt jetlo ana- 
ckUl until covu^eattd . Void whipping cream 
into mayonnaise and serve as dressing. 


QVirry \)i\k^XyMA . Canary Keams 

I pleas, cherry jello L(ooi)pfeacratm 

I c. boding vOaXir cheese 

1 can cherry pie f dung I {.'hot') cartowsour 
1 large can crushed- cream 

puitapplt undrcunid Vi C sugar 
Vz. c. dwpped nuts 

Dissolve jell£> Uv boiling Water. Add fruds. Pour 
into flat disk and- congeal. Miv- remaining 
UigrecUents an4- spread orvjeiio. 

prize Qvristmas fralak^ Sorer Kester 

1 smaU orange, peeled, 
diced t drained 

Vz e. pmdcvpple 
chunks t drained 

1 plea., raspberry )eUo 
L c. not wader 
Vz c- cold- Water 
1 lb. can. jelued 
cranberry sauce. 

Dissolve/ jello ui hot Water \ add cold Water. 
Then- add fruits. AAi^ and pour 'into indivi- 
dual molds or one large vwold. 

Qon^&alal (jtwai Qtecsc ^aLul 

Susie Kir lemon- 

1 ( 3 oO pfe^. levnow jeUo 1 (B V^ oz) can crushed 
I (3 oil) pteg. lime jeUo puitapplt 

1 (W or} pteg. w nvpped cream cheese- 

Dissolve jeUo un 2. scant cnp5 of boding Water 
Ren/iovte front keat and add 2 scant cups of 
cold U'ater, part of which- is drained pineapple 
juice. -Add pineapple, nu-fing thoroughly, don- 
ated, then cover with cream cheese. 


C0X\Qt<\Xc<X< £alCUl Qenna. Poo\?aj 

1 Varae can crushed i pkq. oranae- 

pineapple pineapple jeito 

L large canfruxt cocktail Vz pt.whippma 
1 (8 oz.) pica, cream cheese cream. 

Drain pineapple. Weal 1 c. ^utie. Dissolve jellc, 
way vn cream, cheese. Cool. VJkip cream,, tdien 
combine wUUy^nut and, cheese nurture. £e- 

QoVloqz Qwest and \>eac\v£oitf\li$aladL 

Hveujn Kallam, 

1 pka. lemon flavor ed- 

1 c kot rioter 
1 c cold rialer 
1 Vz tbsp. lemon juke 
Vz c, mayovaiaise 

dash pepper 
3 /m c. cottage cheese 
1 o. araine&fiuedy 
canned peaches 
Vz c. dued ceieru 
% c. chopped pecans 

*-k tsp.salt 

Dissolve qelaun in Wot vCaier AcUt coUi \vater } 
lemon jiuce> mayonnaise salt and pepper, blend 
well wdh rotary beater. Pour into refrigerator 
freethna traa. Quicte-cUMl In freezer 15 -Zc win. 
or until firm about 1" f rot-vt edge, butt soft in. 
Center. Titn^ mixture into bowl and u>Wip with 
rotary \)tater untd fUiffy. FoUt vawttaae cheese, 
peaches, ceieru ana, pecans, Pour udo 1- qt. mold 
or individual molds. Chid until firm imrefri- 
qerator 30 "to U) vhvn, linmcld and qarvush 
with salad qreens. Serve with cxdditiovial ma,- 
uonnavbe, if desired. fAa&es M fob servings. 


QrOttberri) \)eli$HV Onarmel farmer 

1 c. pecans , 

I o. slued bananas 

1 pint whipped areon^ 

Susan Sanwet 

1 small pka.lemow 

1 (&oz.) pte^. cream 

chase, Softened 
x li pt-wkippwa cream 

1 can jellied cranberry 

1 c. pineapple chunks 
1 c small marskmailoWs 

tAify toaether and child. 

Qranberru fraUui 

Z larae pka. cherry jetto 
Z small cans crushed, 

pineapple, drained 
Z cans jelUed 

cranberry sauce 

Dissolve- I bo% cherry jeilo m 1 Cwp Wot Water. 
Add i small can crushed pineapple and- 1 can 
cranberry sauce. Stir wen and- put m 9"xl3" 
dish as first layer. Conaeal m refrigerator 

Yor middle layer, cUssoWe lemon- ^elio vnlc. 
hot writer. Add softened cream cheese and 
-{old- m Whipped cream . Spread on lop of 
first lav)er avid congeal, u>p layer is [itee 
first -layer. The- r ed- white- red salad is 
areat "for T\danksqWina and Christmas dm- 
v\er. MflJee5 at least Z4 servings. 

proles yruit ^OiOlt Joanne Seckrest 

1 ( 8 oz.") pkq. cream- cheese 1 (l 5 v lz oz) can crushed 

% c. suqar pineapple, uHdrdmed 

1 (10 oz) pkq. frouew 1 V* c. broken pecans 

strawberries 1 larae cwrzow 

Z large- bananas diced Cool WUip 

Cream- together cheese and suaar Addremam,- 
ing iviqredleiits. Pour into larae bakina dish 
avid- \rezte. Can also be proven m a mold or 
Vk mdwidvval paper cups. 


QrOpe ^Olads Kay Tucker 

Z Ooz) p\zg. grape jello 1 (voz) pkq.cream 
Z c. boiling water cheese 

1 can- blueperrg pie filling 1 (doz) carton sour 
1 medium caw crushed ' cream- 

pineapple, undramed It c sugar 

1 tsp. \)aWula, 1 c.cJnopped pecans 

Dissolve jello Ms booing Water. Add fruit. M'if 
by hand and- refr'igtratc unld jelled. Blend 
regaining inaredituts in vnvfer. Spread on- 
top tff congealed jello. Caw substitute straw- 
bc^rg jeav and strawberry pie fating. 

[une/ £alad dnttT^son 

1 pkg. \xme jello 1 sm.caw crushed 

1 c. boiling water pineapple 

1 c. pineapple juice- 1 pka. cream cneese,5oftenea 

1 carton, whipping cream % c. chopped pecans 

Dissolve jello m Water; add juice- rut uv 
refrigerator to partly congeal. Add pine,- 
apple, cheese and pecans to partUj congealed 
jello. Viend in- vohvppid cream . 

Qrange/ (jYUjeatiA ^aiact 

becrqui Rasmussew 

1 large pkq. orange jello 1 caw mandarin, 
i Svnall caw frozen,, drained 

orange juice 1 pkg. Vreanv Whip 

1 medium caw crushed 1 pkg. Instant lemon, 
p'ineappU ) \Andramed Jello Pudding 

1 cup vwlfc 

h\up jello wutv 2 c. boiling vOater. hud frozen 
concentrcde,\ wuh, vOelt. hdxt fruits and con- 
atad. Mi^ Vrtavw WVuf> according to dvrec- 
xions. rViend pudding With mute and fold in, 
w hipped cream. Spread on- top of jello. 


plrtle fifCtlC Jvetlt Came AW Sraswdl 

1 (Boz) p\zq. creawv 1 can, je\Ue& cranberry 

cheese, softened- sauce 

Z Vosp. sugar 1 can or usked pineapple 

1 tsp. mayonnaise Vi c. chopped pecans 
L /z pi. keaMj cream, whipped 

Oreavw together cheese and sugar; stir dv 
magonnaise . ~Fold in cranberry sauce, pine- 
apple } nuts and then, the shipped cream, . 
~~[urn into a 9"x 5 "% 3 " loaf pan. Treeie until 
fvrwi. Cut into sUces. 

tyuthem \\eavenh) jfo^h^ Susan, (hurU^ 

t- large bottle maraschino Z, cans fruit Coch- 
cherr lbs , halted bodied- drained 

i pfeg. -fresh strawberries, 3 apples, diced 

sliced Z (Qoz) cartons of 

3 bananas, diced Coot Wlup 

3 oranges , chced raisins t qraoes totaste 

Combine, ut larae bowl; chat. 

frozen £trawjperry ^aUxd 

Charlotte Wagne 
i (8 oz) pteg ■ cream cheese 

LV^ c. powdered sugar 
i. svsnoJd caw crushed 
pineapple, andramedc 

1 cup vOhvpped creand 

Cream together chctse and snaar. Add milk, 
Manilla- ana salt. Add rtnidininq, ingredient* 
and blend , folding in, whipped cream last. 
freeze. HCcid- B" t*" dish-- 9 ser v'mgs, TxlZ" 
cXislc- IZ, serV'wuxs. 


1 pkg. frozen, 

Strawberaes (larqe) 
l /z tsp. Manilla 
Y^ tsp. salt 
Vz c. chopped nuts' 


1 (3 oz.) pteg. lewLOK/ jello 

Vf c. sugar 

1 Vz c boiling Water 

1 (8 oz.) pleg. creanv cheese,, softened- 

Z tsp. Itmcyv juice 

l lz c. oranae, juice 

1 c. sWrc&dcd carrots 

I a crushed puieapple- 

Dissolve- jello and sugar in boiling Water. 
Add cHeese and- beat until smootW with, aw 
electric- mvper. Sttr In- juices. Jell unUX 
partiality set. Add carrots and pineapple,. 

\\)didOrf (idCT /V\0Ut Loi^s Markkas 

4 c. apple- cider 

Z (3oz.) pleg. orange- pineapples qelatdv 

1 tsp. salt 

2 tart mediant apples 
Hi c. aiced celery 

Vz c. broken- Walnuts 

Bring to bod Z c elder. Add getaun/ and salt; 
dissolve. Add remaining cider. Pour 1 c. of 
gelatin- mixture into 5 e. mold. Chill bottvpor- 
tiovis i/utitX parUaXlg set. Cut half of one apple 
(unpared) dv Vndv wedges . Arranat- wedges dv 
gelatin following, lenes of mold. Gull until 
almost firm, 

N\ianwndo peel anddic& remaining 1 Vz, ap- 
ples. Fold diced apples, celery and Walnuts 
into r&madung gelatin,. Spoow in- mold. 
Ckdl avdd firm. N\akes B' lo servings. 


Fruit ShLhVS 

cantaloupes melon bails 

Draw deep- pointed V- shaped sections around 
th& eantcxioupe^. Cut along these lines and 
qentlg pull melon apart. Cut tkerindaway 
frovn each, petal, stopping atuu^bas&ofeack 
V- Pud this back aejntlu. . Serve, vvitn- melons 
balls soakext in Orange- Marmalade Sauce 
V2 c . orange- marmalade, Vi% c. Wot Water 
juiee of 1 lemon. 

Blend thoroughly and (Mill. SerVe over fruit. 

(jdvr'uA/ fruit 

Carol Welbom 

1 larae can- peach. Waives or slices 

1 larae can pear haWes or slices 

1 large can pineapples slices 

1 smalt )Or vnaraschtno cherries 

i (LU?.) caw apricots 

Hz c. butter 

1 c. uakt brown sugar 

U tsp. curru powder 

Drain fruit and place u^baking dish.ft\ell 
butter • add sugar and curry powder: 
Spoon over fruit (sprinkle, cherries on top). 
£>ake uncovered at 325° for 45 mm. 

Refrigerate overnight. Reheat about 30 nun. 
before serving. 5 pr inkle, w>&W sliced aimonds 
if desired. 


pruit fyoWl Mary Mason. 

Z bo*e.$ instant vanilla pudding 
Z. cans ynandarin oranges (drained) 
Z cans chunks pineapple, (drained) 
I jar moras cHimo cherries (drained) 
Z bananas , $hced 

N[\a^ liquid from> pineapple and- oranges 
with- pudding. Pour over fruit , P^frigeratc 
overnight, before serving, slcce- bananas into 

1^0 j^S" ^aiad LuuiU/Kano 

I large can- crushed pineapple-, drained 

I large ba orange j&Wv 

Z c smalL curd eoVcage cheese 

1 (9 oz.) plea, preanv Whip 

Prepare- Vream- Wkip according to paxteage, 
directions. Mly. pineapple, \a?\Uv cbrg jeilo, 
then \Aend in rtmoXvung ingredients. Pour 
into 9"x 13" dish. It sets quickly and- no 
toppuvg is needed. 

^p'mach. and Qrape^fruit ^al^ut 

lilLz-abe&i Mewborne 

sputaoh avocado 

grapefruit Kraft's CaXaUhaVt~e-ssing 

vvuzneiar in oranges pecans (optional) 

Wash- spinach. Muf vodh- \resh grapefruit 
sections . Add manaaruv oranges arid avocado. 
Toss with Krafts Catalina Dressing. Add pecans 
if desired. 


^atari's £alcui VioidWest 

1 can- mandarin, oranges , drained, 

1 can pineapple chunks, drained, 

1 small can- coconut 

I small carton cottage- cheese 

1 large- carton Cool Whip 

1 small pkq. orange jcile (use- art)) 

dash- of salt, 

N\uf all ingredients . Coster and- refrigerate 
A- (a hoicrs. 

Ijropicai §oUui Kitty Cobic 

1 c. marsh-matiov^s 

1 c. Soar cream 

I c. mandarin oranges 

1 c. pineapple tidbits, drained, 

*-l%c. shredded coconut 

/V\t^ marshmauvws and sour cream. Add, 
remainina ingredients. Refrigerate. 

fruit tii \Jim §aucc Dot Meams 

1 stick- margarine- I c. cooking sherry 
I o. brow>pv sugar Ltbsp. comstarclv 

Melt margar'vae - y add sugar and- sherry. 
Stir in comsXarc-h-. -Weal until sughtly 
Combine with/- 

1 large- can slued- peaches, drained, 

1 large, can- sliced- pears, drained 

1 caw pineapple chuntis, drained- 

L can apricot halves, drained, 

I jar spiced apple rutgs , drained, i auartered- 

Ser\Se vOarm. fAag be stored and reheated,. 


Shirley GromvJelt- 

frestv or Z pte^s. frozen- broccoli, slightly cooked 
1 can- artichoke hearts , quartered 
large- can- sliced mushrooms (or fresh-) 
Italian- dressing 
Quartered tomatoes 

fAarinate broccoli, artichokes and mushrooms 
uv scuad dressma. Add tomatoes before, serving. 

~\bmafc> j\spiC Margaret Kcaryis 

Z Vz Vosp. unfiaVored gdatw- 

Mi c- vinegar 

Vs c. sugar 

I tsp- scut 

X cdomoXo )\dce- 

s li~ c. celery and green- pepper, combined 

dash tabasco and ovuow juice- 

Dissolve gelatin- in- Vz c. cold vOater, tkeyi add 
ex- pint of cold whaler. Combine alt ingredients 
and ckilt. 

fjlSlj ^OtnatD f\$\)'iC ^ ^attw^at^ldvl 

1 (lb cO can- stewed tomatoes , chopped 
1 (3 oi.) p\zg.^ouai Itnwvijitio 

Vradu tomatoes and sai^e- lUuud. VissoU'e- 
jelio uv hoi- tomato Juice. -\dd tomatoes 
cyud pour into mold. Can- add extra. Union, 
juice or vutegar and x lz tsp- sugar. 


"pingy ^OmaXO f^SplC -Eleanor Latimer 
Z bbsp. un^lavored Lawry's salt t lemon 

Vz c. cold, V- 3 juice 
3 l /z c. Wot V- 8 juice 
chopped celery 

juice , pepper and 
Worcestershire- to 
s [iced^ green stuffed olives 

Soak- gelatin in cold V'8. t\eat remaining V°B 
seasoned with, LnWru's salt, lemon, juice, pepper 
and Worcestershire . Vissolve the cold mixture, 
in the, hot mudwe. In molds , place severed 
sliced olives and chopped ceteru hearts. Pour 
in aspic and chill- 

1 can green beans 
1 can yellow wa^ beans 
1 can red beans 
I can garb ouzo beans 
1 meet, onion*, thinly 

H%,~\ c. chopped celerij 
l 3 h c. sugar 
I c vinegar 
l /z c. bean juice 
Z thsp. salad od 

Or aire beans:, add onion and celeru. M u>, other 
ingredients, firing to boil and pour over beans. 
Let stand Z4 krs. 

fyllt ^CXldd, benWubtr 

1 pfeg. lemon, jellc -Vz tsp. salt 

I c. boding water Z tsp. qratedonwn or 

3 /h c. beet juice l lx tsp. onion salt 

Z bosp. Vinegar I c drained diced beets 

1 Vosp. Union, )ux,ce 5 M c chopped ceteru 
1 tbsp. horseradish, (optional) 

Dissolve jello in Water. Add next 5 ingredients. 
Let jell slightly t ihen addrenuiining inofe- 
dients. Refrigerate . 


ficet- pineapple $atiul Vorvs Cross 

1 (\(p oi) can- beets , finely 

Vz c. Water £ beet jiuce, 

x /m c . Vinegar 
2. tbsp. sagar 

Z. pkqs.rasp berry jdiv 
1 (£o oz) ca*t crushed 

Vz c. Chopped- nuts 

3 fbsp. lemon jivi£& 

f\tai beet juice- , Water, \!'uveqar avud sugar ; 
dtssolVe jello Into ti. Xemo^e from- keat and- 
add bee-is , pineapple, Itwww juice- owut nuts. 
Pour uv 9"x 1Z" disk- or moled. Series 1Z. 

j^resfv tyroccoli $aladL ~ Fvapeii Marsh. 

1 bunch fresk- broccoli, voasktd \ chopped 
x l% C- chopped svjeet pic&les 
z /$ c. maupnn-oase 
Z tbsp. lemon- )uicc 

1 small ovuovl (chopped ) 

2 fro'acd eqgs [chopped) 
Z uicujmbersCchoppeci) 

Combate all UtqredieHts , 

Cauliflower ^OiCUV „ Janet Wauford 

Z c, tkutly sliced raw cauliflower 
Vzc. chopped pitted ripe ouVes 
Vz c. f weUj choppad pimento 

3 tbsp. chopped onions 

'/3 c. chopped C}reevv pepper 


4'/z -tbsp. saUudoil Viz tbsp.W'me^uieaar 

1 Vz tbsp. Vewwn juice V-q tsp. saU 
dasVv of pepper 

Muf dressing, beat nnfcd blended, R>w-r oi/er 
cau-Uf lower. Refrigerate for ab least 1 kr 


(jrmv \rfondtr §al&A Jenn bowman 

1 lor ge caw TrcncK 1 Yz c. thuvUj sliced 

style green beans celerrj 

I large cantngllsW- peas 1 wild, onion r tUiuhj 

1 large can fancy sliced, separated- 

C nines e vegetables Into rings. 

(without meat) 1 c. sugar 

1 can water ckistnuts y ^h c outer v'uieaar 

tkuvWj sliced 1 tsp. sail 
pepper to taste 

Drain and discard liguid from, cexnnexL 
Vegetables. Maf ait ingredients in a large bowl. 
Cover and- refrigerate overnight. 

^\CC\Xt\V ^diCiW \\attteLLmvnerman 

L envelopes unf labored- 2 

gelatin I 

4 tbsp. Vinegar 5 

l L /z e. vnagonnaise 1 

4 tbsp. sugar Z 
'/z, tsp. salt 

"FineUj ekop ait Vegetables . PussoU^ gelatin- in 
vinegar, let set 5 min:, then let set o^er not 
Water untn it readies liguid stage. Add- wuuptt- 
naise, sugar and satt . Stir in vegetables and- mty 
vvell. Will make one dozen Hz c. molds. 

^VnOtrWreA \tfXilC& Hvelyw ftyruvvc 

Fresk sprint) lettuce- salt to ta5te 

3 ujoung green onions Z tbsp. vinegar 
1 isp. suaar 5 slices bacon 

Ckop enoughs lettuce to fill bowl. Adet finely 
chopped omens and oviion tops, then sprinkle- 
\K } \tW sugar and salt. Pour over vinegar. "Fry 
bacon irisplu. Crumble over lettuce . Pour not 
bacon grease o\)er alt; serve iwvnudtatetu , 

c. cabbage 
e. celery 
large carrots 
large green pepper 
small onions 


/[{UShrOOnt ^aiad Sijlvu^ Robeson. 

1 lb. f resh } white- vnushrooms 

yurce of tvvo lemons 

l l4 tsp. cacti- salt and pepper 

3 tbsp. chopped- parsley 

3 tbsp. \Jeqetablt- oil 

i 0arUc cuVe, peeled^ , orusked, and. chopped 

VJash and dry mushroovns ; cut unto Ukr. slices. 
Put wia-bowl avid drizzle- Willi the- lemcu^uice 
avid siasovi with the salt and pepper. Add oil 
and toss Ugkticj. 5 pr inkle wiik- chopped parsley 
avid tyarlic. Ihis series four wdeba. Awty left- 
overs are easily used dv other dishes. 

per fection §(\ladL Annie Mae Powell 

Z tbsp. unf labored- Vz c. sugar 

1 tsp. 5alt 

1 Vz c. diced celery 
1 Vzc. shredded cabbage 
3 pimentos (chopped) 
stuffed arten- olives 

Vz c cold water 
Vz c. vinegar 
juice of 1 lemotr 
Z c. boding Water 
I tsp. graded ovdou 

M iy> gelatin- and cold water. When water is all 
absorbed J add boding Water, sugar and salt. 
5tlr unhl dissolved. Add chopped vegetables 
and pour into nwlds. Ma-tees 15 small or iz 
large servings. 


^cuwkraut ^alact Violet West 


Z (I Lb.) cans shredded $oz. chopped- pimentos 

kraut (wash I drain) 5oz. chopped/ Water 
1 c. chopped celery chestnuts 

1 c-. chopped green pepper I c chopped onion- 


2 /3 c.dmeyar V3 c water 
x fe c oil I Vz. c. suaar 

Heat but do not bod. Pour over kraut mixture-. 
Refrigerate-. Wull k^ep for 3 wee&s or loytger. 

ffcUj mell'S ^OtatO fralOd Carolyn, Cook, 
4 -L> potatoes, V3 tsp. pepper 

bo'ded 1 skinned 
V4 c salad oil 
V4 c. v'wieqar 
1 \wd. onion, chopped 
Z l /z tsp. salt 

3 /4 c . vnayonnaise- 
l M C sour cream- 
Zord sliced } hard- 

boded eaqs 
1 c. chopped celery 

Marinate potatoes in- nxudwre- of od, vinegar, 
onion-, salt and pepper for at least 4 hours. 
A dd vkayonnaisc, sour creanv, eggs, celery. Chill, 

7~ [fty^r £alact Mae ftdighanc 

Iw9 ,, x 13" dish: 

1st layer- chopped lettu-ce- 

Znd- layer- chopped cclcrg 

'ird layer- chopped green- pepper 

H th layer- chopped radishes 

5 th lager- sliced thin, separated purple- 

(pth layer - sliced Water clxestnuts, drained 
T th- layer - canned green peas , drained 
AW 1 pi. tteihnan's vnayo. } Z Vosp. sugar, 1 c. 
ayated cheddar \ 13 slices (xnmbled bacon. 
opreact over layers. Co\)er irefr'igeraXc- IZhrs. 


jjujered tyinach- §aLuU Vic&kendaii 

1 Lb. \resh spinach- y torn 1 can- cyreen peas, 
1 tsp. sugar drained 

salt \ pepper to tastes 1 onion, chopped 

1 Vp. bacon, fried and 2 stalks ceteru, chopped 

crwmbted x fi c maxjonnxus& 

io boiled caas, chopped Yz. c. salad- dressing 
Vz c. qraUd Cheddar and/or Swiss cheese 

Place spinach in- bottom- of larqe- qlass bowl. 
Sprinkle- wdhsah- t pepper, suaar and bacon. 
Next add eaas, a- Utile- more sail \ pepper, had 
peas , onion- and cel&rij. Spread mauonna-cse- 
and salad dressing o\>er ail. Sprinkle- with- 
cheese. Chill ovtrmahl. Screes W-1Z. 

^bmatO £$00X1 §OtiUl Trma Prico 

2 {Ibot) cans whole- 

l (z c. chopped ohion 
l lz c chopped areenpepper 
3 /H c chopped celery 
1 /h c. suaar 

Drain tomatoes and cut up. -had onion-, 
cyeen pepper and celery. Combine- other 
XnaredUnls and stir into tomato mvftwre-. 
Chill several hours. Series loto B. 

f\z\ar'itu\tai \}eqttablc ^aladjvaVM^h 


1 can- Trench- stule- 4 staiks diced celery 

cyreen beans , drained 1 cyreen- pepper, chopped 
1 can- cyreen- peas, drained 1 large onion, chopped 
1 5m. )ar chopped pimento Vz, c. pecans, chopped 
N\ity: 1 /3 C oil, 1 c. v'vntaar, 1 c.suqa,r y I tsp. salt, 
l M tsp. paprika. Pour over vegetables t ckal V\ hrs. 

(p tbsp. Vinegar 
2 tsp. mustard 

1 tsp. salt 
dash- pepper 


V<4 tsp. pepper 

3 /W c. mayonnaise/ 

x Ai c. sour crtawr 

Meat and Pasta Salads 

/\\om'$ Quxkctv ^aiatt Vuki Redoxes 

4 c. cubed cooked chicken- 1 tsp. salt 
1 c. chopped celery 
1 c. Walked seedless 

cyreen grapes 
1 ple^. shvered almonds 

Ctoasted On 35c , "<V£k} 

Combine first 4 ingredients. Sprinkle salt and 
pepper over mixture. Add mauomiaise and 
sour cream, Chill well. 

QHickat £aiaA wtttvfruit Pat Wiau, 

Z"3 c. boned (dactetn- Itbsp.mineedonion 
1 c. chopped celery 1 tsp. salt 

Z. tbsp. lemon )ulcc 

AW dvo\>e and chill. &ef ore serving , stir di\ 

x b c. mcujonnals& 1 can drained 

i c. suditss \/ohde arapts mandarin oranges 

Nz ctoasted slivered atmouds 
Toss and seri>ey on lettuce- leaves. 

|^-Ot (JUCkav ^OiOtt Crystal Risen- 

Z c. chaetien,chDpped Vm C- chopped svOetl 

Z c. celery chopped pUkies 

1 /zc toasted almonds 1 e. mauonndese 

Vz tsp. salt 

Z tsp. qratedovuon- 

I c. cyrated cheese, 
1 c. crushed potato 

Combine all inarcetients except cheese and 
potato claps. Place in casserole \ sprinkle- cheese 
and chips on top. 3ak& at 4dd' for 15 or to 
minutes untd heated through, Serves U>. 


Qhicteeti ^a\ad £uprem& v laura Amos 

b whale chicken breasts, 1 Vosp. celery seed 

Cooked and chopped 1 tsp. whole oreqano 

Z hard- cooked eggs, chopped I tip. hoi sauce- 

Z c. salad cubes or x lt tsp. sail 

pickle rehsh V^. tsp. paprika* 

y^c. finely chopped onion- x fa tsp. pepper 

1 c. mayonnaise^ dash of cayenne* 

Z tbsp. prepared mustard lettuce- leases 

Combine* f irst 4 ingredients ura-bowl. BUmt 
mayonnaise and seasoning , stirring urdul 
well- blended\ add to cnicteen vnv^Xare, 
sf'\MA vJeli. Chill. SevVe on* lettuce- leaves. 


({armsh with- carrot curls and wedges of 
hard- coo\ied CQqs, If dtsvred. Hi-eld'- 1 strshuqs 

^Ur imp f\I\pld fralOtl „ Linda Itheridge 

1 can tomato soup 1 smalt onwn,finely 

3 (3 oi.) pteq. cream* cheese 
1 envelope unf labored 

l /z c . cotd \Dater 
3 (7 '/t oz) com shrimp 

drained t chopped 

chopped or grated 
l /z e. chopped celery 
I c. mayonnaise* 
1 tsp. lemon )Uue 
sale, pepper, and 

garlic salt 

\\eod soup) melt cream- cheese into soup. Qlend 
well, using mxyer. Dissolve gelatin in cold 
Water and add to soup mudure, mining well. 
Cool for So mm. Add renuxiuma ingredients, 
Grease a mold lightly With* od. Pour uvnuylure 
and refrigerate until firm.. May havetodip 
in hot water to release. Can also use asan- 
appetizer^ serves Ho as a spread. 


KAacaroYil ^aUul 

Z C. boded vncuwrouL 
3 svyeet picteles, 

finely chopped 
I tpsp. pimentos, chopped 
1 smadoiuon, (Mopped 

MW- w^itk nuxuonhdxse and spriMki^vOlth^ 
5 alt 4 pepper. 

Harriet Mattes 

Eva. Dell Morsk 

3 /q c. celery , chopped 
1 green pepper, chopped 
Z hard- boiled 
eggs, chopped 

Qpld (poodle goUKt 

8oz. spaqhettini (or 

oriental noodles Utee Teamen) 
4 Vcsp- oil, separated 
Z clouts aarhc,mmud 

Vh tsp. pepper 

Cook- spaqUettiui ' y r'xnse^drain andtoss with I tbsp. 
oil.-tfeat remaining od, garlic avid onion- over 
niqhheatfov' 30 sec. Adit rtvnamxna ingredients. 
Pour over noodles ; ckaX 2 krs. 

i small onion, winced 
l M c soy sauce- 
Z tbsp. vinegar 
1 tsp- sugar 

*|aco £akut 

1 lb. around beef, 

browned and drained 
l lH c, Water 
1 pfeg. Toco seasoning 
1 small kea£l lettuce, 


Susan (jutUm 

Vz ptea Doritos, crushed 
8 or, shredded cheddar 

1 ca^ kidney beans 

1 small qrcen pepper, 

Chopped [optional) 
1 small onion , chopped 

3 /q bottle Trench dressing 
(less if- derived) 

1 smcdl tomato, chopped 

Combine- beef, W>ater and taco seasoning ; keat. 
MlV' all ingredients together. Sou- nuxu want to 
pub tabasco sauce on individual servings. 


Mold&t "[una fralait fmne-SWextow 

1 smxdl pkg. lentoi^jeito 
Vz c. boiling water 

1 caH-tuna } drained 
avut flaked- 

2 tbsp. chopped green- 


Z tbsp chopped celery 
1 tbsp. cH^ppdd- onion 
1 cau- chicken- gumbo 

Vz c. whipped- externa 

*ll C. WlOAjOMUUSC- 

VissoWe gelatin- in- hot Water. Void inrwuuning 
Ingredients, four into grerrsed molds and chid 
until set. yield'- 8-10 serViVtgs. 

~fanit QiiCwnVoir ^aiad- -huneSkeitow 

l (12oz.) can- tuna-, 2 tsp. grated ovuon- 

drained andf lak-ect S tbsp. Trench- dressing 

1 c. diced cucumber Vz c. mayonnaise 
1 c. diced celery 

A\i# together and serv'e ow lettuce . If desired, 
sliced olives or hard-boiled eggs man be 
addect. yield 4 - 4-6 servings. 

^\K\\tX-^Om<\Xo )f\splc Betty Thacker 

Z tbsp. unflawored 1 tsp. sugar 

Yh C water 
Z c. hot tomato juice- 
1 tsp. 5 alt 

1 tsp. lemon- juice 
I c. chopped celery 
I Cloz.) can- tuna, flaked- 
Uard- boiled eggs 

VissoWe- gelatin- m- water. Stir in hob tomato 
juice untd Wt\t- miyed With- gelatuv. fiddsalt, 
Sugar avid levwow juice. ^efrigvratt untd slight- 
uj set. 

Void in- chopped telerg and flaked tuna- . leave- 
in- same- dish- or put in- 'mdiriduat molds. 
Chid until firm-. StrVc ow lettuce- leaves. 
Qiarmsh-witk- egg slices. 


yroyical \\am §atiut Caroiuu- Cook, 

1 wudAuwc Uead lettuce 

2 c julienned- hawv 

Z large oranges, sectional t dradiext 

Z Uvrat pudtc qrapefriut, sectioned i dradxed 

2 Vz c. pineapple cbvavdzs, dradted 

1 c. pitted ripe- olwes , sliced- 

1 c. celerij, slitedi 

1 avocado, sliced 

OrOJUtyt juic& 

\ ear letduce 'uita b'de-sizedl pieces wto 
serving bowl. Add ham-, fruit-, olives and, 
celtru. Top with- avocados which/ WaVe beevc 
brushed- vVltk- oraviqe juice ■ Vrltzle- wddr 
\\o\acju Vress'iMg: 

L M c.sieqcw 
I tsp. dry vwustwrd 
Ltsp. papri&r 
1 tsp. celtru seed 
V4 tsp. salt 

l /3 c. honey 
^3 c Vinegar 
L tbsp. lemow juice 
t tsp. onwu.aratect 
I c. salad, oil 

Iw uax^m^ bou?l , blender, or food- processor, com- 
bine first 5 ingredients. \dd neit 4. Very slowhj, 
pour in-palod od while beeddia covtstantli^. 
Serves aaht % 

fyvrimp Redact 

1 c. boded shrimp, 
peeled- t chopped 
3 c. cooked elbow macaroni 
I Vz c. diced cclcrvj 
I 7z c. dCcedpetUd, seeded 

Nlty together and ehdlwed. 

Judy jiustridid 

*M c. wicujoHneuse 
Z tbsp- dritdparslty 
1 tbsp. chopped pimento 
dash of ovuow powder 
dash of pepper 
1 tsp. salt, or k> taste 




Casserole 123 

Fried 123 

Tomato Casserole 123 


Au Gratin 124 

Casserole 124 

Casserole Superb 125 

Mushrooms 125 

Souffle 124 


Barbecue 126 

Green Beans 

Casserole 126 

Sweet and Sour 127 

Swiss 127 

Pork and Beans 126 


Casserole 129 

Cheese Quiche 128 

Potato-Broccoli Bake 129 

Rice Casserole 128 


Chestnuts and 130 

CABBAGE, Steamed 130 


Brown Sugar 130 

Casserole 131 

Cinnamon 132 

Copper Pennies 131 

Dilled 132 

Loaf Surprise 24 

Mustard 131 

Chestnuts, Chinese 132 


Spinach Casserole 140 

Surprise Casserole 133 

CHEESE Souffle 133 


Chowder 58, 134 

Mexican Corn Bread 135 

Pudding 133 

Zucchini Bake 134 


Au Gratin 135 

French Fried 135 

GREENS with Pork and 

Dumplings 136 


Buttered 137 

Sour Cream 136 


Broccoli Bake 129 

Buffet 137 

Casserole Supreme 138 

Pie Lorraine 139 

Potato Bake 138 

Scalloped 137 


Brown 139 

Cheese 193 

Grandma Koontz's 140 

Green 196 

SPAGHETTI, Elsie Ellen's 
Meatless 142 


Celery Casserole 140 

Sesame Casserole 141 

Strata 141 


Au Gratin 143 

Aunt Fanny's 142 

Casserole 143 

Souffle 144 


Holiday 145 

Pudding 19, 224 

Williamsburg 144 


Apple Casserole 123 

Fresh Pie 145 


Boats 146 

Casserole 146 

Corn Bake 134 


4 apples (\Oinesap) L /z c. sugar 

Z wsp. butter 

Wash/ apples, cut up liaises, and- in- half -inch; 
vOedge- shaped- slices, 'Weak butter in- f ruing 
pan-- y add- apples \ co\)er and cooky slowUA for 
5tblD mxn. mid sugar and cook- until softand 
transparent, stirring ovug occasionailn, Ser^e 

/\pple Qxsserol^ Aum&AW&wdi 

2 tbsp. grated orange peel 
1 tsp. grated^ lemoyvptet 
x /3 Stick butter err oleo 

b apples (large) 

2 c. sugar 

1 c. orange juice- 

Peel and quarter apples. Stevp a\l'mgredients to- 
gether on- trto\>c- for a few? minutes stLrr'ina cow- 
staniki until butter melts, juice and sugar com- 
bine. 'Bake w- a casserole- at 400° for 3o win . 
Turn- aentuj vJ'dh/ fork- and reduce heat to 3oo? 
3ake 30 more mmutes. 

y\pple i~\oxxiaXo fasseroll- Ciaruce Horman- 

l M tsp. nutmeg 
3 slices bread- toast 
and make crumbs 
Vjl C sugar 

1 -Uo.Z can apples (or 

fres\^ apples) 
i"^Jo.Z cany tomatoes 

Cor fresh- tomatoes') 
1 k Lb. marqarinc 
% tsp. salt 

C\rease casserole. Vlace lager of apples, then- 
lager of tomatoes (\0'unout too vn^ch- juice). 
5printelc- sugar salt and nutmeg. Cov'er vOUM- 
lagtr of crumbs and dotstfsttvvuaraarune. 
V£peat lagers vJith- crumbs ow top. ¥>ake- 
c& 3$0'-for 45 mm-. 


f\$\HXratyWS {asstro\t Am* SWeitcw 

3 chopped ,b oiled 

breaxL crumbs 

1 caw mushroom soup 
1 can asparagus tips 
1 cup sharp cheese, chopped 

salt k pepper- to taste, 

Cirease- baking dish- with/ butter. Vut in one 
layer of asparagus and one lager cheese, 
pepper and salt. Chop eggs avid, putoyi top. 
Vour soap o\7er thetop of all- Cover u)dti 
bread crumbs avid bake 3C> -4£> mia. at 350? 
Series (p~B. 

Asparagus Ruffle AW 3inghan^ 

1 caw drained asparagus, I scant c. mago 

masked- 1 caw mushroom 

1 c. grated sharp cheese- soup 

/VW in, vw4>er~ put in casserole. 3ake at 
350° for %-U> yvvut. 

f\$yaraqds ^Qyatiti AW^ tAasovu 

1 *Z caw asparagus 1 tbsp. -floiur 

Z tbsp. butter Vx tsp. salt 

l^esevVe liquid from, asparagus , add enough- 
mu%~U> make IVi c. 

1 c. grated Cheddar cheese- l /z, c. soft bread 
4 hard-boded eggs, sliced cruvnbs 


hl\eh butter and blend uv flour- and salt. f\dd 
liaiiid and cook- until thickened, '^emovt from heat. 
Add cheese avid stir until melted. Httfmte layers 
of tgqs, asparagus, and cheese scuAce. CoVer a? Why 
bread crumbs in greased casserole. Sprinkle 
vJ'dk/ paprika . Serves i\ . 


Asvaraqus wiiltMu/Skwrris 

N r J ' v Vickl^ddick- 

4 small green onions , 

Z c. sliced fresh 

(o tbsp. butter or 

3 lbs\ fresh asparagus, 
cooked) or Z(Vlb) 
Cans, drained ; or Z 
(IP -o%7) packages frojen 

salt to taste 


Pontic onions and \autshrooms ux butter until 
tender but not brovon. Add salt to tasto.Spbow- 
over not , cooked asparagus that Wave beevc 
vOOd drained. 6 servings. 

^sparctqiis (asseroie ^upcrb^veiijnK(uiam 

3 eggs 

Z cans (m x /zOL. each) 

asparagus spears 
1 taw (dot) vOater 

L /z c. milk/ 
(b tbsp. flour 

1 /x, tsp. salt 
fy *sp. pepper 

l /H c. butter 

1 c. grated extra- sharp 

ckeddar cheese 
Z tbsp. diced pimiento 
2 /3 c. -fresh bread crumbs 

ttayd cook- eaas. Peel and slice- . Drain aspardga s 
and vCaXer chestnuts, fAtasure y%, c. liquid. 
Static toaetlier milk and flour until smooth. 
Combine h)ith Vegetable- liquid, butter, seasonings 
and cheese. Cook- over lon> heat, stirrin^con^ 
StantUj^ until thickened. Add pumento. tlace- 
asparagus he buttered oblona shallow.} casserole. 
Top \Viik thinly sliced water chestnuts, tken coVer 
Wdh egg slices. Tour sauce o^er all -. Sprinkle- 
UgktUj vo'dh crumbs, v'akz- in- moderate- oven- at 
2>iy for 30 mm. or until top is lighlUj browned 
and sauce is bubbUj. 8 to lo swJmoft. 


pork i fitans 

z\)elun Ysollam- 

2(1 tb.) cans park's beans 4 ibsp. Worcestershire 

Vs o. omons, finely chopped, Ztsp. prepared 

Cor spr'ina onions) mustard 

x k c. light molasses Ht\ tsp. pepper 

3 tbsp. p'uMerelistv l(Zoz) sliced 
7 oi. ginger ede mushrooms'iopt) 

Combine all uxaredients. Vlace m o\?en-< and 
baMeat 315° for Z krs. 

fyOrttme ^Ums tlVeiunTo^Ur 

Z cans Navu ve-ans & strips bacon 

i can red Kidney beans 1 c. vinegar 

1 can areen lima beans 1 c. brown, sugar 

1 Large ca^t pork \ beans 1 tbsp. dry mustard 
4- large omens, sliced 

Try bacon/ crisp. Crumble- and- set as ide. 3rai$e 
onions in- about half of the bacon- grease until 
tender^ noiWowmd. /V\i^ drained beans } 
onions, crumbled bacon and ad seasoni-nas, 
Cook in slows cooker or crocks pot on lovohcat 
for i hour. 

QxwifytMd Qas serais Har^aret \\ar b 

Z pkqs. frozen Trench- 1 c<m mushroom- soup 

stijle areen becms(cvokcd) 1 can crexnuduckcn " 

J can/ bean Sprouts 1 c, grated cheese, 

1 am winter ch^stmds I auidrevudi- fried 
l M c. sanXeed omens onions 

Combine first se-^&n iv^redie^ds.Vlaxe- in, 
ccc^erole- and hide at 350" until bobbin . 
Place Trench- fried onions on top last 
5 m'mu-tes of cooking . 


^Weetf £our Qreenyf)ccms^^ar^reit(art 

l pk$5. -frozeyvFrevichbcaKS^ cooked 15 mui. 
i larqe oniovij siicedttuvi 

Cowbwie and bria^tt? a, boil: 
\ x b c. \!vataar 1 V3 c. sugar 

x h c. scaler 3 tb5p. salad o'd 

x /z tsp- salt x Iz tsp. pepper 

ftrravtqe beans % dyvudws wi alternate layers 
va jar. Vovor dress'inq WM^tRre over, Cool ancV 
rtfriatrate otferniqki. ( qood for summer 
picvuci or buffet suppers.) 

farilSS (jTWl ^OXtlS 

1 ptea-frevudi-sujle 

areevi beans 
L tbsp. vnarqar'mC' 
1 tbsp. ■flour 
*■/% tsp. salt 
V2. tsp. sugar- 


l M tsp. peppt 
Z tbsp. qrated onww 
I c. qrated Sw)iss cheese 
1 (8oz) carton- sour cream 
3 M c- or one 'individual 
pteg. cmsfoed&rvi-f\ak& 

M\dt butter 'w, double boiler. Stir uvaiL iviqre- 

dieuti \?ut cor w flakes. Stir cream sauce until 
I ^^^bbUj . N\tavivOvxde ) cdd^ beans az directed ow 
I p&3- Vrauv leans i combine wlbt sauce. Vour 

in vOtd- ay 'eased bakina disk h s~pr inkle crushed 
I corn- f lakes on tap and dot WitPv a^aood^amount 
I of marqaruic . 3ake at 350° for to wan . Serves 

4 . Easy to double . Cany be made ahead £ frozen, . 
I (Omit com flakes until reada to bake) 


ftice \ firocccll (asserolt. Janet wuuprd 

1 c. Instant rue i (S oz) can 
Yn c, water mushrooms, drained 

Vz c. chopped ceUn^ 1 can cream of 
'/z c, chopped, evuen mushroom soup 

Xpka-f'rozen cltopped 1 (5 oz) jar processed 
broccoli clues e spread 

Preheat ovante 350° Cook-ike first 5 ingredi- 
ents together. A^dd half of drained mushrooms. 
Place mixture uvto of eased casserole. Welt 
cheese iu soup ; pour over top of casserole. Stir 
a, VitHe io let soup seep down into rice. Pleue 
remednhia mushrooms outop. Bake for 3D 
minutes at 3Z5 e -35of Smtdar recipes were 
also submitted t>a Siuokcn f^ires and Sweden 
Quau ; . Variation: Clceruce Norman su^ests 
addiv^a 1 can of chopped "water chesUuAts. 

10 oz.pkq. frozen, , 

Chopped- broccoli 
Vh tsp. salt 
ground pepper 

^roccvli i Qketst Quiche Avwrf&ts 

1 tsp. horseradish- 
4 tbsp. sour cream- 
'% c. qrated 5w)iss 

3 tbsp. Varvnesan 

Cook/ cvnd cbrdiw broccoli. i\dd sait aneL 
pepper ', horseradish/ anet sour crcavn. 
Spread this nurture osjer uncooked pie 
Shell, 5pr'uikle vOihtv SvPvss \ Varvnesan,. 
QoOtr With custard. 3ake ah 375* for ^0 yvdn . 


4 eqqs', beaten 1 tbsp. mettedbutter 

3/4 C. wid& L tbsp. f lour 

3 M C vOhtpp'utcj cream- salt, pepper, mitmeq, 

cayenne to taste 


Yo\afc> broccoli fkikc Vudei^eddu& 

Z tbsp. butter or oleo Z c. snaky 

Z ibsp. -f lour 1(3 oz) ple4 creanv 
1 tsp. salt c^£S£ ; cubed 

1 /e> tsp. pzppcv Vz c- (2 ozZ) shredded 
Vs tsp. nvdnxea Swiss cheese, 

H c. (H?oz*)'frDL£vi l loose - packed Waslvbrortn 

pet ato e s , thawe d 
I ( 10 oz.) pk,Q. frozen chopped broccoli, cooked 

and drained 
x k c. f Utc, dry bread crumbs , 1 tbsp. melted butter 

/V\elt 2 tbsp. butter; blend iaf\owr and seas i>niH^s. 
f\dd milk-. Cook and stir until bubbly. r\ad 
cheeses, stirring until melted. Stir iw potatoes. 
Put half the mixture Into lo'WsZ" bateina dish. 
Top Wuti broccoli. 5pooviremcuiuvm vyiiybure^ 
over. Cov/er. Boiee at 3 5 0° -for 35 mm. NWaJ, 
Crumbs and re mamma batter. SprtnJel^ 
around edges, Yiatee, uncovered, 10-15 muv. 

PjTOCColi QxS5Crolc 3e^erkj Sumner 

3 botes frozen, chopped broccoli 
1 c. ttedman's' wia\Aovuwu.s& 
I c cream of chicken- soap 
l M- l /z tsp. carry povOdey- 

Coolz e drain< broccoli. Miy- aliabo^ wt- 
eyedients a^nct bake, at 350° for 3d ytvov. 



QiestmAs \ j3mssel Sprouts 

i c. grated cheese. 
1 (11 oz) can ckestnuti 

\K>hde pepper 

3 (10 02.') pkas. -froiew 

Srusseb sprout 
V4 c, Gutter 
*A c. f lour 
1 c. chicken brotn 
1 c. UgHt creom- 

G?ote. Brunei ■sprouts in waited bodina, Water 
until tender. ~tn a- saucepan, vntit butter and 
shr in- flour, (qraduatu) stir in chicken brotn- 
and cream . — Cook, over low heat y stirrina 
until nuyXure thickets . i\dd cheese and stor 
avtul cheese melts, told In sprouts and\\)ater 
chestnuts and heat. Season- vOith salt and 
pepper to tas~te and serve piping hot. N[akes 
(o~9 strduuys. 

^teamed (abbagt 

4 c. cabbage 
Salt to taste 

Canary Yearns 

Z- tbsp. corn oil 
3> tbsp. vOaler 

Cut cabbage as uou- Would ~p>r s\au). Pour oil 
Uv larae saucepan. Cover and turn heat to 
medium high. VOhen kot, add cabbage and 
stir vt^li. r\dd water and co\?er. Whe*v ^puXb 
steam- , \ovotr heat and \et steam ID -15 mm. 
Add salt and $tr\?e . 

tyrovOti ^n^ar (arrots 

3 vneduun carrots, scraped 

and shced 
1 small onion, thinly chopped 
1 tbsp. butter 

Place carrots in pom vO'itlv melted butler, ovuovl-, 
salt and suqar. CoVer closeXg k simmer over- 
Very U>vt> heat for ID to 25 mm. . 

bd>th\n 3yrum 

Vi tsp- sad 

1 tbsp.brovOyisugar 

1 tbsp. parsley 


/\Z\u5twrd (arrets 

Laura f\mos 

1 pteg. small W>hole carrots, Z tsp. dry mustard 

or fresh carrots, cut in dash- tabasco (opt!) 

Z" lengths Vz tsp. sail 

Vz c. butter peeper to taste, 

Z tfc>sp. br ovdw sugar 

Clean carrots and cook- in salted, water until 
barekj tender. 5gt a<t4£ AUf all oilier ingredi- 
ents and heat Just before serving , reheat 
witk carrots wild piping not. Serves S. 

(popper fanni&s 

1 cans sliced carrots 
1 onion, cut in rings 
1 med. green pepper, 
cut- in rings 

Mioleb West 

4^ c. sugar 

Vh c. v'vmgar 

Vz c. oil 

1 can tomato soup 

Wlat,but do not b°d^ Sugar, Vinegar, oil, soup. 
Cool and pour over carrots. ^e-frigeraJte,, 
Covered . will keep several Weeks. 

Carrol (jxsstro\v /v\^ ut Jo^ 

2 c. cooked- car rots (mashed) l M tsp. salt 

Vz tsp. baking ponder V*j tsp. cinnamon 

3 tbsp. -f lowr Vi stick- butter 
*M c . sugar Z vjeli- bcai&v egqs 

N\iAf- ail dru. 'ingredients, add carrots and use 
pastrg cutter to nwf together Weil- y add butter 
and Cut in vdVcW pastru\ cutter, r\dd Well - 
beaten zqqs last. N\\a^ Well and pour m but- 
tered casserole. Ho cover, loake at Hoo'for- 
15 nuH._ reduce to 350° for 45 wiin. 


\)i\kti (jvrrots tomsc Hutchinson, 

VjasW, and cook, vohole, for about ID vnuv. 
L> or 7 car 'rots . Coo t and, peel carrots. Cut 
iyiXo sticks or hedges. Bo it together for 5 min; 

Vz c. \>wea,ar 1 tbsp. dill seed, 

i c. sugar* 1 fcp. salt 

Your abo\Je o\Jer carrots . Chill. Keeps u)e\l in, 

[Jmiamorv (jvrrots \/ccki Skipm^ 

8 large carrots, cut ur Z tbsp. org sherry 

strips (or canned- carrots) (optional) 

V-4 C. yvicltecl butter, ivascdUd 1 Ih - Vz tsp. citwarnon, 

Z tbsp. parsley sail to-ia,ste, 

Coo& carrots until tender. Melt butter } add 
carrots and, parsley. To fs to mv)L vOell. Cook, 
until healed, ttu'ouah. 5pruitete, with, sherry 
uf desired), cinnamon, salt \ pepper. Cook, 
5 barring qcntlu. ^emc\J& front Weill w)ken,- 
tender . £erVe< immediate U) . Serves (co. 

(jmzsb (juiltfivwvr vo'Mv]/Jakr Q htshuds 

Laura, r\mos 

1 c.ckicken,\)oiulioK 
Z, tbsp. Cornflour 
L ttosp. <sou sauce 
A fe\V drops of 
sesame oa (opt) 

1 med. cauliflower* 

1 jar sliced, mushrooms 

(soft liquid) 
Cr uJatev chestnuts, quartered 
1 tsp. sherrij 
I tbsp. oil 

DvJidc caullf lovoex- into flowerets t put in 
boding Water for 5 nun . T^rcnn, vVelL.tteat 
oil and, fru mushrooms . ~\dd, clustnuts and, 
wmskroovu W>atcr y ■otexdz., sherry, Sou sauce t 
flour and, oil. Sunnier 3 mvn. . Aad, cauti - 
flovOer. tteut l serVe, Series 4. 


^wr prise [ / asscrol& tfuida \f\lh\tek) 

2 c. celery 

1 (8ol) can- vVater chestnuts 

1 (11 ol) can crea-nv of dnicketv soup 

■Vi c. margarine 

l /z c. slivered almonds' 

30* 3 fa tZilz. crackers, crumbled 

3od celery in salt rioter about 7 nmv.t)ram 

and add siiced chestnuts and soup, Vlaxe 

in ayeascd casserole 11"* 7." Saute crumbled 

crackers and almonds uv melted maraarme 

and sprinkle over top of casserole. 3dke at 

5Z.y for 35 vntiy Series 4. 

Qwest, ^ouffl^ 

Q tbsp. butter 
4 tbsp. -flour 
1 c. muk> 
Hz c. abated cheese 

h\araarel Yearns 

1 tsp. salt 

V* tsp. paprika, 

4 cqas } separated 

Mdi butter and stir dvf\owr. Qradualtu add 
milk avid cook^ about 5 vwin., stirring Constantly 
untd multure- thickens. -hcut cheese and sere- 
Sonuig ) sXirrlnq until melted) remote frDvn. 
heat . f\dd beaten uoiks and fold in- stiff In 
beaten- vVnltes, Bake- in pan of not vJaterat 
350" -for 50 or loO min . 

(cm ^uddinq -Annie iawrie Kluttz 

3 eags 

X M c + Z tbsp. sugar 

1 1 lz- tbsp. flour 

1 can- creamed corvu 

1 c. + I tbsp. milk 
3 /m 5 tick butter or 

Vz small jar pxnuertbs 

&eat eaas Weil. Cr 'earn together vJ'dn suqar 
and flour. N\elt batter. f\&d corn- and butler 
to aboVe mixture, 3ake in- buttered 3"x8" 
disk. 3ake at ms* for ID -50 mm. 


Corn- Zucchini tyakt Su>\tie~Yueker 

1 lb. zucckmi , cmI into 

Vz inctt slices 
V*/ C. chopped- onion 
1 tbsp. butter or ol#> 
Z t. cooked ,~\resvt corw 
Z egas, beatew 
1 c. (i/« lb) 5 hredded 

Swiss cheese 

-V^ c breadcrumbs 
Z tbsp. aratedfarmesan 
1 tbsp. meited butter 

or oteo 
Cherry tomatoes 

Cook- zuxckmi Wv o^ small amount of water 
until tender ; drain, and mash. 'Sanxl ovuovv in, 
1 tbsp. butter- until tender. Combine^ zucckinX, 
oniovv corvt, eggs, 5u?l6S cheese, and salt; way, 
vJetl. roar vwwjXwre, Xvdo a greased 1 quart 
casserole. Comb ike breadcrumbs } Var\yiesavv 
cheese, and metted butter— sprinJdc o\/er 
zaejduui mixture . fiafee at: 350° for 4b win,. 
C\corvus\v w?itii cherry tomatoes andparsica. 
Series k>- 

Com QtOWdCV tfulda\d\uteUj 

I /z lb- scat pork, 

1 larqe ovuovb, chopped 

Z meet, sized potatoes, 

1 c. chicken- broth 
1 Xsp. sail 

1 Vz c. corn, -fresh- or 

1 lz tsp- pepper 
Z c. Uqkt cream 

(katf t kaif) 

Soak the pork iYiabovvl of boiuna water for 
5muv. Drain/. Cut into i"\ V strips. Cook- the- 
pork iw a kettle- unlit crisp. Remove £ reserve. 
Xvi the-^at, sautl' the oviion until lender. Add 
potatoes axud broth. C-ovtr and simmer until 
potatoes are burelij tender. Add the corn., 
salt and pepper; ana cook 5vvicre rmvu-de-s. 
5tir in cream auU keat to boiuW}. Sprvnkte 
{op wiik- tke reserved pork. 


AWoW/ (pVYlfyreab Nancy lules 

1 c.CDrvmeal-yeilovJ 

or vCWiie 
1 can cream style corvt 
3M c. milk, 
Vi c. oil 

1 fcsp. 5alt 

1 c. grated, cheese 
1 can chopped a_reerv 

chilis - seeds out 
3 beaten, eqqs 

1 tsp. 50&CV 

&ake at 315° for 1 Ur, uncovered. Series 
(p to 3. QodcI instead erf baked potatoes. 

f^ plant ^(^TdtUt Ckar loHt-Hoskuis 

1 m^d. eggplant Vi tsp. nutmeg 

1 bow>l of sailed, vJater V4 tsp. seasoned' salt 

out)e oil to fry in, Vm c Var meson 

1 tofy + 1 yolte, ^ c. tomato sauce, 

l k c. nulk X M c. arcdedS\ihss cheese 

Yeet eggplant andslice \hm. Put in salted 
WPater and soak, 10 mm, . l^emoVe and pat dry. 
Trij eggplant until trovow on- botiv sides. Put 
ea$pla,nt In baking dis~h, Beat taas y \ni\te,, 
nutmeg , 5 alt and Parmesan cheese. Pour o\)er 
egcj plant, 'Sake at 315" for 3d wan. Wjarm 
tomato sajuce and pour o\>er casserole. Sprinkle 
vCttVu SvOiss cheese and broil until cheese melts. 

Yrmtiv *fr I&L £gg plants Evfeiy ^"Bgnuu 

2 eaqs , beaten lc.\ine cracker combs 
1 eqqplant, peeled e sliced V^ tsp. salt 

Blend ea/3 and mLUe; coat eggplant \Oithtkis 
miyture, 'Rpll ut craxteer crumbs, let drty for 
5 mut. (before -frying) on paper tou?et . IVoWn- 
in kot ^at ■, drain. Sprintek- vO\th salt. 


Greens Wittv Pork ami puwplmgs 

ttden, t\ayes 

1 Lb. boneless - park, sne>vuder or any lam/ porle 

Cneck bones, backbones or ribs) 
3 or 4 c . w?ater (>v>ate*- should be about I" deep) 
1 tsp. salt 

Z lbs. turnip or vnnstard greens 
Z C. small xOkite turnips (optional) 
corvuneal duvnplUids (yecvpe follows) 
pepper Vinegar [optional) 

5lmmer pork,, Water, and, salt for one nour y 
addmq vOater if needed. Add greens and tur- 
nips . Simmer about 3D mi^l. Vjrop dumplings 
bu tablespoon- on greens. Co\?ev tigntlgarul steam 
Id min. $er\)t pork, at boWlz topped \A)tlk greens, 
dusvnpiwiqs, and pot liquid. 5 printele vOati pepper 
vinegar or salt l\ needed. 

Cor^)fKeat Vumpiinegs; 

Stir together Vz c. eaeti- cornmeal and flour, 
1 L lz tsp. baking yovO&er, and Vz. tsp. salt. 3eat 
together 1 egg , l /3 C. milky and Z tbsp. oil, 
Chacon drippings can be- used.) Stir 'into first 
nurture just antil blended. 

Tkts Is A*t< dLI fondly faVorlte. 

^<?itr (ream Qniotis 

lb sm.all vjhite onions 
1 c. soar cream- 

salt k pepper 
dasW- of nutmeg 

VteV ) score and hod onions until jast tender, 
-Add tne sour cream and salt \ pepper to 
"taste. Warm until t^us soar cream^ is kot, bat 
do not boll. Sprinkle a. dash- of nutmeg over 
tne onions just before serving- 


^uiterot Onions 

3tVerlu YgOvdl 

boa of Onions, quartered, in casserole dxslv 
L /z. st'ic& margarine 
0/ tittles Water 

Co\Jer. Sake- at 350° for 3 \vrs. Qreab s'ute 
dish' -for steaks, 

Ctiar le>ue,Tlos\z\ns 

Z large baking potatoes 

1 c. cooked , diced nam 

Vi. c . cooked, chopped; sp wuxcM^ 

x /z tsp. nutmeg 

salt and pepper 

butter or~ vnargevrine, 

3ake< potatoes. 5plit \w Yiat^ avud rewioste- 
■^lesh- , saving skins, N\yp vJitW nam spinach, 
Yvukmeg , scat and pepper. Spoon mi^Turev 
batte- into stems. Ser\?e Wot \Oittv buvcercr 
wiarqarme , N\ahes 4 servings. 

^CalLopol Potatoes livHy w Kaliarn 

l 1 ^ tbsp. butter I tsp. salt 

4 tsp flour S M c. sliced onions 

Vx is p. salt (or a, little less) 

dasW pepper Z V^ c. sliced- 

l c. miife^ potatoes 

Heat Z" Water- dv double- boiler bc-ttorvt, 1" 
Water in sancepaw, N\ett butler in, double- 
boiler top, stir in. -flour, salt, pepper, papri&L. 
To boding Water iw saucepot add. salt, onions, 
potatoes - y boil cohered for 5 mut. ^[eanWWile-, 
stir milie. uito batter and- stir cons taiitly Ater 
boding water until tiuckenect. Pour off w?afcr 
frorvt potatoes. Tn greased, lqt. casserole , or - 
"Conge l h of potatoes and onions, V3 of saare, 
and so pi/l. Bateeat ^00" fc>r Z5 min 


*? meet, baktnq potatoes 

L /z c. batter or wuvrqarine 

1 Vx, tsp. salt 

Vh tsp. pepper 

2 /3 c. Warw mate. 

1 Vz c. sVireddect Cheddar cheese 

1 c. hea\)\^ cream , wPhupped 

Peel and boil potatoes until lender y dram 
and beat m large bowl Witk, electric 
wwfer untd fluffy . adduta butter, seasonings, 
anci milk. Tut in. buttered, shatloW casserole, 
rolcl cheese into w?Yupped cream and- spread 
o\Jer potatoes. 3ake at 350" for about 25 
miw.y only until aolden brown. (Casserole 
vnai] be prepared ahead of time, the topping 
added just before baking?) 10 servings. 

1% c. Water 
3 /4 c. mitten 
3 to 4 tbsp.butteror 

Charlotte ttoskins 

1 pka. frozen chopped 
spinaclv, thaWed and 
drained (10 oz.) 

-V* tsp. cayenne 

1 envelope (7 servings) 2, tbsp. mayonnaise- 
masked potato granules 1 tsp salt 

Covhbinew'atcr, milk*, itbsp. Ynargarineand 
salt in saucepan j lteat to boitinq . ^evno\?c 
from- heat ' } iVkip in potato granules bristoJuj. 
Add rerriamitiq inarextients. Spoon into buttered 
i'/z qt. casserole. Vot with, niarqaruic. babe at 
400* for ID -15 nun. Makes 7 servings. 


potato yic [prrain& 

lawra f\ynos 

Vs tsp. aarlic povJder 
Vs tsp. cayenne 
x /8 tsp. pepper 
lVz. c. shredded 

Sw)iss cheese (boz) 
L /i c. chopped oniow 
8 oz. . bacon , crisp >- 
cooked', drained, 
and crumbled 

1 unbaked T' pie shell 
Z c. mashed, cooked, 

Vz- c. liqht creanv 
1 tbsp. batter or 

3 /4 c. creanv-stule 

cottage cheese, 
Vz c. dairy Sour cream 
Z eaas 
x lz tsp. salt 

Line uwpricked pastry shell vv>i£k/ foil, -fill 
w?U~K/ dried beans . &ake, at 4so" for 5 mut. ; 
remote beans ohcI foil. Baiec 5-7 miit. longer 
or till nearly done. Remove front oveiv, reduce 
ovfen, to 4 Z5 ! Co mb ine yvtas keel potatoes , cream, 
and butter ; se-t aside,. Tn targe vnruna bovol, 
corn-bine cottage cheese, soar crea^vt, eggs, 
and seasonings \ beat vj'xbW electric wilder 
untd smootK . ndd potato mature, beat 1 
win. more - Stir in, Swiss cheese, omow, ancb 
bcuow. lour into s^arvw pastry shell- V>akCy 
in* 4Z5' cVewfor ^D- 45 win. or till golden, 
bros^vt . 

Vkoehe "Harmon 

1 C. v\?Vuter(ee 

1 siCcfe butter (as ynuch- 

as needed) 
1 meet, chopped ovuow 

Saute above until brovJn/.Vutuvdishs adding : 
1 caw beef consowune , 1 can, water' 

Stir. Coo^l uncovered 'for 45 vnm. to i kr or 
until liquid is absorbed. 


5 c. water l^xtsp. salt 

I c. pidinrice- pat o^ margarine 

Spray saucepan witW'Vam. Mtf all ingredients 
sliQutta in, saucepan. 3 o it > uncovered ow high 
heat 'ta almost dry [about £0 mm?) 
Add*, hea-pvnq tbsp. vnargar'me 

-Vz. o. mute 
Stvr sligktkj to melt wiarga,rine. CoVar panandL 
let set for 5- 10 nun. With burner turned 
off. T^ice Will continue to sunmer. Series 4. 

^pinadv- fekrij Qis$erole<~ Janet lampe 

1 pkq. frozen, chopped spvnactv - Cook. 5 mifb. 

rt/nd drain-. 

1V4 c. diced celery (l or 3 stalk-s) cooled 'tiL 

tinder. \)^rain. 

Z, eaafi , separated 1 c. med . white- sauce- 

Vt c. nuxijonnat$e or 

1 can^ cetera soup 

&eat egg yolles, M14 witk. aboJe ingredients 
except taa whites . $eat whites stiff m and 
fold. U4,-. lop Witk- buttered crumbs. Bake at 
35o" for 3o- 4£> mi*c. Series (p- S. 


^pinadi ^traia 

JW4C Stf r & 

10 slices tfvute bread cut in- 1" cubes (about 1c) 

Z pSeas. frcne\^(dwppedspi*u\ctv,coofeed\dt~aMed 

Z c. shredded cheddar cheese 

1 COM/ covidevisect creanv of chicken, soup 

i c. Water 

A cgqs, sliaUttu beaten- 

Vg tsp. 

V& tsp. around pepper 

1 14 buttered Z (\t. sVia.\JU>w bahing disks, arrange 
Vz bread cubes. Spread spinach ow bread even- 
Ity. Sprinkle wdtv 1 c. cheese. Top Wuhrewiadi- 
ing bread and cheese. Combine soup, water-, 
eqqs avid seasomnqs, avid pour' over bre-acb 
wuxture. Cover, '^e^riaerate at least H hrs. 
Bake at 350° f-or 45 vvhvv. Serves L>. 

Spinach, vj\t\v ^csame (jisstroks^fatTaaa 

Z \bs. fresh spinach or Z pfeqs. frozen chopped 
spinach. Coc& and dram thoroughly. /v\'uf to- 
gether with spinach, : 

1 can cream of ynusliroom soup 

Vh tsp- nutvneg 

dash of gartic salt 

pepper Xdtaslt 

'/h c. slivered almonds ,-toasteet 

3 tbsp. sesame seeds , toasted, 

Vour into buttered casserole and top wddv x Mc. 
edVered almonds (do vwt toast these ). Bake 
at 350° for W vhuudes. 



fUU film's Voihj fiuighanv 

/V\eatUss spaghetti 

Cook, together. 

1 can, tomatoes (I \b.3oz) butter, size of an egg 

i can- water (tomato can) Z sliced onions (same 

Z tsp. salt size as butter) 

Vstsp. ground; pepper 1 bell pepper 

Vh tsp, qrounds doves Zord stalks 

Z tbsp. sugar celery, chopped. 

Add/ 3 level tsp. flour and enough water 
to make a svnooth thickening when, \?ege~ 
tables are tender and sauce/ is cooked- 

i (#oz.) pkg. spaghetti cooked OHlS 7 min. 
1 pkg. Longhorn- cheese 

Alternate in welt - greevsed baking dish layers 
of spaghetti, tomato sa\-iee and loug-horn- 
cheese (nuj favorite -for this dish)Topwith 
cheese and bake about 3d min>. at 35c or 
until' vucelg browned. 

f^intfannij 'S ^tyUXSh Lorinda- Charles 

Z eggs 

1 stuzkbutter 

3 lbs. vjellow summer 

s lz c. chopped, onions 
s li e. cracKcr meal or 

bread crumbs 

I tbsp. sugar 

I Is p. salt 

I tsp. black pepper 

Wash and- cut up squash, b^od until tender, 
drain tlwroughuj , X new mash. Add, all the 
ingredients, exeept Yz of butter, to the squash. 
Melt revnaining buXXe\~. Pour vniytnre udo 
baking dish, then spread melted butter over 
top and spr'uikle with breadcrumbs. Bake, 
at 375" oven for abovd I hour or until brown- 
on top. 


YelU?W $C\lUlSh QtSSCtOit^ocl^ieJucktr 

Z lbs ytUvw squash 
I medium onion- 
1 care cream of 
chicken soup 

Z tsp, butter or olco 
salt i popper 
grated sharp 
Cheddar cheese 

buttered breads crumbs or herb stuffing vnui 

Cut up scaeastv and crvtiorv and couk imMi 
tender, vrauv thoroughly and mcrsW, add- 
inq butter, salt and pepper. Pour half into 
1 at. casserole and cover with half ox the 
soup. Sprinkle liberally with grated cheese. 
Hepeat -the process with remaining hvaredi- 
ends avud top with bread crumbs or stuf- 
fing . fiake at 35C until nurture begins to 
bubble ^ about Zo - 3d minutes. 

h smah squash 
'/4 c. chopped onion 
Z tbsp. butter 
Z tbsp. flour 
Vz e tiquid front 
cooked squash 

£cfllClSh f^tt faratltl Susan-Samuel 

'/z emiitc 

3 tbsp. bread, crumbs 

3 /4 c. aratect cheese 

V<* c. chopped qreen pepper 

Vz- tsp. salt 


Cut up squash and oniony and cook. ma smah 
amount of water until tender. Vralntne squash 
but saTe the liquids. AVtt butter, acUhflour 
a+td then qraducdtu add the Vz c. mu& and 
Vl~ e. liauict from squash. Cook- until they 
sauce is as thicte as heavy cream, ftddsah, 
Vz c. cleeese, areerv pepper and squash, four 
into buttered baizina dish. Top with regaining 
cheese, bread crumbs j sprinkle with paprika, 
Bake, uncovered at 350" until broww and bub- 
bly. Serves H-& t 




1 c. wUte 
'/z lb. sharp 

g rated/ cheese 
5ea*oned salt 
t>uttercd< breast 


Z lbs. yellow squash/, sliced 

1 vnedurynoviwn 

I tsp. salt 

3 tsp. flour 

H tspsuqar 

Z eqqffSliqktUj bcatav 

melted b voter 

Combine- savrasir, owuDw,sa[b andsuaar. 
Sunmer with/ svwaXb amount of water for 
dbcut 10 min. Drain wetland mash/. Add 
eaqs, melted, butter, "flour, vnilk, and cWeese. 
A dub 5 alt Xo taste . 

Boko in buttered casserole about 3D mm. 
at $50? Top witti crumbs and bahC' 10 
min, more. 

\Ji[Uamsbur^^wat^atocsShar lotte rtoskins 

3 lbs sweet potatoes Vz tsp cinnamon 

3 /M c. Hani brown suqar, '/ztsp. nutmeg 

packed, diluted' 'M salt 

otbsp. butter I e. ynilk^ 

Vrelxeat ov'en to Moo"' Grease i'4 qt, casserole/. 
Cook, sweet potatoes iw boUina water until Weil 
done ; peel and mash. Stir in rest of ingredr 
enbs, except 1 ibsp. suaar Turn mature into 
casserole and sprinkle witk remainincj 
suaar fiake at Aoo'for 5c min. K'iOscrvuiqs, 


ffoiuXuXj ^Weet potatoes (jenny PcoVeij 

3 c. vnashed sweet potatoes % stick, milted 
1 c. suaar butter 

Vz c. milk, (may use Pet) Vz. tsp suit 

I tsp brandy or I tsp.sJanula 

rum f iavorina t cgas, beaten 

Mif melted butter with all ingredients. Waco 

in buttered dish. Add toppuiq. Wf>e9xl3'at^k 


I c.proWH/ sugar '/zc. crushed 

1 stick melted butter corn 

I c. chopped nuts 

Bake at 350" for 35 wuw. 

fresh^cmMc fie 

rat Irltaa 

x /t tsp. basd (dried, or 

Z tsp. fresh) 
3 tbsp. chopped fresh 
thu/es or x /% u chopped 
spring onions 
'/z. o. vXuMjonwcuso 
Z c. sharp grated cheese 

Bake pie shell at MZ^for 5 muv. 'RccUrce 
heat to too." Place tomatoes uvpie studt 
t\W> salt, pepper , basil and chides . sprinkle 
cv?er tomatoes. tAijl mayonnaise and cheese , 
and spread c^enlu over ail of abov/c. &&ke at 
HOp 'for 35 mtnutos. 

1 baked pie shell 
(deep disti) 

3 vmd. tomatoes, 
iMced thick 

% tsp, sad 

V4 tsp. pepper 


Lex> \Cidd 

*\ tomatoes ^peeled 
and cut uv wedges 
salt and pepper 
Parmesan cheese 

Jucchml (cisserolc 

1 c .red onivn,cut 

iv\> rings 
I c. green^ pepper strips 
*/h c, Putter 
Z c. zucchini -}-' slices 

Saute omonr'axas and pepper \n\?uttlr. 
Wken theij begin to soften, add zucchini, 
look 5 nun,, longer, held tomatoes and cvoic 
5 more minutes, Reason wdtvfreshuj ground 
pepper and suit. Turn^into V/zaJ. casserole 
and sprinkle with farmesan ciieese.3ake 
at 315* until top U brown. 

2iitchitu floats 

Vicki SWipman 

V*\ c. onion, sauleed 
in sausage drippings 

Vzc. Swiss cheese 
Yz c. ckeddar cheese 

1 large zucchini 

1 c. cooked rue 
'/4 c, diced mushrooms 
i c. cooked, crumbled 

'Slice zucehuu in half, lengthwise \ steuvw 
until tender. Scoop out vneat t draindrepare 
rice . Cook sausage, crumbing as it ccoks. 
Saute fresh/ or canned mushrooms f onions 
ui sausage drippings, adding butter if needed. 
Salt z.uechini; sprink^icWihiomoyis^muslirocy^. 
fax with- wiiftwt of sausage \ net. (^Vcrwimmue- 
ture cf Cheeses. ftatee ortroUSiOynut, mttii 
cheese melts. 





Corned Beef with 

Mustard Sauce 22 

Corned Beef Rolls, Hot .... 44 

Cubes in Wine Sauce 150 

Eye of the Round, 

Marinated 151 

London Broil 150 

Meat and Potato Croquettes 23 

Roast 153 

Beef and Asparagus, 

Marinated 153 

Chuck Roast Winner . . . .154 

Country Style, Quick 

and Easy 154 

Diane 149 

India's Pepper 151 

San Marco 151 

Swiss 154 


Crock Pot 152 

Gourmet 152 


Beef Hot Dish 155 

Beer Hamburgers 158 

Cheeseburger Pie 157 

Italian Casserole 158 

Lasagna 160 


Cocktail 42 

Stew 155 

Swedish 42 


Dutch 159 

Hero 70 

Picadillo 159 

Quiche, Hamburger 157 

Six-Layer Dinner 156 

Stroganoff, Hamburger . . . .156 


Chow Mein, Homemade . . .162 


Broccoli and Mushroom .163 

Delicious Picnic 165 

Loaf 164 

Pork Chops 

Baked 161 

Barbecued 161 

Dinner in a Skillet 161 

Pork Roast, Special 164 

Sausage Casserole, 

California Rice and 165 

Spare Ribs, Barbecued .... 162 


Meat Loaf, My Favorite .... 166 


Barbecue 167 

Eye of the Round 168 

Jezebel 168 

Mustard, Hot 168 

Spaghetti 167 


Qephant $ttw Anon, ! 

1 Yuediuwi- size elephant 

Z rabbits (optional?) 

Cut elephant into buersite putts- tins should 
take approximately Z months. Add salt avid 
pepper to tasto and- enough vOater 'to matzey 
brcvow gravy . Cook, o\fer operv -fires ^prtuPo 
weeks. This recipe shoulot serve 3, StZ 
people-. If more people are expected-, addtke, 
rabbits^ but be care fui about dvumtkts as 
some people do not li&e Wares mtHeir srew. 


Lorindo/ Charles 

5 large freslv 

mushrooms, sliced 
Yz c. burgunda \K>wie> 
Z oz.. Qrandij 
x /z c. Venn dlaec- 

CbroiVH. sauce) 
bee- £ fcrrinsauet- 

ip (YL oz) UtwSor\e Strip 

steaks, completeuj trimmed 

and flattened- 
Z oz. vegetable oil 
salt and coarse- pepper 
Z fuiekj chopped green onions 
3 chopped- shallots 
I smalt chopped aarlic clove- dash o^ sugar 

bleat od- m frying pan untd Very hot . # -Aclct 
seasoned steates avid cook, on botn suits 
until mediuwv rare . Remove steaks and add 
onions, <garHe } shallots, and mushrooms. 
Sunnier for a- minute, then add burgundy 
wuie avid reduce- heat. Place steak- baefe'urv 
pavt- and flayne- wdtv braricUj ; add rcrvaming 
uigredients , \Wn sleate o\Jer 'mthe sauce- avid- 
sers/c- ivnvvtediateuj. (Mote/.- Steals w'utbe- 
medium- when served. Should you- desire it 
vVelL done, cook, vt more mtne- beginning) 


Hathalio Wood 

1 stick, butter 

1 tbsp. wine vinegar 

[pnrtorv tycoM 

1 Lcndoyv droit, any svlo 
3 /4 c. Worcestershire- 
l M tsp qarUcsalt 

Weak alt vnaredients except meat to a* bo'it. 
Pour over meat whictv has bcciv scored* 
diagonally ow bottv sides, ^s^r\aercdjca\tda>a 
Coo]L ow aritt or under ovew broiler, bastinq) 
^reqyxnttu } to desired donCMess. 


5 carrots, cut into!" 
slices, cooked,dramed 

Vi (IkoO jar boded 
oniovis, drained 

1 (H oz) can- button, 
vnu-Shroams, drained, 
or iZ smait, -fresh- 
mu-skrpcvHs sautced 
ut- butter 

fietf (UJOCS iXl\^inC/ ^OUCC^anicctfuqlies 

Vh c.veaetablcod 

3 lbs. boneless chuekroast, 

cut into I" cubes 
3 tbsp. -f lour 
1 '/z c. water 

1 (l 5 /e>oz)pteq. ovuovisoupmnf- 
'/z bau leaf 
Ve tsp. garlic powder 
'/g tsp. around tkijwt 

2 '4 c. re^t cocfewa w'uxe* 
hot, zoomed vioodtes or rice- 

■Heat oiluvO' keaiAj ste'dtet ; brown, beef slowly 
ow ail sides, Vlace beef utbes u>v a ^qy . cas- 
serole. ViesevVC paw dripplnqs , Stir fionrinto 
dripninqs ; cooW. over low heat i muc^stXrruia 
CcH-slaidkj. (jraxtuallu stir uv water \ add cvnon, 
scup yviMf-, Cook, over vnedtuwv heat , sttrru/ig ecu- 
suintdj unlit thickened anet bubbUj- Pour over meat 
and stir in baa leaf , garUc audtnuvne. Bake at3oo" 
for Z hrs,or until meat is tender Add Vegetables 
anct wiue\ bake 15 vndv- vuore until tlwrouqkuj 
heated. SerVe, oVtr noodles or rice. Makes &-B$erV\Jw\s. 


Z lbs. chuck, steak-, cut 1 tsp- oregano 

U4to 1" ttuxfe. servuiqs freskkj ground pep- 
1 envelope Liptovi Onww per e garlic powder 

Z tbsp. vegetable* oil 
Z tbsp. wine vinegar 

Arrange meat in-large s^eillet. Cover wdbvsoup 
avid ivvnaboes . Sprinkle vvtitv rentaimng i*t - 
grtaieuts. Stvwner, covered , "for V/z krs. or 
until meat us lewder. Seru'e over rice. Serves (p. 


1 (1 lb.) ca^ JdaUan/ 
peeled Xowiaioes 

JndicCs pepper fyutii Eiw Awu?s 

1 sttcle butter 
Vz c . chopped, ovuovi 
Z green- peppers, cut 
ivv julienne- strips 
Z lbs. beef {rounds or 

1(1 lb.) can tomatoes 
1 beef bouulowcube, 

1 tbsp. cornstarch' 
'fa c. water 

sirloin- tips), cut into 3 tbsp. soy sauce 
Vg"x Z" strips 1 tsp. sugar 

Ve tsp. garUc powder 1 tsp. salt 

Melt butter Uia s\c\\tet.r\ddo\AXDvv't green- pep- 
per. Saute* about Z vnin-.; rewiove- and $et aside. 
f\(Xd beef; spr'rutele with- garlic and saute ) stir - 
ring sughttg, untd browned, f\dd tomatoes and 
bouiuovy ; simmer about ID mm. Bloat together 
remwmxng in-qredievdS) stir 'into meat mujturc 
and coo\z, just untd tkid&ened. \ddov\ion, and 
green- pepper - } heat thoroughly. SerVe 'ummeax-- 
ateh] wittv whipped potatoes or buttered rice. 
Serves h. 


QrOCk p<?t $ll{ $tXW Cheryl fiolide 

3 potatoes, diced 2 cans Q\o\jXcw 

3 carrots , diced lAushroom Soup 

i onion, chopped/ salt and pep per 

1 Vi - Z Lbs. beef stew meat 1 smalt i^uv tugUsVu 

pea-s, drained 

Cvmb'uiC' ail ingredients except peas ui erode 
pot. Cook 0H/ Lmv> for 8 kr5. 6~>r on hicfv-for 
A hours. i\dd peas one, hour before strv'wiQ. 

Marinated. Tye of theVpunit 

5- Iv. eye of the round- ?ats * We5 

1 c. vegetable- oil 1 tsp. tevuterlrer 

Vz c. vinegar 1 tbsp Worcestershire 

Z tbsp. seasoned salt Z Xbsp. muiced oruouv 

lAarinate meat ui- sauce for 48 hrs. Bake- un- 
covered at 450" for 30 minutes , tkot turi^r 
oven off aiul continue cvokuia. roast for Z 
krs. Sorv'e, vVarvw or cold. 

Qournwt fyttf$Uw~ ziczabcdr A\ex»\>orwe 

L tvs. beef slew meat- Accent 

salt 1 can C\oUten fr\us~\vroonr 

aarUc sail Soup 

Vz bottle Cliianti or 4 bottle Burgundy 

Combine ingredients in roaster. Cover and bake 
at 325" for 3 hrs. Add more- w'uieif necessary. 
Uncover the last few minutes. Serve ova~ par- 
slewed noodles. Serves 4. 


I3 ee f KP^k Irmiij Crowe 

fAarinate seasoned roast ur - 
1 c. soy sauce I tsp catsup 
i c. water */z c.stineqar 

Turn roast often*. Vjentcve 'from juice; 1 hr, 
ahead of cocking . Wrap in 'foil and bake at 
$25* for Z hrs. Open foil and cook, 20 nun 

/\/\cvriHaUci ^ocist fytcf i fifiparagus 

Anaeun due incht 

V/z\o3 lbs. sirVoin or other tender cut of 

beef roast (but not chuiro 
2-3 large cans of asparagus spears or 4 

pkgs. of -frozen asparagus spears 
large; bottle of Italian dressina 
cherry tvmato&s 

Impost tk& beef until "rare" ow meat titer vno- 
v\Atttr. Cool and slice as tkinsas possible^, 
Vrain off all juices. Put in shadow? pan and 
pour contents of Italian dressu-ia. Vram- 
(or thaw) asparaaus spears and vnup w?\K)n 
the beef so that dre&suiq also coders asparagus, 
^efru^erate overmejht. before seri'inq, drain 
ow paper tovoels. J\r range slices of beef and 
asparagus on a large plaXUr and garnish 
vvuk chcrriA tomatoes . 6erv>£ with* hot crUptj 
garlic^ vread and fresW fruit salad, \ or dessert 



QHuck- $pa$t pinner. SumatVewmport 

1 pteg. onion- soup muf 
1 COW/ vnu-shroowo 

3 lbs. chuc&roa-st, 

V thu±- 
2. tbsp. A* 1- oteak. Sauce 

Ptacc- roast uv coo\euta bog in- roasUna pan. 
drusUs meat wudv A-l 5^u^ anrl spr'cnkXe- 
voith onion- soup .Then- spread mush-room 
soup over it. Sake- at 350" -for 2'/z-3 kr5. 

Elizabeth ViuOoar 

§wt5S §tm& 

vegetable- od 1 Lb. sirlo'vn-steate, 

1 smalt onion-, chopped- cut i*t pieces 

Vt vvtedrunr green- pepper, 1 large- can-tomatoes 

chopped- ' 1 tsp. sugar 

1 stalk- ceierijj chopped 1 tsp. salt 

flour dash of pepper 

oaute onion-, pepper and- ceteru in- hot dd ; re-- 
woVe- "frowv paw. Vredae meat in- flour ami 
browa. 'Keturn vegetables to the pan-andadd 
re-vnax-niua iuqredUents. Cover, reduce heatto 
low and simmer for 1 kr Serve over rl-c^ or 
potatoes. Series 3-4. 

Qiiicks I [061) (pantry ^Ujle^ttak. 

5 us an- Qur leu 
H cube- steaks I caw mushroom soup 

seasoned flour Vz soup ca-n- water 

1 medium- onion-, flaked 

Vredae meat \u -flour and brown- ajuck-Uj m 
hot oit. lAvp soup and- w?adtr \ pour over vneat. 
Top With- ovhon- ; cover and smun-tr for 1 hr. 
Flakes lender steak, arid- delicious graru. 



fl[eaiball Stew 

1 lb. ground beef 
1 pka. Upton- Onion- 
3 e. water 


1 ean-toynatosauce- 
4 med. potatoes, culptd- 
1 pleas, "frozen, peas and- 

SUape beef into meatballs - } brown-, Add remaining 
ingredients and- cook for Z-0-30 vnXnutes, or unXiL 
\Miclenest of regular stew. CUlldren- loves this! 

AWjor U- "Anderson, 

1 small bottle- stuffed- 

olives, sUced- 
'/h lb. grated- cheddar cheese 
Vz \b. salted, nd-itd- nuts , 

coarsckj chopped- 

V/z, lbs. ground beef 
I wed, onion,, chopped 
Z cans nuiskroont- soup 
Vk c. vnlllz. 
1 (£> e>z) p\zQ- noodles 

1 (3 oz.) can- chow wiein, noodles 

Broww meat-. f\dd chopped^ onion, and brown-. j\dd- 
musVuroovyt- soup and- wilk,. Season- 1& taste-. Cook^ 
noodles in- boiling sotted- water and- drain-, put- 
layers of hamburger and- noodles in- large casse- 
role-, toppina each- layer wu\v cheese and, olives, 
tbedze at 350" for 3D wvut. Cover w'utv nuts and-ckow 
wvein, noodles, ftake- another 30 mlwates. Makes a- 
very large casserole. Treeies voeit. 


Sty Layer Dinner 


LeslCe- Shank- 

1 C. sliced- raw potatoes 1 c. diced, greens pepper 

2 c. chopped, celery 2 tsp. salt 

Z c. ground beef % tsp. pepper 

l /z 0. sliced onions Z c. canned- towidtoes 

Place potatoes m bottoms of greased, casserole. 
~kdd celery, then, beef onions, and, peppers. 
Salt and- pepper each, layer. Pour towcaXoes 
over nurture, bake at 350" for L hours. 

Hamburger Stroganoff fAaraareittnrt 

Yq c. duraunduwiMc, 
l(loV*oz) caw 

beef boudlow 
Its p. salt 
'Ai tsp. pepper 
1 c. sour crecmv 
'/•£ c. grated, Parmesan 

1 {voz) pfeg. ego. noodles 
Vz- c. chopped- onions 


c. vwaraarwje 
Do. ground, beef 
I tbsp. f lour 
Vz tsp. garlic salt 
1 (8 oz.) cawtomaXo sauce 

with* mushrooms 

Cook, noodles as directed; ow package,* drain, 
an>d set- aside. SauXe onion, \aa, mtvrgcvra/ce ; 
add; beef and stir unXd brown- and crumbuj. 
Vrctuv. f\dd flour and sbvr Weil-. Add, garlic 
saXt, tomato sa\xce } \s>ute y bouillon, sad and 
pepper. blend we\L and simmer for to nuw. 
5tir uv sour creanv, an-ob remove from* heat. 
f^Xtrnode loaders of cvo\zed noodles and meat 
sawjee- uv a- greased Z~ at. casserole dish-, end- 
'\ng v\?Ltk/ sauce. Sprinkle 'Parmesan, cheese 
on- top- fiake at 375" for 25 to 3d minutes or 
unMi buvvUj.^llus freezes wed. Yield: bsexvinqs. 


{{cunburger Quiche Iris A 


'/s c. chopped greevu 

1 Vosp, salad oil 
Vz c vnaupvinaise, 
Vz, o. nolle 
Z eqgs, well-beaten 
1 tb5p. cornstarch; 
l'/z c. shredded 

Cheddar cheese 

1 unbaked deep 
disks piosheiv 
3 /H \t>. ground beef 
Z tbsp. Worcester stwre 
% tsp. cdlspico 
3 M tsp- salt 
Vd tsp. pepper 
Y& tsp. garlic powder 
'/3 c. onion 

& alee snell for \0 minutes. Cool, ftrovwv ground 
beef-, dram welt. Add seasonings and set aside. 
Saute onion- and/ green pepper mod ; add to 
meat mature-. Combine wa^c>nnaise, milk, eggs 
and cornstarch^, A\i^ thoroughly and add to " 
meat mupture,. Stir in kaif of cheese. Vbu-r 'into 
sViell and sprinkle with renuuning cheese, 
foake at 31b" for 35~45 minutes until-fvrvn vn 

Cheeseburger ViV Joanne Sechrest 

1 unbaked pie shell 1 tbsp, dried parsley 

Z eggs, slightly beaten X tbsp. Worcestershire 

Vm e. drUcConion 1 tsp. sail 

Vz c. milk- 1 e. dru breadcrumbs 

f M e. prepared mustard 1 lb. ground beef 

'/3 c. ketchup 3 slices Anteruun cheese 

?ricle pastru sUell witk-forte} bake at 450" for 
ID- 15 mivt. or until ugkXlu b^wvt . Ool ccmplcteuj. 
Combine ail ingredients except cheese t spread, the 
miytwre 'm pie shell. Sake for 45 minutes In- 35D" 
o\/en. Remove- "from- oven and arrange cWeese 
decorcdiveiu cvt top. Return- to o^en- untit cheese 


i II 

\XaliaW \JAS$VTO\Zs SUvrleu Cromwell 

1 (16 or) pka. eUpovf 

macaroni, cooked, 
3 medium^ greew peppers, 

cut into tiulv strips 
3 rnedlunv onions , 

sMeect thin- 
1 Vz [bs. around beef 

Saute vegetables until soft. $roww grouvut 
beef, drains; add garlic avut tomatoes. $tiri*v 
pepper, Vegetables an-d mctcaroni. Pour into 
large casserole andcoVcr witlv cheese. Sateeat 
350° for 2.0 -3D minutes. 

i clove gar iio 
1 (Z&oz.jcavi/ 
'/q tsp. pepper 
1 (8 ol) p\eg. 

s hredded- mozzcurdicc 
] /z lb.miiskroonis- t s\Acai 

f)ecr Wambwgers Uverbg swnmer 

2 tbsp. Worcestershire 
1 tsp. salt 

3 slices Trenciv bread 
toasted- (or hamburger 

1 lb. grouvui beef 
'/>l c. catsup 
Vz c. stale beer 
Z tbsp. suaar 
Z tbsp. vinegar 

Mb\t lA f 4 u^gredievtts aHCt-fornt-iyuv 3 
patties, &roKVw and- drain-. h\abc- sauce of 
rtmain-iwA Ingredients . Vour over burgers 
and simmer 4o minutes. Serve wCttv sauce 
over bread. 



l lbs, ground round 
X onions, chopped 
1 green pepper, chopped 
1 aaruc cUVe, minced 
1 can tomato sauce 
i tsp. capers 

S u iv'uv ftpbmson 

'fa c, raisins 

X small jar studied 

I tsp. salt 
fresh around pepper 

to taste 

tabasco , canenne to taste 

f~r\j oniou, pepper and aortic Ut^ little o'd, 
Vjheu tender, add ground meat and brown,. 
Add tomato sauce, capers, raisins and 
seasonings and let sunnier slightiu, \QUew 
the pUadiilo is uearin done, addth& stuff ed 
oiires. Serve over hot rice for ^different 
zest to " plain ole heunburapr. " 

Vutdv MeailOOf . ftobbieXasmussen 

I \bs, around cnucte XO-15 crackers, crushed 
1 egg 1 med, onions, chopped 

salt and pepper i (6 oz) can- tomato 


AUy> ail ingredients j form into loaf. 


1 (B oz.) can tovnato sauce Z tbsp, vinegar 
1 (5 oz,) can water Z tbsp. mustard 

Z tbsp, brown sugar 

rvrp ingredients', pour over vncat loot. ¥>atee 
at 350° pr l'/z hours. 



ftetty Tlytke 

Saute in deep skillet or heavy 3-4 at. pot 
until brown t V/z lbs. ground beef, i lb. porlc 
sausage , 1 large or 2 medium onions. 



salt to taste (appro* . 1 tsp) Z tsp. oreaanv 

%\so. Hack, pepper 1 cloves gar lie, 
3 tbsp. chopped parsley 
1 tsp. basil 

mashed , or Ztsp. 
qarUc powder 

1 tsp. dried red/ pepper (opt) 1 can Water for 

each can of 
paste and sauce 

I # Z can tomato paste 
1*^Z can tovnato sauce 

1 tbsp. suaar 

Simmer Z \\rs. Vip off CKUSS fat . Other 


6 oi . lasaana noodles 1L ot, creamsiule 
H-b oz.fannesan cottage cheese or 

II oz. mozz^ar ello/ ritctta 

To prepare : &c'd about Vz lb. lasagna noodles 
(9 noodles) in salted water and a few drops of 
oil far 12 nun. Kinse avui drain , Zn 9 "*X3'' 
pateXng dish arrange; 

'/$ mcatsauee loner of mczzareluv 

layer of noodles Uujer of yarvnesau 

lager of cottage cheese 

^Lsjpeat aboPe to top, ending with sauce 
topped wUk Varmesan chzese. Pake at 350" for 
$0-^5 nun. Vet stand. 10 nun. before cutting 
into squares. Series (?~6. freezes welt. 



Park Qdop Thinner itv ct $lcUlei 

1 dinger tdwards 

\ Vosp. oil 1 green pepper, cut 
4- ip pork, chops in strips 

Z onions, peeted and, x fz c. ketchup 

ayartcreds x h o. water 

4 med. potatoes, peetcA Ym c . dru white wine 

and quartered i tt>sp. lemon jiuce 

\n a meduun- sized skillet ', brcwrv pork, 
chops uv hot oil. ~hcUl onions \ potatoes, 
Vlace greens peppers on top of meat. Mty 
together remaining ingredients and pour 
over meal. Cover and cook, over low Weak 
for 45 minutes to 1 Xwur y or until tender. 

fia&ed fork QwpS Leslie Shank. 

4 pork chops, 1" thick, 4 tbsp. broh>u sugar 
salt 4 tbsp, catsup 

4 slices onion 

Sail chops to taste. Vlace in/ bakuu) dish; 
lop each chop with remaining ingredients. 
$ake covered at 350" for 1 nr. Uncover and 
bake for 30 minutes longer. 

fiarbcaud fork, Qtcps Joanne lAuer 

fAaruvatey ihick. fork, chops uv sou sauce/ 
overnight % (ar'dl until done, basting vdith 
sauce. AUuj add brown sugar to son sauce 
near end of gritting time. 



^omemadc Qww f^ein^iieancrLaUma- 

3 small pieces of Vi be* frozen pea pods 

sot) saaee 

1 pteq. St'ur-TryVice 

Z chickewbreasts 

I caw Chow 

M eiw vegetables 
1 small caw 

CXmxest noodles 

pork tenderlo'iw 
taWru's salt 
I caw creanv of 

onion soup 
Z small caws whole 

washrooms, draiw 

?ut sa\?e liauul 

fronv i caw 
5 stalks celery, chopped lcawfi\andarLw 

Ikt a- heai?y saucepan } braise pork lw 
small cimount of margarine . Scasowwith 
salt, f\dd soup whew pork, is [idhtlu browned. 
Stir hv mushrooms and liquid'. Acta celerg 
and frozen pea pods. Season with sou. sauce. 
Co\>er and simmer for ZO-30 minutes. tAean- 
while wepare fried rue according to package 
directions . 3o'd chicken breasts until tender; 
debont and cut into medium .<- sized pieces, 
fioont 5 mimdes before scrying time , add 
drained Vegetables and chickew. Stir and 
heat through. Ser^e meat mryhtre o\^er 
fried rice and topped with noodles . Ser~\/e 
oranges as a side cUsh. 

fyarWciwd typart ^ibs^cttu Griff itii 

4 lbs, spare ribs 1 ctos^e garlic 

Saiue > 

% c, catsup I shakes tabasco 

'Aj c. v'nuzqar I tsp. Worcestershire 

Cook spar cribs with gar lie for 15 minutes 

in a pressure cooker 

Prepare sauce. Pour over ribs and bake for 

30 vninutes at 45 DC 



||ain, fyroccoii IfA^tsUroom QisseroU- 

Vicki Shipman 

1 bunch fresh \>rocco\i lo~ltbsp. butter, 
% M - ( /z ty). ^resh separated 

mushrooms, sliced % e 'flour 

1-2 arcen onions, sliced 1 'A/ e - mille 

I W. ham j diced X ega 

sherry Z egg yolks 

pa pr'deex (o puonat) % c . Cheddar 
parsley (optimal) cheese, grated 

drv) mustard, salt and pepper 

Trinvtoiujh stems off broecoliaud split 
ends of f lo wer cites . Steam for $\ninutes. 
Cod. Saute nueshrocms and onions in Z- 3 
thsp. butter. Saute diced luun in drippings 
(pour off water as it accumulates). Chop 
precede ivxtv smalt pieees and saute in 
butter briefly. Add small anwunt cfskerrn 
tv pan with mushrooms, onions, ham and 
broccoli if desired. 

To prepare sauce, melt 4 tep, butter slowly. 
■^\ddfiour ) stirring constanila. \dd vriilte. 
sU>wlij , adding more butter if needed dieattc 
boiling point ; remosJe from heat imnteduttely. 
M(f eaq and yoiks tvaelker. 'Stir small amount 
of mwL nurture into eggs.~TWen stir egg yolks 
back into remaining scuxce. Over loss? heat f 
add cheese and seasonings. 

Tnto a casserole, spoon, small amount of sauce. 
Layer nam, Readable mixture wide cheese 
sauce . Top w'dtv remaining, sauce . j\cUt 
paprika and pai^sleij if desired, fiatee iw 

eov'ered m 325" ci?en -for 10-15 minutes. 


Special Occasion forte fgast 

Trances Aistm 

1 small onion, chopped 
1 c ginger ale 
'/$ tsp. pepper 
5 lb. pork, roast 

5 oz. apricot puree 

Vs c. Honey 

Vz c. lemon juice 

Vi c . soy sauce 

Vz dove garlic , minced 

Combine first 8 ingredients. Co\?er roast With, 
sauce and bake at 350" for 3 Vz nrs. t bastina 

\\eat more apricot puree with i tbsp. Union 
rind and ser^e as sauce. Use whole 
apricots and watercress as aarnislv* 


Ku£H Vax>is 

I lb. lean pork. 1 Up. salt 

1 lb. cured ham Ve tsp. pepper 

I c. fine breadcrumbs 3 tb>p. butter 
1 beaten egg % c. brown sugar 

*M c. yndlc 3 slices pineapple^ 

marascWmc cherries 

Grind pork and liam . Wiy with bread crumbs, 
eqg, milk, salt and pepper. In loaf pan, melt 
5'tbsp. butter t mif with brown sugar .lop 
Willi 3 slices pineapple centered tfitti cherries. 
Press in meat miiturc and balee at 350' 'for 


pelUitfU/S ^Unic\\artV~llizabctkVutfrar 

brown sugar 

picnic ham 
3/4 c, molasses 
Z tksp. whole cloves 

CcVer picnic Uatn with; water. "Add molasses 
and clones, tyring to a-bod, Keduce heat and 
simmer Yz hour per pound until the Vast '/z 
hour: t&mov'e Vuuti • trwn ail 'fed and skin. 
fr\ake a paste of vnnstard and brown suacur. 
CoVer kcun witlvthe paste. 0>ok, 'wv even- at 
350 e for So vnwu Let cool before siiciviQ . 

Qaiifornia^jcc^ £ausdqe (asseroi^ 


X \b. loose vvuld sansaae Vz c. chopped 
% e, chopped ovuow areen pepper 

} fc c t chopped celery 1 can vnushrocwisoup 
1 can wader chestnuts 1 can coyisomnve 
(cut up) and juice I e, uncooked rice 
toasted almonds 

tyrowvv sausaqe and onions, VraXw. Cow 
b'uxe ad 'uigredieuts and put uv t at, 
ay 'eased casserole, Cosier \0\tdv almonds . 

&ake covered for two hours uv35D" oven. 



/V^j yavor'ite ft\u& \oaf„€ Uzabethttugain 

1 cfresfo or canned 
mushrooms, chopped 

i c. cracker crumbs 

2 caas, beaten 
1 c, half i hal{ 
& slices bacon 

Z Vz \bs. ground ^eal 

Vz lb. ground cured Uant 
1 Xsp, salt 
4 tbsp. catsup 
4 tbsp. horseradish 
4 tbsp. chopped grccw 


AWy all ingredients ioaetker except the bacon. 
Shape into Up of and place Uv baking pan with 
4 slices of bacon under the loaf. Vlacc the 
remaining bacon on^top. ¥>ake at 31 5" ~for 
Vh. krs. 

C\ra^ij : 

4 ibsp. meat loaf dr typings i c. sour creanc 
4 tbsp. -flour salt i paprika, 

1 c . Hot Water tt> taste 

l^moyc vncatfronv pan . t\c\A f lour to {he 
drippings and smooth to paste. Add hot 
Water and stir o\?ir lo\v heat until Vnick. 
•Add remaining Ingredients. Series 10. 


mm sAuce 

fiarbecuo §auce Sue BouUtin 

Ym c. vinegar 
x iz c . water 
2 tbsp. sugar 
1 tbsp. mustard 
Vz tsp. pepper 
1 Vx tsp. salt 

*M tsp. crashed 
red pepper 
i thick slice lemons 
Vz onion, sliced thin 
*M c. margarine 
*fi c. ccxtswp 
Z tbsp. Worcestershire; 

Combine first W ingredients In saucepan and 
simmer uncovered 10 minutes. Add remaining 
ingredients and bring to rotting bolt. Tour over 
single layers of chicken pieces, pork chops or 
ribs in Fyrex baking dish. Cover with f oil and 
bake at 350" for V/z hours. 

Spaghetti §auce lcuu3romu 

Z lbs. cooked hamburger 1 fact?) can 
Vfa c- chopped onions tomato paste 

*M C. chopped areen pepper t{$oz) Can 
I ctoVc garlic tcnuxtc sauce 

I tbsp. Worcestershire 1 can Xovnatocs 

Z tbsp. chili powder 3 tbsp. sugar 
salt and pepper to taste, 

hK'ui ait 'utarcdicnts and cook. slvwU^ for 
4 to 5 hours. 


*Jez:d?£t fauces for ftanv-VebbieSmttk 

l(lOcz))ar pmeappie % small jar 

preserves t vnustarcC 

1 (id czjjar apple jelly y * small jar 


Combine ail uuyredients and- let sit -for 
a while. Serv'e with Warn. 

\\ot ft\iistard 

Hancij \~i\les 

Z beaten eqqs 
1 C. suqar ' 

1 c - vmtaar 
1 can Coleman's 
dry mustard 

tAUf vinegar and nvusiarcl. Set aside ~for- 
Z kours, then Weaito boiling point . Mif 
ifyfyS and Siea,ar, tlxtn slowfy stir in Wot 
mustard . Use on Wam)puro ) trs ) kant sand- 
w)iche$, or WitW ana \neai dislt. Vduteso'ith 
sour cream jor -turkeM sandw'iehes, 

^ye> Of ^OUnd ^OUCC VatYaaa 


1 c. or anae juice 3 

Vi c sou sauce wine vinegar 

Tkis is s'uwpie aad delicious. Hit makes a, 
wcyvderful "company" vneal, using footer 
vice. Add a salad and bread... and that's 




Artichoke Hearts 176 

Barbecue 172 

Bean Casserole 177 

Bodini 179 

Broccoli Casserole 177 

Brunswick Stew 

Crock Pot 183 

Mom's 183 

Casserole, Easy 185 

Casserole Supreme 173 

Cheez Whiz 185 

Chicken Breasts in 

Sour Cream 173 

Chicken Breasts Supreme. .174 

Chicken in the Bag 181 

Cordon Bleu 173 

Croquettes 27 

Divan, Easy 177 

Dumplings 21 

Easy 181 

5-Can Casserole 182 

Hawaiian 171 

Herbed Chicken Supreme . . 182 

Hot Chicken Salad 116, 182 

Jubilee 171 

Macaroni Bake 180 

Mushrooms 26 

Onions 178 

Philippine Breast, Easy . . . .172 
Pie 184 

Quick 184 

Poulet a la Shaheen 176 

Ridiculous 184 

Rolls 175 

Sandwiches, Baked 66 

Sherried Casserole 174 

Spaghetti 180 

Sunday Chicken in the 

Oven 181 

Tahiti 172 

Treasures 185 

Wild Rice Casserole 179 

Wine and Carrot Sauce . . . .178 


with Mushroom Wine 

Sauce, Stuffed 186 



Avocado 189 

Burgers 69 

Casserole 188 

Deviled 188 

Murrell's Inlet Casserole . . .187 

Pie 187 

Toasted Sandwiches 69 

FLOUNDER, Baked 190 

LOBSTER. Roy's Stuffed . .190 


Casserole 191 

Escalloped 191 

SCALLOP Pie 192 


Casserole 200 

Casserole, Royal 201 

Noodles Au Gratin 189 

St. Helena 199 

Thermidor 200 


Bar-B-Q 195 

Cantonese 198 

Chinese Fried 197 

Creole 192 

Creole, Easy 194 

Creole with Cheese Rice ... 193 

Curry with Green Rice 196 

Feta 199 

Marinated 51 

Mousse 197 

Salad 120 

Sandwiches 71 

Scampi, Tasty 194 

Wild Rice 195 


Casserole 202 

Casserole, Jiffy 202 



QYdckcn Jubilee 

Nancy LujUs 

M fruers quartered 

Z tsp. salt 

Vz. c. b utter, vneXXed 

Vh tsp. ptppcr 

1 c. water 

Vz. c. brown sugar 

1 med. onions, suced 
1 (11 oz) \>o\\U< chui sauce- 
1 tbsp. Worcester shire 
1 c. sherru 

1 (16 oz.) aw- bing cherries, 
pitted and dramed 

Place- chicken- On shallow roasting pavi,$\em- 
Side up, season and dribble With- butter, d>roil 
under medium- flame until brown-. Combine* 
remaining hiaredients except wine and- merries, 
niw thoroughly and pour over ducket. Cover en- 
tire pan with- foil wrap. Bake- Ihr. at 315° had 
wine and cherries and- remove foil the lasb 
15 nun. of roasting tune. Place on platter and 
pour sauce overall. Serves lb. 

Meredith Slanc 

QcuOmv \\ocd)a\xW(i 

3 chucktn breasts, haWed- 

x fa c. butter 

1 uut-(2> i /zo7.) crushed 

1 can- (13 & oz) puteapple- 

tidbits, drained 

Plate- chicken-, skin side- up, in baking dt-sh. 
P\tlt butter. Add pineapple, then regaining 
ingredients . Pour over ch*cKen , bake- at 350" for 
one hour, bastina often with- sau-cc- Arranqe- 
chlcktn on platter. co\)tr with- sauce-. Hice 
stWe-d with not fluffu rice-, garnished with- 
pineapple slices or slicks. 

Vz. c. \iant com syrup 
l M c. lemon )uic& 
L tbsp. soy sauce- 
1 tip. ginger 
I tsp. salt 
Vz i$p. pepper 


i m 


1 chicken, cut up 
l M c- flour 
Vm tsp. salt 
pepper to taste 

Hora- lit ley 

I sticks nuxrqarine 
I bottle Kraft's Sweet 

and Sou-r Dressing 
1 can- pineapple tidbits, 


Coat chicken- vV\th seasoned flour and- brown 
in- vncvraar'me. Vlace in bateinq dish-, add 
sauce and pineapple. 6ak£- at 350° for 45 win. 
or until tender . Series H . 

^asy p Wiippine ftreast o\ (hkkav 

Judy ttustruuit 

^'(o chicken breasts, 3 M c, unsweetened 
skin removed puwapple juice- 

l /H C vintaar */q t. sou saucer 

\K>asW ckicktn y then plaee in batuna cUshwitin 
r\)o side up. Miy- U-qyuds and pour over chicken . 
Cover vOik-h aluminum, foil and- bake- at 425* 
for 25 win, WncoVer and bake- another 7S> nuu. } 
basting oxasioHutUj, 

fyarbtCUt QlUfcav Jeandte VaVtnp ort 

x /z stick margarine- 1 sliced onion 

1 c. vwueaar salt 

Z tbsp- catsup pepper 

Z tbsp. Worcestershire 1 c\dicken-,cutup 

Place- alt ingredients except chicken- in baking 
dish- and place in ov>en . Allow nuxraarine to 
vneAt as oven- heats. f\dd chicken- to sauce, 
cover, and bake at Hoo° for 1 hr. 'Removc- 
Chickin to another pan and brown- at 450* for 
15 nun. Thicken- sauce withflour and serve. 



Chicken ttreasts tit Zour Cream 

^ * U ^ fAaru Stcunitu, 

4 tbsp.f [vur 1 e white Wuac or skerrij 

1 /l pt. sour creanv- pepper 

1 can- cream- of garlic salt [optional) 

mushroom soup 4 chicken breasts 

Miy- f Lour With- sour cream . Combine witiv alt 
other ingredients except chicken-. Place ctucken 
in bateing cUsk- Oftd- pour mixture ovtr tuevn, 
bake at 350" for lVi krs. Serves 4. 

QttOfWd (jlSStro\& fyiprw\& Grate Scott 

3 ckvekew breasts , heaved, 1 (^or.) plea, dried beef 

dtboned and peppered L small can/ sliced 
6 strips of batoyu vnwhhrooms 

1 ceuv mushroom soup i carton 50ur cream 

Wrap bacon- around chicken and place- in 
casserole o\?tr dried beef. Pour ov'er this the 
mushrooms and- soup, Add sour cream. Bake 
at 215° for l l lz-5hours. 

QHkketl fyrdOtl fyiZXl AuaustaUidwlson 

6 boneless chicken breasts 3 Aj e melted- margarine 

6 thin slices ham- V tbsp. mustard 

6 slices Swiss cheese seasoned breadcrumbs 

Lay hanu and cheese slices on- flattened chicken 
breasts. fZpli- up and secure vodh tooVnpicks. 
Pip in a vnvfoare of vncvrqarwte anct mustard . 
"Roll ut bread crumbs, Vtace wi buttered baking 
desk. Cover and baiee at S5o for U5~5D nun. 



1 can cream of vwashroovn soup 

1 tsp. poultry seasoiuna 

Vm tsp. salt 

Vz c. vuuti 

I (1Z oz.) piegs. frozen, chicken- breasts 

V.4 c grated American cnetse 

In targe skillet vOtttv cover, covnb'me first 4 
ingredients. A\iY v^eil ) bring to a- boil outer 
low tteat , A&ot froLcn cklcfcen breasts. Cover 
anot cook- over low l/teat 15 mm. Uncover; 
carefully separate ckicteeH- pieces . Vlace- 
breasts , meaty sides down, in sauce. Cover 
and cook 20-25 nun. longer, or until tender. 
To serine, rental ch-vekeu- in sauce, turning 
pieces witaty $idi$ up. Spruikle with cheese ; 
put under broiler long enough, to w£lfc and- 
brown cheese abit. If preferred , transfer 
chicken vMxfture to sUallovv' casserole before 
broiling. Serves 4~b. 

tywcriuX QiicteeH/ (asseroi^zvahustm 

4 chicken breasts 



1 can cream of- chicken soup 
Vz soup can Water 

2 tosp- cooking skerry 

Season- chicken breasts. Mvy- soup, water and- 
skerry, Place Chick-en uv art ased casserole 
dish and- cover with soup nu-y. Cover and baize 
at 325" for I hr. Serve over cooked- rice, us' u ^g 
sauce as grarg. 



Trances Austin 

SVz Up. baking powder 

Vi c. snoriewJno) 

3 /m c- milte, 

J /3 c. L'ujkt cream 

1 (6 oz..^ out/ mushrooms 

10 sliced Water chestnuts 

Qnickttv £otls 

5 lbs. cku%en 

4 tbsp. butter 

5 tbsp. f bur 
3 tbsp- chopped owwento 
3 c. f bur 
1 Va Up. salt 

4 tt>5p. cornstarch 

SteW chictecituv5 c. water wdtv £ tsp. salt. 
C00L KekK^\/e Ute- meat. £izw> bones 45 mm. 
Strain, broth, and add vOaitr to make 5 cups. 
Cool and skuw broth. Qvrind meat. VWsxtie 
sauce of putter, £tbsp. flour and 3 c. broth. 
Myp Welt W)\tVc chickcu\ season, with saw 
avid pepper y and add chopped pimento. Cool 
in. refrigerator. Sift 3c flour, salt ajndba&ng 
poa>d£r. Add shortening and cut m, well. 
Add wiidk, and creamy blend well. "Roll to I9"x 
12" x V4." Cut ut Half ■ Spread Won; of ductot- 
ow one kalf (aii but bacJe edge). I^dU front to 
bacte; pinch to seal. Repeat With other katf. 

CkXil rolls. Cut into slices 1 y I%" vrade uu/t put on 
qr eased fait du cr^olet^ ske^t. Cover and chill or 
•\rteze antd needed, oake at 315" fvr 3d win. 
thrown under broiler. Serve with, sauce made 
b\j bo'dmcj 2c. broth with mushrooms (and \iquufy 
and water chestnuts , thickened With corn- 




pouid d ids ^kahtOV Martha. ^arborougk 
Vz c. chopped onions 3 t. chicken- stocks 

Vz c. chopped ceUra 
1 fAi c chopped apples 
h tbsp. butter 
fe tbsp. flour 

1 scant tbsp. curru 
powdtr blooded with 
1 tbsp . nolfe. to motee 
a paste 

3 c. wo^ed chuk^yv 

Saute onw^, ctlerij avid apples vn butter until 
soft . Stir in, flour. Add stock, qractualkj, stir- 
ring and heating to make a smooth, sauce. f\c\d 
carry powdtr avid meat, Qefr'iqerate, H-fA 
hours avid reheat to serve. Pass coconut, raisins, 
peanuts y ehatneij avid /or erijstaiUied sliced 
ginger. Can. be served over rice or alone, h 
cyeat do - aviead dish. Serves 12. 

Qxickav and ^rtU^tee^earb^A^Ka^es 

Z (14 ox) tans artichoke Z tsp. lemon juice 

kearts, drained t chopped 1 t5p. curry powder 

3 c. cooked , diced 'chicken, 1 74 c. grat&t 
Z cans' creawc cf sharp cheese 

chicXievi soup Pepper Ldqe Tarnv 
1 C. mcv^ovmai&e Dressing 


Spread chicken, and artichokes m ar eased 
casserole ■ Combine- next 5 (nor cedents t spread 
over darken- mixture. Spread dressing mut 
over tcp and dot with butter. Sake at 350' for 
25 kRui. until bubbly. Scr^e over ncc. Series lp. 


1 can- whole grtewbeans Hi c.vnanonvuxxse 

1 c. chopped, cocked chicken araiect chextdcxr 
1 can cream of chicken soup 

place drained green- beans and chicken- m greased 
casserole. AUv- souv't mayonnaise together, then powr 
over chicken . Cover w'ltk cheese . ftake 350" for \b-lD 
wwi. until cheese melts. Serves^. 

Qhicktn and fyroccoii (osserole jKoryA^oft 

3 chicken breasts 1 c.fioUawdaise sauce, 

1 box -frozen broccdh sour cream or oleo 

1 can cream of celery soup Zbosp. skerry 
grated Parmesan, cheese 

hod ch^ckzn- \knba-tender , remote stem and bones. 
tyriafc. uaXo rough slices. Cook- broccoli -not too 
soft. Pal chicken, i broccoli m loners deal Hz at. 
casserole and pour o\?tr d dvmeture of soup, 
\\o\tandaise , and siterrij. Sprinkle par meson- on- 
top and bake at 350" for at least 3D mm,., or until 
liqhtUj browned. 

VwUt West 

£ asy Qxickat pivait 

6-8 chicken- breasts, cooked 
fresh or frozen- broccoli, 

cooked but crisp 
Z cans cream of chicken- soup 

Plate broccoli in- greased casserole. Cover w'dti 
chicken . Top With- mufcure of next 4 tingredieuXs. 
Sprinkle w'dh- cheese \ bread crumbs . Bake at 35o' 
for 25 min. Can\>emade t refrigerated before- \>ak\ng. 

1 c. wuhjomtaiso 
I tsp- lemon juicc 
Hi tsp. curru vovoder 
cMeetdar cheese- 




QwXttt witK \$ino (ttuX (currot foauce 

Joanne Milter 

I tsp. qcurlicsalt 

1 tsp. cetera suit 
Vz tsp. tUymt 

Hx tsp- pepper 

2 c. mxtfe 

6 bo not chicken breasts 
l fz stick butter 
1 Vz. c. chopped carrots 
Z c. white vo'ute 
1 Ih c- minced onion 

l M C- flour 

drown, chicken wi butter. Put vwit 7 hu^redieats 
ut blender and grind until carrots are- finely 
chopped, pour litis oVer chicken, co\)er t simmer 
for 30 vnin- Remove chicken and put 'tin, warm 
o\ith. Pour sauce uv blender and add- mUfe- 
and flour- whip until smooth. Pour baeteinto 
pan and heat until tkictcened. Ser^e oVtr rice 
and garuisli wdh- parsley and almonds. Senses 4. 

£a5^J (tikkttl With QUICKS Dot Keams 

b chicken breast WaWes 
1 (8 Vzoz) jar smatl 

vouite onuons 
salt and pepper 

1 can cream of mushroom 

1 Vosp sherry 
74 it>. qrated Cheddar- 

Skin breasts, season wutv salt and pepper, and 
place in casserole dish. Surround with-the 
drained onions. CosJer wittv soup and sherry 
miytwre, . S pr'mtde cheese over top . &akc at 35o' 
covered, for 45 vnin. ~[Wen bake- uncovered for 
45 more- min . 


Qiukav fiodini 

Z c cream of chicken soup 
1 plea, shced almonds 

1 uvrqc can ihctd mushrooms 

2 c. beScur peas 

Combine soup , almovuXs. and mushrooms, iauer 
in larae- deep casserole tne chicken, peas, croutons, 
Cheese and soup- l&peat , f imskin^ witk croutons 
and cheese Bake at 350° -for 45 mm. until buh- 
bU) . Serves 8 - Id. 

Moikak Wood. 

8 chidden breasts, 
boned- \ chopped 
crouton 5 
£ c. Velveeta cheese- 

Qxtikvd cmd ^WA j^lc£ (assuror PatTagq 

1 tsp. ccu^enne,orio\asic 
sprinkle of water 

1 (5lt>.) chidden 

I ptys.w'ddr'uzewnt 

(Mr. Quid's) 
1 [b. hot sausaat 
4 med. onions, chopped 
4 cans cream of mushroom, soup 

Cook, rice in stock, after chicken- has been 
ste-Wed- Try sausage t drain. Saute ohxov\%h\tn 
combine With soup, sausaat and pepper. Piace- 
this vnvdure in a- biAXtered casserole dish. Top 
with cut up Chicken, then- nee (making sure- 
it is v/erij wvtoisb). Dot generousUj with butter 
and top wuh breadcrumbs. Cover Withfod 
and bake for 30 min. at 35o" or uuid bubbUj ■ 
TUt5 redpe is for oe larae crowd . It man be 
halved easily , except do nr>fc half the sausage . 
Trtctes voch. 



QHOdCYV f^OCWroni fyoK&^tAarqaretrolqer 

1 can cream of chicken soup 

l /z c. nu\& 

1 Vz c. coarsela chopped cooked ducket or turkey 

Z c. elbow nuxcarour 

Z tbsp. chopped pimento 

1 tfc?sp. chopped parsley 

Z Vcsp. vuxtered bread crumbs 

Xvt a- lVz. ^t. ca5S^role, bVtnd soup and mUfe/, 
stir in next 4 ingredients . Bake at 350" for 
25 mut. 5tir, then top vditn crumbs. vatie 
5 mat. more,. freeLe leftovers in- serving size 
foil paH5 or piastre containers . This U tspicuxtuj 
useful for single sers/unas. 

(yAlk&V ^pa^Kettt Bootsie Kearns 

1 larcje ken. or turkey leftovers, cooked f sliced. 

L lb. paeon 

Z large cans sliced- w-i/iskroows 

1 large bottle stuff ect olives 

4 Large onions , chopped 

3 large- cans tomatoes 

1 lb. csrated sharp cheese 

Put tomatoes, onions, salt and tap as co to taste 
in larae pot. U^ktle tKetj are cookJurg on medium 
heat , \r\\ bacon-, drain, and break, into small 
pieces. Add paeon, sliced olives avid chicken 
to tovnxrtoes . 

If possible, cook. 1 bo* of spaghetti ur- 
Cnicken broth, -fat last wunide add grated cheese. 

to sauce. 


fTaSy QhiCkCyV BeVerlu Kpovxtz- 

Lou floured, salted, chicken, pieces ut Uu~ge 
areased baking &isu. Cs\)er witli a little welted 
margarine. Bake uncovered at 350" for Lkour, 
four ov/er chicken *~ 1 cait of cream, of chicken, 
soup Wlactc kas beat wiiyed vulttt 7z canxVater. 
Coi/er baking dish with, lid or f od <and veiurw 
io oven about 3o Min. Serv'e vcaitt r Vce- . 

^vundaij Quckett lathe Q\/ett 

PolUj r^inahanv 

Place serving size, pieces of fryer lvl baking 
dtstr Witk- stem side ap. Sprinkle With salt, 
then add- flour unUl chicken 15 ahnost com- 
pleteUj covered- Pot eaeR piece u>ittt. tlntj bits 
ofmaraarme, or butter, using less than, Vh 
i>tick. Place in- 515° 01/eu ; brown, tke*r pour 
3 cups Warm, milk, o\?er chicken. Cover with 
foil, and continue^ cooking unhl done, appro*. 
1 Vz. Krs. (Tku Ls a good meat "to prepare before 
leavina for church . Let tke Chicken cook, until 
almost done, turn off ov/en- and leave it to 
sunnier until uou qetkome.) 

QliCleetb itt tke ^a^ Eva Petl AWrsk. 

Coat a 3 lb. u> Hole fryer, frozen, wdhmwrqarinCj 
salt, pepper and a generous amount of 
seasonma sad. Place grocery baa on its side- 
on a cookie sheet. Put- cMlc&en'inthe middle 
and papercup the baa together. &ake at 400" 
for Z. hours. (6aa wulnot burn) Sut baa and 
remove browned, ftrd. you- vnau also use- 
several Cornish kens, but reduce cooking time* 
to one, hour. 




j^erbed, Qiictetri ^apremc Mary Irene Foster 

1 ( 3 - 3 Vz lb) chicken , cooked ana- dcced 

1 can cream of chicken- soup 

1 (Box.) pfcg. Herb Seasoned Ptpptr'uXaeTarvw 

3 Vz c. cwUkeu- stocks 

Place chicken- iw greased 1Z"jc7"x Z'/z" bateing 
ax$h. Spread 5owp oi/er ckickew as eVep-vUj as pos- 
sible. Cover with- staffing. Pour warm, chicken. 
Stock, ov'er stuff tag: be swrg to \Vet all the nu^. 
J3atee uutcoi/erect at 350" for 1 kr Series 8. 

5~ QW- (CLSSeVOlC Anaelin Sue LacW; 

L can chUktw noodle soup 
I caw creant of ceteru soup 
1 caw- CXxvnest Chow Mem noodles 
1 small caw boned chxekew 
1 smati can- condensed^ nolle. 

Mui, undiluted, the contents of ail 5 cans u-^a 
casserole dish. AW up ahead of time- . Bake 
uncovered at 525" for 30 vuwi . Stir t serine. 

\\ot Qxickai ^alad Joawwe Hour 

3 C. cMrckewor turkeu 

Z cans cream, of chickew soup 

2 c. chopped- celery 

1 tbsp. chopped ovwow 

pepper to taste 

Vz tsp. salt 

1 c. mxujovmaise- 
1 c. cracker crumbs 
6 kara-cooleed 

eggs, chopped- 
1 c-. siU'ered almonds 
Z tsp. lemon, \uiee- 

AW together, -then, top u'lbk- grated cheese or 
chow? weia noodles. dake at 350" for 3d mivt., 
or 45 mut. if refrigerated. "Freezes nicelu. 



MOttl'S firunSWiCk, §tm> Eleanor latimer 

8 cluoken breasts 

8 oni-cken tkigks 

I lb. fresh porfcham- or loin 

B-iO cons of tomatoes (large) 

lVz qt5. fresk butter bums (3U>s) or 

3d. lb.) pkgs of frozen- baby limas 
6 ears of corn, or 1 (L lb.) pka frozewvOkite 

snoe peg corn 
Zo w-ediuni Xvisk potatoes 
t oviiotts (qooctslte) 
sail, pepper, several daskes red pepper, lawry's salt 

Tlus must be o^oleed. in a. large, keayy pot .,an- 
electric Uesco cooker or roastuu^ pan set at 35o° 

Cook- toqether chicken pieces , pork, /'cut up) and 
three cans tomatoes ■ Cook, slowly until ctaeken 
Comes off bones. Pick, out ail bones, hddbutter 
beans, onions ana- potatoes. Cook slowly for 
3 more uours ; axXdina tomatoes as needed. 
(Canned tomato t juice are only hayids needed) 
Add corn avid cook, another hour until con- 
sistency £5 right. NeVer use cuuj vdat&r. This 
takes eiqktor nine krs. of cooking. Be sar^ to 
stir often 1o keep itfww. sii citing. This -freezes 

(YtfCie pot firimswick §t£vv> - h)ouVe\l/AarsW 

3 wed. potatoes, tubed i (16 oz.) can tomatoes 
1 (10 ozl) pkej. frozen Umas iwdrauied i cut up 

1 (10 oz.) pkej. frozen cut otent 1 tbsp. snqcvr 

1 Go oz)ptetj. frozen com- itsp.satt 

3 C-. cooked ekicteen, diced x k tsp. pepper 

1 c. chicken broths 1 bay leaf 
Vr tsp. around cloves 

Cook, S~iO krs. over bw keat. 



A\ari/j Walker 



pastry for two crust pid/ 
6 tbsp. vutter or marqar'vnc 
Z c. chopped- cooked chicken 
1 /h tsp. ptppcr e Vi tsp. salt 
z /3 c. chicken- brotW 
2 {3 c. creawi of chickerv soup 
3 hard-boded eaas, sliced 

Prepare pastry, Vwide- mtoin^o parts, rollout 
and place 'm ic>" xk"x 1 Vz" unck^ baking pan. 
N\t\i butter, add chickzn- broth- and soup. had 
chicken. Vowc'vaXo pastry lined pan- . TopwJdh- 
sliced eaas, then rest of pastry. Vwch- eages to- 
gether, pake at 425" for 35 kvuk. \^\jdd-b5tr^m^ 

Quick- ChiCkin Pit Carolyn Redone 

1 stewing ^aen . 1 Vz 6. chicken, broth 

i stick- wiaraarmo 1 l /x c. o'^aywek 

I ca^ cream- of i x l% e. sweet milk. 
Chicken- soup 

Coole chXckevv and remove- from. bone.. Place m 
areased casserole disn. Cut up butter over 
chicken. N\i^ soup and broth- to qetHer \ pour 
o^er cniclien . Then wai- Qisauicfc and vvviik 
a\\d spread over chicken, bake at 3^cfatx>nt 
one hour uvdii aolden brown. 

QttCkitl ^UiiCUlOllS Harriet Mattes 

Co\)er b chicken breasts witty: 
1 bottle Russuirr dressuiq 
1 envelope Liptcvt- Onion- boup niuf 
1 jar apricot preserves 

Sbake uncovered at 350° for 1 hour. 


Ghick&vlrtClSurtS L dluan^ Smitlv 

Z c cubed cooked chicken l /z Up. salt 

Z c. chopped celdru 1 c. mayonnaise- or 

Vz c. chopped, toasted salad dressing 

abnonds l /z c.gratecl 
Z Vosp. lemon- )uicc Amerlccuv cheese- 

ZXsp. graled onion 8-10 patty shells 

Af[yt ad ingredients together. CDokaLO-kejz-yij 
stelUet over low heat about 15 -2D mxn. Serve, m 
patty skelis. Q\oo<t cold screed on, lettuce-. 

£a5lj tyUCkwl (\lSSCroit \LatXn$ Blue 

1 c. dry rice 1 Id dz) carton sour cream- 

cnicktn thighs or breasts 1 c. Water 

(enou^k to coVtr rite) Lpteg. Upton- Omovi Soup 

i can- creavH of mushroom, soup 

Layer dru r'uze on- bottom, of qreased- cas^role . 
Place- raw chicken on, top. Mi^ together neit 
3 Uu^redient'b ; pour oi^er chicken . Spr'mJfde- 
dr\A, onion soup ontop. Batee 0^.32.6" "fbrZkrs. 
Sprudnte i^'Ltii/ water vohdt baiuuq if too dry, 

Quez, \\?hii Qucketv drittTuso^ 

1 c. water 

1 large jar Ckeez, Wkiz: 

1 can or cam of cnicken soup 

Z or 3 Ometctn- breasts, cooked and boned 

1 c uncooked minute ruc 

1 pfeg. Woccoh 

Combine- first 3 ingredients and heat untd 
vnuftd welt , Pour o\?er tite other unaredients 
ac greasect casserole-, bake at 35b°for 
3p nan. 



f\\xs\vrooy^\^mt ^avtcv Laura, Am* 

1 (boi) pka. lonq gram, t wildrice- mx^ 

2 Vz c. cki-cfeevv broth 
Vi c ^Uxect celery 

Vi c. Slited or ecu ovwons 

2 /5 c. sliced water chestnuts 

1 (Sot) can chopped mushrooms, drawled 

dp Vosp. melted butter or marqar'uxe- 

Z Vvsp. soy sauce 

4 Cornish hens 


melted butter 

mushroom vdvne sauce H strdvnqs 

Vftpare ruze- mif accordxnq to package directions, 
substituting checken brotu-f or Water; cool, Add 
next b ingredients . Toss \iahklu. 

5prlnfete- 'inside of hens with salt ' then stuff 
hqht\u With rice mixture-. (Extra rice can- be 
batiea about 30 nwt, and served- as a side dish') 
Truss hews, and- place breast side up ih- shallow 
roasting pan. bake at 375" for 50 to bO nun. 
or until juice runs clear when pricked- witl\-a 
forte- j baste frequently with- melted butter 
dur'una cooking. Keser^e- pan drippings for 
sauce. SerVe hens with Mu-Shrooyn-Xvine Sauce--. 

Vz Dp. fresh mushrooms, reserved pan dnppuiqs 
sliced 3 t\)5pdrijwhite\r'uic 

l M c melted butter 1 tbspslucd qrttn omens 

Saute mushrooms dv butter : set as'ule. Combine 
pan dripp'utgs,w'u\e 1 areen onions in a- svnalt- 
saucepan \ place over high heat, and cook- until 
reduced by half (about ID nun- .). KemaVe fvovn- 
heat ; stir in mushrooms and butter. 



Crab pi 


1 lb. cmbm&it 
dish pie* crusts 
Z Cups asparagus 

1 (MAp mayonnaise* 
3 chopped bo\\ed eaas 
'/t c-up celery .chopped 
Z tsp. (Mopped* qreerv onions 
I %/ Cups ^ra't^dx ch<£ddar 

\~ate& pi& crusts and u^Odv chives. 
Vlaee* drained asparagus mXo pie, crusts. /v\l\ 
-the -first (o hvc]redievits and pour into pit 
shells D\)er asparagus. &akt at 375* for 30 nun, 

Myrveils \nkt \$6$iyo\t Carlcm dlackmon 

Z tbsp graxftj- making 

1 e. mdk* 

1 lb. wkde crab\ntat 

I stick/ butter lmarqarin& 

1 medium onion* 

Z stalks celerij 

% small areen* pepper 

/Vjelt butter m medium- sited skiiUt. Mince* \Pcry 
■fine, the onion*, cetera, and pepper. Add to batter. 
Qoo\v Very slowly until tender ) but not browrt. Add 
flour and* stir vOdl, toohuu] for Z mm. ■Add nvuk. 
and cook*' until very thick, -Allow to cool. pLCtcover 
c-rabmeat well to tccsen* and remove* shell. In 
large* bow L, add cream* sauce nurture*, plus : 

Z tbsp.Vdorcestershire 1-4 hard-Wuidtgys, 

1 tsp. dry mustard chopped(opt) 

-tabus co 5auce Vq £. mayonnaise* 

plend carefulUj to aVo'ut breaking up crabnveat*. 
Put in casserole and co\)er~ top with*- crushed 
Corn flakes. BaJee at 3*50° for 45 nun*. 
Svrves b. 


I M! 


(rob ^asserclt 

Liuyans Smith 

3 c. crab meat 

1 x /z c. mayonnaise 

] lt green, pepper y chopped, 

Z c. celery , chopped 

1 medium, onion ^chopped 

n\\4 &h ingredients excepi crumbs. Put \xi buttered, 
casserole and top \Vith crumbs, bake at350°for30 
minutes. Series 10-12. 

1 tsp. salt 

Ztsp. Worcestershire 
pepper tb taste" 
V/zC. buttered 
bread crumbs 

\)c\)'iUd Crab 

-£ iizabdh Vunbar 

1 caw crab meat (drained) 

1 eyq 

Z tbsp. chopped onwn, 

'/4 c. chopped arem pepper 
3 /4 C cracker crumbs 

1 '/i bbsp. mai\onnaise 
1 tbsp. prepared 

1 tbsp. vJorctsXershwes 

N\^x vddl. Yui utto cyreased bakxna shells or 
casserole dash. Sprinkle vodh paprika,, &ake at 
350° until bnnvH. SerVe, Wot. Series Zor2>. 


(jCOb WitK ftyocado Frances Frye 

3 small avocados, halved 
1 [b.-frcsh, lump crabmcat 
he mayonnaise 

Juice ofZ lemons 
3 harcv-boiled eaos 
''lisp, curru povoacr 

■nty crabmcat with mayonnaise k lemon juice. 
Season to taste with salt k pepper- Stuft avocado 
halves. Sieve cc]as I mix With curry poidde^then 
spread overtops of the stuffed avocados. 

$erfoO& l goodies A^ (jyctiwi-, Vavis 

l^M c. broad noodles 
3 Vosp. butter 
1 clove, aarho^rusWed 

Z X/ h c. sliced fresh 

1 can or 1 cup oooHd 

1 c. looked skr'imp, 

split in half 

Cook- noodles untd tender. Pram, s&t aside-. 
h\e\X b idler in skillet, and add garuo and 
mushrooms. Saute* until s tightly browned. 
Acid lobster and shrimp. t\cat . 
N\_ake a cream- sauce of- 

3 Vosp. butter 

3 tbsp. flour 

l'/z. C- milk, 
\N' hem thickened, add 3 /m e. cheddar cheese. 
5tir over low heat until \ust melted. Add some 
c\round pepper and 1 tsp. lemon )iuce. Vour over 
seafood and na% lightkj. Tut noodles in bottom 
of b-cup casserole". Tour sauce over noodles y 
top votfM, Ym c. ekeddar cheese. Brod until 
Cheese babbles, Can' be made aheajt ) omitUnA 
cWiese topp V KC\ until read ij io broil. Serves (o. 


&aW/ flounder tttva-knws 


¥2. c. chopped- onhOYv 
Yy c. chopped areew 

Z lbs. flounder -[diet 
Z tjpfp. lemon )uicc 

3 M C- V-&JUlCCy 

Vz c. chopped cclerij 

Vlace fillets In areas eed pakina disks. Sprinkle 
vodH lemon yuice. Bake for \o mm- at 350° 
Combine ]uitb and/ chopped. Vegetables un <a- 
<scvacepah awed simmer for \0 mm. Dram 
liquid from, "fish- before pour una sauce o\)ar 
it. $akefor \5 vniw. vnore or until fvsW 
flakes when tested. Serves h. 

fioy 5 $hrffal Jobsfer 

l /z c diced mushrooms 

l M c. ckoppeA. owiow 

1 tbsp. butter 
1 tosp. flour 

(p ~ 7 oz . crabmeat , 

btmovi wedges 


l fi) tsp salt 
doth pepper, qpedic 

1 sUghtUj beaten. 
egg yolk. 

2 lobster fads 
4 VPS>p. mOXid butter 

T\c SduCepoM- cwfo cmoa and. ntu^k-rocms 1V1 "tig* 
Zfbsp. bw^fey*: stir in flour and. seas onmaf 
•f\dd yvulk draduaUu cooteawx tdl -tkickeevud- 
bubftUj. 5tCr Some or fe wu\Wre Into beaten 
e<>Q yw. Return alt ft saucepan. Cov\tand stir 
o\Ajl more mmute, f\dd crab meat oxrefuXUi, 

Cvok IvbsteY tdds mJaX done anA remove meat, 
^'nt lobster rneat in bxroe ckuw&L hack, udv 
lobster skins and coper vjdk crab meat mixture - 
^piAce m shallow baJtwuj diih and Da)te waczpvceti 
hi 3l£" oven for \o - IX yam. Serve \r>dW lem>o^ 
vOea^es cuid r^n^iww buffer. Serves Z. 


fecdllop&i OijSlc 


Sarah Yoscue 

Vz c. bread, crumbs lrlh,qt$* oysters 

1 c. Saltine cracker crumbs 2 oyster liquor 
I stick, melted, margarine Z tbsp. md\c 

Spread half of crumbs thaxli\ on bottom of left. 

rectanaalar casserole. Add- layer of ousters 

(1- la ats.), seasoned to taste, four over oysters: 
Z tbsp. oijster liquor vOittt 1 tbsp. mak- 
er crtam. 

Add other Waif of cr'ambs en "top of oysters . 

Preheat oven to 4oo° then turn down to 3ZS° 

Cook -for 30 mm. 

Ouster Casseroi^ 

1 pt. steM?\MO) oysters 

voitK liquor 
1 c. soft breadcrumbs 


l'/i tsp. lemon \uice 

one b>ouldm 

1 swiatl oyuovI', 

chopped fine 
sail and pepper 
'M tsp. dry mustard 
dasvv of vO or cester store 

&end ousters and\uue i\v electric biznderor 
Chop Vera fine. Ada other ingredients, except 
eg9 s ' y heat - V>eat ega s and add to heeded mixture . 
Tour into butteredc Casserole and top with. Kerb - 
■SfhvOored dressing mix. ~X)ot With butter anci 
SpraikXe \Oith paprika, 
pake Ao-4o minutes cd 350? Serves ^.((aiubc 
made a dau ahead , but don't top witH- cairns 
nntd ready to bake) 


Scallop P& 

vol Y0SCM& 

Z tbsp- sherry 
So VaX-l crackers 
1 stick butter 
% C- freshly grated 
Varmcsayv cheese 

3 Af lb. scallops 

Z tbsp. levwowjiuct or 

1 can cream of 

mushroom soup 
{ fa Cup parboil \Oater 

Parboil scallops Z'3 miau-tes in 1 tbsp. Umoui 

\uvce or Vinlaar Vraen, and reserve Vh cup 

ff the parboil vOaicr. 

Tixce scallops in L?"\ IP" 'casserole. Make cream 

Sauce b\\ yvuxuie] mushroom soivp,parbo\lwatcr, 

and sherry. ?o\Xr oOex scaiXops. 

Top vOiifa Kitz cvackers, bidder, and parmesan- 

cheese, Bake- ZO minutes at 2>5d° 

Shrimp (yeol& 

2 c. cooked shy inw 
4 iarae tbsp b idler 
Vz c. diced celeru 
Vz c . chopped onion 
'A c. chopped green pepper 
Z cans tomatoes 
1 tsp salt 
'/4 tsp. pepper 

Sarah foscae 

Z tbsp. Worcestershire 
1 clove aar lie, mashed 
W tsp paprika 
1 tbsp. lemon juice 
Z tbsp. minced parsley 
3 tbsp- -flour 
1 tsp. celeru seed 
Z bai\ leaves 

Z tsp. suaar 

BroiVyi ceievu onions, peppers la butter; add 
parsley and flour VOhen blended, add tomatoes t 
seasoning and shrimp. Cook. \0 mux. over low) 
heal. Pour over- vice. Serves 4-5. 


gHrimp Qrcok wii\v(hccs(y^icc 


'fa c butter 

1 c. chopped ovuew 

1 c. diced celery 

1 clove qarUc, nuncect 

% lbsp.\Upur 

X tsp. salb 

X tsp sugar 

dash cayenne/ 

1 tsp. paprika 
'/z. small bay leaf 
4 drops tabasco 
Vz c- diced artetv 

i (i (b, 3 cz*) cantcma&ei 
t cevek-ed, cleaned 
shrimp (lib. -fresh/ 
or Z-l ot~. cans) 

fr\tik batter. Add onion,, celery, anct^irUc^ 
cook, slowly untit tender. Add ftpur and/ 
scasovhuyi, ; stir until blended. Stir uv 
often pepper and tomatoes. Cook^for to 
minute's ever low heat. Addshrintp and 
keat. SerVe in, not casserole uhed with, 
0\C€S£Zice. 5 erits 6. 

Qdecsc^ice : 

3 o. water I c. shredded, Amer. cheese 

1 ibsp. b utter Z ibsp. finely chopped- onion, 
1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. mustard, 

V/x c uncopVieet regular rice, 

vrma water to boil. Aad butter salt and/ 
rUe<. firing to boil\ reduce 'heal-to low and, 
cook,, coy erect, ZD-Z5 vniuutes } or until ten- 
der. Stir cheese, onion, , and mustard into 
Wot rice . 


lostlj 5^lmp5 C ^ lW P' l/ flWtU Robert 

2 lb5". cleouteol shrimp 2 cioOes garliCj crushed- 
1 5ttcte butter 1A tb5p parsley 

l /3 c olive* oil salt -to taste 

/Vjett butter ut skillet using low heat. -\dd oil. 
i\dd ■ shrimp. Simmer 5 mm .-A eld renuxin-incj 
inqyedt'Cnts. Cook several minutes, Serves A. 



Eo5M 5^rimp &e>o\jZ/ lovs Markka** 

% C. chopped onion* 

1 medium arecm pepper, chopped' 

h c. chopped celery 

Z Xosp. butter 

Saute' above until tender- about 5 mvnuUs. 
l^evnc-\)£' -frvm heal and, stir in' 

1 can (Boz^) lomcdo senice 1 tsp. parsley 
Vi c \Vatcr Vi tsp. salt ' 

1 bay leaf x % tsp. envprne- 


^irnmcr \o minutes. Add Ipfe^^z") of 
-frozen* shrivnp (thawed^). tortng to boil, 
Cover and cook over medium WeoX \or 5 minutes. 
SerVc overrule. Serves 2. 


&ar~$~Q Shrimp TrisAmas 

Z tbsp lemon )ume- 
1 tsp. Tabasco 
3 Vos p • worocs terskire. 

i v z.-Z Lbs. larae- shrimp 

$ tSf ollVc OU 

cracbe<l blacky pepper 
1 tbsp. salt 

wash shrimp and- spread- in broder paw 
(shells oh). vrvude oliOo oil o\?er shrvmjp. 
Ytppcr shrimp until the-u are fUocie. /V^ly ih& 
rcmauuKa mqredieids ana- pour oVey sfvrunp. 
Cut up bUtter ou top. Broil -for 3-12 menutts. 
"Jast&for doneviess'. 

SerVe- wdh newspaper ow the lable and- 
lets erf- napte-ms. ( EveruoviC' shells hvs own) 
ifaoe Trevici^ bread- ^or soppma. Serves A> 

§krimp e \rfilcl\lLce/ Vebbu Smith- 

2 4 Xbsp. butter 

Vz, lb. -^resh ynushrooms 

1 lb. coo\ed and. peeled 

1 caw artichoke; hearts 
Yz c. Varmesan cheese- 

creanv sauee ; 
M'/^tbsp butter 
?M C. vmlk, 

3 /4 C vohAppina 

t creanv 

f % C. sherry 

1 tpsp.vfcrceslcrslurt 

salt i pepper 

M\elt butter, saute,- mushrooms. Putin Zqt- 
casserole- the foilowinc]: 

1 laaer artichokes 

1 Vainer shrimp 

1 laXjer mushrooms 
N[akc cream soaxce and pour oOcr artichokes, 
shrimp and yuusbirooms.Vut Var meson- and 
paprika on top. f?ake at 35o°^er 3o minutes. 
DtY\)C over \Vildrul. /V\ake {^yearly .Serves (p. 



SHnmf> C Urr t) TammyVkvdenhusvr 

Z tbsp. butter 
1 laraeonicvi, chopped 
Z cloves aarhc 
'/4 tsp. salt 
pepper to taste 
fa c.ycUsms 

4 Vosp. sour cream 
I c. cream-of 

mushroom soup 
t Xsp, curriA powder 

(or to taste) 
1 Lb. cooked sknmp 
Z tsp. lemon/ juice 

Chop onions fW and sautl vViklv garlic Itv butter 
Add salt and pepper. VOhtn onion/ has browned, 
add- soup, carru\po\odeY, shrimp andyahSins. 
-Heat through. jusI before serving, stir in sour 
cream and lemon/ jiuce. Serve with. Qrwiruzc: 

3 c. cooked (I C- uneooked)rico 

1 pkg. frozen, chopped spinach 

Z egc\s } voeh- beaten/ 

1 crTvuIk 

1 tsp. VO or cesser shvre, 

1 tsp. salt 

1 tbsp. ayated onion [or Vi tsp. onww salt) 

s fa c. melted butter 

Vztol c. grated cheddar cheese 

\ha\0 spuiach and dram. Cook rice . \~oss rice- 
and spinach together in deep L at. casserole. 
■Add all other ingredients except butter and 
cheese. Vour ov>er rice rvutfure/ and vyiii. vCcti. 
Spr\nkie butter and cheese over ric&, Sake- 
at 315° -tor So -do minuter 

1 caui diluted tomato soup 

1 lb. cream cheese 

'/z lb. shrimp, broken in small 

pieces (or crab or lobster) 
1 C. mayonnaise 



Z tbsp. unfiaVored 
gelatin, dissolved 
vtv '/l c. cold \/0ater 
1 c-. chopped* celery 
s k c chopped omon< 
{ li c . chopped green^ 

Heat soup to boiling t add cream cheese. Dissolve 
cheese over low heat. t^tmoVe from heat and add 
gelatin. VOhen mixture cools and is starting to set, 
add remaining ingredients. Vour in mold J chill. 

Q\wie6e/~frwi tytrmp Nancy 5 W? 

2 stalks celery With 

leaves, sliced 
1 can mushrooms, drained- 
b tbsp. so ij sauces 
sail and pepper 

1'Z lbs. shrimp (boiled 

and peeled) 
1- 3 cups cooked rite 
3 tbsp. butter 
1 c. thinly sliced onions 
he. Chopped green pepper 

Put butter in large skillet. r\dd onions, green pepper, 
and celerg. Let cook until tender but not too soft. 
-Acid shrimp and mushrooms, jteat thoroughly 
and add sou sauce .Told ui rice. 5easou ultH sddt 
and pepper, needs verij utile because soigsauct is 
sedtg. -Add 3 tbsp- butter before serving. Sou can 
keep this Wary% "for qude a while. This is a- 
recipe to which \\ou can cuid or subtract. 


Shrimp Cantonese- 

\Jal Toseue 



: : 

1'4 lbs", peeled, decerned sit r imp, Halved lengthwise, 

Z tbsp. butter; maraarivie or vegetable ad 

Z c. slued celeri] 

Z c ooargelij chopped ovuow 

1 6[t. iQaT^freshsSpiYLCLCks leasts CoptioviaX) 

1 can (\iooz) mixed Chinese Vegetables 

% tip pepper 

y*\ c soi\ sauce 

1 % c. chicken broth 

Z Vpsp. cornstarch' 

SaaXe shrimp in butter -for 1 minute or itntvl 
shrimp "turns pinK^asinaa larae stedlet. 
Add celery and onions, Cook., stirrmq at least 
Z minutes. Add spinaetv and Chinese vegetables 
\\)hich hare been rinsed avid drained. Cover, 
Cock. 1 mivude. 

$lead pepper, sol) sauce } chicken' broth and 
Cornstarch. Stir into shrimp -vegetable nurture. 
Cook, stirring, until sauce is clear ithietee\\ed } 
about Z minutes. Serve, oVer bed cf fluffy rue 
and/ or Chinese noodles. Series (o. 


f eta $hr imp 

1 C. s\\Ctd OYVWW 

Z cloves garlic, minced 

I tbsp. butter 

Z Vosp. alive oil 

8 C peeled, chopped, 

seeded tomatoes 
I tbsp. ddl 
1 tsp. basil 
Z tsp. s-iiqar 

Cook- oydvyi and garlic, until clear, In* butter anet 
olive oil. Adcl tomatoes, aill, ba^il, sugar and 
wmstard. Cook 15 minutes, or until reduced by 
'/?. Acid shximp, parsUg,vermoutk,salt£ pepper. 
Cook,5\vwi. Vivide 'into 6 servings ( preferably 
ski lbs) and top with/ cheese-. Pa-lee at 450" for 
5 wiuuctes. Str\>es 8. 

Nathalie Wood 

2 tsp. art/ mustard 

3 lbs, sYir'mvp, 
peeled t de veined 

Vz c. parsley 

H tbsp. dry vermcidh 

1 tsp. pc-ppcr 

1 tsp. salt 

1 lb. feta cheese 


5eO(00d £t, f\tlOUi franccs Fr ljc 

2 c. wlutc crabmeat 
Z e. shrimp, cooked e 

4 tbis. bidder 
4 tbls.f bur 

yl^clt buttcV; a^tdf louri liquids to make creeun 
sauce- Season to taste 1 vv'ith sa!i>i: pepper. Put in 
eyecesed casserole. Sprinkle cheese ondoy. 'Bake 
at 350° until hot through * cheese is melted. 

] c. rnLUc 

1 c. light cream, 

\c. qraied , sharp 



I i 


5 tafooA ^\\wrnuAor Beth/H 


cai\enne popper 
4 vosp.arated 

'£} tsp, paprika 
ioot. dry sherry 
3 o.rice- cooked 

1 stick, butter 
12 oz. caw musk-rooms, 

4 cans cream of celery 

(o\ e of assor led seafood 
Case Z%c. cooked shrimp 
and L \ e of crab^neat^or 
savdituteduna,, lobster) 
1 tsp. <^rw mustard. 

Melt butter m [ar^e-fryina paw- Addm\As\vrootns j 
Soap, seafood, and sedsovunas. Stir Well. Add 
cheese and lOme. 5er\>e o\)er rice, toast , or i*x 
pastry shells. Serves \o. 

JCetfoOci CaSSerolc livutcuttheria^t. 

Z lbs. shrimp 
1 lb. crabmeak 

1 c. chopped oraon, 
i e. chopped cetera 

A/[ii above ingredients and marinate Z 1 ! hoars 
in 1 cup Vurteec's sauce and one cup 
mayonnaise. Vui in casserole dish and 
sprinkle rtikW buttered bread criwths. 
Cook at o>5o° until bubblu and brovoned. 


Ygual ^eafood (asserolc Vicki KedcUck/ 

Z cans condensed cream of shrimp soap 
'/l. C- maipnnaisc- 
1 s mail onion , (prated 
3 M C- mdk- 
salt , vvVuXe pepper, seasoned* salt, qrouruL 

vnitmea, and caaenAhe- pepper 
3 lbs. vavo shrimp, cooked avid cleaned 
1 (p\h.oz^) can cvabmeab, drained 
1 (5 otS^i can- watw chestnuts t drained 

and sliced 
1 [/ z c. diced celery 
3 tb$p- nunced -Rresh panslcu 
l'<3 C. uncooked- white- lona avau-v rice } 

cooked unlit dry and fluffy. 
stivcred almonds 

¥dend- soup into manonncuse. incilarqe bovol. 
Stir until smooth . -Ada onwtv, then/ miut . Nlon? 
\>eayw seasoning- use a- lot because- the niec 
and seafood do not have wvuch- flavor. When 
wti\ture i6 well seasoned combine W>dh other 
ingredients except paprika- and almonds. Check 
seasomnas. Add a few tbsp- of milk \$ the multure 
i/» dry ~ a- should bejawuit. PuXinwrgc sfuUlow) 
buttered casserole. Sprinkle vpihv paprika- 
Scalier almonds qevierousla over top. 

tyakjL wicotfered at 35o c '-for ctboul 3o min or 
until hot and bubbly . TVeetes Well- Serves \1. 



%m or (kickwsfasseroU Ktffcj Obi^ 


% Ik macaroni 1% t. miife 

'/x C oroOH. - 0. create* Ckicteen- or 
l /i oi qr#a* pepper cream. of mushroom, 

b tbsp.fat &owp 

x k c flour I c- tuna 

Cool^ KK^caront. Saati ouiou5 and popper? m 
fat. -Add flour and nvdk to make white 
sauce. M[i% w)dh soup and tuna i>v casserole. 
Garnish wtih pinuenips and almonds. ^><vne, 
in a moderate open -for 35 nan. 


Juffu %avi Qt$sero[& 

1 onion, sliced 
1 Vosp. marqariM& 
1 can soup"- shrimp 
or cream of celery 
he. milk 

Lorraine^ Stout 

1 c drained, canned 

1 c. (small can) tuna,, 

broken wt' chunks 
dash of pepper 

Cook onion vn butter tuafil almost tender 
■Add soup, muk, pzas; cover and heat )ust to 
boiUnq , si'irrma occasio^aiiij.irdd tana and. 
pepper d\eat through. Serve over crisp cnovO- 
y\itin noodles. Serves 4. 




i • i 'i 


Brown Betty 205 

Crunch 205 

Deep Dish Pudding 23 


Baked 206 

Ice 206 


Fluff 16 

Pudding 221 

Caramel Crunch 210 

Charlotte Russe 206 

Almond Caramel 21 


Fresh Fruit 207 

Peach 207 

Coconut Delight 208 

Cranberry Casserole 208 


Cheese 208 

Jeff Davis 19 

Mom's Ice Cream 209 

Old Fashioned Boiled . . .209 

Chewy Pudding 222 

Nut Roll 211 

Nut Torte 28 

Delicious Dessert 210 

Fruit Freeze 213 

Galliano Milk Shake 211 

Grape Sponge 24 

Grasshopper Parfait 211 

Ice Cream Souffle with Hot 

Strawberry Sauce 212 


Finger 212 

Raspberry-Applesauce . . .213 

Bisque 214 

Cups 214 

Dainty 215 

Dessert 216 

Frozen Dessert 215 

Ice Cream 215 

Tea Tarts 216 


Delight !' 217 

Sherbet 17 

Orange Sherbet 217 

Peach Halves, Baked 218 


Orange Poached 219 

Red Wine Sauce 219 

Tangy 218 

Pineapple Torte, Frozen . . .220 

Pot de Creme, Easy 220 


Banana 221 

Bonton Bread 221 

Chewy Date 222 

Dream 222 

King's Arms Tavern Old- 
Fashioned Raisin Rice. 223 

Kiss 24 

Persimmon 223 

Sweet Potato 19, 224 

Pumpkin Pecan Sundaes . .224 


Lime 17 

Orange 217 

Shortbread, Scotch 225 

Strawberries, Sherried 226 


Date Nut 28 

Mocha Nut 27 

Pineapple, Frozen 220 


Hot Fudge 226 

Hot Strawberry 212 

Wine, Grandmother's 226 



ftpple (ranch, M-uUUWWittiy 

(a large tart apples % c. butter or 

Vz e.graiuilated sugar margarine 

Xtsp. cinnatnon or nulmea 1 e . browu suaas^ 
I c. flour 

Peel and, slice apples, -hr range in greased, 
baking di&k. Sprinkle wuh granulated 
sugar and cuutavnon. 

Combine brown sugar, butter, and flour an- 
id it resembles coarse meal. Spread oVer 
apple nurture , dakc at 3Z^for one hour. 
Hag t>£ serv'ed Warm wide ice cream. 

firOWtl V>tfty I'dUjon Smith, 

3 larg e, pared apples, i '/z c, grapenut flakes 

sUced tnur '/^ tsp. cinnamon/ 

I tsp> lemon juice 'A* tsp. salt 

A Vo$p> margarute 
*H c brown sugar, firnttu packed 

rivrange apples in greased baking disW- 
Sprinkle witU lemon juice . Cream fvgether 
margarine anci sugar. Add remaining in- 
gredients , nufiug welt. Spread over apples 
r>ake, cohered, at 350° for 30 mm. 'Remove- 
coyer and bake 15 nun. more. Matj be served 
wutv whipped cream or uie cream. 


I ! 

I t 

fyakecL j\prlcvtS ~ CkarniclTarmer 

t large cents 1 box light broww sugar 

apricots, dradted 1 box Vjdc crackers 


Tn greased baking dislv, out a layer of 
peeled apricots . Cover with brown sugar, 
then a Uujer of crushed ~R&-z~ crackers, 
f)ot tUicteuj Wide lumps of butter. Repeat 
this to the top of the dishy and bake/ at 
o0o c -for i ItoiuZ- 'ttlthicte t crusttA on top. 


l'/z c, sugar 
3 c. water and a 
bit of lemon guiee 

ftpricct Jc& 

1 large can apricots 
i small can 

crushed pineapple 

AWtee syrup bij simmering sugar and 
water for X0 muv. Mo^k apricots with a 
potato masher and add pineapple. Coob 
Syrup and stir in fruit. Put in an ice 
trag . -J\s it hardens, beat welt, bet har- 
den again. Sers/e. 

CharlOttC ^SSC hvmie fAae Vowell 

1 pint whipping creavu %/ h c cold Waaler 

x (% c. sugar Yz c. boiling water 

ttsp.vcuulla , 1 pteg.Lcidg finders 

I tbsp plain gclatiu 

Soak- gelatin in cold water, them, dissolve uv 
hot water. Cool gelaiinfor a few minutes . 
Stir Into whipped cream } sugar t Vanilla. 
Vour into sherbet glasses in which ijonhare 
arranged 3 Lady tiugers. CXult uv the 
refrigerator before serving. 


Yr&S\t Yruit (bbbler- Carolyn Cook 

3 /4 stick- butter or 'Me. vu\t& 

3 M e. flour 
5/H c. sue)ar 
1 tsp. baking powder 

l M tsp. almond extract 
3orH cfreslr fruit 
CpeacUes, strawber- 

Kelt butter in Uxrqe parex disk. MLpf^lour; 
suc\ar and baking powder. Stir in vnitk 
slowly. -Add aiwwusd extract. Vour batter 
over melted butter. Add frail ow top, Bake 
at S50" for 50- kP mm. (Makes its own 
crust i) Series 6?-0. 

1 layout can p cactus I c. Bis quick 

X c. suqar l~Z sticks batter 

fid whole can- of peaches (wdU/ juice) into 
buttered casserole. tAisf suaar i Pis quick, 
pour o^er peaches . Cut buaer iixto patties 
and sprinkle cyewcrouslij o^er top- r^evkc 
at $Zb c for 1 hour: Serve with ice cream/ 
or whippiKC} cream . 



QrayOoerru Qtsserolc JcanWard 

3 c , chopped , peeled- apples % c . brow 7 n sugar 
Z c. cranberries '/z e. flour 

Viz c. succor *l% c. vnctteA oleo 

V/z c. instant oatmeal 3 M C. chopped nuts 

Ally fruits and sugar, then place in cas- 
serole. AUy together the rcmuinutg uigredl- 
Hits and crumble ow top of fruit mixture, 
bake at 315° for 40 minutes. Serves d. 

(pCOnut ftelityht ?hu His tAorgaw 

1Z at. Augel Yood cake 1 lg. carton CoolWklp 
Z pkgs. instant 1 [g. can 

Vanilla pudding crushed pineapple 

3 c. milk ^ */z c. skerry 

1 svnall pkg.frezew coconut 

Line dish \rdti pieces of AiigelTood cake. 
Coyer with pineapple . Whip instant pud- 
ding using uluk, and slice ru. Told in half 
tkt Cool \\Aup with pudding mixture . Vour 
ov tr cake and pineapple . Cover w?ith the 
remaining Cool Whip. SprinkXe with 
coconut . 

Quest Qustard 

kittij Coble 

iZ saUine trackers 3 eggs 

Z c , milk 1 stick butter 

1 c , grated cheese satt't pepper Ic taste 

In welt -greased bak'iug dish, crumble the 
crackers. Cover with cheese. Ally eggs, but- 
ter and milk,. Vour oVer crackers t cheese. 
Let stand 30 men. bake at 4 OC until set. 
Seri'c at once. 


(^Id^fa^hi^H^t ^c>U^i (^tard'EUu^ie^B^ui^e^ 

4 level tbsp. sifted flour 
1 tsp, Vanilla extract 

I at. ntilk 
3 /h c, sugar 
4 egq golks 

Mif sugar , flour and egg yolks until snwotlr . 
tteat milk to lukewarm and addtoaboVe' 
mixture . Cook, in double bailer until thick. 
~!\dd vanilla . Immediately set pan in a. 
larger pan of ice water curd ice cubes to 
chill. \\ftrm cool,, remove custard to a 
serving bowl and refrigerate SerVe wtitv 
Cool whip, h\akes 6 servings. 

(\o\Ws (uSuVrdL \a (ream ScottUTucktr 

Z ats , sweet milk i (13cz) can evaporated mlk 
(? eggs 4 junket tablets 

Z'/i c, sugar 

Combine milk, eggs and sugar uy & large 
saucepan. Slowuj br'uxgto a boil, stirring 
constantly. VsmcVcfrom neat. VissoWe 
tablets in small amount of lumid . Add/ 
to lukewarm milk mixture- §tir in ttve 
evaporated nedk; add -flarorutcrlo taste. 
Pour into one- gculcw lev crtenn freezer, 
layering uze and ice cream scut. Kote > when 
making fresh fruit ice cream, use ovdig U 
tggs and 1 c. evaporated nultc. 


>i ! 

fieikiows tyessert LucuTowUr 

first layer: 1 e. flour, % e. oleo, %, t e. chopped 
nuts. frWy well and put In bottom of cr 
9"k 13 " pan. Bake at 375" for 15 nun. 

second larger: 1 c . powdered suga^r, 1 (ooz) 
fjzty- cream cheese. Kyy until smoottv. 
ToUt in- 1 c, Cool Whip. 

third layer: Z p\cqs. chocolate, \San\\la,or 
lemon instant piidding.'hdd only 3 c. 

fourbnlauer -■ Spread Coot\\)hip osier lop 
and sprinkle w'dhnnts or coconut . 

Refrigerate overnight, Series \Z. 


1 c, sifted flour 
Ymc. oats 
1 /hc. brown sugar 
Vz c. butter 

(aramel Qrunciu Nathalie* Wood 

Vz c. nuts 
1 ill oz)jar 

cara^mtl topping 
1 at. chocolate ice c ream 

Combine flour, oats, and brown sugar. Cut 
in butter until crmnbUj. Stirivl nuts and 
rat into 13\1'\Z" pa*v. pake at 350' for 
15 ~ZO nun. Stir while still wcvrvn lo 
crumble and cool. Spread half of crumbs 
in 9''x9"x I" pan and driztlc half of the 
topping o\ ; er ttvevn. Stir ice ereanxtoscf- 
ten. and spoon into paw. Prlzzle wltk- rue 
rtvnainuiQ topping and crumbs. 


CutH Craven 

f)ate and \^ut fall 

L'/zc, Vanilla Wafer crumbs 
1 c, chopped vnarshmallows 
I c, chopped nuts 
1 c, chopped dates 
I c chopped cherries 
*/} c. condensed mli\c 
Z Xsp. lemon jutcc 

Combine first 5 ingredients, ftleudniiXte 
and juice. J\dd to crumb vniyXwre \ kjnead 
well. ^orvn into roll 3" in duwntter. Rplt 
in e\tra crumbs curd cover with wa^ed 
paper. ^Ufr Iterate. 

QjG&UWO jV\Uk $kaU Clanjce Hormmt 

i j igger C^alliano [V/h dz) 
L jigger Vodka 
Ijigaer orange Uqpieur 
vanilla ice ere am to fill blender 

ftlend together in blender. A c\iuc&,easg 
dessert. Mates n to I? servings. 

Grasshopper parfOlt Slurleg Cromwell 

1 */z gal. Vanilla let' cream , softened 

4-5 tbsp. creme de vnenihe 

\ bot chocolate, wafers, crumbled 

3Und ice cream and liqueur u^itk mijter. 
Layer tie cream t crumbs in par fait glasses, 
top with a cUerrij or chocolate shavings. 


I !! 

]a [ream $0Uffil With Lor'md* Charts 

\\ot Strawberry Saua 

1 at. x/OMuia- eee cream 
6 aiwwnxi macaroons, 

3-tbsp< oraviae -flavored 


1 c. heavy cream, 

'/m c. chopped 
toasted almonds 

1* tbsp. powdered 

To softened tec cream , add crumbled 
macaroons and stir in liqueur. Qcnllij -fold 
m whipped cream and pour into 1 -quart 
souffle disk. Cci'er witii plastic wrap and 
freeze until firm. Lit stand at room tern- 
£e nature ~fcr 5-10 minutes before seri ; inc]- 
Sprinkle with Coasted almonds and pow- 
dered sugar. Strv'c with strawberry sauce-. 

Z pts. 'fresh strawberries , Wuiled , washed, 

h c . sugar 

I tb^p. crauae -f labored hqyecur 

Tn a saucepan, sivnmer berries Isugar 'lit 
rcrr'us are sotf but not muskij. 'fymei/cfrom 
heat t stir Ut liqueur. Place ut serving dish and 
speed ov J er scuffle. 

Yinqer Jelio 

Suellen \Luan 

4 envelopes iinflavored jello 

3 (3rz.) pkgijeilo 

4 c, boilina water 

Mi^ gelatins \ add water and stir unlit 
dissolved. Pour into large shallow 1 paw, 
Chill until firm. Cut info squares or strips. 
CWddreu love it \ 


fia$pbtrry~}\yij>k$CUlCe Angelic Sue Lucht 


1 p\cq, raspberry jello L % k c applesauce 

1 small pkq- frozen red I e. hot water 
raspberries , thawed 

Kiji together and refrigerate until set. 


Hljt together; X e. sour cream <, Zc. miniature 
mars hnmllcws 

Refrigerate overnight .Then beat on high 
5 peed until smootti and creavmj. 

ffiiit frCtZC Vot Yearns 

juice of 1 lemon 

1 large can, crushed pineapple f imdrained 

1 large can whole peeled apricots, drained, 

seeded and mashed witti'fork, 
b bananas, masked 
1 (lb oz!) can frozen orange juice, ruined 

according to directions 
Z c. sugar melted in Vz c. Iwt water* 

AW cut digredieuts and -freeze ut- refriger- 
ator dish until 'firm » Remove from free zer 
30 nuu> before serving. Spoon out as needed. 


lemon f>i$qut 

fkqw Amos 
Anvil ~r>enc'u\i 


I'/U c. not water 1 pk,a, lemon jelto 

Vz c. sutyfvc i large caw 

grated rind and evaporated, milk, 

jiuce of Z Umons crasludoaniucrwafers 

chopped vuits 

M\^ first 4 ingredients and set aside. 
CUiii vuilk well, then whip, held to collect 
jeUp miy . fat wafer criunbs in vottovn of 
9"yi 13" baking dish. Vour iw lemon mv£~ 
tare and sprinkle with more crxwwbs 
cwut nals. Vxfr iterate overnight. 

•■ ; 


\wwti (nps 

EUte H c Flierson 

grated lemon r'uut 
3 well- beaten 

I c. suqar 
A tbsp. \lowr 
Ve tsp salt egg ijcltes 

Z plus tbsp. melted butter V*z c, milk- 
5 tbsp. Union j nice 3eq0 Whites, beaten 


Add blended suqar, f lour avid salt to butter. 
Stir in Union yuice anct r(*ut; blend welt- 
Add eaq uoltes and milk aad stir welt. 
Told in eg$ whites] pear into greased cus- 
tard caps and place in nan of hot water. 
$ake at 550" far 4$ mm . Makes 10-1Z. 



Vat \agg 

3 ttsp. butter 
l /e tsp. salt 
3 M c. sugar 
juice I rind of 
1 lemon 

2 tbsp. plain flour 
Z egg yolks 
1 civility 
1 egq volutes, 
srtff Uj beaten 

Combine butter, salt , sugar t flour; add yolks, 
vHilk y lemon since Wind. &eat until smooth, 
fold in beaten egg {whites. Pour into buttered 
scuff le" desk. Set in a panofkot water and 
bake at 350" for H5 inin. 

fromv ]tmon tyessert Vicki Kendall 

W marslimallows Z eaa. ijolks 

juice of l'/z lemons 7i pt whipping cream 

grated rind of i lemon 6\rakam Cracker crumbs 

flace first 4 ingredients in top of double 
boiler. When melted, let cool. Ada whipped 
crecun. tine refrigerator traxp vOuti graham 
cracker crumbs ; add whipped cream vui4~ 
tare and sprinkle with more crumbs, 

]mW\t \CC QrtOtn Marriet Wattes 

t eggs 

% c . sugar 

Vz c. light corn sijrup 

1 c. keatg cream 

1 c. niiMc 
l f<4 c. lemon juice 
i tsp. grated 
lemon rued 

Seal egc]s until thick . Qradiuxilg add tiie 
remaining ingredients, treeze until crystals 
"fr>rnt; beat, freeze again ; beat, freeze unlit 
firm. Serine in levnon shells. 


3ea ituber 

juice iriudof 1 lemon 
3 tbsp. butter 
Vx pt.wktppvng cream 
Vanilla wafers 


\jmvn pesserb 

X envelope unflarored 

'/z c. cold water 
4 eggs, separated 
1 c7 sugar t separated 

Soak gelatin untold water: fyeat egg golks 
well. vedd % >i c. of the sugar, juice, rind and 
butter. Cook in double baiter until thick. , stir- 
ring constantly. Add gelatin 3eat well ; then 
coal, V> eat egg whites Until stiff. Add the rest 
of the sugar. Told Into first miyture.Wkip 
Wit- cream aud-fcid iutv abo\/c. Crush the 
v'auiUa wafers for top and bottom crust. 


[CttWrlJUlJartS Ellen Amos 

1 recipe pastriA or 1 vteg . pastry m'uj 

2 eggs, slightly beaten 
1 c' sugar 

Vh tsp. salt 

1 tbsp. grated lemon rind 

1 tbsp. vemen \uicc 

I tbsp. Yuelted butter or margarine 

f&[l pastry Vthicte. Cut into 3" rounds. 
line muffin pans, allowing pastry to ex- 
tend about *A" up the sidtsT Combine egqs, 
sugar and salt; beat slightly to blevicX. 
Stir in remaining ingredients, four into 
tart shells. Bake at 315* for 15; ZO mm. 
until crust is browned and filling is 
puffed. Remove from pans while still 
hot. Hakes 12-15 tart - svte or 30 small. 


June Relight 

My rile Well: 

1 (14 >z)cz. am ^ c. lime jiuce 

evaporated milk (Real Lime) 

1 (.3 cz.) pkg. timejello Z tsp. [emon )uice 
i 3 /4 c hot Water I c, chocolate 

I c. sugar wafer crumbs 

Vzc.vHe.lted butter 

Chill milk until 'icij cold. f)issolre getatrm 
in hot water. Chin until partially set f fhen 
whip until f Urffij- Stir in sugar and juices. 
Whip the chilled milk.Tcld into qclatuv. 
Combine crumbs and butter; press into 
bottom of \V'z'\l'^'%V/i' pgn.?0\vrgelatm 
over crumbs and cUill until -firm. Screes 12. 

QmngC tyWrbCt Carlene bUckmovt 

juice of 1 lemon 
X large can chilled 
evaporated, mil& 

1 c.suqar 
1 c. Water 
I c. or ange juice 

odd sugar and water until it coats spoon^ 
when tested ; set aside to cool, -hdd juices 
and refrigerate. Stir several times until 
tkorouahhj chilled. Whip milk, and add to 
this mixture . Whdefrciiincj stir several 
times to keep "from becoming icy . 


n P 

j) aktd fcaCh \[aWlS lAary Stanley 

i large can peach halves 

Vz stick, Hitter 

i cinnamon stick, 

Vz peach syrup from can 

Vs c. brown sugar (more if desired') 

maraschino cherries 

fbruig butter, cinnamon stick, syrup and 
brown sugar to a, boil, place peaches in 
buttered raking dish, putting amarasclninc 
cherry in center of each. Pour surup vnty- 
tare over peaches and bake at 350" -for 
Vfz hrs. AWtj remain in oven at low tenv- 
per at -are until reach) bo serve. Series 6. 
Mag be used as a dissert or u 1 itk baked 

\}ietei Veddick 

-Jangij fears 

canned fcartlttt pear nan- es (enough for 

Vz pear per serving ) 
grated rind and juice of I \cvucn 
grated rind and juice of 1 orange 
Vi c sugar 
vanilla ice cream 
whipped cream 
semi- sweet chocolate , grated 

Drain pears into saacepan.l~cHie hauid, 
add rinds and juices. Stir in sugar and 
boil for 15 minutes . Cool slightly ,~ Pour 
oVer pear halves, cover, and refrigerate 
overnight tor at least 10 hours). Put a pear 
half in a sherbet glass with about 3 tt>sp. 
or more of the syriip.Top with a scoop of 
ice cream , then whipped cream. Sprinkle 
with grated chocolate. 


Qrange f bached fears Laura Amos 

V/z c.sue\ar b pears, peeled, 
Vz c water kaU'ed, cored/ 

Vz c. orcuige juice whipped; cream 

Z tt>sp. lemon juice twist of orange rind 

Covnbine first 4 ingredients vna larae 
skidet ; bring to a bolt over medium heat, 
stirring until sugar dissolves, Bod gently 
5 minutes. Add pears. Cover, reduce heat 
and cock 15 minutes fuming pears once . 

Transfer pears and surup mtc dessert dishes; 
top withy whipped cream and atw'ist of 
orange rind, if desired. h\akts fa stromas. 

fears itv ^e&]rfin& ^aiict^ Vat Toscue 

5~b ripe dessert pears strip of lemon peet 
5 oz. lump sugar small piece of 

Vh pt. of water stick, cinnamon 

Vm pt. of red wine, 1 tsp. arrowroot 

(claret or burgundg) L ccm starcn) 
I oz, almonds (shredded t browned) 

Sgrup ; Vissolve Water, sugar ^ wine and 
■flavorings slowly . Bring to bod 
and boil 'for one minute. 

feel pears andpoadvius covered pan, in the 
sauce, fhaek at least Zo-30 minutes (probaHg 
mere) f&mcve pears and strain sgrup. 
rliy the arrowroot with a little water before 
addinc\ to sauce, firing to a bod; then cook 
wntit luuud is clear. Spoon sauce over pears, 
Cecb and sprinkle almonds over the pears. 
ScrVe cold Willi whipped cream,. 




frOZmfiHCOppit^OrUy Han Warnsow 

3 egg yolks 
dasu of salt 
Vz c . sugar 
1 (9oz.) c<uu crushed 
pineapple {save lifyiui) 

Z Xbsp. lemon juice 
3 egg whites 
I bosp. sugar 
1 c. whipping cream 
Z c. standta wafer 

0eat egg yolks; add salt and Vz c. sugar, SUr 
uv pineapple juice- and lemorr juice . Cook lw 
double boiler untd vniyture coats spoow, stir- 
rmg covtstanXlu . Add pineapple ; cool. Make 
meringue of egg whites and Zvbsp. sugar. 
Void in whipped cream and custard,-. Spread 
half the crumVs in bottom, of dish. Pourm 
costard \niytwre) cov'er witHrevnciinina 
crumbs. 'rreeze firm , about 3-4 hours. 
Series b-8. 

(asij fat dc (rente/ Judy tiustruUd 

l egg 

I tsp\>andla extract 
? /4 c. hot mute 
whipped cream^ 

i (6oz,) pkg. semi- 

sweet chccoUite morsels 
Zttosp, sugar 
pinch of Salt 

Combine ail iuarcdients except whipped 
cream in blender '; bletut I luuude. Pour 
immediate Uj intp H small dessert dishes. 
Chill weil. Serv'e wu~h whipped cream. 
Vitld: M [Vi c) servings. 



Jane Sizetuore 
Cruesiine Wfrll 

1 (fi-9oz) carton 
Cool Whip 
Vz c. sugar 
1 bo% Vanilla Wafers 
O'B bananas, sliced 

Z boxes instant vanilla 

pudding [flavored, 
^ with, Vanilla, extract) 
3 c. vnilk, 
1 small carton soar cream, 

IA'ul pudding , milk and sugar. Add creanr 
avid half the coal Whip, Spread wafers on 
bottom of baking dish ; cover with sliced 
bananas, and then the pudding vuifture ; 
repeat twice . Add vanilla to the remaining 
Cool Whip and spread on; top. Grate lor 3' 
wafers -for effect . Serves lb. 

fyonXoti ^rcadfuddmQ 


aura f\mo5 

2 tbsp. vanilla 

3 tvsp. oleo, melted 
I c, raisins 

i loaf Trench bread 

1 at, milky 
3 egqs 

2 e , sugar 

Soak, tread in wUk; crash with Wands 
until well vnified. I Wen add eggs, suaar \ 
Vanilla and raisurs and stir welt, four oleo 
in bottom of thick, pan , add bread miitnre, 
and bake unld very firm,. Let cool ; then cube 
pudding and put in individual dessert 
dishes. When ready to serve, add sauc^ and 
heat under broiler. 

Sauce ; i stick bictter or oleo, I c . suaar, 1 egg 

Cook sugar and butter in double boiler unlit 
Very Wot and wed dissolved. Add vVtd 
beaten egg and whip veru fast } so egg doesn't 
curdle. Let cool and add whisker) to taste. 




QtCWt)J)aUJ>udding ftlaru Frauds Snuttv 

1 tsp. baking powder 
1 c. chopped^ nuts (pecans) 
1 c. chopped dates 
1 beaten egg whites 

1 c, sugar 
Z egg goltes 
Z tbsp. vnilk 
Z tbsp f lour 

dieud together ah ingredients except beaten 
egq whites- f^t^weh,then-foUtin,egg 
whites. Tour into fla,t batzuug di&WanA 
bake at 350° for io~H5 minutes or until 
top is brcwu and cracked > Cut up squares 
and serve with whipped creaun or 
whipped tcpp'uig. 

i ' 


preairt fuddltl^ Carrie Mae ttrasWeU 

1 lb. Ig. uuirshuuiUcwj 
Vz lb, chopped pecans 
1 pt whipping 

1 large can sliced 

Z Vosp. flour 

2 tgo^s 
Z tvsp. sugar, if needed 

PissotVe-fiour uv juice from pineapple/. 
Beat in eggs. Add sugar. Cook on ww heat, 
stirring cvnstanthj until it-forms a ttUete 
paste. Remove from, heat.-^ddmarskmailvws 
and stir everu few vuxuntes until they dis- 
solve and mifture cools, Vice pineapple and 
Odd to above. Stir in nuts, then fold in whip- 
ping areawi, Refrigerate. 


fcVS itHtnVn yu&dhU) „ AW vj France Snxitk 

'/z gal, persimmons 

V/i pis, batter vhiVc 

1 l /z cfiour 

V/z c. suaar 

*M lb, butter or cue 

1 tsp. soda 
Vz tsp- salt 
1 tsp. vandUt 
I tsp. cinnamon 
1 tsp, ginger 

Aiij, persuMvnons and milk, btun ran through 
ccllander. Acid melted batter } tWevrvemr^av' 
ing ingredients. Pour into well-greased pan 
and bake at 350* for 1 hour or until it has 
brcwM crust on lop and juice bolls up clean 

\(mg's farms Taverbi Old-TdsUwneil 
^aisitfi ^Icv fuddmg 


1 Vz tsp. vanilla 

i \bsp. bidder, melted 

i tsp, nutmeg 

z /3 c, seedless raisins 

4 eggs 

3/4 c. sicgar 

2 c. milk. 

Vl$ c cooked rice 

V/z tsp, Union juice 

Combine eggs, sugar and walk, and beat 
\Velt. Told in remaining ingredieuts. Pour 
Into greased 2~qp, casserole and put distt 
in a pan of boding water. &a&e at 350' 
ior cvpprcx. 45 vnm. or until custard is set. 
Serves S. 


^Weetfotatofuddind Libra Herbert 

I craw sweet potato, 

l'/z crick milk, 
Z eggs 
3 /4 c. sugar 

*/z c. mcltedoleo 
pinch of salt 
Z tsp. Vanilla 
shredded coconut (opt) 
Chopped nuts (opt) 

Grate sweet potato and unmediatelu addmd& 
to prevent darkening. Beat eggs, add sugar, 
and whip until fluffy. \c\d oUo,salt and 
vanilla. Mi# together and put in a \Velt- 
ar eased baking dish, fiakeat 350" for about 
25 miw , Coconut and/ or nuis vnaqve added 
for variety. 

fimypkinftaitt^iindMS EvcUjh 0urum, 

Vi c. sugar 

1 tsp. cornstarch 

Vh tsp. ginger 
V4 tsp. Cinnamon 
H tsp. salt 
dash nutmeg 

1 c. canned pumpkin 
3/4 c, witic 
I tsp, vaniUa 
butter pecan or vanillac 

ice cream 
"II c ■ pecan Wattes 
shipped cream 

\n mediiun saucepan, combine first siv 
ingredients . Stir in piuupk-ui, milk. , and 
sJavCdla^Cook and stir until thickened and 
bvbblu. Scoop ice cream mto sundae ordc*- 
$crt dishes, four some hot pumpkin sauce 
on top. SpriukiU pec cut pieces on top. lop 
vviflt rtollbp of whipped cream. 


^CVtcH §\Wr\bveO& fAargaretTotger 

I C- sifted all purpose 

1 c.tcrn starch 
pinch of salt 
1 c. margarutc 
Vz c. sugar 

Sift together f lour, corn starch and salt. In 
Karat t?owl,witti electric miner, beat margarine 
to softer and gradually add sugar, beating 
until blended. 

draduaiUj stir in enough drcj utgredients vux- 
id dough U stiff enough to work with handx 
Kiucul in, remaining dry ingredients on ce 
Uaktlij flvured cloth or board until vvdl - 
blended and smooth. 

Divide douah into 3 or A parts) form cochin- 
\o a ball. rlace each ball on a cookie sheet 
and pat into a circle about 1" in diameter. 

Witti a sharp knife, cut each circle into 6 
pie- shaped pieces, but do not separate them, 
Prick each piece with a fork, tress outer 
edges with tines of forte-, bake at 325" for 
15 w#.) reduce heal to 215' and bake 10 mmy. 
more ~ until golden. Remove from oven and 
separate pieces- Cool on cookie sheet 5 muv. 
Remote from cocMve sheek and eool completely 
on/ wire rack . When cooled, wrap in wa£ paper 
and store m airtight container. 



|jtrt Jk4^^ ^OUCCy Ckcrijl Bolide 

1 can sweetened condensed nude 

1 (boz.) pteg. chocolate chips 

Z tvsp, butter 


1 tsp, siahdtu 

Put vndte and chocolate ckip3 in top of 
double boiler. Stir uuUl chips are melted 
avid Miftur& is smooth. VxmoVe \ add 
vamud', salt and butter. 

QrandnwtHer's \$ihc Annie MaePoweit 

y$ c. butter I caa beaten^ 

2 1 3 c sugar l /4 c. brandy 

Stir together avid cook, hv double boner 
{or fire minutes. Serve with plum vadddia, 
cr frail cake. 

tyiarrkA tyrawberrks Vicki PUdduk. 

1 at. fresh strawbar'ies Z tbsa orange juice 

3 tbsp. sherry 1 tbsp sugar 

Ltsp. grated or auae rind 1 {lOoz)pkg,frozeu 

Yi tsp. grated lemon rind raspberries, thawed 

Z tsp. freshly squeezed vaniila'ue cream 
limt'n juice 

Wask and \udt strawberries ; slice lengthwise 
or \ea\e them whole . Combine With sherry , 
riuds , juices, and sugar, CoVer and chid for 
one {tour or vnore. 

Put raspberries through a sieve to remoVey 
seeds ) chid. 'Just before ser vine}, combine 
strawberries wdh raspberry sauce. Spoou^ 
c\'er vanilla ice cream in individual 
chilled dessert bowls. fAatzes b servings. 



: :; 


Apple, Fresh 229 

Applesauce 230 

Christmas Fruitcakes. . . .231 

Mama's 230 

Banana Nut 231 

Caramel 232 

Carrot, Hawaiian 233 


Deluxe 234 

Liz's Cocoa 235 

Pina Colada 234 

Royale 233 


Cherry 235 

Pound 243 

Syrup 236 

Waldorf-Astoria 236 

Crumb 237 

Fig, Choice 23 

Fruit Cake 
Applesauce Christmas. . .231 

Dark 16 

Uncooked 249 

White 238 

Fruit Cocktail 237 

Fudge Cupcakes 239 

Malt Shake Cake 240 

Malt Shake Cupcakes 240 

Mystery Mocha 239 

Palmetto 27 

Pineapple 241 

Plum 241 


Banana 242 

Brown Sugar 242 

Chocolate 243 

Ellie's 244 

Orange 245 

Praline 245 

Prince of Wales 25 

Prune, Shaw House 246 

Sour Cream 246 

Italian 247 

Spicy Date Nut 248 

Strawberry 248 

Ugly Duckling Pudding 250 

White 21 

Loaf 20 

Wine 249 

Yum-Yum 250 

Pastry 251 


Angel 251 

Toffee 252 

Apple, Easy 253 

Chopped 253 

Deep Dish .": 23, 253 

Blueberry, Delicious 254 

Banana 254 

Butter Pecan Ice Cream . . .263 

Buttermilk 252 


Cream Cheese 256 

Party Cheese 255 

Chess 256 

Chocolate 257 

Easy 258 

Lemon 258 

Mom's Pecan 257 

Chocolate 259 

Blender 259 

Chess 257 

German 260 

Ice Cream, Easy 18 

Meringue 260 

Coconut 261 

Easy 261 

Pineapple 261 

Derby 262 

Exquisite 262 

Good 262 

Heath Bar 263 

Ice Cream 264 

Butter Pecan 263 

Chocolate, Easy 18 

Creme de Menthe 264 

Lemon, Luscious 266 

Chess 258 

Delicious Meringue 267 

Graham Cracker 267 

Grandma's 265 

Old Fashioned 265 

Lemonade 266 

Million Dollar 268 

Peanut Butter 268 

Pecan 269 

Brown Sugar 22 

Mom's Chess 257 

Southern 269 

Pineapple, Janie's 271 

Coconut 261 

Pumpkin 270 

Harvest 270 

Strawberry, Fresh 271 

Frozen 272 

Mile High 272 


Tre/skyVppU Cako 



1 c- evoking oil 1 c. chopped, nuts 

Z c. suaar 1 tsp. soda, 

3 c. f lour I tsp Vanilla 

Z taas Vz. tsp salt 

3 c . chopped- fresh apples (peeled?) 

Comb'uie coo]fiiru\ oil and sa-Qax. ~hdd vOtd- 
beatevc egas and Vanilla,. /Measure and s\ft 
together f lour, salt and soda.i\Ad dry uv 
qrtdienls -to 'first nu^enxe. Stir we chopped/ 
fresh- apples and nuts and combine vJ'dtv 
abodes 'wLcy~eotieul>b . Vo wr into a- ar eased, pan- 
(\3" x9") and bak-e uc 3oo p o^en, until done 
(ap)pro£, 55 yvun,?). 

Cararvteb C\laze for Yresh Appt-£- Cake: 

1c. It. br^Wn- swqar 

Vz c . butter or wuirQaruie 

1 tsp. Vanilia 

V^ c. creanv 

Place butter and sugar in, double,- boiler 
and adovc to melt ; blend Well. i\dd, cream- 
(or evaporated ntute) and brinato a fuit- 
bo'il . Coal and add Vaddla. Opycaxb* 

Varuduon : Carrie, N\ae, brasWelt- uses 
3e,Qa,s, iVz c. oil, Ltsp. Vandia and lisp. 
Sail \A?Wew matdna her- apple ca&c She makes 
3 lasers and bakes ttievn cd 325" for- ^D nun,. 
Site uses the caramel glaze b^h^eentite- 
laucrs and uses ttve-follonPum recipe to ^rost 
the ouis'ute : 

Soz. crearvc cheese 1 bo% powdered sudor 
1 stic& butter Z tsp. Vandlct 

Creawv butter and cnecse, ~r\dd sugar, 
Vahutcv, and a fen? drops of nvak-. 


rippleSOUCC Qake^ fi\ary SWtaj 






1 pkq. Duncan t\\nes 

fellow Catte vvw^ 
1 pleg. (3oz?) Jcilp Trench^ 

\)an ilia- Vu ddina 


V3 c. sala-d- oil 

l l3 C sowr orcawv 

1 c. cxnna-mon* ajpp\esance 

i c, w?lute raisins- 

Vz tsp. cinnamon, 
1 /h tsp. Hutwieg 


1 c. KXX Sugax- 

1 tbsp. kot nudtL, 

Qlend a\L vnqrectients m \jxrae nufuig V>o\x>1 
ovvmediunv speed-. Qeat 4 mk, <jT*ea-se- <mct 
■Hour lube paw. dake 35o"for 5c>-55 m^vu. 
Pr Izzle- ata-ze cVey caJe<^ . 

/V\#ttui's applesauce Cak^ lovuse^ovoard 

4 C. "flour 

4 tsp. socUv (teVet) 

£ c. sugar 

X /t Up. Clones 

1 tsp. nutmeq 
1 tsp. dinneinwn, 
1 oz. sq- unsweetened 
chocolate- (melted) 

Svft I st 6 ingredients toaethev. Then, add tke 
CjQQS and. beat. Add ctwcolate, raisins or mils, 
boded- applcGauee-, widded butter, baking 
powder cwid salt. N\ul- Weil , Xhew add \?a.ndla+ 

Coote^ \n> Weil- greased avid floured tube paw 
or Wu 5-4 layers. Lf using tube, ba&e at 32S ' 
for 60 vnin-. y uf usinq laxjers, bahe at 3l5 a 
for 30 wuw. 








c. raisins or wots 
Vz. c. melted butter 
c. boded applesoAxce 
t. batdng pcM?de*~ 
tsp. salt 
tsp. \)avuttou 
taofi Cbeatevv) 


lilecw<Dr- Latimer 

1 $wia\Lp\zq. candied- 

chcrr Its 
4 slices of glazed- 

1 can- applesauce 

1 tsp. nuttueg 
3 Vz- c plauv "flour 
1 Vz. sticks bwiter 
or wvara_ar'u>ve. 

Out up the fruit anct soak, ovvrvught Lw 
1 c. of ^rape, or blackberry w>in&. 

(Jreawv svu^our anct butter MVy- i^c 
ctkcr incjredvej-tts, adcUng fruit last. Cook, 
iw paper- cups, uv vwnffOn tuts. Bake, at 325' 
for 30 nun,, or at dDO° for 45 min,. 

I bo* dates (ckopped) 
Vz- box of seeded 

1 c. pecans (cttoppecO 
i tsp. 5od^u 
Z c. wUtte, sugar 
3 tqas 
dash- of saVc 

JeaMi Vulas 

4 COQ.S 

1 c . yOater 

l hc. o'u 

Vz- c. chopped, nuts 

1 or Z smaXL bananas 

1 boV IjellOW 0Y~ \pOA\OYlOy 

Cake- wiiAf 
1 small pteq. instant 
banana, ocenxe or \)andta puddtuq 

'biico bananas in, large, bowl and, beat until 
Weil- vv^ashedt. ~f\dct rtrnainuna inqredLients . 
&eat at witOAAww speed- for Z nun, . fhur Into anct "floured tube- or Bandit pan,, 
vake, at 350" -for bo- lo ww,. Coob iw pan 
cit least 15 nun,, ^ewho^e- ■ finish- Cooling on, 


Caramel Qike^ 

A/Vjrtle pop^ 

1 c. butter 

2 c. sugar 

3 c. sifted- cake-fiour 
3 tsp. baking powder 
V« tsp. salt 

4 eggs 
1 c. milted 
1 t5p. \Janula, 
Vz-tsp. almond 

Cream/ butter: C\raduatia add sugar t creaming 
until light a-nd-fluffu. oift flour witVvba&inq 
yonder and salt. i\dd t tggs one- at attune- to 
creenntd- nufture-y beating Welt. fKiXct f U>t/w~ 
muftwre alter \>vateUj wVtfv miile. arui flax/or inqs, 
becdxng after each, additicyi until smoctW. four tite 
batter into three 9 " lager pans, lined- on bcttvvns 
vVittv paper; toakeat 350° for- 25 - 3D nun. Cool 
in pans 10 nun ., then turn out andC coob on^racks. 

Frosting : 1 stick, butler or- margarine 
1 bo* light broWn sugar 
Vz c. evaporateel milk, 
x/ z< tsp. baking poyjder 
1 tsp- \JahOaxa 

N\t\t butter ivv Weavg sauce pa*v, ~f\dct sugar 
anct stir to blend- Well . Add milk, and? cooky 
to soft bail stage, ^evnov'e fronv heat and- let 
stand about 5 nun-, lixew adct baking poWdcr 
oinct va-iulla- and beat until smooth, and 
crecvnxg . 


fj-owaiuiit (jvrrot [fiki _ AVr>ne A>^ r5DVV 

IVi c. saXcub oil 

1 C. SUsQar- 

lc. brovdtv 

3 eggs 

3 c. f lour 

Z tsp. sodas 

Z tsp. \?avu\lw 

I tsp. salt 

3 is p. cwMamovv 


Zc. a roujndt carrots 
1 c. vuvbs 

& oz. caw crushed/ 
pwve apple and juice. 

Stir w?etl w> ittv s poov\s ■ B ake- Uy 1 3' x 9 "x 2 " 
nokv a<t 350" for 1 kr. Tv*ost vOlule slu^hbltj 
vJarvw. Tro5tu4^'. 

3 or. pte^. creant cheese 

1 siicke margarine 

1 box powdered^ sugar 

Z tsp. \Zaddlci 
^uicc of Vz. oravv}< 

or use -frozen,- 


Quest cake/ ^cyclic Y^-a^tis 1\usUw 

Z c zw'l& cruvvibs Vz c. butter, melted, 
Vz c zuqot i tsp. cduvavno^v 

AW teje titer, a>trl pa£ oifo bottom and iid&s 

of 9'' catee pa^. ftletuL-toQc-tUer'. 

h eggs 1 Vztbsp. lemoH/r'm^t 

1 c suqar 1 c, Uaht creawv- 

1 /s tsp, salt 1 Vz, It), cottage* cheese 

L Vz. tbspAeyvwn- 4tb$p.~flour~ 

dake ad 35o~-f&r 1 kr. Cool v\7iBu door open/ 
1 kr. loot completely in, pa^. 



3 (dot) pkgs. crea,w- 

cheese, softened-' 
I c. sutyar 

3 LQC\S 

\ tsp. VaM.illtijdivideds 
1 (U?cz)pfcq. sour cream- 
3 tbsp- sugar 

IVz c. aratuxwv 

cracker crumbs 
I tbsp. suaar 
V4 c. plus 2 tbsp. 

butter or vnarq^arme, 

1 L /z tsp. cinnamon, 

Combiwc crumbs, Z tbsp. sagar, buffer- ourt 
c\nuavviovv- y vv\a4' \\te\l, rre-ss into a 10" sprung- 
foryyi' paw. b>eoX cream, cheese- iw a- large 
bowl uniil soft ami crearvnA. GradualLj add 
1 c. saqar, bcat'avg untd fluff u. Add- e^as, 
pn£ at a itme-, beating vOtil after- each- ad- 
dition. Stir uv Vilsp. vauula. Pour crermv 
cheese wivytiAjre, into crust. &a&e at 315 "for 
25 to 35 vnlrv. until set, 

frcat sour cream on wiediu-rn- speed- of 
wa^tr for 2 vviuv. ~r\dd 3 tbsp. sugar and ^ 
tsp. vavulia. ft eat 1 vvuvl, longer. Spread- 
-ovisr cheesecake . Bake- ah 5dd" for 5-8 muu, 
cr ixntd bubbUj. Cool; chill 8 hrs. or oSJtr- 
maid. Qpv\AJ0\}e frowi paw before serving. 

pina (pUuUi Cheesecake* iwtaAriUeeUr 

Z {fioi .) plegs. creawi cheese 7 tbsp. runt 
lVz c powdered sugar 1 h c.flaked- 
1 wed. carton Cool whip coconut 

2 /3 can/ (larqc) crus hed 1 e . dxopped vOalmds 

puteapple, drained io" gra-Viam eras I 

Gream, cheese- and sugar un-ldfkiffu. Add 
ruvn ) pineapple-, coconut and* Walnut s.Toid 
'nb cool wkip. Pol^t in&"> crust. Ckul in, rt\rug. 
at least 4 hours. Cherries vnag be spread en 


[iz 5 Qocvfa Qtee$tcak& ~ Mo^WWUs* 

It? dz. cream, cheese, Z tip- v^mill^u, didided 

softened- Z eaas 

l 1 /^ C. sugar 1 c. sour cream 

a /3 C. ttersknj's cocoa 2 tbsp. sn^a-ir 

filend cream cheese With/ IVh c. sugar, cocoa- 
anct 1 tsp- \>ah\lba. i\dd &oas one at a tunc-, 
bea-tina Weil after each . Pour in prepared 
cy~aJnarn cracker crust. $ake at 315° for 
35 nun. \\ien. cowibine $vwr creawv, Ztbsp. 
suqar and- 1 tsp. v^ovuXUl. M^Y- wtell an^t 
spread- ow hot cake ■ Chill scleral hours. 

Qwcolafo Qwry Qxk^^ fi^"&^ 

1 pJeg. butter fudac 1 tsp almond/ 

cake wviAf' _ attract 

1 (il oz.) can- cherry pic filling Z> beaten e^as 

Blevui together w/itU/ vjooden spoon- and bake/ 
'in greased C J" x 13" pan/ fc>r 3D WMvat35D. p 
Topping- 1 c. suaar (ooz. senu- Svoeet 
5 tbsp. putter chocolate, chips 
x /3 C- miUe 

Condp'inc sux^ar, vndk,, ami butter in pern 
avid boil ~fvr 1 yviin^ stirring constantly. 
R&ww\/c from- Wcat and stir in chocolate. 
Yoivr o\>er cake while sbill vOarm. 


1 tsp. bateinq powder 
1 tsp. VcmdJuv 


Chocolate £tyr\xp 

1 stlcte. butter- 
1 c. s^aor 

1 c. flour 

Qxuawv butter ancC s vigor. -f\ctct cojgcovitat 
a tivvie . Blends uv other uc6fediev\Xs. Pour into 
Qre&sed B'k^'kZ" paw. Sake at 35D°~for 3>o- 
35 wtin, TcUux: 

V~lz. stldes "butter l lz,c. chocolate ctups 
x /z c. Pet milks 1 tsp. \SomaIIcl 

1 c. sugar 

Qdii butter, vxvdte, avict sugar ~for 3 mivu, 
-Add- cMjccolatecaut vavutta, Vour osier Wot cake. 

\\Jal(torf-f\{forui CkocoU^(jxk& 

Haw Ktttcr 

1 sticks margarine IVi c. vvulk 

Z c. sugar I c. sifiajufiowr 

M sq. sewus -s\Oeeb choc . 1 tsp, bakuiA powder 

Z aggs % tsp. \?<MMfLas 

A/\eXt chocolate ui double bo'dec Cream, mar- 
narivie and suqcvt. -f\dct melted chocolate ■ 
yyw^ vv>ell. Sift drg i,vigre.(Xltyits together. 
SlcwUj aActto batter along vedtv mdfe. Adrt 
eaqs avid \lah\ita ) beat 1 wtin. Vowr uttv 
c\f eased awct f-iourect cake pans. Sake at 
350" -fur 25 -3d wau. 

Tcutg'. Melt V5 c. margarine and. V^/- 1 /? c. 
-Hre^skeoj'5 Cocca. 'Sift on£, box coviftcti£>n£.rs 
Suaar "[^ tkts add — 1 -tsp. \ZavitUa and tke 
chocolate nurture. -fold twougW vhdtcto wuxtee, 
\t easa to spread. CoaU calce completely 
before icing. 


PrUmh [flke< Susan, Qurlea 

1 bo% uellow) cake wwfi Z tsp. cimtawww 
y \z c. flour 3 tsp. vviedcd butter 

Yrcpare cake, ww)L- as directed . Voivr into 
greased 13 "x ^ "x Z " p<%n-. Covnbw& other 
ingredients cwt spy inkle, ovfer oike . I3afe^ 
<xcc&r<M,vu]~to package dvrectCovtS. 

Truxt Qocktail Qzke Cj iadus tiomaj 

i 3 H c suaar 

L caas 
Z c, flour 
Z tsp. so&a 

1 tsp. vanilUi 

i (17 ot .) can < fruit cocktail 

1 c.flakid 

%wd suacvr and icsgs until lujld cuux fUtff w. . 
Stir in conibdiiitdrij 'uuiredienls,vanuUv, 
vaxdraiwcd fruit cbcktd'it and coconut. 
$ak& Uv greased 13"x 9"x 2 pa-u. a£ 350" for 
30 ~40 minutes. Add topping as soon, as 
cake 'is YiWiDVid -front oven, . 


1 slick vncvcaaruie, l /Z c. chopped viut5 
I c . t\?cvporadcd \nuk Hl c, flaked cocovuit 
% c sua or 

ved wiarqariut f vuuk avid snaar about 
15- Z0 muuitcs. -hdd ixuts axuC coconut . 


Creams -together ■ 

3 A{ lb. butter, softened Z c. sugar 


10 eggs, Welt-beaten/ 4 c. seif-risuig f bar 

flour well and vne^ together-. 

1 lb. candied pineapple 1 to- chopped English 
1 lb. candied cherries vQotnwts, Brazil 
1 iz.\b- candied citron 
Z botes voUdtrdisins 

nuts, or pecans 
Z- frcste qratcct co- 
covuutp^r M smalt 
pkq- frozewepc&nufc 

i\det frinis do Reader anct wufy vOtit. [Use 
nonets for thorough- mdfdnq •) 

C{rease fube pans vjtttv Crvsco. Cud brovOn/ 
paper Xo line- vans \ (grease paper after Its 
put Into pans^ Oft - sprcug pans vJ'utr- 
fiaMxr's Joy. 

Facte, cake, batter into pan,^ diPute- eVenhj . 

J^ake at 250" -for- 3 l 4 \vrs. } or bake, one cake 
at a tutte- Uv 250" o\>en, for Z hrs . + 15-30 nun,. 

Store- ^ cool places. If cak& gets dn\ s place- 
apple- sdcee, ow top. SxcOacs 1 . 


YuAqe/ [upcaket 

l\l\aru reason. 

1 sticks butter 

l L /z, sq. uusWeeteyied- 

1 c. sugar 

% C- flour 
L tsp. Vahdlw 
I tqqs, Welt-- btcdew 
1 c. chopped^ pecans 

N\clt chocolates and- butter uv double boiler: 
N\iy< other uyaredients and- add to chocolate. 
Flit IB bakiha. cups 2 6 full and bake In 315° 
o^tn for about 15 \nuv, Mote-- ~tkeij axe great to 
\zeep on- hand in- Vhe 'freezer. 

% c. Sugar Z tbsp. bidder 

Z tsp. batdng powder 1 sq. unsWeeteued 

I c. flour chocolate- 

V4 tsp. 5 ait x /z- c. milk- 
1 tsp. v' 'andta- 

5 if t dr\j ingredients together. Melt butter 
and- chocolate. Add to dvtj higredients with 
mtUe- and^ahdlcL. Stir Welt. Pour into 
qr eased- c \" % c \" paw. 

Vz c. Sugar 4 tbsp. cocoa- 

Vz, c. brown sugar 1 c. cold coffee 

Mi^ civ'Lj ingredients avut- sprinkle over batter. 
Tutu- $\owlu pour o\)er the coffee. &ake at 
350* for 35 mut. It vnakes its own chccoiatc 
sauce ovt- the bottom- of a- cake (U-tet brownie-) 
Top with ice- cream or whipped cream, . 


/V\ait $hakes (jxpcakcs 

\ c butter- or 

x lz c. boilivia Water 
M-lc. sugar 

l x /z, tsp. baking powder 
Hz, tsp. salt 

oamco \bugkes 

1 c. 'instant chocolate 
vnatUd milky poWder 
1 C. all- purpose ftaur 
2. &"gs, sUgktuj beaten 
1 Up. v'avulla/ 
Vm C chopped Walnuts 
cherries, cut uv half 

A/\elt butter iw water ut 1 at. jar*. "\adrejMainvng 
'uigreduzntf except f^r -7^ c. vna\lvowdcr- t vOainxxts 
and cherries. Cover tightly. Shake about \p 
times. Stir llahtlg. Shahe \>LgorouslM undid 
Wed blended. Fill baterng cups z h fult. Sprinkle 
rem-alulng Vm C. mate powder e\/ent\x over eadrv 
muff at cup, avid add walnuts n)entt$. tyattfs 
at 315° for ZO-Z5 wu#l. Cool. Drizzle wdlv 
icuvq. top eactv with- a- cherrg half. 

Xclvig: Combine I c. powdered sugar, Ztbsp.nol 
water , x /z tsp. Manilla, aa-sW of satt>. 

/V\ali: Sliak^GUee/". 

Double ingredients in cupcakes^, using i. c. a%>l 
Watcr instead of boding Water, Combine- all 
ingredients t%cepb Hz c malt powder walnuts 
ahet cherries in large bowl. boltvuL 3D see. 
at lowest speed, beat Z min,. at wveduivw 
Speeds. Vouv into two greased and "floured 8" 
or 9" round pans. 3ake at 315° "for 3d- 3£Tmi+v, 
Cool Id mut.; remote front. pans. \tfhetv tho~ 
rpughlg cool ) -f lit and top M/itk' Creawuj ZV\alt 

Combine^ 2 a keaVy cream, Terncdviuvg V& c. 
malt powder, V^ c. cocr>a., and, 2, tbsp. sugar 
Beat until UvLcfo, Decorate, with chopped nuts 
and clutrries. I^ef-r igerate. 


pineapple tjikt 

Snellen- l^Ljon. 

3 /h c. shorienma 
I 1 / z c. suaar 
3 IQQS, separated 
1 c. muje 

1 tsp. \7anUux 
3 c. sifted, f Lour 
3 tep. baking powder 
Vi tsp. saU:" 

CreavK shorleviinq and sugar; r\dd eqo, ijviks 
and Manilla,, bi J (t~floivr ) bakmq powder and 
Salt together _ adot alter vxateia w?'Uhs milk.. 
Told in stiff Uj beaten tag whites and bake Ln 
Wo 4" cata£ pavts at 315" for 25"-5o mm/. 

Pineapple Tang; 

Z c. pineapple 3 tbsp. floor 

Z c. sugar Z ea_q yrlies 

pinch of salt 

A\^ WfcU . C0£>l£ until tkic&. Kevnc^cfrovn 

keat and. acLi x /^ stirfe butter. 

plum Calee- 

2 c. setf -rising flou> 
Z c. suaar 

1 c. ^eoptav^t oil 

3 eqas 

/V\iy wWl . ToUt in 1 c 

tiioi. A 


Z jars sir cimed plnnv 

babij -food 
1 Up. cloves 
1 tsp. einnawvDw 

:i topped nuts. Pour in 

ar eased Sundt pan, a^ud pake at 35o"fcrr 
1 hr. Sprinkle With powdered sugar 


fiancwa f^und (pkv T> 


ranus trije. 

1 pica, yellow cate£ ww£ L /t c. f uieuj mashed, 
£oz. soar crtavw yipe, bananas 

x /z c. oil Vz tsp. baking soda,- 

1 /h c. sugar Z tsp. lemon $uicc 

4 eaqs l b c. Chopped wots 

Gvtrre, if desvfed) 

Stir soda- and lemon- \uice ihfo the bananas. 
MVy. all 'wAO^rtauvds, cxddina eqqs one. at 0; 
tune , at lovo speed . TVt£vi< i/vu^ dx wved/kigh 
for Z nti/ia, 6aJc£ at- 315" for 4o to 45 m**t. 
'witube paw. Cilaze w^itti 1 c. canfectipners 
su^av , 3tbsp. eaMned vntlk. and I tsp. ^aixiitiL. 

C~\ladij$ N\ c farlan& 

i Lb. Itakt brown suqar 1 /h tsp. salt 

1 li c. sugar I tsp. baking vc>\Odir~ 

iVz c. batterer- maraar'me- 1 c. UtiUe 

5 large eggs 1 C. chopped nuts 
3 V4 c flour i tsp. vanilla 

Creavw butter; add suqar and beat. Add 
eqas, on*, at a tune, beatlna well after efl-ck. 
V\ti4 d- ri J ai^edUnts and- vvuik } alter naUliSj 
ending ^Pitlvflvur Add. vanilUl and nuts. 
f»cike at 3.00" -for 15 mm.., tk^t baJb? ai^bo" 
for 45 mar. or wiore. let ..-stand ur pan Zp 
nun. before renirVu'ia. 

Variation : ylcuUfsALbertson. uses Ztbsp. 
vanilla anct '/&tbsf>. balelng powder. Ske bakes 

her cake at 3Z'D c for l'/z iirs. 


Q[WCOlcA& YoUTUl (/ikt ~ "Ruin Craven 

1 /t lb. butter 
1 t. sweet walk, 
Z tsp. v'aniUa 
5 fi^gs, beatan- 

3 c. flour 

5 tbsp. cocoa 

a /4 tsp. salt 

Vz. tsp. baking powder 

3 c. sugar 

5ift drij ingred-ieuts together. In large bovol, 
cveaw- butter and sugar; add beaten eaas. 
Blend w4/"f louy vwijtu-tre avid- vvidtz- a little at 
a itme-. Add Panola. Bake at 3£0° for l 1 /^ 
krs., or more. Use \Xned and greased pan-. 
Can- be served plain- or frosted vtfLth, one of 
tke •following ■ 

Chocolate Tcdnq: Melt 6 tbsp. cocoa., t tsp. 
butter and V,z stide margarine . Acid 1 c. 
powdered sugar- and x h c- canned nuik. After 
it balobles, add the rest of the bo< of Siiyar 
a*td inouoh- milk to spread . Acid i tsp. of 
vdniUa.^poar on- hot. 

cqerman ClwcvlaieTcxnn: (^ofe ike following 

on wieodum- Weat until xhicte \ 

2 e. sugar 1 large can eVap. milk- 

1 c. coconut 3 £gg ijpttes 
1 sticie butter 1 tsp. vandicL 

Cool and pud on caiee-. Calee can, a/s^ be- cut 
and Lcujered vJibh tlus LcUvq- 


£llt£ 5 founds [flkc _ Flawr latimcr 

1 tsp. \?OnLuta 

2Vz c piaxn flour 
-% tsp. baking soda, 
L V4 c. suaar 
1 tsp. around 

8 e^gs, separated 
l !& tip. satt 
L c. sugar 

I Vz t5p. cream/ cf tartar 
3 sticks butter or 
wiarqarine or blend 

In a, large bowl Wittvvnafer, beat egg volutes 

at hlah speed. When- irotkij, add salt, cream 
of tartar avid 1 c. suQar. Beat until scft 
peaks form. Empty into another bovol and 

set aside. 

Th. tUe same bowl, place softened. tqyux^aienJt 
of 3 sticfes butter-. Creanv butter witXx. I tsp. 

Sift together: "flcur, soda, nulvhea and Ityc. 
Sua ay. bienct into butter m^tia^c at niatiutn 
speed 7 begin#UMX) with- flour vnxApMTe a\ id alter- 
viatCna wnttveaa i]olks. bnd with fU?ur nurture . 
\fOhtntVu5 is "rkoVpnakitj bonded- and a creamy 
yellow colo\-, fold in eac\ vOkete nurture -f ran 
other \dovjI, 

&ake in are ascd avid floured stem. pan. (T 
use cast iron bundt pan) and bake va-dOC" 
oVcn for 1 Wear and 10 vvivn. Put in a- cold 
o\Jen .. . Vo nct PRfHeAt. fteforc putting cake 
in oveu , rap pan and batter sUarpuj aci a 
board "three or four tivues to removte aar~ 
bubbles. Cc>pI for to vmn. in pans Mid [hen 
Uvrvi out ow foit. This cake teeeps a longtime 
Wrapped m f oil , and disc freezes Weil- 


Qranqt^oimA (akt~ Be%iWVr 


■Vz tsp. batiiMq pov^der 
x Il tsp. salt 

1 C. Or'rXH^e JUiXe- 

Z tsp. qratccV orange 

3 C. $\WfVT 

Z sticks butter 
x lz c . skor teadu} 
5 eggs 
3 c . plou-v "f tear 

Or^a^w sugar, batter Ami sU^r bei/tdig . "Add- 
ers, oae at a-tuvte, beating Well after cacii. 
Sift dv*H u/xOfe&itv&s iogetker, tk£n aacl at- 
tefviateltj wLik- cran^e'juice fe batter. -hjXd 
rimi , Batef iaiubc or Btu-tat pcwvfor 1 kr 
a^ujl 15 woo, at 350° Let cake a?ot ik, pa>t 
fcr ,5 nWi "tkcn -turn out Met glaz-e 
vt 7 kXte sttll vv'amt: 

^3 c. cv^aa^e juxce „ Z c. sifted- XXX sugar 

Prating (ak& V^Xiemrm 

1 stide margarine Z C. "f tear 

1 c. batter male Z tbsp. (heaping) cocotv 

Z &39S, beaten 1 dsp. soda 

Z £. t>roWvt sugar l tsp. v/andla 

/V\elt i^iargariHe ayui b utter yvuik^\ let coot. 
fHend ecjgs ana 5 agar Stf t drij ingredients, 
tkea add to egg mi^tare. "Add Madta, (Matter 
\\7dl be tkwv) \3ake u,v 13"\Q"% 2" paaat 
35~D'for ZP-Z5 mat. 
To~pp'ing : 

1 stieJe butter at r"c?z?tM. iewipercitiAre, 

k tbsp. creavvu 

1 c. brown sngar 

1 c~ Chopped n.ats, cocovuAt or pineapple- 
Blenct creawv ) butter avid suqar. Add nuts. 
Spread on cafee wkde kr>t. f3rod~(or 5 h/un , 
on botto abrade v\7itk/ door open. 


3 eggs, beaten; 1 tsp. salt 

V~iz c. sugar 1 tsp. duvnamovt 

1 c. oil l (t Xsp. ground allspice 

Z c. f U?nr 1 c, buttermuk* 

1 Up. baking so&tv 1 c. chopped, cooked prunes 

i\dd sugar avtdo'dtoeggs. Sift drjj ingredients. 
■f\dd butler 'wixlks and or a 'mgredievds alternately 
to batter. i\dd prunes. 3a&e uv\u?o round layer 
doOdt pans at 350 c f&r 35 yvuvl. 


V*- c. butter Z Vosp. creatw 

Z c. confectioner 5 1 tsp. VanJMcL 
Crtaryv 'putter and confectioner's sugar. Blend 
ul ex earn and VarutUt. Spread on. 'Prune Cake. 

^OUr (jeWfM (ak& Sue Ande 


3 c. cake f lour 
3 c. succor 
3 sticks butter, at 
room, tewiptraiure 

(o ZOftS 

X M tsp, $odct 

% tsp. salt 
1 tsp- ^an'uUv 
I tsp. lemow extract 
yuice of 1 lz lento w 
1 (&o£) cariovi sour 

Combine all inareduents except sour cream 
untd Wdll- blended, \~~hen, add sour creawt. 
four into areas ect and \\oured tube paw. &ake 
at 3Z*5 for- LV^krs. Cool before reyno^uigfrovn- 
pa<vv. TT-us cotee iwrts no frostuia,— delicious 
served ivi^tfresk- fruits andwVuppe&cszouM. 


Jtcdimv <$our (ycam (gkt^ t\o Vinson 

Z eggs, separated, 
Vjl c DroWn sugar, 

1 c. coconut 
Vz, c. clwpptd nuts 
1 pteg. pudding- Included 

jpuXter cake, wool 
1 c. sour cream 
x (-u c. amaretto 
Vz. c- Water 
Z eggs 

C\ laze: 

1 c. powdered. 

sugar, silked 
Ztbsp. cocoa- 
Z tbsp. amarettb 
1 ibsp margarine 

or putter, softened 
1 tbsp. com syrup 
2-4 tbsp. water 
Z fop. chopped nuts 
($ maraschino churn & 

Tn small bowl ) beat Z egg whites until ^oayng. 
(jradualkj add brown snga-r; beat unid stiff 
peaks form, about 3 vmvt. Told m coconak and 
wots. Spread meringue on bottom and up sides 
£>f well- areas id tube pan to withud I" of top. 
In large bowl, blend cake- nwy- % sour creavn, 
amafetto ) Water, ex^as, anct Z egg golks at low? 
speed uwtd movstened; beat Z mtn. at VugW 
Speed. Four batter eVenUj into pan. 

?)ake at 35o° for 55,-6>5 nun. Cool upright In 
pan 10 \mxA.\ loosen Sides and unVert onto 
ser\/\Mg platt. Cool completelg. 

filend powdered sugar, cocoa., antaretXo , mar- 
aariAAe , corw syru^p and water until smooth. 
^>poow o\Jer top of cake., allowing jom£ to run 
down sides. Sprlafele- vv'itk- ground pecans \ 
qarni'sli Wtidt cherries, Serves 16. 


£>piOj Pdt^ |\|ut (akt „ AVruawi^QidwH, 

1 c. uoqurt 

X H tip. SbdCL 
l^z c. flour 
1 c. chopped dates 
%- 1 c. broken Walnuts 
1 Vz, tsp. baking powder 

5 eqas, separated, 

1V4 C suqeur 

1 c. butter 

Z tsp. cinnavvwn 

1'Z tsp. ground clones 

1 tsp. nutwiea 

R.ikd» of 1 lemon, or orange 

$ eat cay whites until fluffy; set- aside. 
Combine sugar and. butter. i\c\d £^9 fjo^es, 
5pu^-s, and rind, Miy WeU- lowtbute yogurt 
OjA-d sodut) add to butter and wuf buj Wand. 
(\/\[Af dates and vtuts vJittv -flour and baking 
powder Ihevv add to batter. Told in, beaten- 
eqc\ wkties. Pour- into prepared \y%9\X'pan. 
frdke 30-45 vnm. ut 315 r ov'en. 

^traWberry (ak& 

i vkx. yellow? cake \wui, 
3 /4 C- \\!esson oil 
1 small pteg. w/ild. 
strawberry \eiio 
4 ta.q$ 

Vicki fleddxck 

l /i c . Water 

bo ol. pfcq. frozen, 
tkcuA/ed(sax?e ucjyid) 

1 le C. strawberry liquid 

M 14 \n\ofeduents according to directions ow 
Cdk-e pdekaae. tfatee we qreasedtube pans for 
1 Wr. at 35o\ J 



1 box confectioner's 5uqay~ 
1 stick butter, softened 
x /h C- sbrawberrij IvqyuA- 

M^r dbov'e ingredients and frost cowipleteli) 
Cooled cake. T>ecorate top of cake- vOittr 
Whole strawberries, if desired. 


\JjXCOO\tai fruit \^kt- Florence Scdirest 

1 tsp. cinnamoyv 
x /h Is p. clones 
Vf tsp. salt 
V-4 tsp, mitmeq 
Sztsp. around 

L c. marshmallows 
1 c. thicks cream^ 

Vz. lb. araham crackers 

1 c . dotes 

1 o. raisin* 

Z, tbsp. candied- orange 

1 /z c. Citron 
I tbsp. candled' cherries 
Z tbsp. candied pinta-pple- 
1 c. chopped nuts 

Chop wu\r$\v(Y\xd\o\x > $ fine, and soa& uv cream 
before using.. Crumble, crackers -fine. j\dd 
spices anct salz~tc dry crumbs arid nuy, \Oelb. 
f\dd ouxer uw>redienls , rnvf vOelt and add 
m^rslwmUou?5. V0W£*v ihorou^hlu blended, 
pacbL in a square- or loaf pare lined vOittc 
Way. paper and let stand "for 12, hrs. 

rAarbua- ^arborough 

^)tne (alee 

Sprinkle % C. chopped nuts o\)er generoush) 
greased and floured 13"x*V'x 2" pan.. 

Combine- the following - 

1 box \Ae\lc\0 cake, vnuf< V^c. cold w)ater 
1 small bos instant fac. white vo'ine, 
Vanilla, pudding 

x li c. Vegetable od 

&eat Z mwr. at Wigh speed. Pour into pan. 
Sprinkle- l U c. chopped nuts ore top. Bake, 
accorduig to directions ore box . 

Topping: Bod % c . niarqarinc, 1 c sugar and 
l At c. water for I vviiiuitc-i\dd l M cvoine. 
drizztt on cake wluU hot. 


ll^lypticfeiin^ puddly (^vUw^Wanil 

1 box ueuo\pcake,nuy- 1 0. coconut 
i swdl boi Lemony 4 eggs 

Instant Pudding x Ai c. olL 

L (lb oz.) c^uv fruit Vz, c. firmly packed, 

Cocktau\-,\iOi&v syrup brovvn, sugar 

Vz- c. chopped nuts [optional) 

extend, otL ingredients, except brovvn- sugar and- 
nuts in large bovol. Beat 4 mm,, at meet, speed,. 
Pour into greased- and floured iy\ c \"pan. 
Spr'vnkte- voittv brown, suqar and, nuts. 3ake,at 
325" for 45 wan,, or until cake- springs back, 
w)hen Ugntug pressed^ and- puILs axVag from, 
Sides. Po not underbade. Cool ux- pan- IS nun. 
Spoon- glaze, over and- serVe, vjarvw or cool. 

P>utter CtUtze'- Combine- Vz c. each- butter or 
margarine,, granulated- sugar, evaporated, 
vnUk, in, saucepan. 3olt Z mux-. Stir in- l%c. 

yluU-)iuri/ Qlke- brace, Htal 

Z egas t c- flour 

Z c. sugar Z l lz tsp baking povoder 

Z c, undrained- crusned pineapple 

Beat eggs and- sugar toqttk-cr until [ight and, 
f taffy. Stir in, p'uxtapplc-.'hdd flour vohuW has 
been slated, \sid-h- baking powder. N\up vVeit 
cwud spread- into greased, and, floured 
13"kTx 2" pan. PxAtze, at 350" for 3o-35ru>ut. 
■Add, Topping: 

1 c, sugar 1 (5 x /$ oz) caw of 

1 sticle wuirgarine, evaporated, muk, 

L /z tsp. VaMJuta, 1 c. flaked- coconut 

y /z tsp. lemon extract 1 c chopped- nuts 
Boil sugar, ma-rgar'we- and- wiuk^ for 2, mux,, 
ftvmovt front- heat and, add other uigredienls . 
Spread- over hot cake. 



Vtfctei ~Raimond 


N\l;6 Xoqdher- 

4 c-. platn^ floor 

Z Up 5rtif 

i tb5p. siuxvr 

Cut in: 

1% C- shorltmng 

B^aI together: 
i tbsp Jvneqar 

Yz c seeder 
Add to flour ynijiure. /V\akes 5~[p pie-crushs. 

4 toft vohdes 

1 tsp. cream of tartar 

1 Vz, & sugar, divided 

Mwqoorel Wart 

4 egq uol|e& 
yuce & arated peel of 
! v z Unions 

3 /W c. vOiuopmq creani 

$eatea i q votuics until joamu ; ^ui^i cream- of 
tartar and beat- until stiff . (^raduaXUj add 
L C- suqar. Spread vnermAue into a qreascd 
c \" pie ptat&. 3ak& at Z50 VJ (or \ x /% hrs. (hterinqvu. 
should not brown\Cool. Beat egg yoltes until 
UgM; ; add lemon jiucz and peet and ^2. cup 
Sugar. Stir citer Hot water until sUgktuj t\udniMd, 
Cool. VOhvp cream, and add half to the cooUd 
fihknq. Spread filuna in- meringue crust and co\>er 
vO&WrivttOAnvaq Whipped cream, Chdt uv the 
refY 'iterator at least Z4 hoars. 


r Jcffeci\nqd fa 

lots S/\arkkanv 

Z egg whites — beat- untd sitff. hdet. . ■ 

% C. suqar -slOvVU]. 

Vut on brovow paper- baa and spread mbo IxOo 

Shapes- round or rectangular; as for the- layers 

of a Cake. 
Bake, ai 275 "for 3o-4d minutes, witiJ. tdaes are^ 

suqhtlu] brovVvt. Open door and turn- off oven . 

Leave until cool. 

lYz, c. -ftialW Bar crumbs- buy bars aneiroll 
vO\iW roumq pin belWeev\^ Waj. paper or } i-f 
(Mailable,, bay already prepared crumbs. 

1 larqe container Cool \/0vup- aentuj add bWc 
crambs to cooV voWep, Spread on rncrmgnc 
shell as a cake filling, lop vOittt obiter sncll. 

Can be made 1 aay akea^i . T^riaerate. . 

fiidtUrvnilk \n Ann*. Sk^iiou 

IVz, c. suofvc 
Z Xbsp. f Lour 
3 e^g> 

1 s-buie butter 
Vz, c. buttervhilk 
i tep, Vanilla- 

/V\ett butter and cool. /V\iy suaar and flour Stir 
in egqs (addUta one al a time) and butter -Add 
budttrnulk. and Vanilla,. Pour into unbaked^ pie 
shell. Sake at 3s0° -for 45 minutes. 


El&SlJ'Appl^ fit Tat Toga 

1 c, sugar 1 stick, butter 

3 /4 c. flour 1 tsp. cinnamon 

N\if toaeiker until cnimbUj. TUre '/z.of tHi» «i 
ade&p disk pie crust, Place ■ thickly sliced, 
tart apples on top tas many as possible "). 
~fpp vVbtk remaivvwi^ mixture, fiakc at ot>O p 
-for 1 kv: 

Pe^ Pblf/^pple]^ AV^rettkrt 

£> large- apples', sliced 1 c. sugar 

3 /4 c. ■fipitr 
'/4 tsp. salt 
6> tb>p. butter 

Vji^ cinnamon, voith Vz c. sugar ana. sprvalde, 
o\>tr apples. r\dd Vy c Water and lemon juice- 
N\ty rcnuuhing sugar, butter: -flour, and salt 
for crumbL) top crust, and pat o\)cr apples. Bake 
at 375° -for ^0 minutes. 

<c tbsp. lemon )uicc 

l M c. Water 

'/& tsp. cinnamon 


Qicpped -j\pfa 


Ro^ale Wigqin 

1 t5p. corn starch 
Itsp. cinnamon 
1 egg , vOeXl- beaten 
y^fsp. scut 

Z c. chopped apples 

(enougW to full pie shell) 
Z pie shells 
L c. sugar 
3 M stick margarine, } melted 

/V\iy odl ingredients' \Octt and pour ooer apples 
in, bottom she-li-^Top with second sheh.Vricte, 
top shed vodh^ork .~Xbp with butter, fiakeat 
MVD" -for 1 dr. until tender. 


1 small cream cheese Z tbsp. UrnOn juice 
1 large cool vOWlp 1 can blueberry 

Vi e. sugar pie filling 

Z bananas 

prepare- avid, bake a 1" pw crust. Slice- 
bananas on bottom. /V^i/y> cheese and. cool wOnvp 
and spread over bananas, let cVuli in rcfr'iQW'AXor 
N/\i^ sugary lemon juice and blueberry topping 
and spread ovc-r pi&. 

DellCWUS blueberry \\Z, dobbie^asmussen 

1. L Vet pie erases (unbaked frozen) -\\ueu> . 

1 c. pecans broken. N\usW into crust. \^>akc 

and cool crust. 
I. tAW S ox, . softened crearn- cheese \^ilk 1 hot 

pqvod&red Sugar. Beat until crcamij. Vut in 

pie sneil. 

3. Split can- of blueberry pic fating over I p'&s 

4. \ap wiik large carton of Cool Wh^p. 


J^irttj (kerry (keese \it EvH^ I4auw- 

11" pastry skill (baked) or 
arahcuK cracker crust 

1 pleg. unf labored aelatin- 
l h C. cold Water 


3 c. Sugar 
% tsp. sad 

1 tsp. grated 
lemon rind 

1 tsp. [iWXOvV \\AiCl 

2 c. cremned 

1 c. k&w^j cream, 

Vrepare pastry shell. Sprinkle aelatin on- cold 
Water to > often, • dissolve o<!cr boilmq \Waler. 
Stir hi sugar, salt, lemon rind, and lemon- juice . 
Vut cottage cheese through, sieve or beat on \i\gk. 
speed Wdh an- electric nuier. Stir wv aelalai. fold 
in whipping cream. ~Tum in\o baked pastry skell 
Chill, nxen add alate^: 

2 (l lb.) can-s red sour l li c. Sugar 

pitted cherries foater packed) l /$ tsp. salt 
1 c. chtrra liquid 1 tfosp. lemovv^uiec- 

1 pWg. un\laDored adadav % tsp. red 

food coloring 

X)r&in cherries ~~ reserve- 1 c. liquid. Spr'mklo 
Relative on x lz c. cherri] Itguid, dissolve oO&r kdf 
water. Stir in Vz, c . cherry liquid, sugar, salt , lemon- 
June avid coloring. Chill until qdcdm mounds 
slightUj . \A?hile aeylatuv is (didUncL arrange the 
(drained cherries on top of pic "Spoon gelatin 
over clierries. Chill until "firm-. 


(jtmi Qteese Qterry \ifr~ Kitty Coble 

1 Yz lbs. cream cheese 

1 c. s^ar 

2 eggs', well -beaten, 
1 Il c. soft butter 

I tsp. \>ahd\a> 
l fi vsp. grated 
lemon rind 
1 can ckerrg pit fating 
l M tsp, almond extract 

In, larae cheese cake pan- or spring -form pan-, 
greened,) pre$? dovOn thmlu rolled rich pastry 
\Oitk the. back, of a spoon, friend cheese L sugar. 
i\dd Z cggs ) butter ) Manilla and lemon rind, 
cblenei thoroughly and pour into lined pan, 
f>a\te 'we a, moo" oven, -for 45 min. \0ken cool, 
spread 1 canchtrrg pay fUUruj, to which aiawnd 
t'itract lias been added. 

C hess fits 

Ann Rutg 

Vz stick hdier or margarine juice of 1 lemon 
Z c. granulated swaa'r 1 tbsp. Vtmdlas 

I c. It. brevCvi suaar 7 vonole eqgs 

Cream butter, sugar and Manilla,. Qreak egqs 
vato thus' and stbr enough to mtf well. Do not 
beat \0\th miicr. J-f eqqs are, o\) er-b eaten } thc^ 
nurture vOiXl bo'\lo\)er. \bouttwo tablespoons 
of yvwtture- W pailru shell makes one pie. 

Use \Aour ovOn pastry , cut in rounds to fit shal- 
low muff ivv tins. 5ake at 350* until jelled CwU 
not shake). N\akes about 'I dozen. 


Ckccc Late Qw$$ Yve^ Augusts ti tckoiscvu 

l L /z c. sugar 

V^ siic& putter or margarine- 
3%. heaping tbsp. cocoas 
1 (5 ^z oz.) can evaporated \ ridk 

1 Vsp. Manilla 
l /% c, chopped pecans'- 
C optional; 

N\clt butter, and add sugar and cocoa. H\up vOell. 
■\dd egas , kki^ \Oell. f\dd vrulk, and Manilla, Stvr 
Well avail nurture vs sniootlv. Add nubs if d&- 
Svred- &alte in preheated oOew 35o°for 35-40 
minutes m an unbailed pie shell -. Pie should be- 
firm in center: 5eri , e vOarwi vtAtk \Ohipped cream 
or i>amUa ice- oreawi. 

N\o mi Qkess i yaait \i& 5 co feTi \c ker 

1 stide butler or margarine 
1 c. afajiulaied sugar 
i c. br^vvW sugar^ packed 
4 cms, beaten 
S M c ■ KHtlfe 

/V\i^)6 aU ingredients together and pour info pu- 
shed , "Arrange pecan* halves on top. Bake- ai> 
350° until \zvu{e inserted vn- center covnes oud> 
clean } 40-50 minutes. 

3 tbsp. flour 

1 c. pecans, chopped 

1 is p- \)amlla 

i unbaked pie shell 

pecan halves 



£asy Qntss^it 


1 stick, butter or 1 eqqs 

margarine., so^itned 1 Xsp. Manilla 
1 c. Sugar 

Creavn- ww\r<mrmc and suqar. -Add %topf. /VW 
ikorounhkj . i\dd \?aniUa- cuid stun &atu- in an 
8" pic skeit at 325* for 35-40 minutes. 

\enton [kess fit 

% c. melted butter 

s k o. sour wiilk- 
juice of Z lemons' 

Yk c. suaar 

1 Xbsp. flour 

1 tb=p. torn meal mi^ 

-3 wlwk cqgs 

IV\if ioqether ike sugar, -\loar and comvncal. 
Add ec)05 ) beating vv'ell after tacW } then add 
rest of ingredients, fiake at 350° -for 35 or 
40 nun. 





fiootsie \($wrv\.5 

1 c. sudpcr 
% cm yolks, beaten 
l> tvsp- cornstarch* 
Ztbsp, cold- \Vater 

Z squares chocolate, 

1 c. Wot vJatcr 
l l3 s tick butter 
1 tsp. Manilla 

Meruique: Z egg whites, Ltbsp.sMQCtr 

VuX chocolate into pan vJitk- Watery butter; 
\}a\v\ta>, Snqar, tog uol&s cinct cornstarchy 
(thai has beew dissolved, Uvtke cold watvr) 
Cook yjfdil thick,. Vowr wXo baked p've- crwst. 
Top with- merwiqvit-. 

$ lender (\otoloXt ^its vum, Redmond 

IV4 c. canned wM/ 
L tbsp. Manilla 
1 stick melted- olio 

l x /i 0. sugar 
(otbsp. CCCCOy 

VreWeai oven \o 3^0° 

Vat \xqyact m blender firsts iken add the dry 
inqredient^ and biena w?ctl. Pour into "tvvo 
deep pic sheii/s avid bake 30 minutes. l^nu>i > & 
frowv o\)tv\, w~Wevi centers of pies still shake. 


QwccUdc- ft\crinquefie „ Vebbu, SyhMu 

Z eaq \0\ules' l d c. sugar 

Hb fep. sa)X l /t c. chopped pecans 

Ve tsp, creavwof lartavr x lz tsp. vamila 

vtoX s/Ohdes until roanuj and add salt and 
cream of tartar. 'Beat until it makes so^k 
peaks- i\dd suaar- avid boat until stiff - 
fold uv nuts and ^andla. Vufc una°l "ove pcuv 
(greased). 3ake vn aslovo o\)oa (3ocf)for 55 
minutes. Let cook 

I bar Baker's tried chocolate 3 bosp. hot rioter 
1 c. keavij cream (Shipped) I tsp- Oamdxv 

/V\eU chocolate i*v double boiler. -f\ddyOodvr 
and blend- Let cool, -had Oandia- Yoidtdo 
chocolate uito the Shipped cream. Vut undke 
meringue skeiiamd c lull about- l l d houses. 

Qermoit Quwlafe yit Be% FUjthe 


1 is p. Manilla 
1(10") pie shell or 
2 ( $') pie s hells, unba&d 
1 % c. Coconut 
Vz c. chopped nidts 

I- 4 ot. pteq sv\)eet chocolate 

V4 c. b utter 

ltyc(W v z oz^) canned milk 

l%c. sugar 

3 tbsp. cornstarch 

i lb Is p. salt 

/V\elt chocolate \0\k-h butler oOtr low) ktat sUrrwiq 
until blended. 'Kemov'e front heat; gradually blend- 
in/ miVd, /V\lp suaar, cornstarch- and sad. Beat m 
testis and Zonula. fyradciolhj blend we cdocoltxto 
vneiuire* 'Vour vnto pie shell, Combine coconut and 
nuts; sprinkle ov%r fiXlmg. Iba&eat 3*15° for tj 5 
nannies. Cool at least 4 hours before cutting. 


fasij (ocvnut pi£/ 

5 c <V3 f~ 

Voris (rose 

(o iqojS ( wteJLl - beaten) 1 c . f Yoked coco nu t 

i itick batterer marqarMt I uuboKed pit s'neUs 

Af\vp cdi marcdUc^ts vOdt avid pour ue pic shell*. 
3ake at bSv'^or 3o vnuwdes. 

(oconui fi& 

'Stan VOard 

1 stick margarine [melted) 1 c. Baker's- coconut 

5 caas (beaten ^eparaicUA) itsp.Vdmdla^ 

Zc. sitqar 1 pie shells 
*/q c. buttermilk 

Melt margarine ., add beaten e^gqz, then rest of 
'mare d tents. Vo w'wJLo i - 9 "pastry shells* Balee 
at" 350 "far 45- be mm. until bn?nH on top. Shake 
p>om>to iest if center is firm. 

fUUOppit' (CCVtUlt fit Cheryl 8oUc& 

L /i c . wielded butter or 

3 eqas, vjeil - bealew 
l x /z. c. sugar 


1 bo-jd. coconut- [lot. frozen ) 1 small caw crashed 

1 tep \ZandUi pmeappU (drained!) 

Mty c^id pour into 9" unbaked, pie shell. Qake at 
356" for 4o miuates or until brained. 


\)&rbij pi 


1 C SuAOor 

Vic. sifted flour 
ItqqSjStiqhUij beaten, 

1 t. pecans 


1 stick butler, uulted 

avid cooled 
b oi. cliocolate chips 

1 tip. \ J OiUUO, 

A/\\f suaar avid flour. i\dde^s, chops. pecaws~, 
butter and oavulia-. Tour utto 9" unbaked pi& 
shell* Cock, 45-50 nuvndes at 350". 

focfttLsikt pie 

/Vjanj Trances Smith, 

Crtawi one stick, of butter or mar^oorinc- \u>ith one- 
Cup of suqar. ~hdd ike follovJiMa'- 

Z eqq$ I tiosp. \)uieqar 

Vz c. coco nub 1 tbep. \iantda- 

x d c seedless raisms Unvuumvu- 

l l% c. chopped pecans vudwieq 

Vour in unbaked 9 "pie shell . dake at 325" for 35- HO 

Qooci fi 


1 can- Izaalc^oravuL 

Vi c. Su 



V4 t. Union juice* 
1 large- carton CoolvOkip 

%r Cj " baked pie- shells 
AW ingredients toaetker and refriacratc 

1 large, can crushed 
puitapple [drained) 
l lt c, pecans 
1 small can coconut 


tf eotk/fW \l& 

Vebbit Swuttr 

1 boy, crushedTantous chocolate Wafers 
1 stick' metttd butter 

/V\if {oqetker. Yress into pie crust. Bake al 350' 
for Id yvumaaX&s. 

Let soften-: 

1 at. Va^uiici ■ ict^ crea-nr 
lo ernshedtteatk-Ba-rs 

^/[if and put w cooled pic 5 kelt .Trceze:. Top 
wJitlv chvcclate saM.ce wWewrcadij to serine. 

$uforPecm;]s&(feam\ie/ vw ^ecu^e 

\H% C- Cold VHllk 

1 c. [ x /i pt) softeyied 
\)&ndla, Uecrecmv 
9" baked pie shell 

1 pkq. (L?~$erVi+iA s'stc) 
Tctto duUt-r-VeeaM- 
TyistawtVuddiM,^ and 
VU tilting 

There uqklij blend mdk- and ice cream-. Add pie 
-filWu) nut. V> ead slow? Uj vOitW Ktfuid beater or at 
lovo speed oj eiectrie until bleytded- about 
owe wuviute. 'Vour iwimediattUj into cooUd pie- 
sheit. Ckdl until set— about varee hours. CoOer- 
\\)dtv Cool \Okip. Store- m refrigerator nvt freezer. 


Jc& (ream [ie- 



Jb'18 marskmallows l /h lb. margarine 

(melted) Vz, pleg. (c\erman> ekec. 

in double boiler or o\)er low? Weed', stir ingredients 
occasionalUj, until melted. -Add- l l/ & c.'Ricefcfrispies. 
Carcase pU plate vOdtv margarine . Vress crmsV 
vvwftwfe into pie plate. Cool. 

VillvacK. i\dud one quart Uc cream. SUaUe chocolate 
in top. 'Freeze wtil feadij to serine . 

(rente dc fA^mih&Jcc (ream H&. 

3 pi's, \JamUa- let cream Ic. chocolate wafer 

5 Vosp. areevt cremc ae menthe or unite 

l lz c. butter, softened- -fudqe sauce 

Comb me vJafir crumbs With butter' and press ado 
10" spring form pan. ^cfnaerate until voexl chllcd t 
frboi/d 1 Vir. ~n~vrvi 'ice cream unto a larqe- bow? I 
to soften^] pour cremede menike over it and- siOirl. 
Hit Wafer sWell u?[tbv let cream and -freeze. 


3 oz. unsvOeetened chocolate. l /h tsp. salt 

4 % bbsp. butter 
3 'fa tsp. Oavvdia. 

In a saucepan j combine ckoeoUdevbdlt vOaber. 
Cook/ o\)er low heat, stirrup until choeoUde melts. 
-r\cld sugar and salt-. Coofc, stirring mild saaar 
is yvteltcct and thickened. '^jcvncsjt front kemanJc 
*5t\r in butter cuud Manilla . Cool. Vr^i-i-ile oVcr 
tvp of pic and- retnrn to freezxr unhilfvrwi, 
~Vnere nJill \)e a- cup o{ fduec left o\)tr. 

l li c. voatcr 
3/4 c. suqar 


QidyfaskiOned \emO^ \\l Beverly Sumner 

1 C. Si 

sugar 3 &qc\£ , beaten 

tick/ butter (melted-) \aic&oftU>o lew 


sKWRs Putter C melted) juice- of ' 
grated rind of i lemon 

[\l\llt butter, add $uqar ) eqgs, juico and rind. 
Vowr in standard pie skelC. ' 

Cook at 3Z5 P for 30- 4 5 mm. 

Qrandma's \cmon pie -Mabel Sale 

1 c. sugar 2 eggs , separated 

I tbsp. baiter x te c. milk 
juice and grated rind of one lemon 

In saucepan, cream together butter and lemon 
rind, hdd lightly beaten tqq golks mid [teat. 
had sugar and miy welt. Wfven readgto pour 
into unbaked pie crust ) add Vemvve\ure^and 
\\itn wudk , mijang well . "Fc let in stuff Uj beaten 
egg whites. Bake at 350° for appro* innately 
3c nurtures, or until pie Is set. 


[WlOtt \U-50ioilS \it ,\\argarel\\art 

1 c. sugar '/4 e. lemon-- \iuc& 

3 "bbi?p. cornstarch 3 tga yolks 

'Af C. margarine- 1 c . rustle 

1 tbsp. grated- lemon rind 1 c. sour cream 
bate-ed °i" pic shell 

Combine sugar, cornstarch, margarine-, lemon, 
rind and juice- and tag golks. Stir in wife. 
Cook ov'cr m-eduim heat, stirringconstoAxiuj 
untd smooth and thick-. Cool, rold in sour 
cream and spoon into baked sheW. ChUl, 
Garnish vvrtktVuru impeded lemvn slkes. 

\wionade, ji^ 

Susan Q\urit^ 

1 ayatiam cracker crust 

1 small can frozen pink, lemonade- 

1 large siz.e Cool X\)hip 

1 can- Eagle 3rand wulk. 

\uice of Vie m on 

T~c?Lt ail ingredients and put in-to crust. 
Chlil in \~e\rugerator 1 hour or until veartij 
to ser\)t. 


\)eUcu>us \tmoK f\irinquz 

Combine: 1 c. Sugar 

'A* c. cornstarch 
Vz tsp. sail 


id- Morion Yoiwis 

Blevid in: k c. cold whaler 

Add •■ 1 Vh 0. hot W>ater 

Cook: until thick/ - y stir constantly. Reduce 
heat and cook umii clear (5 to 8 nunC) Stir 

Add'- 'A c. Vernon juice (fresh). Cook- L min, 

ftltnd: 3 slLqhthj beatew eag yolks. Cook Zmin. 

i\c\A: Z tbsp. butter. Cool. Tour into balled, 
shell and top with merUxane- 

(jfiflJldtft (fOCkpee IpHVHdWJainmy K&denluset 

1 can luxate Qrand/ 1 tsp. araled lemon 

Z cacj ijolks peel 

l /z c. lemon juice- whipping cream 

r\dd toft yolks to mdk slowlu. Stir uv lemon- 
juice a little at a time. IV\lf until smooth. 
Pour into a cooled graham cracker crust. 
Top wiih whippuxa cream- and refriaerate-. 


fr\iMions \)o\iar pi£ 



ranees true. 

h < 

1 small caw 

Crushed pineapple 

Z KpebUr cyral-uun^ 
cracker crusts 

1 - 1 or 10 <?z. container 

whipped topping 
1 can- £ogl& Brand. 
1 5" mail can- frozen 

1 caw fruit- coc&tad 

YWom) lemonade and, topping . Combine wiiHc 
and Icvnonade and beat until thiCkeiieA.Vroin 
-fruit cocktail and pineapple • Stirfrutt mto 
v-vu^ vnlpuirc-. ~r~old in whipped topping and 
place In- crusts. Tut in- refrigerator udulreadi] 
~to bcrOe. 


peanut gutter p^ rtury ryu 

1 c. mUte-- 

1 large- pleg. creams cheese 

2 /3 c. crunchij peanut' butter 

&eed abo\)t ingredients -together. 


Z c. pondered sugar 

L tsp. Zonula. 

1 large container Cool \Okip 

Beat Weil and pour into Z baked pic shells or 
graham cracker crusts . Freeze. 


pcam [it 

Daisy Weiciv 

1 Hl sticks melted oteo 
1 is p. ^amila- 
1 tsp. \>uiea,ar 

1 c. light brovJn sugar 
i c, refined sugar 
4 egqs, lightly beaten 

1 c- pecans 

Mtji ail ingredients together and- pour m unbaked 
pie shells. 'Qakeai 315° 'for ^0 minutes. Mato 2 
pics. (Hutt; 5tt pies <m c^o(ei£ 5keet - this seem* to 
make pU crust on. bottom flaky") 

Southern \icwn Y'vt Jeanette- p^enprt 

% tsp- salt 

L /3 c. mdted butter 

1 i. dark Kavo syrup 

1 c, chopped pecans 

l b e. sugar 

Beat cqgs, sugar, salt, bidter and syrup until 
\i>cll blended. A/\i#> wi p icons. Vour into pie shell 
&ake 40-50 minutes at 315? 


pumpleiH. jte 

Puone-X Smith 


1 pka. Dello egq cus\ard mW 
'/i c. sugar 

L l a c-. pmnpkuv 

1 top. Vamlla- 

'/z tsp. pumpkin- pic 5pkX 

C<?<?le and 5"ttr~ tc> a- bail. Cool. Pour into a cooled^ 
pic sued. 

-j^anJesl fiimpkwij^ fluid* voiudei^ 

1 c. pumpkin t evoked, 

and motived, 
Z c. apple Wetter 
l S/ z e. brovOn sugar 
1 tsp. salt 
s lt~\:sp. einnamorv 
% tsp. nutmeg 

'/& Xsp. VahdUr 
5 egas, slightly beatat 
1 [/ 3 c evaporated mille- 
% c svOctt mdk 
1 c pecans, chopped 
Z (Q") uncooked pic 

Combine pumpkin^ apple butter, brown sugar, 
suit, cinnamon,, nutmeg and vandla,. ftlend, ur 
beaten eof\s y evaporated milk, and s\0eet milk. 
Pour into Z ( c \") s\\e\is. Sprinkle With pecan;? an^t 

bak.c at 400" fpr 45 man. or until a k*vd\t inserted 
in center comes out dru. Cool before udXuxe\. 


ymU'S fUeappU \lv ScottieTueker 

1 can (W ol) crushed pineapple- 

1 can- (13 or?) evaporated milk (whipped) 

1 pleg. (3 ol) lenwwjello 

f /z c~ sugar 

3 caas 

3 c. I'andla u y afer crumbs 

Vm C- butter <?r margarine (melted) 

Combine Zonula- crumbs and butter and line 
3 eight inch pue- pans, (fuse pure* pie plates 
because theij are deeper:) 

Dexzl eaqs and sugar. Tn'Duleh- o\)en add 
pineapple- to tOft and butter ynij/tu-re-. firing 
to a- bod. 

Kemoi'e^rom heat. 

Add jeUo ; stir until dissolved. ~Add Whipped 
walle. Pour into pie shells and ..-refr \gexate 
until jdlo sets. Kcfnaerate Left ov'ers. 

fresh ^traMjWrrij \its $arahpe*ri) 

9 "batted pie shed 

]fa at. fresh strawberries 

3 tbsp. cornstarch 

Crush enough strawberries bo make I cup. 
Combine suaar and cornstarch . Stir in Water 
and crushed berries. Cook- oOer medium- heat, 
stirring until mvfture comes to a boil. 'Rcduce 
heat to low, and cooks, stirruxg for I minutes. 
/V\i^ture- vo'ul be bhicketied and translucent. Cool, 
Vlace whole berries in pie shell. Pour cooled 
glaze o\Jer e\)enlu and chut for about uVo hours. 
Serve topped With- whipped cream-. 

Vz c Water 

1 c uca\)i\ Whipped 

i ertam- 



1 Soz. ptecj. softened Z ID oz. pkg. ^rozx-n. sliced 

cream ckeese strawberries ) tdu\M)ed 

1 c . dairy sour cream 1 cyaham cracker crust 

^0\end creanv elites^ and sour creeanv. Unserve- 
% cup berries and sijrup- add revndivdna ~to 
Cneese nurture. Vour iwto araWarn cradfecr 
emit. Treei-e -firm-. 'K^uove J \rcvn J \reetcr 5 nun. 
before serving. $pooyi reserved berries o\?er each/ 

M \ J J ' r\ar$ardTol0tr 

1. Combine in Varae nujier bovcl - . 

1 eqq vo\vdes 1 Vosp. leynvnjuict 

3/4 C. SiiOfOr 1-lOoL. pk^.-f~roien, } parllu 

ikavoed strawberries 

I. Beat 1 5 mui, at Wiak speed until \tuc&. 

3. Wlup y l% pt. \A?UippUia orecwWy add 1 tsp. vU+ulLt 

4 f\dd io strawberry vwxpur^.Vut in a- baked 
pie crust. 

5. T'reeL.c. 




Apple 275 

Benne Drop 275 

Boston 275 


Caramel 276 

Cheesecake 278 

Jean's Perfect 276 

Wicked 276 

Butter 277 

Butter Mint Patties 277 

Butterscotch Bars 277 

Casserole 278 


Brownies 278 

Squares 278 


Date Sprinkle Bars 293 

Nut Chews 279 


Dipped 280 

Dream Bars 280 

Christmas 281 

Congo Bars 281 

Cookies 279 

Crisp 281 

Dark Secrets 282 


Brown Sugar Bars 282 

Cherry Sprinkle Bars 293 

Logs 282 

Forgotten 283 


Bars 284 

Cookies 284 

Fudge Bars, Marbled 283 

Gingersnaps 285 

Goody Squares, Mrs. 

Evans' 285 

Jello 285 

Lemon Squares 286 


Coconut 287 

Corn Flake 287 

Magic Cookie Bars 286 

Mince Meat Drop 28 

Mystery Bars 288 

Nut Crescents 288 

Oatmeal 289 

Old-Fashioned, Nancy's ...288 

Peanut Butter 289 

Pecan Puffs 290 

Prune Bars 290 

Pumpkin Squares 291 

Range 290 

Reece's Peanut Butter 

Tarts 289 

Rocks 292 

Rocky Road Snack 291 

Sable 292 

Sand Tarts 292 

Stained Glass Medallions . .293 

Chinese 294 

Favorite 294 

Toll House Variations 294 

Walnut 17 


Candy 296 

Caramel Corn, Oven 295 

Chocolate Candy Balls, 

White 295 

English Toffee 296 


Chocolate 297 

Crunchy Milk Chocolate .297 

School 298 

Granola, Great 298 

Maple Divinity 298 

Peanut Butter Candy 299 

Pecan Brittle 299 

Praline Candy 299 

Sour Cream Candied Nuts .300 
Sweet Party Mix 300 



/\pple (oo\t\is 

Vq c. vohole wheat flour 
X M c. bran 

*M c. applesauce 
1 tsp. vanilla^ 
3 apples , peeled, cored 
and chopped 

?lace old 'ingredients except apples in ce bovol 
and mvp wed. Stir uv apples . Drop bu tsps. 
oh- greased bateivig sheet- &ake at $50° for 
15 min. , or uxdd brown-. fAake> 24. 

$ennt\)rop (j>okits 

1 c-. butter 

'/z C. brow>pu sugar (packed) 
s iz c. sugar 

2 egqs ' 

3 /m c. stsawie seeds 

(3ei>erUj Suniner 

Z c. flour 

1 tsp. baking, powder 

Yz tsp. socur 

1 tsp.vanuUc- 


Oreanv butler and sugars) add egos. Blend uv 
other 'ingredients. Prop by teaspoonfut oyva- 
greased cookie sheet. <&ake at 315° for ID' 15 
vnin . N[akes 9o cookies. 

fiostcti Qoo)zxts 

Z sticks vnargarine 

Z c. racked Wowu suxgar 

3 eggs 

1 c. nuts oroaXmeal 

Z c. raXsins ,*. *> r ^>^- 

1 tsp. soda, (dissoWed'm 2 tsp. hoi water) 

Cream butter and suaar ; add eggs. Had dry 
ingredients } Vnevr other 'ingredients. Prop by 
teaspoonfut on greased pan. &atee at Moc for 
B minutes. 

Mary Ub MUte 

4 c. flour 
I tsp. cinnamon- 
% isp. cioves 
Vz tsp. nutmeg 
s li tsp. 5alr 


Jean's perfect fyrowrius„ Stan- Bowman 

b tbsp. (heaping) cocoas 1 tbsp. Vanilla 

1 c. batter or vnargar'we 1 c. sCfWt flour 

£ c. sugar 1 c. chopped- 
4 eggs' Walnuts or pecans 

TWorougnhj creanv butXer and sugar; add 
eaOyS and beat welt, blend un cocoa-, v'ahuUe 
and flour, Mlf nuts into bolter, or sprinkle* 
tnem ox>er Ihe top after batter us poured into 
greased d'x 9" pan. tV-lee at 32.5" for 35 nun. 

\^)tctet brownies SuwwdobmsoH, 

3 c. sugar 1 '/z o. slated cakcflour 

8 eags i c. melted butter 

Z tbsp. Vanilla 1 Vz c. chapped walnuts 

3 Al c. melted mu& $M e melted bittersweet 
Chocolate chocolate 

Combine- sugar, eggs and handler anct beat 
w^itH- wilwr on- ktgii speed "for 10-15 min. 
FoUt in rest of ingredients, Pour Into greased- 
and floured 15 "x 1d"xZ" pan- ai-ut baJee- at 350" 

for 25-35 minrdes. 

Cj iorux- Adams 

\ x /i slicks melted 

Vz c. chopped nuts 
1 c. chocolate chips 

(jxramel fyrowmes 

z b c. evaporated wiute,, 

1 (14 or.) pieg. caramels 
1 box Q\cr many chocolate 

caMe nuf 

Melt V3 o. milk- and caratnels m double boiler. 
Combine calie<wuf, butter, V3 c. mule and nuts. 
5prtad half the cake nurture in a ^ "'* 1 1" pan. 
baJce at 315" for t? mm. Then spread chocolate 
over cake. Spread cevramels on top of choco- 
late . Pab on rest of cake vhujXwro. bake at 
315 c for 20 minutes. 


ftutter f\\wk Patties Vw'ian?eters 

1 c. butter vriints, crushed Z c. plam flour 
1 c. butter or margarine sugar 

Crush mints. Creawv butter until light; adA- 
mints o*ut blend.. ftOel flour ovui wuf WeU . 
Rpli into boils. Press vv'itk- forte. Sprinkle- 
w?o1/t 5u-gar. &ate.e at 3oo* for 1&-ZP minutes 
until light broww. 

gutter (poteies 

Judy &idla, 

3 c. flour 
i tsp, sail 
IVz tsp. soda, 
lVz tsp. cream, of 

1 c. butter 

Vz c- sugar 

1 Vz c, packed Wovow sugar 

% egqs 

1 tsp. vanilla- 

Cream- butter and, sugars until bight and 
f luff ij. AcUl £(3gs, one at a^ time, veuXinxg 
well after eacit addition. Add \?anula, } the>i 
stir ui dry^ ingredients which, Uave been- 
covntelned . Vrop \?ij half teaspoonfnl onto 
greased cookie sheet. fiateeat 375° ford'lo 
nun. SfieUi* (p~d dozevi. 

filtiter SCOtctt fiarS Bev'eruj Sumner 

\ sticks Yvtargar'me Z tsp. baking powder 

1 lb. bight broww sugar Vz tsp. salt 

Z CQtys unbeaten Z C. chopped pecans 

Z c. sifted -flour 1 tsp. vanWice 

Melt nuxrgarme) wWiie hot, add bwww 
sugar, Suv in eggs. Add vest ofutarzar- 
tvds . f3aJe^ wi a greased, d^Q" paw <xt 
350 ' for 25 vwumaXcs, 


Qxssivolt (boki&s 

1 cgas 

X c. chopped dates 

1 c. chopped nuts 

/Aarjorie Andersen, 

1 c. sugar 
i c coconut 
1 tsp. vanilla^ 

rbeat tko cr\as, thou add other mgredieuts . 
fiake., ui lo~% (p"x 2" casserolo at 35Q" for 
3o- 35 vnlw. Stir sacral tuvies as it cools. 
Yornv uv balls avid roil \n powder ed sugar. 

Qhc&sccakv f)row?nU<s AWpt ?rdchett 

I bo% \udae ca\c& wiVf 3 k stick welted butter 
i egg 

f\'\4 abovt^ by hand. Sprextd'uda ^"x\l"pan. 

ftcat 'together : 

1 bc>y confectioners suqar Z cgqs 

1 (doz) pteg. cxeawi cheese 

Spread- this vniyXurc over chocolate. 

bake at 2>^o" for 1 hour. 

Quits tcakxs ^c\uarcs icrvndcc Charles 

% c . wiargar'uie 1 (5 oi .) pleg cream, ckceso 

s h c. bvowu sugar 1 tag 

1 c. -{lour Z vosp. milk, 

Vz c chopped nuts I tvsp. \emou juice- 

'A-i c sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 

Cream [putter and broyou sugar. f\dd flour 
avut wuts. &lend until cruynbU^. Sttaiuxo 
\ cup. ?fcss reyvuxining \vu^t\\ro'i^ B"*£>" 
pan. &a&e at $50" ^or 12 -15 vniyi. &eat 
suqot and craxvu cheese until smootW. 
Add eqq, nutfe ; and, f laVorwiqs • t>eak u>e\l. 
Spread oVvr batted trust. Spriukie reserved 
crumbs over top. &ate& at 350" for 25 m£u. 


Qwrry |\Jut QHlWS /^[araaret Coltranc 

1 c flour, sifted 1 lb. candied- ckarrus 

3/4 Vosp. bamnq powder 1 Yh lb. brown, suqar 

Vl tbsp. sail 8 eggs, separated 

ZVz c. chopped- pecans x li tbsp. \>anuta 

5uf t f ir5t 3 inqrediehts "together. Adrt mrts 
ami cherries. Covnvine saaar and ego. uo\ks\ 
add flour i4nr)(uxr£._f)£at ego, wkttes u^tuX 
stuff; add Vanilla, loss dvty vvwy-tvur& into 
tqq , whites; wtif u 7 eU. Line ^"x I3"x Z" 
baieuig ske^fc Wi>k brown- papery Balee-at 
325' for 3D ntui . Cool ut pan. IVkUe- stUi 
u?arm "turvt upside dovon- owbrau ana 
slice 't^t narrow strips, ^oli u/l powdered 
su-aar. NAalees So bars, 


Vz c. sWortemng 

1 tsp. salt 

1 tsp. cwiviamow 

1 tsp- vavdda- 

1 ibsp. molasses or 

maple syrup 
1 a suaar 

FUzabetk- rr. Conner 

1 egg, unbeaten 

i c. sifted flour 

3 M tsp. soda 

1 c. rolled, oats 

V3 c. chopped dates 

V3 c. raisins 

x ls c. chopped pecans 

Combine first se^en'ingreciu-nts and beat 
tdiorouahtu. Sift flour witk- soar^. Add to 
baiter ; mxf- Webb. Drop bu) teaspcowful on- 
greased cookie sheets . bake at 350" for io- 
15 vvinutcs. Makes 3Vz dozen, (bake slwrtcr 
tune- for chewy Cookies?) 


1 bo* powdered sugar 
1 c. shredded cocvmd 
3 (ipoz) pteq. chocolate- 

% block, parafw- ioaf 

Qiocolaic-\)ippcd fooleles 

Loueita Stut5on. 
Z sticks melted butter 

or Margarine 
1 c. peanut butter 
Z Yz c. a_rahanv cracker 

V/z c. chopped p touts 

Melt butter [w lara,e- yaw, tWcw add peanut 
butter. ?>leyui Welt avid add we%k 4 ingredients. 
Alifture- Will be v/eruj stiff. Yorvw into \" bails. 
Ivt double- boUer m^U- chocolate and wa^.~Vkis 
W'Ui taJee- 0/ While to blend. iMevvturvv down- 
Weat. Use- Z forks to alp bails iw chocolates. 
Place- ow foil paxvawd 'frtvze for S minutes. 
Remove andplact- m plastic coutaiutrs -Jheu 
freeze beautifuiuj. VZemov'c- from refrigerator 
about 1 hour before- servuig so chocolate w>u% 
soHen. N\akes \50. 

QwcolcUtis \)renm foots ^ Susan Musky 

V3 c. butter %tsp.bakxna powder 

I '/3 c. packed frrovow 1 tsp. vanilla- 

suqeve , chVided 1 c. shredded coconut 

\Yh o- flour, divided 1 c. chopped- pecans 

Z eqqs Vz c. chocolate- chips 

tor bottcvw layer, coynJp'uic- butter and- y h cup 
brown sugar ; be^ut until ligki andfluffty- 
Add 1 c. f U>ur an^l kvu-x wetu Press into 
bottom of ay cased I3"x4''x2'" pan- Bafce- a/t 
350" for \Z vhwv. or until tuqhtlu. brow vied. 
Cowriowit' caas, 1 c. sugar, { M c. flour, baking 
powder, vanilla--, and coconut ; vnup wed, 
Stir m pecans and chocolate-. Spoon- mixture- 
over hot crust, bake- ZD-Z5 minutes Ivng&r 
or until iXahtly browned. Cool completeiu. Cut 
into suuxlt bars. SieUt-- Z doz. 


QhriStmclS (J>OkiC$ Jean, bowman 

1 c. butter or maraar'iney 1 tsp. tinnawwn, 

Viz c. sugar (Weapmq) 

Z eggs Z Vos. dales 

Z tsp. rum flavoring s lz Lb. candied cherries 

Z'/z c. sifted flour Vz Do. candied 

1 tsp. soda, pineapple, 

% Lt>. Brazil wals '/z li>. Yviatish-vJaituds 

(ream butter an-tt 5ugar; add tgas av\d rum,, 
then add dry ingredients. Next ad^t chopped 
fruit and nuts. Dn?p b^j spoovtf ui ph, unareased 
cookie sheet and baJee at 4pd" u^iiiX light 
brown,. Vo not bake too long. 

C on 3° ^ ar5 

1 tb, Ugkt brovJw sugar 
1 [{ffOt.'S pkg. chocolate 

'/z c. chopped pecans 

Anna, ^wes 

3 eqas , \?taiew 
l^fa c. $etf-ri$\MQ 

Yix 5tie|£5 melted oieo 

Ati4 ^b inqrcditnts. Pour til greased TxWtz 
pan and bake at 35o"-for 3C> mxvxxdes. 

Qrisp Qoo\dt$ 

1 c. shortening or ol&o 

I c. sugar 

1 o. brovO\A; sugar 

Z egqs 

Z c. com flakes 

Z c. oatmeal 

Cream shortening and sugars, add tags, 
had other ingredients and rvuf- w)e\l. Drop on 
or eased cookie sheet and \pa\ee at 315" for YL 
vnin. Makes 5 dozen. 

Cheryl Bo Wcte^ 

Z c. flour 

1 tsp. t>akrnq powder 

1 tsp. saM 

Z tsp. soda- 

1 tsp. \)an\\la> 


parle ^carets 

1 c. suqar 

3 tbsp. butter, melted 
3 eggs, unbeaten, 
1 c. pecans, chapped 
1 c dates , chopped 

CaroU^w Cook, 

1 CJ0JA/&1 0Zi) C^COKiU- 

5 tosp. floor 
1 tsp. baking povoder 
I pkg. (ip oz) chocolate- 

Combine ingredients. Spread un a ^ "\9 " pa^u 
a^ut baJee at 350" -for approtimateu^ to mwi. 
If usu/U} an- 8"* 8" pavt ; increase baking tiw^ 
to 50 win. 


1 egg 

1 tsp. vanilla 

1 c-. sugar 

s lz stick- vuargar'me- 

Augusta- Hicholsoi^ 

Vi \b. pitted dates 
Z c. Rice Yri&pies 
1 c. cVwpped pecans 
1 can- coccvuit flak£s 

Heat egg\>an\\la, sugar, butter and- dates until 
wAxMed. Your this over cereal and pecans vvhich 
kopJt been- nuij-ed together, fiutter your hands ' } 
wwf> dough and row 'into logs. ~\Vicn- row logs 
In coconut, hAatees 55 5waU logs. 

fyrowti fruqar pate fyaxs Uo \0dd 

1 stick margarine. I o. seif-riswiQ flour 

1 lb. light Ptowyv sugar 1 tfesp. vanilla- 
5 eggs *M c. chopped dates 

(or nuts or raises) 

Crtanx VKargarinc', add sugar ^ vOeXl -beaten, 
eqas aw-d s'rfted flour. Ada- vanilla- and/ 
dates, foakcs vn> greased 15" x \o"paw at 300" 
for 30-40 nuJnules, or until done. 


yorOpVitXl (00kx&$ Duiwie Wcodmipylo 

1 c. chopped pecans 
1 c. cWocolat& chips 
1 tsp. Vanilla- 

Z taa wVutes 
2 /3 c. sur^ar 
pinch o\salt 

&eat egg w?kites unitl stiff. Slowuj cidd sugar 
avid sail '■. 6levul Ivt pecans avid ckocolate, 
then add vanilla^. Cover cookie sheet \>o\kh 
foil avid drop batter bu spoonful. Place in 
preheated 3oo a ovzn and turn off keat. 
Keep iJH/ o\/en o^ervuayt vi'itkout opening door: 35-40 cookies. 

/V\Orbl^i flld^C fiars freckij darns 


1 c margarine or butter 1 c. plain flour 

4 (1 oz!) squares x lt tsp. salt 

UHsvv'eeteK&t chocolate 1 c, hmIs, chopped 

Z c. suaar 1 tsp. vanhAa, 
3 eggs 


1 (g 0£.) pieg. cr&am. ck^ese 

Vz c sugar 

To wiake -fu&qe, mtlt yvuxrgar'ine t chocolate 
over lovv keat. peat Ut suaar and eaas until 
welt- blended. Stir in flour, salt, lit/irs a*ul 
vamila. 5pread batter evcnUj o*r a, areased 
I3"x 9" baJelng disk. For rnarb\uw > ,covnbinc / 
softened cr£<\wi>OAitse ) sutyar, eaft ands/and- 
\er in vKukr. Beat at lovo speed untd blended. 
Then way ow mMiiunt speect for Z minutes. 
Drop nyL^Uare dvctodops ovrtop of fudqebat 
ter. \is'\nq tip of knife } UqktUj score top sur- 
face un a- crcsscross patter n , $ake- at 35o° 
-or 40-45 minutes. ^Uld: 3doz. 

1 £<09 

1 tsp. vanilla, 


^ri4tOik£ (jX)\&eS Judi Osborvto 

1 c brovJw sogar 3 tbsp. buttervndfL 

'/z c. better 4 ox. vvVUsleoj 

4 eggs, WeXl- beattvv 1 tsp. vanilla, 

3 c-. suftol flour 1 Ib.uHutcroisuis 

(leave- out enougk 1 lb. glazed, pm^appie. 

to flour nuts * fruit) Jk lb. candied cherries 
Itsp. soda, C/i fed \ It greed) 

Vz tsp. nutmeg 1 '/z. lbs. pecans, chopped 

bent- .sugar, butter and tqqs Weil. Add flour; 
sifted u>iMt- soda amd nuxvneq . ftdd-Uauids. 
~\\iat add f nuts and nuts ; w^ well . CKilt 
ovtrniaht. Prop by Spcoufwl owungreased 
cooteie sheet, baize at 350' for 15 m-mutes. 
Yield : 150 small cookies or loo larae cookies. 

yrvaXcako f>avs \jukv Kendall 

1 c. qolden rarsms 
I c. cHopped dates 
I c. vvuyed, cJnoppzd 

candied f ruit 
'/^ c. Waned) 
4 eggs 

I c. sugar 

I tsp. vanilla 

I tsp. or altd orange 

% tsp. salt 
3 Aj c -flour 

1 Vt c. enepped nuts 

Combine r arsons, dates and candied fruitw?\td 
brandij. Stir, cover and set aside for m hours. 
&eat egas vvltk- ndtytr at ynedrunv speed. ~hdd 
sugar, \Za\ddln , peel, and sait' s continue 
beating until cvvKVined. Stir 'wi flour, soaked 
fruit and vuds. Spread in greased and 
flowed \5"x ID" pan. bake, at 35o° for 30-35 
mivurUs. Cool; cujt into bars. 



l M tsp. salt 
1 c. sugar 
1 egg (\>caXen) 
A wsp. molasses 

Z c. flour 
3 tsp. soda. 
1 tsp, giMtyar 
1 tsp. Cl\A.\AWAAX)VL 

7z 6 p. cloves 

Mif iHgrertienis 'ua, order \\Awiid\ tkenroll 
&c\aX)Iv utto SHtalL bails about the size cf a- 
Walnut. 1^Plt cactv bait iw cyranuiaicct sugar 
and place ow cookie sWect. &ak& at 300 r \or 
I2-I5 minutes. 
/V^r5. Evau^' QOOty ^tyUWeS^ Laura. A^^>5 

1 bo* delude debit's 1 egg 

food cake kur^ 1 tsp. vanilla- 

1 stick, margariue- 

AU^ tke- above and pat into ^"x 13" yuetat pan. 

i(ooz)pkq.creanvctitese 1 box powdered 
t eggs swoflor 

&eat OMxt spread, taenia oiter caJee- mixture 
Top vvitk- rn^ts cwut/or coconut. Qatee-at 350" 
for 35 wuxixitts. 

Jciio Qpoki&s 

3'/z colour 

1 tsp. baking powder 

1 c. sugar 

1 Vz c. wtargaru<ics 

Vovwicc Kw-rst 

Z(3oz.) pkqs.jello, 

anu flay or 
1 tag 
1 tsp. vajAJ&ta. 

N\ iy f lo ur and- bateuig powder. Creavw wuxr- 
qarine. Add suaax- awtjetlo, beating u?6li. 
r>eat m, egg and? VaniiXfr . CiractualUj axict 
f Icur anct mry- well, rorce dowaVv through; 
a- cookie press onto wtqreased cookie- skeet. 
VecoraXe- as desired (sprUiJeles, etc,), BaJee- 
at 4od" for 6 Wixnutes. 


\mwyv gquores 


t>levid\ 1 c butter 
Z c. flour 
Vz c. powdered sugar 

Spread iw <Tx I3"xZ" pan-. B>atee at 35D*for 
20 m^n. ; or until sliqhiU} bnowM. 'Rcjmdvc- 
'from, ovevc avid spread vvttk. Utefoliowma 

M CQfts, bealtvt Z c. suqar 

A Vosp. lunvvtjuico 4 tfcsp flour 

araXid rwuX of 1 lemon- 1 tsp. bakuia 


Kthww to oVen cwut bake ZO yvCwuttes 
longer Sprinkle powdered suqar ow top. 
!\\om&s Sip sc\uares. 

fj\0$ic (OOkW f)CVTS -Janet WilUford 

'/z c. butter or margarine 1 (feoz.) pk£j . 

1 Vz c . grakawt- cracker chocolate chips 

crumbs 1 (3 '4 oz.) can 

1 (14 oz} can/ condensed flaked cocovud 

md& 1 c. chopped nuts 

Ivc 13 "x ^ " * Z" pan, melt butter. 5prlnklc 
crumbs o\Ier butter ■ pour milfc ev/enkj over 
orw/vCos. Top voiik. remaining wiqredicnts ■ 
press dow?w ge+itlvj. &atee> at, 35c (325* for 
nlass dislv) -for Z5-3D vuuA. } or iutUl tightly 

,-:::: raraft 


Qpconut fs/\acwroons stocky Ru^s 

1 c. shortehma. 

1 c. brown- 5H0or 

1 c. sugar 

Vz tsp. vaniM-CL 

Vz tsp, aUnond flavor iwg 

Z e0^5, iwt?eatew 

Z c. srfied f lour 

1 tSp. 5C»da 
'/2 t5p. 50it 

3 c.qyu^WDkAwaoais 
Vz c. chopped vwas 
1 c. flaked cocowut 

J3eat s\wrtenMQj5iu$, flavor \nas and eggs 
ttorouahUj. 5lft,dnj 'laqrediOAX^ toqeJiher and 
add "to shovte\,\diq % Void wv remavning tiv- 
cytdiwis. Shape avuah 'vato smaAl Y>a\lS) 
place ow OjveasaX cookie sheet, fiake at 35D' 
for lx- 15 macules . Cool Z vKinutcs before 
rem-oviwq frvwv pan,. Yield: loo cookies. 

(j>rvi yiake^ fJ\aavroows Marjortefyderswi 

Vz c . brown, or 

cyranulated sugar 
Vz tsp. vanitUt 

2. c. cpraf lakes 
'/z c. shredded 

Vz c. chopped wait 

&eat eqg whites unlvtstd^ bwtrnotdrij.ToLl 
ut r&m cvuvaxa, iaqreetients . Vrcp btj spoowful 
ow greased baleing sheet . &ak.e at 35o" for 
15- Z£> Yviutules. "Rewoi/e immedxaleuj from, 
pcut. Makes 1 dpzxH. 


Mystery fiars iwKidd- 

Crevuw ouid pat tn- 9 " x 9 " paw : 

Vz c. butter or wtargaruic 

1 c. flour 

x /m c powdered sugar 
fictile at 3Z5" for IZ"I5 wuvudes. lAv^tpour 
o\)tr crust: 

1 c. grated cocoviut Vq tsp baking powder 

L'/z c. light browvt sugar Vz tsp. salt 
1 c. chopped vuits Z tgas,we\t-be^xttvt 

Vz tsp. VunUXa, 2 tbsp. flour 

BoJee at 325" for 20-25 minutes. Mw/. andpear 
o\Jcr hot cookies: 

Viz c. powdered sugar Z tbsp. melted butter 
^ 1 ttisp. Uwwvv jUXCC 
SpruAklt wdh vuits. 

fSJUt QrCSCmiS Martka. Roberts 

Z e. flour, utvsified 2 c. chopped pecans 

io tbsp. powdered, sugar 1 tbsp. \>ahUla, 
1 sticks butter 

Ortawv iKgredUMts. Svuvpc \mXo crescents. 
$ake at 3Z5" for 15 wuvl. ^olt iw powd&red 
suqar. Yield-, several- dozevt. 

Mancu'5 nidYashioytcdi Cookies 

,V ^ w ] ^iDisMarkkam 

I boy. cak& wu^-avug 2 eggs 

flavor (lemo^, cherry } etc) 1 small caxlou 


Blemt, tli£K. fori4t 3 /h " balls a*ul rait in pow- 
der tct sugar. Plate t>vc greased cooVic sheet, 
fiatee at 350" for IP- 12 wuvuttes. (Tktu puff 
up avid look, like cracked glass) Makes 3 ^-^^ ■ 


Valero AfLarty 

Qcdmeal Qookxcs 

1 egg 

Vac. suqaj- 

1 tbsp. ntiUC 

1 c. oats 

1 C- flour 

Vi tsp. nutmeg 

fttat eqfl) add suqar avid. mdte. M^ Well. 
"Add oats. Mi^ druj wiqredients toqettterand 
stir into batter: Add rtmaiviiviq Ingredients) 
stir w>etl. Drop by spoDnful ovi greased sheet. 
Bake at 325" for JZH5 minutes. 

I tsp. cinnamon 
Ve tsp. socux 
'/z tsp. bakina powder 
Vi c. melted vutter 
Vz c. ctwpped nuts 
'/i c. chopped raisins 

Recce's peanut P> utter yarts~fekybti^ 

1 ple^. Slice 'n Bake 3k s^viatl "Recce's 

Peanut fiutter Cookies peanut butter cups 

Cat cooleie roll w&> ^ slices • cat cadi slice 
into qyiariers. Vwt each- piece in, ^ miniature 
muff m cuf . Baiee at 35o" for 10-IZ minutes. 
(sJemoVe -frowi o\/ew. Xvvv^ccUateUj press a- 
Recee's cup into caci^L cooku6 ; forvmnq cr 
tirt with ike cancUj diiKe coder. Cool. 

peanut flutter (ookks ftctx^jhacker 

1 c. peanut batter 1 egg,sUaktuj beaten 
1 c. sugar 1 "Up. baking soda. 

Mif ^ tken sliapc otto bails. Place on greased 
Cookie sheet and press down wltk fbvie . Bake 
at 325" for 8 -ID minutes. TReu unit be soft 
at first but ttteu bceowit crisp as tttebj coot 
on rack. 


\~ois !^Aar\zU-a\n 

1 tsp. Vanula- 

Z c. chopped- pecans 

peawv puffs 

Z tqq whites 

Z c. povodered sugar 

1 tsp. vinegar 

&eak wkites until stiff but not dry. SUvuUj 
add sugar . Stir In remaxnxJiAg \naredixnts 
Prop by spoonful 2" apart ovl qreased 
cookie sWcet. $ake at 3Do" for 12- 1 5 win. 
Mate 3 doz. 

prune Rar (ookus ^utw¥±ed 

1 c. pitted prunes, chopped 3 A+ c. flour 

1 c chopped walnuts X M tsp. salt 

1 c. packed brown sugar 3 eggs 
l'/z tsp. baking powder 

Mi^ first (? ingredients* ~Tken add Wett- 
beaim eggs. Spread increased c \\ c i" pom. 
hatec at 5Z5 e -for 25-30 win. Coot in- paw 
5-lo wtln. SprWUeld. w/ittr powdered- sag ar- } 
if desired. 

j^ituje Qookxts 

l c. shortening 

1 c, sugar 

1 c. brown sugar 

Z egos 

Z c. f lour 

Vz tsp. salt 

Marjory Anderson 

1 tsp. soda- dissolved 

in a- Utile- water 
1 tsp. vanUla- 
Z c. oatmeal 
Z 0. raisin bran- 

1 c. cocowut 
Vz tbsp.bakxna novodtr v z c. chopped nuts 

Mu/- tke first hwie- ingredients together, then 
add rest. Prop by spoonful or roll intofcaUs 
and- place- on greased cookie sheet . Bd&e at 
4oo r -fcr (?- B wwa. 


pumpteiyi Squares 


Vz tsp. salt 
1 C- suqcvr 

3 c. fresh/ pumpkin, or 
1 (tS\ oz) caw pumpkin, 
1 larqc can evaporated 

1 Vz tsp. pumpkin pie spice 
[or Vi tsp. each, cuuiam&yi, 
Clouts and ginqcr) 

Mlv- first ^ir , e,'\jnQredients ) iken, aaULsUghlUj 
beaked tcfts . Spread In,*?"* \3"<Z" pan. t 
SpriuleLe cake- mXy- owtvp, then, cover \\jdW 
pecans. Dribble melted butter oVer tvp.&atee, 
at 35D' "for 4D-45 men. Cool and scrVe with 
dollop of whipped cream . Yrcctes wedt . 

3 eggs 

Z c.dry yeftpvC 

cccJee m-cf 
1 c. chopped pecans 
1 stide butter 

j^ocley j^oad <yuick Cookies, pot K*arns 

1 box frosting mtf 
(KioK 'K, Easy 
Pouble Vutdv) 
L c. miniature yvuvrsh.- 

1 roll SUce-WB>flkc- 

Suaar cookies 
VW c. putter 
l /s c. water 
Vz. e. chopped wots 

Slice- roll Into V thick, cookies. Overlap 
cookies mar eased and floured 13"* <J "x 2 "poK. 
6cUee at 375" for Z0-Z5 vmnntes. Cool \5 muv. 
N\<dt \?utter "uv water. 5tcr in- ^rostincj wuy ; 
ble\xd well. Remove \rom heat, and add, 
marshnwAlows anxd nuts. Spread over coo\des. 
Cool, then, cut into Z1 bars. 



Awwte, NW Powell 

1 c. brown- or 
wklte sugar 
2 /3 c. butter 
Z c. flour 
1 lb. seeded raisins, chopped- 

1 lb. En^lislv 
Walnuts, chapped 

1 tSp. ciWMAVYWVl- 

1 is p. cloves 
1 tsp. 5od^ 

Mu/ 'waredievitSj tkew drop by spoonful on. 
eye -eased, sheet. &atee- at 35o* for about ID 
minutes, or until lightly browned. 


fAarumcL Qubtvn 

Z tsp. voMiAla,- 

Z tsp. bdtema powder 

3 o. "flour 

I c. butter 

1 c. powdered- suaar 

2 eggs, beatew 

Creeun butter and suaar; add terns £ v ; andta-. 
Then- add bate-ing bowder andjwur slowuj. 
Kpd out (dough- and cut into aretes anct 
ruujs. fiake- at 350" for 5-7 minutes. Put 
your -fct^orite-jayvv ow the- curctes cuidthen- 
Co^er wdtv the r'wtap. 

hleanor Latimer 

Z tsp. \?aru\la- 

1 '/z. c, chopped pecans 

Z 5tte-ks butter 

5 tbsp, powdered sugar 

2 c. flour 

Cream- butter cmet sugar. Add flour <s lowly. 
A N cUt v>amtux and nuts • ndy- well. SYiapc- 
into baits or crescents, fiake- ou- uuqreased 
coolete skeet at 3Z5" for 3o mvAidcs. Sprinkles 
wiilv powdered sugar. /V\atees about 3 ctoz.. 


QKcrry pate §prlukAe j^ars-Bw^Koonfe. 

1 c. flour Vz c. butter, softened 

x k c. sugar 

Combine vn vnifer ; beat at low speed until ma- 
ture is crumbU). Press ddo imgreased ^"xQ" 
paw. I3alee near center of 35P" oven- for 15 -Zo 
mw. , or until edges are Irgkuu browned. 

1 Vz tsp. vahdla- 

*M c. 5uaar 

'/z c. flour 

2 eggs 

Vz tsp. baking powder 

l M tsp. salt ' 

$M c. chopped dates 
'/z c. flaked coconut 
Yz c. chopped pecans 
Vz C. yuarasckiuo 
cherrUs, kaifed 

M'vf f vest (c du^redienis at medium- speed 
for Z wanutes. Stir lw remrulung Wigrecuents. 
Pour vnvjtwres over Wot crust. &atee forZS'So 
vyunjutes, until dgkthj browned ana filling 
is set. Cool, drew cuh into three dvzew bars. 


I stick- ynargarme l(lZoz)v\zq. chocolate chips 

Stir in- 

Z Vosp. nvXte l M tsp. vahdUr 

Let cool for 15 minutes. 

Stir irr: 

I (lOYz oz) pleg. mmiature colored marskmaUows 
1 c. chopped vuaIs 

QivUie into tkree rods. "Roll ivu powdered 
suqar arud coconut. Wrap UgkiUj dt saran 
Wrap. Oull completely wv refrigerator. Side 
wken, rtadudo serve. [These w'tilteeev iwtfoe 
refrigerator up to -four weeks before slicwtcy) 


Y<WOritt "[CCL (jX>kitS tAargarcl Cot 

Z c. brown, sugar 1 Xsp. sjahldco 

1 c. butter Viz "Up. scd^t- 

Z eggs 4 tbsp. water 

1 tsp. salt flour 

AW first 7 ingredients toqether. j\dd enouqh 
flour to matei> a stiff dough. "R^plL anclcu-t 
into desired- shapes. &akiat 350" until 
tujkfcuj browned. 

QYUYUSC / Jl& (00)fdCS tAae ftuuxhani 

Z c flour Z sticks butter, or 1 butter 

Vm c. sugar plus 1 vncurgai^'me 

Vz tsp. satt 1 tsp. vamtta/ 

Z c. chopped- pecans 

Crecwn- butter and vanula-, tlt^n- add- <dru 
uuzre-dietits which k-aVe- been- stfted together, 
-fcact- pecans, ^oll into bulls a^ui bake at 325° 
for 25 vvun-. l^oll u^ powdered suqar tvJuc- 
wUJdi still Hot. 

Tcliftoase Cookie Variations 

1,1 w v FltzabelkMewborMc 

1. prepare recipe ow back of Nestle chocolate 
C\hp pSea. Spread in, greased sided- cookie^ 
or pizza-panto make bar cookies. (Nut5 
arc optional!) Sou wot need to cook them- 
ay Utile- lonaer than- the recipe suaqests if 
\jc7u- want the- crust crunchu. 

Z. Qe^ore preparing the batter, chop two- Hunts 
of the chocolate chips in- a- food processor. 
\hcvi prepare the recipe as usual .Ike chocolate- 
will wtelt and make the cooteics look and 
taste chocolate-. 



Qvetv Qaratnel (jjvyv Sac Boiuain. 

2 c. brov^yv suaar Vz c. liaiit com sufwp 
$M c. wiaraarinjt, 1 tsp. \)an\\hx, 
Vz tsp. salt 

(3 ring wiarcdievits to a rolling bo'd .^.cvnoVc 
frovw [<iea<b and add 1 tsp. \?a&mq 5000, Stir 
Weil. ?cwr over two poppers of popped, corn and 
stir w'ell . Place- en- bakina sheet sprayed with, 
pawi. $atee, at 25t>° -for Vz to 3 M hour, stirring 
eVery 10 numitcs. Storo in, airtight container: 
(Teects an. arrnty \) 

\^hite Qwcolati> (jMidu Ralls 

1 c extra cru^cii^ p£?b ^9^ 

peanut butter 
1 c. powdered saqar 
Z tbsp. batter (vntltcd) 
Z c. iiize- Krisples 
1 lb. WkU& chocolate, 

A\tf first tkree 'ingredients toqether. Then, 
add, cereal - knead with Viands. Make- lh*d 
bails (25- 30). Place, in, freezer for 3o-(pb 
nupiwtcs , Q\ratc- chocolate,, then nteit. Pep 
balls in, it. 


Qmdij Vol Tbscue, 

1 can condensed vmlk. Z tbsp. butter 
1 (iz or.) pteg. chocolate 1 pica vniniaturc 
chips vnarslunedlovos 

\\eat untd melted, beat thoroughly ; bhenadd. 
1 jar dry roasted peanuts, Coot, then, break 
into pieces. 

Y^Q tiS h- T°f f ^ Beverly K^nt^ 

1 lb. sugar l /z lb. chopped pecans 
1 lb. butter Z tbsp. lujltr Karo syrup 
pinch of salt 

Place sugar, butter, pecans and Kar° s^rwp iw 
a saucepan, Keep ow low keat, stirring con 
siantUj until butter and sugar ha^c melted. 
Tncrease heat and cook, rapidly , continuing 
bo stir until candu has reached 3\o" p on- canaij 
"thermometer, (\rfait as long as possible- to insert 
thermometer.) l3e careful not to bum'. Pour 
into flat, buttered pan-; spread out into a- 
thin sheet. Let this cool and get hard white 
upu; prepare topping below ; 

Z (d?oz) p\zas. chocolate- bds 
Vz lb. pulverized pecans 

h\t\X> one- package- of cliocolate- bits. Spread 
ortr candu. Press hal\ of the- pecans 'into tne- 
OaocobaXc famiu so that tttetj sticks MOhens 
this us hardened, turn- candy over and repeat 
the- process \a\ttr the- chocolate- and pecans. 
Let thvs harden. Break- cauruj into ^0-50 
svnatl pieces. 


CYWCOlatt fudge Vicumc \\aekneu 

1 levrae can evaporated 1 tsp. vanilla, 

ynd& 1 c. nuts 

4/z c. sugar 4 (jboz.) pkqs. se+ni- 
z h c light com syrup sweet chocolate 

*\ tbsp. butter chips 

Cook. muk, and sugar over medium lieat, 
stirring until wuxiure- boils. i^tciuce> heat 
and coo\c 12. minutes, stirring constanllg. 

Remove ~from heat and arid cltocolnte, ) 
syrup, butter and Vanilla, . Stir until 
chocolate- melts and is smooth andcrean\g. 
Stir m nuts. Cool untd readij to cut. fi\akes 
5 pounds. 

Qrunchxj Milk Q\wcolatefudgc 


1 (11 l/ z oz) pteg. chocolate, chips 

VM c. crunch^ peanut butter 

1 (14 ol) can sweetened condensed watte, 

lu top of double boiler, melt chocolate, chips 
and peanut, butter, Remove, ~fron^ neat; stir 
in condensed vw\te. N\Uf Well. Spread cventij 
udo B" square- pan, uned wdW way. paper 
Ckut-for Z \vrs. untd ■firwi.~\urn out on cut- 
ting board ; peeb off paper and cut into squares. 
5 tore, looselu cohered at- room temperature . 
Makes about Viz lbs. 


§chool fudge 

FalsLj Surlcs 

Zc.suqar Vic. cocoa Yzc, peanut butter 

Vz c. mtUe I stick, butter 1 c. rolled oats 

N\til butter f\dd sugar, cocoa, nxXUc, and a- 
piwclt-of salt. Briny %c a rolling bo(l l andbo\l 
owe minute. 'Remove- fronvUeat-, add peanut 
butter and oats. Pour into greased- paw and 

let cool. 

Qreclt QrariOUV Mortka ^arboronah 

Vz c. honey Z c. sunflower seeds 

z h c. oil I c. sesame seeds 

Z lbs. rolled oats Vz. c. chopped cashews 

Z e. diced almoiids 1 c. vo\\eat gernr 

Place honey and oil en* abta cookuiq pot and 
heat . Stir in dry inaredienls and way, well. 
Spread, vvuytwre over cookie- sheets and bake, 
at 350" for 12 nun, f stir rinq occaslonallu, 

I^Aaplc pu>inity SyunA/RobuisoK. 

2 c. maple syrup 
'fa tsp. s ait ' 

& idler sides o^ heavy paw. Cook, syrup 
rapidly until Ward ball staqc but do 
not stir. 'Remove, from, heat. i\dd salt to 
cay whites } makina sure Wnau axe at room 
temperature . Beat to .stiff peaks. Pour hot 
syrup over eqas, beatina wustaxriby at 
hiojn speed vocttv arc electric mu^ar. Con- 
tinue- to beat until the- ma^lure beauts to 
lost gloss. f\dd nuts and drop by spoonful 
onto wiajL paper. 

Z ego, whites 
Vz c. nuts 


PtOYlllt flutter [CUfldM _ Jean. Bo^mait 

1 lb. QraHant cracker crumbs 
1 c. butter or niargar'uie, vneitcd 
1 ( 1 Z oz) pka . Chocolate ctups 
1 c. crtawia peanut butter 
{ box powdered sugar 

[A'\Af, crumbs, butter, peanut butter and suaar 
together ; press into 13" x 4" pan- Melt d/u%p- 
laxe ; pour over crumb wutyuiro. Ctutt before- 

pecan firMLo luaj towier 

V/z packs graham crackers x lz c sugar 

1 stiOti wjxrgar'vne 3 M e. pecan pieces 

1 stick- butter 

break crackers udo pieces and phxco ow cooktc 
shed. Sprinkle- nuts eVehUj ontop. Melt mar- 
garuic, butter and sugar, then- boit for 3 
minutes, Pour o\Jer crackers. Bates- at 37J5* 
for to minutes. 

praline^ (jmdu C \wUiti ttoskms 

3 c. suaar X c. whipping creanv 

1 c. tight corny surup x lz tsp. salt 

M up and cook, until boiling , Add one- pound 
of pecan halves, 'Return, to soft boit. Adda- 
pinch/ of soctcx. Bea-t a- tittle-, cool and beab 
aqcun. Prop by teaspoon on- wayed paper. 


Zowr C^caxti Cax\x\ti& Nuts 

° ^ U ^ ScoVatTucleer 

l'/z. c. sugar 

'/z c. sour creant 

Va tsp. salt 

1 tsp. \?am\la 
2. '/z c. nut Waives (use 
filberts , walnuts , 
pecans, or combination) 

Iw heavij sauce, parv mui sugar, sour creavu 
and salt. &r'vng to aboil and cook, al ZHO", 
stirruig unlit a small amount of ntuf-ture, 
forms a soft ball \r>Werv dropped urveru cold 

Remote ironv heat and add, vanilla,. Beat until 
wivjdurt' beauts to thicken- and loses its gloss. 

Add nuts and stir qurc-kkj to coat alb 
Paw ovi ay eased> sheet and separate 
with, two fortes. Mokes about Viz. lbs. Pack, in- 
oxr tight tins. 

§Weet partjj flty Qrace Scobtr 

1 large boy j\oneu 1 box. powdered sugar 

Comb cereal 1 stucje margarine- 

1 large boy. raisins 1 c. peanut butter 

1 (13 oz) can peanuts i((p ex) pteq. chocolate* chips 

Combine- cereal t raisins and peanuts. tAe)d 
wuxr gar'uxt, , peaurd butter, aud chocolate; 
pour over cereal and vuup well. Place- muibure, 
in large bag w'rih- povodcred sugar. Shake, 




Punch, Hot 304 

Orange Drink 303 

Coffee, Aunt Irene's Iced . .306 

Eggnog 308 

Lemonade 303 

Mocha Mix 306 


Apple Drink 303 

Julius 303 

Punch 305 

Apple, Hot 304 

Banana 305 

Kids' Party 304 

Mulled, Hot 304 

Sherry 305 

Tea, Iced 308 

Concentrate 307 

Fruity 308 

Stuckey's 307 

Tea, Russian 306, 307 


Bacon Quiche 319 

Coffee Cakes 311, 312 

Breakfast Bubble Ring. . .310 
Butterflake Coffee Ring . .310 

Cinnamon Swirl 311 

Date 312 

Honey Bun 313 

Moravian Sugar Cake 19, 313 

Casserole 317 

Creamed 316 

French Toast, Orange 309 

Grits Souffle 318 

Ham Biscuits, Special 315 

Lemon Candy Canes 316 

Monkey Bread 315 

Omelet Brunch, Oven 320 


Bacon 319 

Lorraine 320 

Sausage 319 

Rolls, Butterscotch 314 


Casserole 317 

Ring 318 

Quiche 319 

Waffles 309 

Can't Fail 309 


Artichoke Relish 321 

Bread and Butter Pickles . .321 
Cucumber Pickles 

24-Hour. . .- 322 

Quick 322 

Cucumbers in Dill 323 

Freezer Pickles 323 

Hot Tom 323 

Refrigerator Pickles 324 

Squash Pickles. Yellow 324 

Watermelon Rind Pickles ..325 
Zucchini Pickles 326 



Burritos, Miniature 327 

Crab, Celestial 327 

Mushroom Soup 328 

Spinach Dip 328 


Baked Beans, Zesty 329 

Bleu Cheese Broccoli 330 

Potatoes Au Gratin 330 

Zucchini Parmesan 329 



Barbecued 332 

Party 332 

Chili 331 

Flounder Meuniere 335 

Meatballs, Porcupine 334 

Mushroom Quiche 334 

Oysters in the Shell 335 

Rump Roast 331 

Spaghetti Pie 333 


Banana Boats 335 

Brownies, Easy 336 

Coconut Fluff Cake 336 

S'mores 336 



Fingerpaint 340 

Giant Bubbles 339 

Playdough 340 

Silly Goop 339 


Crunch Munch Salad 337 

Mini Pizzas 338 

Rocket Salad 337 


ApP^ ^ Onuu)ej)r\r\k/ Saiiu Story 

1 dp. apple juice l M c broww sugar 

i small can "frozen/ I Vl sticks cwnamow 

oranqe ja-ice ID \A)kvle clones 
S tans vOatcr 

A\ifi and simmer ail da-u in a crock pot. 


Tcuxet Couple 

Z ] /jlC- sugar 
juice of % lemons 

"1 pi . soda vOater 

7 c. vOaier 
riud of Z lemons 
Cut ui pieces 

Combine suaarand v\Jaier uv sauce pamanet 
boil about 5 minutes. Add lemon juice, and 
boil 5 more minutes. Cool . -Add soda voater 
and vce vOWen> readij to serve- N\xtees 10-iZ 

Orange Julius 

1 small can- frozen- 

oranae juice 
1 c. \0ater 
1 c mdt^ 

^\end until Idzt an* Oranae Cfcuuis. 

S aundra P u) so vu 

V^-'/lc- suaar 
1 tsp. \)amlla^ 
10-15 icecubes 


j\ot App \& ^Unciv \\anag Vevidrg 

1 apX. app le j iuce,- Yt c ■ packed bro\0n 

6 oz. f roten lonwYiade sugar 

b oz.. fro-Leav orawac jmce Itbsp. vOWde clo\ks 

Itbsp. vc*koti, allspice 

Ajolee spue bag vOibn ctoOes and allspice. 
Simmer spice bag and remcuning ingredients 
for ZO mm. *$cr\?e hot. 

\\ot fr\u\UJL fundv Vat Yagg 

1 _(1'4 gt) bottle cranberry fa tsp.salt 

yuicc 4 cinnamon- 
Z _ (x at) jpotties apple j nice sticks 

Yi c brovJn sugar t tbsp. Whole eloVcs 

Vour juices into coffee perevtxtor. Vtaxe 
remaining Lnartditnts into basket, lipoid 
completion, of perfcing ajde, remote basket 
cuuL sex~0e hot . 

((tils' pirty fundi/ r^ancg \\artvn 

1 large can frozen lemonade- 
1 large bo% -frozen,- sliced straxvbernes 
1 large Caw \\)ell- cWdlcddrlavOauanTnncks 
Z qps. \iOt\X- chilled qivigerale 

Vartualtij defrost lemonade- and stravC'berrus. 
Tour ingredients into a punch bo^ol^ addine] 
the gaiger ale last. strawberries, mint leasts, 
and pineapple chunks can be 'froien in a- 
ring ofT\awauaveVunc\n y a.nd floated in the 
center for a special touch/ yield: 30 servings. 


Sfterry punch. Bet k Vinson 

1 ca-w fro tew pinfe lemonade/ 

1 boVde Taylor's Sherry (not cream skerry) 

c-h-errUs and orange, slices' 

44 \4 levnvuade and 6herrg together i'n a 
pitcher. Place one cWerr^ awd owe orange 
slice uv eacli stemmed- crystal glass, Voivr 
punch into qlaszcs. 




L pkc\s. lime- \Cool-(Xiii 1 (4k oz^ Um 

1 qt -~ tying er ale pineapple juice 

4 cits. vOater 7 . ^ , ^ _ 

i' Z. £. sugar* 

f\/[ii . SerOe oVer ice. Yidd-. 50 servings 

f^oxwarux \\mdd 




4 t. sugar 1 tWoz) cam puveappLc- \uice 

% c. vOader 1 large can frozen -orasigc juice- 

juice of t lemons 5 Crushed bananas 
qmger ale 

3oii sugar and Water fen" 3 weivwdes ) or until 
Sugar is dissolved, A\i4 juices Wdlv sugar vnoi- 
ntye. Add bananas'- xreez-c. 

Wi'Un ready to use-, chop up in apunctobovol. 
i\dd ganger ale. lids is~ cedeUci^us punedfor 


/\unt Jrcnc'S Jceii (of fee Samet Caaie, 

l otys. strong coffee 
1 c. suaax 
1 tsp. Vanilla 

Ytqal. ctwcolato 

ice cream 
1 p£ vOnuppmq creavn 

A/\ake coffee and add suqax. Chid. VJnen< about 
readu to serOo ) Whip cream and addOamXia. 
C%dd whipped- cream/ and ice cream and 
blend just until smooth-. Can be made- ahead 
of time and stored in refrigerator in containers. 

^ockcvM w 


l'/u. Resiles QuCk^ 
3M c mutant coffee 

Z c. sugar 

1 c. powdered milk 

Z c. Coffee Uate 

Combine ingredients , Store ui curbiojnt 
Container. "Use VLttosp. per &ep of hot Water. 

^\X55UVfl 'Jax 1 

/Vine Shelton- 


'h C- (or 9 oz, jar) oranae flavored' breakfast 

Vi c suaar Vl tsp, cinnamon 

] /3 c. instant tea, { /<j tsp. around clones 

A\0p Will and stores. Use I Wdl-rounded tsp. 
to each cup of not Water \)cwwdion'. Canary 
Kearns adds 1 envelope of lemonade nwi 
voObh sugar* } and she uses 3 tsp. per cap. 


^lissian^lca JL 

Yaan uack&r 

1 c. s\AA0r l'/ic. vOaler 

it whole, cloves 1 at. orange jnue , 

2 c-, vJaier prepared " 

t Vcsp. loose ke& leaves 1 q£. pineapple )wace 

or 1 fcuniUj lea baa *\ tbsp. lemon ]iuce 

Bruaq first 3 ingredients to a boa. ?repar& 
tece~ let steep, bat nob too lovia. Add Hie last 

3 jus(>ce>s and simmer ail for 30-^0 \m,Iw- 

Stuctea/5 \cnV\ca, Stuck&j ~&u?e* 

Boil I caps w)aler j tarn off k&ii . Vlae& 5 
small ted baxjs at- \Dater, Lo^tr. bet stand, for 
10 wiivuites. \evhc\Je tea baas. Acid: ^c.suaar, 
Z (I armxjsaccluxrm tablets. f\dd tnouah vOattr 
to make Vt, aal. Tf Union is desired, add 
% c. lemon jilice to '/a aal. just before servind. 

T&t Q>H£&hiraic> 

Nana] Skan' 

*M pka. of & Lib. bojL Uapbow lea, [leases) 
$ c. boiuaia voater 
4 c. Saaaor 

Sie&p {ea, \ia\?es jusi 3 mm. in bo'dinc) \A)aJUr 
Stra-m and add saaar. Stir until ciCH'oU/ed. 
U$e 1 c.teci coneevCcrate to 4 c. cold vOaier\ 
or, 'Af c. ^i\rwp fo I c. vOattr forsuwpd senhtia 



Anme AW Vovjtkl 

I q&L boiling \0aXt\ 
lbs - , Snaar 

1 t. t&x- \&aOes 

1 deceit lentous 

'Squeeze, lemon jiucc and add sugar Put tza 
leases and ir inds of lemons on large ^h,- 
toAsVitv and. pour- bodcviayOtAder oOcrd . let 
Steep for l£jau'nM,tf.s cnUj. Stycuw oat -rind's 
and tea leaPes. Add lemon \wae and suqar. 
Stir and store. 

fruity ]ced Jca vecki ^Mdick, 

2 large tea baas 1 small can lemonade 
4 c. Water % c. cvanae-^la^ored 
3 M c. sugar brcak\ast ar'infc 

Steep tea bags m boiliua water for 5 vnmates. 
j\dd sugar, lemonade, and oranqo driMte-. Met 
well. i\ad enouojn water tv motet out aaiton . 

^qcj nog Annie that Vowdi 

1 at. e-qqnvavnv^ M or., ruvn 

7%. nt. whipping or cam n oz. Applejacte 
nam eaas Acs ire d bra nd ij 

Pcur quart of way into larae bowl and start 
beatuia w\tW eiectruc nu4er o u medium . 
Ale asure liquor cond pour m slcwty wltue 
beatuttj, fneavvwnde yWlup cream wvtte Xuand 
beader until yeriA .stiff. Turn-off electric 
vvujier and fold in whipped cream wrtk a 
spoon. Vlaoe Lnre^rujcratvr tcwieiiow. 
Servo cold but stir aqaut carefully just 

before serv'U/uj 


flRfAKFAST i iOO plStf6S 

Qranqt Yrtndb\octst Su*un< Q\ urieij 

Z beaten/ t^ffl 5 ^ '^ c - crushed* 

1 c . orange juice Manilla Wafers or 

10 sUces ravsm bread arahanv crackers 

butter or m-or^^rm^ 

Combmo cgqs t tuice. Quickly dip bread into 
ega vhxf ■, then/ into crumbs. Tru ow both- sides 
in- a* tbsp. butter until brow?n.(J\dd adddioual 
butter each tunc- more bread- 'is added!) 5erVe- 
w?i£k butter and warm maple sg^up. Series' 5- 


Quit ^ml \\fdffles 

L tag 1 tsp. Sugar 

(d tbsp. \leqetable oil % Up. salt 

±*i l c. wulk 3 heaping tsp. of 
1 c.~f[e>urCphun) baking ponder 

veal egg Weil/. ~T\dd o'\l ) beat \Oelt. -/\dd milk- 
and beat welt. then add sifted -flour with 
baking powder, salt and sugar. %eat Well and 
dovit touch eicept to put in vOaffle iron. 



l c. flour l'A c. milk/ 

1 tsp. salt I eggs 

3 tsp. baking ponder '/z, c. oit 
I tbsp. Sugar 

Beat eggs, add nn\h and- dry ingredients , 
5 if ted together. $eat uwtd swwoth. J\dd oiX and 
nu4- Weil, dake at \neduini on Wciffio iron. 


2 (8ol) pleas, refrigerator biscu&s 

Vz o. wuiLeA butter 

IVi c Quaker 1.00% Natural CtreaL 

y<\ c. brovOre sucyvr 

JLVz tsp. cinnajmon^ 

Open- biscuits and separate, eiettmo, eack in laalf. 
Dip biscuits wv butter <W£l rtfll in. mixture of 
cereal, civu-uxmow and WoWw suqar. Place in/ 
Biendt pa*e. Put anu o%brcL cereal wu^taire ami 
revYUWa^wa b idler on top. Bake at 31 5° "for 
25' 30 vn\yt.~YwrYv onto serving plate-. 

[3>uiferf Uke^ (pff^ Kj*H 

2 (do^^zgs. refr. 

3 A c. suqar 

3 /h tsp. qroimrl cinnamon- butterf Ullee rolls 
3 A c. waik, d&id&t X M c. shredded ccconi 

Vh c. chopped pecans (optional) 

Combine sugar and cinnamon m a smalt bowl. 
Place Vie miUt in another bowl. Dip each roll 
in mclk^ roll in sugar \nvfd\xre. Place \Z rolls in 
a- well - greased, (p cup rina ntobt; sligklkj overlap 
roils. Spriniele coconut and nuts. Vowr Vh cupniuX/ 
over top. Overlap renxawvaq roils oVer fir si layer 
Bake ai 375° for 25 min. or until trowntd. JnVerl 
on serVina plate. Vrnzle wVcW qlaze wlvde still 
Warm . SerVes (o~Q. 

hi c. povvderect su^ar tyq tsp. \)cwulla, 

1 tbsp. miife, 2. tbsp. chopped pecans 

'Mi ■■u:^-. .'"''< v 


Clnnaitu>rv^wlrl(pff^ (oke~E^ Veit /V^ 

Matter vmitwre 

1 boi yellow cake wAty 

lsni. voi instant 

A eggs, beaten 

Sugar y\w0i\xc\ 
Vz c. vdfoite- sugar 
Vz c. br^vt^ sugar 


1 c. powdered sugar 

1 tsp. \ } anUia^ 

enouojn mdk, tv make spreadable- 

AW batter vvtll. TWv~ k^iif £>f the- baiter into 
of eased 13 x 9"x Z" paw. ~Vnens p^i^r Vz sugar 
Mixture', tke^ % batter, and top With x l% sugar. 
S\a?vtI laijtrs vJutva-fork-, &atze 50'kO mm, 
at 3 Z5° Cool 10 miH>. , then glat-e . Decorate^ 
vOiiK- marasckdto cKerrus uf desired. 

5 A c. oil 

3 /4 c. water 

1 tsp. \xm\lld 

1 tsp. butter (layering 

•Vz a chopped pecans 
Z tbsp. cinnamon- 

1 tsp. butter fiwOofmg 

Off & (jtiW/ 

i e. butter 
Z c, sugar 
Z eqgs 
1 c. sour creanv 

Ubbw Check 

l /z tsp. sJamtia, 

Z o. flour 

1 tsp. baking powder 

Combine ait uigreduevxts ue muter (Creaming 
butter and sugar f-irst.) 


A tsp. sugar_ 1 c. pecans - 1 tsp. cinnamon^ 

(grease and -flour tube paw, sheet pan^r Z 
round cake pans. Vour in layer of tatter, tvppCna, 
batter, topping. Sake at S50°-for 1 for, Treeies vOen. 


Qo^CC (akCy Anw Lee Lambeth 

1 c, butter Vz, Up. vanilla 

Z e. suqar 2 c, flour 

Z egys ' *fa tsp. salt 

1 c. sour crcavn 1 tsp. baking powder 

/Aifi butter f suqar ande^s. Yoldinsour 
crcam and add dnj ungredients 
together. Add vahiUa. Spoon half- of' 
\)atter Into 10" tube pan Car cased and 
floured. Cover wdh half 'of topping . 
Repeat again. ¥>cdee bo nun. at 3>5o". 


Uc. ^ftMiUj chopped nuts 
Yi~ tsp cuvnevmon or more 
4 tbsp. brown sugar 

J)aio (pffo (klce- 

\ c butter 

Vorottuj F. Vatfirt 

1 Vz c. flow 
Vz c, arannlated sugar l lz tsp. salt 
l lz tsp. ^amlUe 1 Vz tsp. bafcing pdr. 

1 eqa Mz, c. milk< 


Mz c. brown sugar V^ c. melted butter 

1 tbsp. -flour x k c. capped pecans 

1 tbsp. cinnamon V^ c, chopped dates 

Creawi sugar, butter and \ ; andlee ~~ about Zo 
nun. in tit&nc beater. Add egg ,beat w?dd. 
Add sifted dr ij uigredients, alternate w>dh 
widk/. Spread vxalp the batter- ma greased 
S^z'k B l /z" pvjvey. dish. CoVer vodte 'the date- 
-'illuuL ~\dd revhamuig batter. Bake at 315" 
- z or 46 nun. Top with whole dates ) chopped 
wads, and sprinkle wdh powdered svugarz 


\\oneu faun- {o\\tt {akv Ubby Cheek 

1 box yellow? cake-- w\AAp ± Il c. suaar 

3 M c oil 4 &3$f- v. 6 ^ one- 

at a- tim£- 
Add 3 oz. soar creanu 
(bar tease anet flour- pan. . 
Vowf batter Ivuo 1 sheet- paw or I cexke pans. 

IVW' i C- bro\\>n- $uqcvr } 4 -fop, ci-nnavne>w 
ipriviklc this vvwfture- on- top, ttiew svOirb vnto 
batter vOiiW kmfc. bake at 3oo°for ^5iOmw, 

Q^Azjt-\ ^z box pondered/ sugar, A tbsp. melted- 
b utter. A Swiom, cuno wot of Water to vnaJee^ 
Qlo-z-t- JdtiH' enough to pcur o\Jer ceihe. 

fy\ora\)'lOW £ lUjCtf (ake- Clwrmel farmer 

I pkgs. dr\j \Aua$t 
% c. \uk-evOax~vu- Water 
(potato vOater if possible) 
Mx c. sugar 
J /4 tsp. salt 
5 k c. butter 

1 cay + le^a yolk, 
l lz, c. hot masheet 

Z 5 A c. sifted flour 
y% c. brown- sugar* 
1 tsp. canna^mon- 

~Lw larqe bosxd, spruikle yea-sb OntoWarvu- 
vOottr\ stir until dissolved. Stir hv sugar, salt, 
Vz c. melted butter, eaas, mashed, potatoes, With 
a spooyi avud beat until swiooth. f\ctd -flowr 
omA rnaf- v^cXt. Zoster bout anet refrigerate^ 
at least YL Urs. Turw vato area-sect jelly roll 
paw. Spread e\?eulij With -floured- fingers, bet 
rise \M/ Warm place until doubled-, about Z hours. 
Combine brovOn sagar, 1 k c. melted butter, anet 
cmnavuom, N\ate& shallow) impressions ui 
dough. Spoon some of the- sugar^wufture into 
each. BaJte- at 35o° for- 10 - Z5 wutv. 


fiidUf scotch, ]\pils Be%TUjtk^ 

I L M to l L /i c. flour 
x /z c. batter, abided' 
x /z c. brovOn sugar, packed 


L /z c. chopped pecans 

2 tsp. zinnoanon^ 

1 pteg. drg yeast 
V4 c. Warm Water 
1 k c. InkevOarm nu\k>, 
ScaldcdjiXieti cooled 
l k c. sugar 
i /z tsp. salt* 
1 egg 
-V4 c shortening 

Ivv nufaig bowl, dissolve- geasl in vOarvn vOater. 
Stir in muk, sugar, salt, ega, shortening , anct 
half the f lour. A/\i#- Wtfck spoon until smooths, 
f\dd enough remaining flour to handle easdn. 
N\vi vOith spoon.~Jum onto Ughdu floured board, 
\enead until swiootk* and elastic ) about f\\>e minutes. 
"%>un4 up in greased bowl, turn once to bring greased 
$iae up. Co^er and let rue in M^arm place until 
double, ajpeut lVz hrs. f\tann>\iile, vutit l lz slvek 
butter in 9"x 13" bakina dish. Mif With l /z-cup of 
brovOn Suaar. -hfler dough lias risen, roll it out 
on l\ghtli\ floured board into a tf"\ 15 "rectangle. 
Spread vJ'dti 1 k stick softened butter, and sprinkle 
With mixture of sugar ( ^3 c.\ cinnamon , anxL- 
cnopped nut£. beginning at long side, roll up 
tigldlg as for jelluj roll. Cut into I'd slices. Vlace 
slices a little apart in prepared baking dvsh -. 
(jo\)&r and let rise until double, , about one hour, 
tt tat o\>ento 350" pake Z0-Z5 ynnvTtmmediateUg 
turn dish upside- cloven on IraiA. lid dish stag oOtr 
rolls a nunutz so butterscotch will run doWno\)er 
ro Us. 


/\\onkCij $rm4 lAarg fAasow 

3 cans buttermilk I tsp. cinnamon 

biscuits (10 ci) X c. browu sugar 

1 c. granulated sugar 1 slick, vuargaruie- 

Cut cactv biscuit m "fourths with' scissors. 
Shake biscuits in a- bag witk sugar and 
cinnamon. Layer biscuits into a greased 
tube pan. Sprinkle chopped nuts between^ 
lauers. fAtu broww sugar and margarine, 
de'd for 1 uuu. and pour over biscuits, 
bake at b50' -for 35 minutes. Let stand 
for iO wuu .pefore remwutg -from pan. 
\p ser^c, punch off a piece and eat wdlv 
fingers. "A\ov\tzeij see- wtonkeg do." 

^pCCiai \\am fiiSCllitS KoyTuck*r 

I med. onion, 

I tbsp. Worcestershire 

Sauce ; 3 tbsp. mustard 

Z sticks margarine 
3 tbsp. poppijseed 

3 oz. boded ham , diced 
5 oz. grated Swiss cheese 
3 pkgs. small roils 

Separate roils and cut in half, Spread sauce 
on bottom half, add lager of ham, i cheese. 
Wrap in foil and bake at 350 r for to- VL 


\jMOtt (andij (avies Joanne- M'dlvr 

Soften 1 pka. \\easb in* l lz c. vOarwi vOaier. MiV 
1 Va c- flour, 3 tbsp. saaar, 1 tsp. sail. Add 
ueast, J eqq, Vj c. sour creanp, and 3 tbsp. 
putter or vnar chorine, softened-. 6 eat at lov\? 
speed 1 lx nun. deed at Inatr speed 3 miAv. 
Stir iu 1 x lh to 1 2/1 c. more *flour for a, soft 
douah. Kneact 3' 5 vmn. VI ace ax areas eat 
bowl ■ p turn oucc- CoVeir and let rise- 1 - \ l M 
hrs- 1 uuch dovon ) obvJute in Waif. Let rest 
for 10 muv. 1\oll each- half of doiiah into 
IV * 8" Spread each vv'dh- half the ^LdP^iim. 
Told iu half ienalhu^e • seat alona edqesTZitt 
crosswise 'into 1 strips, voidina bom .ends, tn)isl 
awd place on- greased bak-ina sheet, cur ft evut 
to form cane. Co\)er ) let rise 30 wUw. fyake<at 
215° for II' lA muv, Top vOittu Lemon Icing , 
avuX deccrraic vOatr candied cherries. 
Nut £iUn^-. A/Uf Vtc. chopped voabiuts , V3 c, saa&.r, 
3 tbsp. melted butter, and 1 tbsp. shredded lenww, 
peel. Le-m^kv XcJA^-- (vlvy- 1 c powdered suoar, 
1 tbsp. limoa juice , ltt?sp. Water, % ts p. Manilla. 

3 c. milky 
b tbsp. butter 
6 tbsp. flour 

t\ard boil eaas. Grate eqqs whew cool. Nlett 
butter and fwur. &radua-\Xy add vuiMc, h«rhn« anl 
beating until svvwoth, Sensan to tustt-. Add 
the egas. Put into rtctanaulax^ casse\~olc 
dish. &ake at 3Z5 for 10 ruinates. 

Char met Yarvner 

sail i cautvwz- pepper 

to tade 
Worcester sluix sauce 

to taste 


€S9 C aS5Cro ^ 

Libbg Cheek 

s lj~ c. bread crumbs 

4 hard boiled eyas, sliced 

b slices crumbled crisp bacou 

x c, soior cream 

'/-z c, grated Cheddar cheese 

Z tbsp. parsley 

1 tbsp, minced omens 

2 tbsp, chides 
scat, pepper 

Spread bread crumbs on bottovw of 1" cas- 
serole, had sliced egas neid ~ M»^ rertiainuig 
ingredients, eycep I: tkeiscl. paprika, and spread ' 
over tgas. Sprinkle Cheddar cheese ayicl 
farvnesau cheese on top. garnish with 
paprika. &ake at 323" for 30 minutes, 
Struts b, 

§ausai)t Qtsserole ftemfttuuker 

1 tsp. mustard 
1 c. shredded 

Swiss or 
ctxeadar cheese 

i lb, bulk scuts age 
ic sutis bread, trimmed 
b eggs 
Z c. milk, 

1 tsp. sait f dash pepper 

fyrease 9"x \3"% Z" casserole rru sausage, dram 
well. Cube bread, them spread in casserole. 
Cover wttk saiesaae . ~Xheu spread cheese 
over sausage. Cornb'utctgqsnu\k } vuustard, 
salt and pepper, fyuf welt, tfien pour over 
lagers. Cover, refrigerate- overnight. Bake 
at 350" for d Omiyv. 


^cuisaqi ^ing 

libbij CUicifL 

Z lbs, bidk sausage 

Z eggs 

Z tbsp. grated onions 

Viz c. bread crumbs 

M c , chopped parsley (if desired*) 

|VU^ all ingredients together- pack into 
UgktUj buttered 9" mold. Cook, at 350° for 
lb nviuutcs. ^Lenwve frovu os/twavut pour 
off grease . Return to oven and bak^c 
anvttier ZC vnuvutcs. 

tyUS §OUfflt t\arrUl fnattcs 

l C qr'ds 

1 t$p. salt 

I sticks vnargariuo 

1 roll garlic - flavored, cheese 

Z beaten eggs 


cereal crumbs 

Cook grits vuAc. water xoillv sail until 
thick- Stir in vnargarlne and cheese. f\dd 
enough vnilk to tags to wieasure one cup. 
tsUp with grits. your into qreased, cas- 
serole. Cover with cereal crumbs and 
bake at 325° for one 'hour. 


£ailSCU)l QltkhC ValTaag 

drown in skillet : 

1 lb. Wot sausage 

% c. chopped onion 

l /3 c. chopped green pepper 

Mt^ together : 

1 beaten eqgs 
1 tbsp. flour 
1 small caw mille 
Vl% c. grated sharp 
Cheddar cheese 

Covnbuxe meat and tga mixture. Vourman 
uncooked deep dish pie crust, or a quiche 
dish/ Uucd with crust- Pake 35- 4c minutes 
(until set) at 375/ 

1 tbsp. parsley flakes 
3/4 tsp. salt 
'/4 tsp. pepper 
'M tsp, garlic salt 

fiaccti Quiche 

'/z, lb. bacon 

V/z c. grated Swiss or 


dash, salt 
dash pepper 
dash caijeuue 
'/z tsp. dry wvustarct 

1 tsp- prepared 

Cheddar cheese 
1 oniou, chopped 
3 eggs 
1 c cream 
% c, milk, 

I deep di6h< pee shell, uucooked 

Cook, bacon 1 , crumble and sprinkle on hot- 
torn of uncooked deep dash pie shell . hdd 
ayaled cheese, Saute onion m bacon fat. 

Beat eggs with creavn,-thon add vnilk>,-\dcl 
5(vit, pepper, cayenne, mustard and ml^, 
pour into pie sUeii. bake for 45 vniu. at35o* 


June S afrit 

Quiche \orrainc 

b eqqs, slighilij beaten 

Z c. sour creawv 

Z c, Swiss cheese (Vz lb, grated) 

I tsp. Worcestershire 

'/z Up. salt 

Z cans fried/ onion ruxqs 

$ strips bacon, cooked and crumbled 

Mil/ and pour into Z pic shells fiake at 
300' for 55~(c0 minutes. tAau be frozen/ 
before bakhuj, 

QVtrt QmtUt firimch^-Carcl'FitzgeraUl 

'/q c, butter crmaraarwe 

16 egqs 

1 c, sowr cream 

1 c. milk, 

Z tsp, salt 

V4 c, chopped areeyv anions , 

1 to. Canadian bacon, cut u^to 24 slices 

x ln c. maple surup 

t\eat ovente oVp c . Kelt butter Ut 13"x?" x 2" 
baking disk. Tilt dish to coat bottom with 
butter. In larat mifer b^vvi, beat ce}Qs t squr 
cream, nulk^ f and salt until blended. Stir 
in onion . Vour into dish . &ake until eqa.s 
art set y but still moist , about 35 nunules. 

At the- same time , bake Canadian bacon as 
follows: reassemble the Z4 slices of baconvn- 
to a roll on alununuvn foil. Pour syrup over 
roll. Wrap ; place in pan and bate-e at 3Z5' 
about $5 minutes. 

Cut omelet into iZ squares. Place on alarac 
platter and surround with slices of bacon- 


firtkhokt ^ciiSK Anmc Laurie Kiutbz 

Zeds, artichokes 
4 YoYtyc oniows 

2V% c. SllC\CLY~ 

3 pints vinegar 
3 tbsp salt 

Coarse ar'ind artichokes f oniows. N[i)t aid 
ingredients. Simmer 3o mivi, then caw. 

I tbsp. turmeric 
Z tb5 p. mustard seed 
Z tbsp. celery seed, 
I tspred pepper 

tyread ityitterficklis & e tty vtuthe 

7 lbs. cucumbers 

4 lbs. white onions 

Select fresh, cr^p cucumbers; wash y but do not 
peel . Slice crosswise thinly. Slice onions thmiV) , 
mis together and- add Yz, cap salt. Cover with 
cracked ice. Let stand 3 hrs. A/leanwhde } make 

syrup cj: 

5c suqar 2 tbsp. mustard, seed 

1 tvsp: turmeric I tbsp. celery seed 

ht 5 p. whole clones 5 c. Vincqa.r 

Mi.^ £>uc\ar and spices together and add Vinegar. 
Jhrcun cucumbers and on'ious thvrouqh-lij, and add 
to surup. -\\zat to scalding, but do not bod.Vour 
into hob \ars and seal." 


m \\o\tr (ucumbcr fickXts^ ZUzabettvVanbar 

7 IN- cucumbers, 

sliced thin 
1 c. s lade time 

ihard^vare lime) 
1 c. salt 

l/z C alunv 
tyz bos mifed spices 
2 ats. cider vinegar 
mo b lbs. suaar(or 
as desired) 

Soak. cucumbers in UmeuJaler overmaht. Be 
sure theu are covered with water, Vvaslfwell 
and soak in salt Water 4 hrs. Vr<zm and rinse. 
Soak, in ice water 1 hrs. Vrain. br'ma to a. bod 
in aiunv ivater to cover Vrain and rinse Welt. 
Cook, for So nun. ua vmeo ) ar ) saaar and svice 
niosture. pack, in Wot jars. 

Quick (\uiimberykktes Cleo Kana 

3 c. v'wieqar 


celery seed to taste 
mustard seed to taste 
1 gal. cucumbers 


iVi c. water 

1 tfrsp. salt 

Cucumbers can be cat or sliced to desired 
size or shape. Slice cucumbers before adding 
to vineaar syrup. 

Briny to a bod the first §i% ingredients. Novo 
add cucumbers avid bruuj to a bod. b^od 
for one minute. . Can in jars and seal at once. 


/ / 

Qticumbcrs in Dili Sylvia Zobkisoa 

4 cucumbers- 
1 c- boiling wuter 
3 A 0. sour' 'cream 
s k c. lemon juices 
1 tsp- sugar 

3 tbsp. minced fresh 
dill (or Z is p. dried 
dill weed^ 
V/z tsp. salt 
l /s tsp. p&ppey 
1 tsp, sugar 

feel cucumbers and slice very ttunln.Vour 
boding water over them and Vet stand for 
five minutes. Prain and plunge uitv Ceo 
water. Drain again. d[i\L tvaetner the yemauv 
w\q ingredients and pour ovey the- cucumbers, 
tossing; until well milled- Chill So nun. before,- 

freezer flCkltS Tudl Osborne 

Zed. sliced cucumber's 
I onion, sliced very thin 

Add I tbsp. umodued salt. Let stand, -for 

Z hours. Hinse, 

In saucepan miy: 

1 c white vinegar 5 c. sugar 

tbeat slowly, just enociah to melt suaar. 
Add to cucumbers which have' b&e unpacked 
iu containers, freeze . 

\\ot ^\bm tvelgn'fowler 

12 large apples 1 tsp. dry mustard 

VL large- tomatoes 1 tsp- cinnamon 

10 meduitn onwns 3 tsp. salt 

3 pods green hot pepper 1 pint vinegar 

3 ciips brown sugar 

Qrate or_ shred veactabl&s- cook until thicks. 
Pack in \ars avid seal. 


£ef rigerafcr fickks LoueUa Stmson 

1 c. slUed , wwoeeXtd 1 fcbsp. celery seed 

cucumbers 2 c. suaar 

1 c. sliced onions 1 tbsp. ^salir 

1 c. sliced green peppers 1 c. vineqar 

M[ii ail ingredients toaether cold. Store in 
covered container in refriqercdoY-^hese- 
keep for months. 

yellow £([ua$hficklts Cleo \U 


4 qts. squash, sliced thin 

1 medium onions } sliced thin 

Vz c salt ~ spy inkle over squash and onions 

Pack in crashed ice for 3 hoars. Rinse andc 
drain well. Qrvna to a bod: 

5 c. vlneqar 1 tbsp celery seed 

o c. saqay- 1 tpsp. mustard seed 

i L /z tbsp. turmeric 

Add squash- and onion. Bring fc> a boil 
cxaain and can. 


■Cut pink skin from, thick. - rinct \Oatermelon, 
in desired si^e pieces. CA 35-40 lb. melon 
vuilL usually yield 7 lbs. of pieces.*) 

■Cover pieces with rioter ami sprinkle w>tik 
(7vte bottU cf "Lilly [dme'.' C&ui) ad druy store. 
EU Lilly CcAciuYnt\^dro\ide Vender #40 
OA oz-Y Stiv to dissolve. Co\)Cr and let sd 

Nl^/t cicuA- dram and vOasW several tunes^ 
then, cook, t co$eY~ed,wi stwna a'vnner rooltecu, 
footer to cover ) 5tsp. ground gdvaer and a 
couple dp pieces cf vrliole ginger -root) unlit 
tender— about I ^ Ivrs. ~ 

■Sinwvey- bO muv. lo vnatec syrup: 

1 at. apple cider v'uceqar 

1 c vOaier 

4 Y% lt>5. $uaar 

Spice baa u sticks cinnamon, broken up, 
Ltvsp. Wlwle pic\elina spices &Srihole 
Cloves _ all tied in cncesecloilv) 

wash- rindafinat time; drain y and coo\z~ in 
suvup until pieces ara transparent- about 
\ <% Wrs. Scat valors. 


JiiaMtnt ^Uklcs cieo Kana 

7 pints zucchini tout up) 

Z cups pickXma [uncut sufficient \\)ater 

to cover zucchini 
Oi?,so\ve Ume in water and pour over the 
z ucehuii . 

"Take out seeds and discard,. f)o not ptve- the 
zucchtni. Soak in lime vVater for 24 hours, 
shivrina occasionally to keep hint -from 
settling to the bottom. Wash voell to act the 
hvne off the zucchini. 


3 l /z its. suaar 
1 at. \ 1 cup vineaar 
1 tpsp. whole allspice 
1 tbsp. ground cinnamon 

Brina to (X bod. f\dd zucchini and soakrfor 14 hrs. ' 
Boil for 2DXo4o \nuv. or until tevtder when pricked 
wait a fork,. ?acK in jars avid seal. 




JV\iniatur(/ fyurritos 

3 tbsp onion soup mi^ V*\ c. freshly arated 
'/H tsp paprika Parmesan cheese 

I Vz c grated/ sharp cheese 1 pkaflcut* tortillas 
Vz c. sour cream 1 ($oz.) can chopped 

areen chile* 

Combine soup, paprika, cheeses, elides arut 
sour cream Sprccrd about 3 tbsp of the ma- 
ture cw a tortilla^ and roll up. Cut each tor- 
idler into 3 parts and secure each with a 
icobhpUks. Krranqe hr a, circle- orvapie plait 
and cook' each plate 2~3 minutes ~ unlit it 
is ttwroualxlu heated and cheese is vnclted. 
Makes 3&. 

(jUstial (jab 

I (b Vz otl) can crabmeat Yir L tsp. fresh 

II oz. cream cheese , \tmou juice 
3-4 tbsp, minced onion 3 tbsp. white wine 

So ften t cheese \>u ccoVtna i \nmide . fAi^in 
etcher \ncyrcchents and cook. l~Z minutes or 
until Wealed through , Ser^e with crackers. 
Can be- served hot or cold. 1~b scr^htqs. 


§ piHOCh P ip Linda \\)kecUr 

1 pk q ■ frozen spinach^ 1 \bsp. lemon j nice 

1 i$oz)pkq. cream cheese salt, pepper, and 
Z tbsp. bidter uuinCeato taster 

3 tbsp. milk, to slices crumbUdbacoti 

Cock, spmach for Z minutes , turn and cook, 
Z more yvunates. Drain. Melt cheese with, 
butter en lew for Z-Z'/z, minutes, hllow a, 
few minutes standing time . Add all the in- 
qreduuts, including H strips paeon ,~tv -the- 
sp'vnacW . (jarnistv with Z strips crumbled^ 
bacon , 

/Y\ush\vpm £>oup 

Vi IK fresh mushrooms, 

X bunch cyi'ccu onions, 

3 tbsp. butter 
aajrtic salt ( optional) 

1 tbsp- flour 
1 cevns chicken- 

1 c. milk 
salt and pepper 
1 c. itfkippiW) 


Saute mushrooms t onions inbuucr- ul micro- 
wavc on high for o/z nun. or until jyucc 
cci'ers the bottom of the pan. pf desired, 
sprinkle vvntk garlic salt, blend, ui flour and 
stir Well . Stir u\ brrtk and cook on hujn- 
for 11 vvdn. Stir uv vridk. and add sedt ami 
pepper Cocfc. on medium -for 5 -$ nun. \\hen 
ready to 6evVe, lie at t stir in or cam . 




^ucchmt ^armtsan 

v c. sliced zucchini ~ about 1 Vu \bs. 

Z ibsp, butter or maraar'wit 

Vz tsp. celery sait 

3 bbsp. arated Parmesan cheese/ 

Ju an 8 \ 8" baking disti, cvnxbine zucckuii, 
butter and celery salt. Ho>Jtr witbvvoapeA 
paper and ccok< at niah f<?r W-1Z minutes, 
stirring every 3 nun. Sprinkle ckeesc ontvp- 

Serves \p. 

7C5tij fiaked ^)CanS Q inqer Cdwards 

4 siices bacon 
fz c. chopped onion 
Z (lb oz) cans, pork 
and beans ui tomato 

Z tbsp. brown sugar 
1 tbsp. Worcestershire 
1 tsp. mustard 


\ lace baconin V/z at. casserole and cc^er vcUU 
paper towel. Cook, on Uiah^ar 4 vmn.T&nove 
"towel and bacon; sa\)t dr'cppinas vncassirole. 
Crumble bacon and seb aside. Cook, onion in 
arvppvAQs ab high for 3 nun.; then 3t'urai 
remaining 'uxqredicnts . Cook,, uncovered, ab 
HiaWfor 10 minutes <stirrmq\\\>u:o .lop w'dbi 
crumbled bacon. Series io. 


j3Utt Quest f>wcco\lf)ak£^ s^u^^o* 

2 (10 01 ) pkq. fro ten 
chopped broccoli 

Z bbsp. butter or 
mar'Qarm.e, ^netted 

I tbsp. flour 

L k if p. salt 
3 /^ c. vniiks 
1 ol. b\tn cheese, 
3 ot. cream cheese, 
3 oz. ( aw/Jrenek - 
fried,- ovuow rings 

/V[ LcrowaVe -. A\eli b utter m> mediums ized bo\^\ . 
Wi^u-sk- 'wvfionr t salt. i\dd ryots, \ vJhtsk, until 
smooth. Grumble the bkiA. cheese 'into ike sauce. 
Cut the crccuyu cheese, 'into cubes \ add~tbs<ULce. 
Cook, pyv> medians- hi^h-for three, rnhv. ) stirring 
dvuic. Stir aa,avu>~to melt cheese. Coofcone more 
mm,, on hw^v. WJhen stirred,, sauce should, be, 
sUglxiUj tk^ckened. Cook. and drain, br Dcca\d . 
-f\dd Woecolito sauce a^idsturio blend. Vyake, 
uncovered on nteduenv hiah'for 3- 4 nun.. 
Stirring once. lop W\Xh, sltakiuj crushed onion 
riuqs k vOarvn on niedrliiah for \}lvynhc. 

Linda Wheeler 

'/? C, chopped ovuen 
} M c. farvnesan 
i c, scar cream 

i pkq. {.'Si oz^) froLcn 

hash browns 
1 cans cream of 

potato soup 
1 c. grated ckeddar 

Viet potatoes in casserole , then soup^u cheese, 
onion and^ parmesaw. Cook- , covered \i>~ 11 
minutes. Stir twice. A^dd soar areayn and 
rest of cheese. Let stand for 5 minute5. 



Z lbs. lean ground beef 
1 large onwn, diced/ 
1 large green pepper, 

1 (i lb- 13 oz) can tomatoes 
Z-d tbsp. cHUi^ powder 

(jinaer £ Awards 

1 tsp SO/lt 

'/$ t5p, cayenne 
% Up- paprika 
1 (L5 oz^cankidnea 

beans, drained/ 
Z ($oi) cans 

tomato sauce 

Brown beef in microwave- "for 7 minutes, 
stirring twice . Vrain, Saute onion e ay ecu 
pepper in Z tbsp. water for Z uxinutes. Xn a 
\arae bowl, combine a\X ingredients t cook- 
covered for LZ minutes, stir ring half Way 
through cooking time . Leb rat covered ^for 
5 minutes before serving . NVakes $serVings. 

3 *l%r 4 [h boneics* 
beef rump roast 
Z tsp. salt 
1 tsp. dry mustard 

(a ina or £dwards 

l M Isp, garlic powder 
Yh tsp. pepper 
i tsp Worcestershire 
1 tbsp. catsup 
'/i o, dry red/ wine 

Sprinkle roast witti seasonings. Place the 
roast f fat side doww, on a microwave roast- 
ing rack, in cr Z a}, baking disW . Microwave 
ow mecuiivn setting for ZD minutes Turn 
fat side up. Combine catsup, Worcestershire 
anct wine, Vour oVer the roast and/ micro- 
voavc on slow setting for 20-24 vninubes 
or until rare . Let stand covered w'dtv foil 
for iO nun. before serving. Serves S. 



party (Jnicketv 

Q inge r Cdwards 

Z'4^3 lbs. chicleen/ 1 envelope onion, soup mif 

pieces, s kxnncd Yi c. Russian dressing 
'/4 c. mayonnaise 1 c. apricot preserves 

Arrange chicken/ vn9\ 13" glass baking dish f 
p\.aelnq /thickest meaty pieces to the outside 
cfthtctisYi, Combine remeinung ingredients 
and spread o^er chicken, coating the paper; 
and cook, fcn~ ZO minutes, iurnhtg halfway 
through cooking time . 

V i^te VUmmt, Qrace Ilhnavv* Mary lib Joyce 

Vie. tomato sauce 
Vq c, vinegar 
74 c- honecj 

1 tsp. \ia^iuisYnpk<y 
1 c. minced onions 
3 lbs chic ken, skinned, 
bone - iuy 

AW first 5 'ingredients together and coat, 
chicken. tAicrowa\/e on higli/ for 2 Intimites, 
turning \\rice durine) cooMma, . 

Airs' Qracollhnan/ vs an instructor at tho 
(Aiulford Techinat Institute s PAccrowavc 
Cooking School. fAargiib LToijce and Vijfic 
klewuuc took her course and from their 
notes theg have submitted recipes. 


Vz (12 ozZ) p\cg . vernuceUi 

Z Vosp. butter 

1$ c. grated parmesan 

Z eggs, wed - Veatevi 

I ib.'ground beef 

'/z c. chopped ovuow 

*Ih c. chopped green pepper 

1 l$vz)canstewed 

tomatoes, undrainect 
1 (be??.) cavrtomato paste 
Z tsp. chopped parsley 

Janet WdUford 

lisp, sugar 
*/t tsp. oregano 
idried t whole) 
x lz tsp. sail 
'/z tsp. garlic sail 
1 c. cream- style- 
cottage cheese 
x Ilc. (lc^)shredded 

tS'iO pepper one 

I stuffed olives, 

Cvo\c Vermicelli, according to pkg. directions % 
drain. Stir butter and parmesan cheese into 
hct vermicelli. Add eggs, stirring well. Spoon 
YAPjXwe 'into a 10" pic plate. Use spoowto shape 
the spaghetti into a pie shed. KicrcwaxJe cw 
Wigh ■, uncovered , 3 mm, or until set. Set aside. 

Grumble beef in- cc shallow Z-qt. casserole; 
stir in onion and green pepper. Cover wittv 
lieavu - duty plastic wrap and vnicrowavc 
cutugh 5~h minutes, stirring at Z-nivnitte 
intervals: dram wed. Stir in treaties, tomato 
paste and seasonings. Cover and microwaves 
on high 3'/z -l\ ynin. } stirring once, set aside. 

Spread cottage cheese eVenhj over pie shelt.Top 
with vueat sauce . Cover witti heapy-dutq plas- 
tic wrap a*ut microwave on \ngh ip-^h. mm^ 
sprinkle with mozz-arella cheese . Microwave, 
uncovered, on lugh 3d seconds or until cheese 
begins to melt, fyarmsh with pepper oh i,oliVes 
anctpar^leij. fAurowavc, uncovered } on- higVc 
for t minute. Let stand W miit. before serVwg,- 


forcupine /v\eatballs LUiaaWkeder 

1 lb. ground chuck. \ tqc$ 

Ic. precooked rice % M c. water 

i cantoynato soup (divided) i tsp. onion saXt 

AW together beof K ricc, x /z of soup, egg, water 
and onion salt. Shape into it vails \ arrange 
in a circie in a tf-10 inch pic pan. Coper voiut 
wax paper. Cook 3 "10 minutes outugh. 
^otaxv */h turn every 3 minutes. 

Vi soupy Z tbsp. ketchup, I tsp. mustard 

Aiiy, Uien spoon over meat. Cook Z~H ruin. 
TV lis is good on rite 

/\[iiShrootn Quiche . Vi^KUmm*, 

brace llUnan,fAargUb Joyce 

I ( S oz) pka ■ creavu cheese 4 egqs 

Z Vosp. margarine Z tbsp. flour 

10 large mushrooms, slued bacon 

I large onion, choppecV 

put cream cheese in glass measmrmg cup anet 
soften '/*. minute^ on high ■; set aside, . \n 
microwave ayuche pan } saide mushrooms 
and onion iv\ mar aar'uve on high for 3 mm. 
Stir, then cook 3 more vninules. fteat eqqs 
and flour. i\dd to softened cream cheese 
and whUfc together, four mixture over ttu 
Vegetables and. top voith bacon } which has 
been nucrowaved on [iu)h fpr k minutes . 

tAicrcwaaJt aulctu for Ll minutes at 10%. 
Check after tinumdes to see if done, tf 
not done in center, looscU) put fed circle ■■, 
witK center cut out , outvp. Cook VI at l 3 l*j 
nunidcs more. T>c nd let fod touch glass door. 


QljSttrS Vtvtht §Htll lAarthaXobcrte 

Vz c. water, 1 tsptenwnjiuce, 1 dvz. oysters, 
{clean the oyster shells) 

put oysters uvfreezer be fore cooking u^ micro - 
Wave- tlieu w'ai open faster. Cook inwucroware 
4 nxinutes ontiiah, covered with saran wrap. 


ywanctir footmen 

4 fillets (Z lbs) 
'M c. butter '^ tsp. cayenne pepper 

1 tbsp. Worcestershire l k tsp. salt 
1 tbsp, iemen juice '/* tsp. minced garlic 

Cook- sauce in microwave 1 nan . on daali. tut 
on top of \Csh and cook b~& nun, on hu\W in 

wrier oware, turning ovue ■ CeVer fish witu Waf 

fianiUdCl f>00ts PAartkaRoberbs 

2 npc bananas, peeled 1 tbsp. butter or 

3 tbsp. vroWn sugar margarine, cut 
1 tbsp. chopped walnuts m pieces 

whipped crtcwi or ckocotate syrup 

5plil bananas ienattvwise and place LuS'xS" 
baking dish f cut sides up. Sprinkle wlHi 
brown suaar and dot with batter. Scatter 
wots on top. fdierowaVe 3p sec- on hiah, or 
uutd suaar melts. Qarnisd wittv whipped 
creann or cMvcoUxte suywp. Series 4. 


fasu ftrownUs 

y Cjrace lllman, Mary libooyce, tyi>tw\LUmmo 

Z S(\; unsweetened chccolale 3 M c. plain flour 

1 c. sugar 1 t5p, baking powder 

X stick, margarine *lz tsp. salt 

I eggs Vz c . clwpped nuts 

tAclt chocolate and margarine ow high about 
Z minutes, -held sicgar and eggs , Suridremaining 
ingredients, Put mt\S"pan Cook, ou 50% for 
S \niwates, Xurvung twice during cocking- 


Mar Ht a- Vs>bcr Is 

1 mores 

Plate 4 squares of milk, chocolate candu 
bar on a- gralianr craeker: Top with- marsh- 
mallow?. Place on, paper uapkuv. Microwave 
15- 10 seconds on/ high, or until marsUmallovo 
puffs. Top with another grahavw cracker- for 
case in eating . Let, stand 1 vunude. \o heat 
several at a time, octet 15 seconds for eacbv 
addd'ioned s'vnores. 

QOCOntlt fluff (jlkC linda\Oheeler 

X bo\ yellow cake miy *U c. milk 

X (9 oz .) ccu^ton Cool whip 1 c . sugar 

1 small pka. frozen coconut 

Ally cake according to package drreclions. 
Tilt sheet cake pah Vj full, (freeze rest of 
batter for cupcakes) Cock on "10% power 
for 10 yninutes. Turn after 5 minutes , the top 
slwuld look not quite done, funch* holes in/ 
cake- if eat milk and sugar for 30 seconds, 
tken pour over cake- Let cool . 5>pread on< 
Cool whip and sprinkle coconut. 


j(lD'S CORNtX 

rrundt fr\unch ^alad^ Susan SwmpUr 

Ingredients -^or one- 

l h apple Z tb$p raisins 

'/z small carrot 1 tbsp. strmvberry yogurt 

1. Cut apple into -small pieces. 

2. fetl carrot and cut into small pieces. 

3. Put pieces of apple and carrot into a bowl 
and add raisins and ijoqurb. 

4. Mix well. 

5. Serr'e on lettuce leaf and crunclv miurclv 
aw)ai\ \ 

WOCkCt ^ClltXCi Susan Sumpter 

Iviqredunts for one: 

1 pineapple slue : I aunehinq pad 

Vz peeled banana \ reelect 

I cherry ' nose tone 

1 toothpick io held cherry va plac^ 

lettuce leevf : base 
On a, plait , arr-anqe ilte abox/c. 


Mini-Pizzas Sasan- Sampler 

Inqredients for one : 
I refrigerator biscuit 
i tbsp. tomato paste 
i small slice of mozzareUUt cheese 
sprinkle of oreqanc 
vegetable oil 


1, Sprinkle flour aw \\>ajtcd< paper, and 
roll bUcuit tovneike aflat circle. 

Z. &rws\i top of bisemt with oil. 

3. Spread voitU towcatp paste. 

4. -Add cheese. 

% Sprinkle oreaano cvr'Xep. 

6. Pake on a evolve sheet in even- Cor in 
a toaster osJux) at 45p' for i5 nunuCcs, 



V3 c. white glut 

tempera paint or food coloring 

'Aj c. liayiid starch 

?Aa4> paint or food coloring wittv starchy, 
that stir in glue . MM together until ~govp" 
forms cvball and "cleans" sides of container. 
Acid more starch, 1 tsp. at a tunc if needed 
for desired eovislsteneg. It will stic& tc 
paper or cloth, but nothing else. Its -fun 
to let it slide through nour fingers, 

Qiant gabbles 

1 o. uaiud detergent 

X c. glucer'uic (available at drug store) 

3 c< water 

M<xlee bubble blower of thivvvfureTornv 
uitv a circle L? ~& inches ui dievnveter. 
Pour Uaiuds hi dishpancr large skillet... 
then btow\ blow, blow! 


rooked ganger pAuttr Susan Sumpter 

At if uvo parte cornstarch wdh equal parts 
of water. Cco\e to consistency of cornstarch; 
piuidiHt). ~r\dd coloring and >store> Ur a- 
ti^ktttj covered jar in a cool place. 

[Isc on reaidar ^inqerpautt paper batcher 
paper, shelf paper or amj other- aiazeeV 
paper Paper should be wet witiv Hie qlrs- 
5y side up TUigerpaiHt jhoulct be put 
onto tfie paper (about Z ibspj before the 
"paint nicf' beauty. A piece of oilcloth 
stretched oVcr a tkdnie ) serving trays, 
maqazine covers and yvurrors art olker 
surf aces that may be used ! 

Qookcd fUujdOlUjh Susan Snmpter 

1 c. flour 
f /z c. 5 ait 
1 c. water 
1 Xbsp. od 

1 tsp, ex tarn of tartar or alum/ 

a tew drops cf food colorific}, if desired- 

fat ait Uraredients toacther wv a UcaVij pan. 
Stir o^er mcd'uu\v-high heat on top of stove, 
until douak is slid Sttghthj sturfcij and is 
the censisiencij of masked potato c$R$m&Jc 
f\'of\v pan and cool about 5 minides before^ 
heading. Store douah vn aw airtiqht con- 
tainer to keep it soft and workavU . 
($jecipc caw be douHed^) 


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Grasshopper Parfait 211 

Green Beans 


Green Wonder Salad 112 

Greens with Pork and 

Dumplings 136 

Grits Souffle 318 


See Index on Page 148 
Guacamole 37 



See Index on Page 148 

Party Delights 47 

Special Biscuits 315 

Tropical Salad 120 


See Index on Page 148 

Health Salad 112 

Heath Bar Pie 263 

Herb Dip, Easy 39 


Bun Coffee Cake 313 

Whole Wheat Bread 88 


See Index on Page 30 

Hot Tom 323 

Hush Puppies 90 

South Carolina 90 

Ice Cream 

Butter Pecan Pie 263 

Creme de Menthe Pie 264 

Chocolate Pie, Easy 18 

Lemon 215 

Mom's Custard 209 

Pie 264 

Souffle with Hot 

Strawberry Sauce 212 

Italian Casserole 158 

— J — 


Cookies 285 

Finger 212 

Raspberry-Applesauce 213 

Jezebel Sauce for Ham 168 

— K— 


See Index on Page 302 
Kiss Pudding 24 

— L— 

Lasagna 160 


Bisque 214 

Bread 83 

Candy Canes 316 

Chess Pie 258 

Cups 214 

Dainty 215 

Delicious Meringue Pie . . . .267 


Dessert 216 

Frozen Dessert 215 

Graham Cracker and 

Lemon Pie 267 

Grandma's Pie 265 

Ice Cream 215 

Luscious Pie 266 

Old-Fashioned Pie 265 

Squares 286 

Tea Tarts 216 

Lemonade 303 

Pie 266 

Lettuce, Smothered 112 


Delight 217 

Salad 103 

Sherbet 17 

Liver Pate, Herbed 34 

Seafood and Noodles 

Au Gratin 189 

Seafood Thermidor 200 

Stuffed, Roy's 190 

London Broil 150 

Mocha Mix 306 

Mock Oysters Rockefeller .... 43 

Monkey Bread 315 

Moravian Sugar Cake .... 19, 313 

Applesauce 75 

Banana 75 

Biscuits 78 

Bran 76 

Bran, Berlie Eargle's 76 

Cranberry 77 

Cornbread, Southern 77 

Pumpkin 78 

Mulled Punch, Hot 304 

Murrell's Inlet Casserole 188 


Bisque 61 

Croustades 48 

Salad 113 

Soup 61 

Toast with Mushroom Spread 52 

Vegetable Soup 62 

Mustard, Hot 168 

Mystery Bars 288 

— M — 

Macaroni-Chicken Bake 180 

Macaroni Salad 118 


Coconut 287 

Corn Flake 287 

Magic Cookie Bars 286 

Malt Shake Cake 240 

Malt Shake Cupcakes 240 

Maple Divinity 298 

Marinade, Eye of the Round . . 168 

Marbled Fudge Bars 283 

Mayonnaise 95 

Maxie Bermans 70 


Cocktail 42 

Stew 155 

Swedish 42 


Dutch 159 

Ham Loaf 164 

Hero 70 

My Favorite Veal 166 


See Index on Page 148 
Mexican Corn Bread 135 


See Index on Page 302 

Million Dollar Pie 268 

Mince Meat Drop Cookies ... 28 
Mocha Cake, Mystery 239 

— N— 

"No Fuss" Salad 107 

Noodle Salad, Cold 118 


See also: PEANUT, PECAN, etc. 

Bread 20 

Crescents 288 

Spicy Date Cake 248 

— o— 

Oatmeal Cookies 289 

Olives, Appeteaser Cheese .. . 48 

Omelet Brunch, Oven 320 


Buttered 137 

French Onion Soup 59 

Sour Cream 136 


Apple Drink 303 

Bread 83 

Congealed Salad 103 

French Toast 309 

Julius 303 

Poached Pears 219 

Pound Cake 245 

Sherbet 217 


Casserole 191 

Escalloped 191 

Mock Oysters Rockefeller. . 43 
Roy's Appetizers 49 


— P— 

Parmesan Bites 49 

Parmesan Puffs . . : 50 

Pastry 251 

Pate, Herbed Liver 34 


Chicken Bodini 179 

Split Pea Soup 17 

Baked Halves 218 

Cobbler 207 

Cottage Cheese and 

Souffle Salad 101 


Virginia Peanut Soup 63 

King's Arm Peanut Soup ... 63 

Peanut Butter 65 

Candy 299 

Cookies 289 

Pie 268 

Sandwiches 66 

Tarts, Reece's 289 


Bread 84 

Orange Poached 219 

Red Wine Sauce 219 

Relish 20 

Tangy 218 


Brittle 299 

Brown Sugar Pie 22 

Date Rolls 50 

Pie 269 

Puffs 290 

Roasted 50 

Southern Pie 269 

Pepper Steak, India's 151 

Perfection Salad 113 

Persimmon Pudding 223 

Picadillo 159 


See Index on Page 302 


See Index on Page 228 

Pimento Cheese Spread 68 

Pina Colada Cheesecake . . . .234 

Beet Salad 111 

Cake 241 

Coconut Pie 261 

Frozen Torte 220 

Janie's Pie 271 

Wiener Sandwiches 72 

Yum-Yum Cake 250 

Pink Arctic Freeze 104 

Pizzas, Mini 338 

Playdough, Cooked 340 

Plum Cake 241 

Pocket Sandwiches 71 

Poppy Seed Dressing 96 


See Index on Page 148 

Pot de Creme, Easy 220 


Broccoli Bake 129 

Buffet 137 

Casserole Supreme 138 

German Soup 64 

Pie Lorraine 139 

Potato Bake 138 

Raymell's Salad 114 

Scalloped 137 


See Index on Page 170 

Baked Chicken Sandwiches 66 

Spicy Chicken Spread 33 

Pound Cake 

Banana 242 

Brown Sugar 242 

Chocolate 243 

Ellie's 244 

Orange 245 

Praline Cake 245 

Praline Candy 299 

Prince of Wales Cake 25 


Bar Cookies 290 

Shaw House Cake 246 


Banana 221 

Bonton Bread 221 

Chewy Date 222 

Dream 222 

King's Arms Tavern 

Old-Fashioned Rice 223 

Persimmon 223 

Sweet Potato 19, 224 

Ugly Duckling Cake 250 


Bread 84 

Date Nut Bread 85 

Harvest Pie 270 

Muffins 78 

Pecan Sundaes 224 

Pie 270 

Squares 291 

Punch 305 

Apple, Hot 304 

Banana 305 

Kids' Party 304 

Mulled, Hot 304 

Sherry 305 

— o— 

Quail 16 



Bacon 319 

Broccoli and Cheese 128 

Hamburger 157 

Lorraine 139 

Sausage 319 

— R— 

Raisin Rice Pudding, King's Arms 

Tavern Old-Fashioned 223 

Range Cookies 290 

Raspberry Applesauce Jello . .213 
Reece's Peanut Butter Tarts .289 
Refrigerator Pickles 324 


See Index on Page 302 

Brown 139 

Cheese 193 

Grandma Koontz's 140 

Green 196 


Beef 153 

Beef and Asparagus, 

Marinated 153 

Chuck Roast Winner 154 

Special Occasion Pork . . . .164 

Roasted Pecans 50 

Rocket Salad 337 

Rocks 292 

Rocky Road Snack Cookies . .291 

Rolls 89 

Butterscotch 314 

Dinner 25 

French Croissants 87 

Lemon Candy Canes 316 

Roquefort Dressing 96 

Rotisserie Salad Dressing ... . 96 

Russian Dressing 97 

Ryes, Hot 51 

— S— 

Sable 292 


See Index on Page 94 


See Index on Page 94 

Salmon Ball 35 

Sand Tarts 292 


See Index on Page 54 
Sauces, Dessert 

Hot Strawberry 212 

Hot Fudge 226 

Grandmother's Wine 226 

Sauces, Meat 

Barbecue 167 

Eye of the Round 168 

Hot Mustard 168 

Jezebel 168 

Spaghetti . ."' 167 

Sauerkraut Salad 114 


California Rice Casserole . .165 

Casserole 317 

Ring 318 

Quiche 319 

Scallop Pie 192 

Scalloped Potatoes 137 


See Index on Page 1 70 

See also: SHRIMP, CRAB, etc. 

Hot Artichoke Dip 40 

7-Layer Salad 114 


Lime 17 

Orange 217 

Sherried Chicken Casserole . .174 

Sherry Punch 305 

Shortbread, Scotch 225 


Bar-B-Q 195 

Bisque 64 

Cantonese 198 

Chinese Fried 197 

Creole 192 

Cheese Rice 193 

Easy 194 

Curry with Green Rice 196 

Easy Dip 38 

Feta 199 

Marinated 51 

Mold Salad 117 

Mousse 197 

Salad 120 

Sandwiches 71 

Scampi, Tasty 194 

Seafood and Noodles 

Au Gratin 189 

Seafood Casserole 200 

Seafood Casserole, Royal . .201 

Seafood Thermidor 200 

Wild Rice 195 

Silly Goop 339 

Six-Layer Dinner 156 

Smothered Lettuce 112 


Cheese 133 

Grits 318 

Ice Cream with 

Hot Strawberry Sauce . . .212 
Peach and Cottage Cheese 
Salad 101 



See Index on Page 54 
Sour Cream 

Cake 246 

Candied Nuts 300 

Italian Cake 247 

Onions 136 

Southern Heavenly Hash 104 


Chicken 180 

Elsie Ellen's Meatless 142 

Spare Ribs, Barbecued 162 


Balls 51 

Celery Casserole 140 

Dip 39 

Grapefruit Salad 107 

Layered Salad 115 

Sesame Casserole 141 

Strata 141 

Split Pea Soup 17 

Spoon Bread 92 

Squash. Yellow 

Au Gratin 143 

Aunt Fanny's 142 

Casserole 143 

Pickles 324 

Sandwiches 71 

Souffle 144 


Country Style, 

Quick and Easy 154 

Diane 149 

India's Pepper 151 

San Marco 151 

Swiss 154 


Crock Pot Beef 152 

Crock Pot Brunswick 183 

Elephant 149 

Gourmet Beef 152 

Meatball 155 

Mom's Brunswick 183 


Bread 85 

Cake 248 

Fresh Pie 271 

Frozen Pie 272 

Frozen Salad 104 

Hot Strawberry Sauce 212 

Mile High Pie 272 

Sherried 226 

Souffle with Hot 

Strawberry Sauce 212 

Stroganoff, Hamburger 156 

Sundaes, Pumpkin Pecan . . . .224 
Sunday Chicken in the Oven .181 

Sunshine Dip 38 

Sunshine Salad 105 

Sweet and Sour Dressing .... 97 

Sweet Party Mix 300 

Sweet Potatoes 

Holiday 145 

Pudding 19, 224 

Williamsburg 144 

Swiss Green Beans 127 

Swiss Steak 154 

Country Style, 

Quick and Easy 154 

— T— 

Taco Salad 118 

Tarts, Lemon Tea 216 

Tea Cookies 

Chinese 294 

Favorite 294 

Tea, Hot 

Russian 306, 307 

Tea, Iced 308 

Concentrate 307 

Fruity 308 

Stuckey's 307 

Thousand Island Dressing ... 98 

Tipsy Watermelon 52 


Herb Toastettes 52 

Mushroom Spread 52 

Orange French 309 

Sticks 55 

Toll House Cookie Variations. 294 


Apple Casserole 123 

Aspic 109 

Easy 109 

Tangy 110 

Tuna 119 

Cherry 31 

Fresh Pie 145 

Spoon Salad 115 

Zippy Soup 64 


Date Nut 28 

Frozen Pineapple 220 

Mocha Nut 27 

Tropical Salad 108 


Casserole 202 

Casserole, Jiffy 202 

Cucumber Salad 119 

Italian Dip 39 

Molded Salad 119 

Nautical Dip 38 

Tomato Aspic 119 

— u— 

Ugly Duckling Pudding Cake .250 


— V— 

Veal Meat Loaf, My Favorite .166 


See Index on Page 94 


See Index on Page 122 
See also: ASPARAGUS, 
BEAN, etc. 

Congealed Spread 35 

Marinated Salad 115 

Sandwich Spread 69 

Super Duper Dip 39 

Vinaigrette Salad Dressing ... 97 

Water Chestnut Dip 37 


Pickles 22 

Rind Pickles 325 

Tipsy ■ 52 

White Chocolate Candy Balls 295 


Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs 72 

Cocktail 43 

Pineapple Sandwiches 72 

Wine Cake 249 

— Y— 

Yum-Yum Cake 250 

— W— 

Waffles 309 

Can't Fail 309 

Waldorf-Astoria Chocolate 

Cake 236 

Waldorf Cider Mold 105 

Walnut Cookies 17 

— Z— 

Boats 146 

Bread 86 

Casserole 146 

Corn Bake 134 

Pickles 326 


Form No. A-368, Rev. 8/95